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The main aim of the project is to implement intelligent electronic wireless voting machine using RF. The purpose of the project is to elect the person from

voting system by using the RF communication. In this project we are going to use the RF module for the data transmission. One section is the Ballot Unit and the other is the Control unit where all the controlling actions are taken. In ballot unit the voter has to enter his ID (password) first. If at all the password is correct and valid then he is permitted to vote and his vote is added to the concerned candidate. Other wise a siren will be given indicating the sign of rigging. Here what ever the vote to the concerned candidates those are transmitted to the Control unit and at any time if they want to check the results they can see on the LCD. For this we are providing passwords to all the voters as per the divisions which are unique. If this password is valid then only he is eligible for the voting process. This project is designed around a microcontroller which forms the control unit of the project. All the input and output devices are being interfaced to microcontroller. The microcontroller controls the devices by taking the respective inputs displaying the information accordingly.