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Red Bones

Red Bones

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Published by Cameron Davis

I LOVE ALL The Red Bones World Wide, even the ones I have not seen yet. I wish I could smash every red girl in the world. Straight Up. And I tell about the origin of "Red Bones", and their history since slavery.

I LOVE ALL The Red Bones World Wide, even the ones I have not seen yet. I wish I could smash every red girl in the world. Straight Up. And I tell about the origin of "Red Bones", and their history since slavery.

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Published by: Cameron Davis on May 17, 2012
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Red Bones

By Cameron Davis

R.I.P. to all the Red Bones worldwide. Salute. Real shit. Rick Ross ain't got nothing on me. I call them witches Motivation. Pretty Bitches. I'm just speaking for myself about the most beautiful women in the world. Demographically, we call them Red bones. Red Bones are the baddest females, as a whole. Hands down too. Any real nigga would agree with me. A special type of species that we lust over. Whether you got one or not. Cuffing or scoping. Can't get enough. Greedy motherfuckers. Red Bones. Need I say more? For me, there are two red-bones who I will always remember. Never to be forgotten. Asia and Troi. These are lovely red names. You can make hearts with. I knew Asia since fifth grade. She was in my class. She was easy on the eyes. She was everything that the other girls weren't. Cocky, confident, attractive: all in one heavenly combination. I met Troi when I used to work at Winn-Dixie. Chick was a cashier. She had a lethal combination of beauty, toughness, and a softness that seemed like it was strictly meant for me. Unfortunately I never fucked either of them. But Never shall I forget their names or

faces. Straight Up. Ha! In conclusion, I'd just like to say this about red-bones. Red Bones belong to no distinct race . There is no one specific race who can claim that their women are exclusively “redbones”. In fact, the irony of red-bones stems from American history and the slave trade. Historically, red bones were mulatto females who either had a white father and a Black mother or the other way around; meaning a black father and a white mother. But preferably the foremost because white women would be shunned from society after having a Black mans baby. Mulatto women were women with high yeller skin and silky hair. Direct results from the racial mixes of Black and White. The reason Red Bones are ironic is because they are ideal in the American society that we live in. Yet they are historically the product of both the Black and White race. But neither Black or White is viewed as ideal in America. Colored folk skin is seen as too dark in this society, so Black women like to avoid the sun and put chemicals in their puffy hair to make it straighter. And white skin is seen as too light; white women tend to tan themselves and try to be darker. Meanwhile, the ideal American look is what Blacks and Whites combine to make. Light skin, curly hair, blue veins: Redbones! The Barack Obama's, Aubrey Graham, Jermaine Cole, and Austin Rivers. All of these are half white and half Black men who relate with being African American. But do they go through what Black men go through? Its a good question and tough answer. But I know one thing. Multiracial or mix people seem to relate with the race of that of the

same parental gender as themselves. For instance, Obama considers himself Black because his father was Black. The same goes for Drake and J. Cole and Rivers who have Black dads. If their father would have been White, they'd probably relate with Whites the most. The same goes for mixed women I believe. “Fuck everybody” can easily be taken as the equivalent of isolation. But maybe there is a difference if you are focused? You do not have to look hard to understand why red witches are the baddest women. They have many A.K.A's. Too many to count. “Happy Mothers Day!” Is what I told my mom this past Sunday. Don't get it twisted. My mother is the most beautiful dark skinned chick I have ever seen. No joke. I like the entire rainbow of women. Every girl in the world. I wish. Just because its red don't mean its cute though. Dark skin girls can kill some red girls. Straight up. Christians recognize true beauty. Real recognized real. Gay recognized gay. That’s how that shit go. Motherfucker what are you? Mothafucka. Black men have it the toughest in American society. We have money problems, education issues and economic issues along with all the racist and discrimination. But God loves Black men and he is watching out for us. And I think he blessed us with the most beautiful women to help us fight oppression. Women will be women. But for the most, Red Bones love themselves some Black meat. They even prefer the Brothers over

other females. I ain't lying. I have studied red-bones; as a whole they love everything associated with Black men and Black masculinity. Thank God for red bones. I stay scheming. I love redbones.

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