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50212035 Revit 2010 Imperial Tutorial

50212035 Revit 2010 Imperial Tutorial

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Published by: esteban0611 on May 17, 2012
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In this exercise, you continue with the work on the sanitary system, adjusting the sanitary stack.

Training File


➤ Open.

■In the left pane of the Open dialog, click Training Files, and open Imperial\04_Plumbing

248 | Chapter 10 Designing a Plumbing System

Add a vertical soil stack

1In the Project Browser, expand Views (Discipline) ➤ Design ➤ Plumbing - Design, and open the
following views:

■Floor Plans ➤ Level 1 - Plumbing Plan - Design.

■Sections (Building Section) ➤ Section 38.

■3D Views ➤ 3D Plumbing- Overall.

2Click View tab ➤ Windows panel ➤ Tile, and adjust the views as necessary to view the plumbing.

3In the Section view, select the elbow fitting on the right, as shown.

4Click the top + control to upgrade the fitting to a tee.

5Select the tee, right-click the top connector, and click Draw Pipe.

6Move the cursor up to the 02 - Floor level line, and click to draw the pipe.

7On the Selection panel, click Modify.

Add a reducing wye to the stack

8Click Home tab ➤ Plumbing & Piping panel ➤ Pipe Fitting.

9In the Type Selector, under Wye Combination with 8th Bend - PVC - Sch 40 - DWV, select


10In the 3D view, select the vertical stack, and click the intersection to place the fitting.

Refining the Sanitary Stack | 249

11Click Modify.

12Select the fitting, and click the rotate control to change the orientation.

13Click the rotate control once.

14On the Options Bar, for Offset, enter 1'-0”.

15Press Esc.

Add a pipe plug to cap the cleanout

16Click Home tab ➤ Plumbing & Piping panel ➤ Pipe Fitting.

17In the Type Selector, under Plug - PVC - Sch 40 - DWV, select Standard.

18In the plan view, click the midpoint at the end of the sanitary pipe, as shown.

250 | Chapter 10 Designing a Plumbing System

19Click Modify.

The plug is added to the end to cap off the cleanout. A cleanout is required on all vertical stacks.

20Close the file with or without saving it.

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