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Pick a Company (Lottery). Get started on Research. Analyze its Vision, Mission and Values. Are they Cogent? Why/Why Not?

3. Analyze the Company Background • What is the Industry it is present in? (FMCG/High-Tech etc.,) • Basic Facts about the Company (history, size, structure, revenues, profits, mark et share etc.,) • Who are its existing Competitors? • How is it performing in the market relative to its competitors? 4. • • • Analyze the Corporate Strategy What is its Corporate Structure? What is its Business Model to generate Revenues, Profits and Market Share? How is its Financial Performance? in 5 yrs/10 yrs (year-on-year) Is it delivering Value to Shareholders/Investors? How do you know that? • How does it propose to achieve Competitive Advantage? • What is the Full Scope of the Enterprise? (Corporate Portfolio Analysis) • What is its Strategy for Growth (organic/acquisition/divestment/strategic allian ces etc.,) Will it work? Why/Why not? • Is it fulfilling its Corporate Responsibility to Stakeholders well? Why/Why not ? 5. Analyze the BU Strategy for any ONE of its BUs: • First, what are its Divisions/Bus? • What is the Industry Structure like? • What are its Core Competencies? • What is the BU Strategy? Is it working? (Support your conclusion using Financia l Performance data) • How does it propose to achieve Competitive Advantage? Is it working? 6. • • • not? • cesses 7. • • • • • 8. 9. Analyze the Company Innovation Strategy Is this company Innovative? Why or why not? What is its model for innovation? Does this company have the right Strategic Architecture for Innovation? Why/Why What are some examples of Strategic Innovation for this company? Did it have suc and failures? Explain why. Analyze the Company Technology Strategy What are its R&D capabilities? What Product Categories and Technologies does this company have? What is its IP Strategy? Does its IP Strategy provide Competitive Edge? Why? Why not? What could the company do to become even more competitive? Prepare and submit an Abstract. Prepare and deliver a Class Presentation.

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