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Monninger, John Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:12 PM RST01 Hoc; Ruland, William; Bloom, Steven Re: New question Follow up Flagged

We were not able to arrange having hdqtrs on the meeting. They did say next meeting that will happen. John Monninger Ib)(6)----Original Message ----From: RSTO1 Hoc To: Monninger, John Sent: Wed Mar 16 20:29:54 2011 Subject: RE: New question John, Yes Bill Ruland is very interested in the call. Please call into RST for call if you can get TEPCO to talk to us. Thank you Steve ----- Message ----Original From: Monninger, John Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:55 PM To: Ruland, William; RST01 Hoc Subject: Fw: New question See below on equipment. They also mentioned needing installers and operators. John Monninger

----Original Message ----From: Doane, Margaret To: Casto, Chuck; Monninger, John Cc: Foggie, Kirk; Mamish, Nader Sent: Wed Mar 16 13:45:17 2011 Subject: Re: New question FYI-NRC went ahead and passed on to US industry a request for installers and operators, assuming that they can't use equip. without this additional assistance. Not sure if there will be any help. Margie

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Margaret Doane Original Message --------From: Doane, Margaret To: Casto, Chuck; Monninger, John Cc: Foggie, Kirk Sent: Wed Mar 16 12:07:47 2011 Subject: New question Can you help us understand another request. We've been asked for installers and operators from the US in addition to the equipment. If we do not agree to give the installers and operators for obvious health concerns, is the equipment of any use to them? Maybe looking at it another way, is this equip. installation and operation universal, or so different from Jap. equip, that they can't know what to do with it. Margie

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