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Kerben, Valerie Monday, March 21, 2011 3:02 PM LIA02 Hoc; LIA03 Hoc Stewart, Sharon; Ross-Lee, MaryJane; Pretzello, Andrew Staff for Japan Doc6.doc

Nancy, Here is the information you requested. I am having my staff complete the forms for USAID and I will have the memo ready for DOS- Embassy no later than tomorrow morning for the new staff traveling to Japan. Thank you for the information! Feel free to contact me if you need additional information.
Valerie B. Kerben Chief, Personnel Security Branch Division of Facilities and Security U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

(office#) 301-492-3527 (fax #) 301-492-3442
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Mike Scott (Acting) Deputy Director, Division of Systems Analysis, RES Leaves 3/22


ichaeI.Scottanrc.qov -, -"L Picked up dosimeter at OPS Center





Alan Blamr RII Chief of Construction Project Branch Leaves 3/22 Jack Giessner, I11 Branch Chi Division of Reactor Projects Leaves 3/24 Rob Taylor SG Tube Integrity and Chemical Engineering Branch, NRR Leaves 3/24 Todd Jackson Commercial and R&D Branch, DNMS, RI Leaves 3/23 Marie Miller Chief, Material Security and Industrial Branch, RI Leaves 3/24 Syed All Senior Level Advisor, Div of Engineering, RES Leaves 3/24 Abdul Sheikh, NRR Leaves 3/24 Ralph Way, Sr (D)(•) Level Advisor, Division of.' Security,, Operations, NSIR Leaves 3/24






Robert.Tayloran rc.,qov Picked up dosimeter and KI at OPS Center


Todd.Jacksonanrc..ov Had dosimeter from the region.


Marie. Millerdnrc.,ov Had dosimeter from the region.


(bb) Jack Ramsey, Senior Level Advisor, OIP Leaves 3/24 "Q"