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Published by Darlene Walker
Article in Womans Day 21/05/2012. page 29.
Article in Womans Day 21/05/2012. page 29.

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Published by: Darlene Walker on May 17, 2012
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Lesbian rumours , Binge drinking & overdose claims

The talk-show queen's darkest secrets could be spilled by her long-time best friend Gayle King in a new $10 million tell-all book, shattering their friendship forever ' ' or years, Gayle Ifing was the one "oprah and Gayle have lived together, rvorn ',t,,r,," "The public sees one face oI oprah, but ". womanOprahWinfreyknewshe each other's clothes and discussed everything Gayle sees the whole picture particularly ilt.t .. i,,i' ' ' ,'tt could trust. But with their famously from sex to kids to flnances - Gayle is her soul when it comes to Oprah's drinking, " claims the I ciose relationship said to be fraying mate, " the insider adds. insider. 'And as her netrvorir's ratings drop, the , ,,.,. at the edges, it appears that trust The source claims that Gayle, 5 7, is also drinking is getting out of hand. may be shattered for good. the one person who knows the true extent of "The tales of Oprah's adventures with booze Publishing insiders say Oprah's best friend oprah's out-of-control booze habits. will be solid gold for some publisher. "

has her pen poised to write an explosive tell-all in a deal that could earn Gayle $ 10 miliion. With TV host Gayle's career on the rise and

Oprah, 5 8, struggling to keep her beleaguered Oprah Winfrey Network - which is running at a reported $300 million loss - afloat, tension betnzeen the pair is at breaking point. "Publishers are hoping that with her desire to stay at the pinnacle of fame, Gayle will agree lo wrile


what I hey are cerlain be an instant bestseller," an industry

insider tells



l'{ational I Enquirer. p

add to Gayle's fame, you've got to believe that's

what she'll do."
The source believes the blockbuster could be crammed with scandalous material. Among the more explosive suggestions reported in the Enquirer are stunning claims about Oprah having an overdose, her rehab secret, claims of her out-of-control drinhing binges - and the truth about her relationship with Gayle. Rumours that the pair were secretly carrying on a lesbian affair have been floating j around Hollywood for years, although Oprah I has always denied the claims. L "tt Gavle were to admit in a memoir that she i ana Opran nad carried on a lesbian affair, it would change the public view of Oprah, not to mention make [Oprah's long-time partner] Stedman Iool< foo11sh, " savs the insider.

With long-standing rumours that
Gayle's more than a friend, any tell-all would be a surefire best-seller and . make Gayle rich, but at what cost?

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