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Developing Objectives for the 2012-17 2012LACCD Strategic Pl S i Plan

District Strategic Planning Committee March 23, 2012

Objective Template
Element Subject Description

Mathematics assessment


Improvement Focus

Identifies the specific subject, object, or operation for which an improvement or advancement is to be attained. Examples include: persons, contracts; supplies; computers; course; workshops; training sessions; service calls; repair time. Describes the specific action to be taken by the planning unit. Examples include: persons---will prepare, will complete, will report, will develop, will create; objects---will be completed, will be i t i d ill be d t d b maintained, will b updated; operations--will be held, will b ti ill b h ld ill be completed, will be developed. A statement describing the general nature of the intended improvement or advancement. The improvement focus should have a word or phrase that requires further qualification or clarification. Examples include: compare favorably with; exhibit clear communication in; promote improved linkages with; deliver more effective instruction in; enhance community awareness of. y These types of qualifiers should lead to the questions: "How clear?", "How much improved?", "How much increase? which are used in building a success indicator for the objective.

will be completed

by more students to p promote student success through placement into appropriate math courses

Mathematics assessment will be completed by more students to promote student success through placement into appropriate math courses.

Other Considerations

Limit number of objectives to three per goal Review Scorecard and consider DPC recommendations for continuing objectives from prior DSP f i Select assessment strategy (metric) for each objective bj i Identify district-level governance committee districtexercising oversight over each goal ii i h h l