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Published by: Amit Madhu on May 18, 2012
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Abstract It is a known fact that different periodic faults in yarns create different designs on fabric depending upon the

wavelength. In this paper, an attempt has been made to develop a software program in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 to get some special effects or designs of some specific geometrical shapes on fabrics by varying the wavelength of periodic faults. As mention of definite periodic faults was not possible right at that moment, the faults have been imitated by color effects. Diamonds, twill, stripe, some three dimensional effects etc. types of design can be produced by this software program. Also some mathematical conditions have been obtained with the input parameters in the software to get diamond or stripe effects in fabrics. Creation of diamond like shapes by the software have been verified practically on single jersey plain weft-knitted cotton fabrics in Flat-bed machine and found true to a certain extent. Distortions have been observed in the design at higher fabric widths like 102 cms. and 127 cms. due to uneven tie-dyeing of fabric manufacturing yarn obtained by the capillary action of the dye solution used. An attempt has also been made to develop another software program in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 to specify the necessary sequence of colors of specific length along the continuous weft yarn in case of plain woven fabric or continuous yarn in case of plain single jersey weft knitted fabric in a repeat for producing any particular design effect on fabric.

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