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Ekonomi Regional Dan Perkotaan (s1 Kuliah Perdana)

Ekonomi Regional Dan Perkotaan (s1 Kuliah Perdana)

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Published by: dtarigan_3 on May 18, 2012
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D. S. Priyarsono M. Firdaus W. Rindayati

there will be important consequences for individual and communities. .WHAT IS REGIONAL ECONOMICS? • Regional economics represents a framework within which the spatial character of economic systems may be understood. • We seek to identify the factors governing the distribution of economic activity over space and to recognize that as this distribution changes.

similarity. disparity • Why: economic interpretations . public facilities • Where: location. households. and why – and so what? • What: economic agents and their activities. concentration. firms. dispersion.WHAT IS REGIONAL ECONOMICS? • Regional economics: What is where.

Why? • Dynamics – role of time • Technical sophistication .WHAT IS REGIONAL ECONOMICS? • Regional economics is a relatively young branch of economics.

THREE FOUNDATION STONES • Three stones: – Location of industries and cities – Economies of spatial concentration – Transport costs • Examples .

THREE FOUNDATION STONES • Three facts of life: – Natural resource advantages – Economies of concentration – Costs of transports and communication • Three stones: – Imperfect factor mobility – Imperfect divisibility – Imperfect mobility of goods and services .

REGIONAL ECONOMIC PROBLEMS • Location Decisions • Transfer Costs • Location Patterns Dominated – Dispersive Forces – Cohesion • Land Use • Spatial Structure of Urban Areas .

Unemployment.) • Urban Problems – Poverty. Environment . etc.REGIONAL ECONOMIC PROBLEMS • • • • • System of Cities Regions Location of People How Regions Develop Regional Development Policies – Problems in Indonesia (Decentralization.

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