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Chapter Two - Don't Worry

Chapter Two - Don't Worry

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Family Matters story
Family Matters story

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Published by: davidsnuggs19878086 on Dec 24, 2008
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Chapter Two: Don’t Worry “Judy?

” Rachel’s eyes grew wide from her niece’s sudden inquiry of wanting to move as well. She couldn’t believe it. Judy Winslow, at age fourteen, was asking to depart from the house she had lived in her whole life and move in with her mother’s sister. Even though Rachel had the means to support Judy, she still wondered whether Judy was making the most rational decision due to her emotions still running a loose. “Are you sure about this?” Rachel asked nervously, looking deeply into Judy’s eyes. “Yes…please…” Judy nodded with a stern look on her face. She had had enough. Judy thought that her parents, Carl and Harriette Winslow, would be understanding and try to help her out. But no. They would rather yell at her and almost pretend as if she did not exist. Even her siblings Laura and Eddie were following along with their parents and for that, she felt much love was lost in their connection that they had. “I feel I need to start over in a new city…maybe when I get older and apply for Illinois Oxford University, I can see about coming back…” “All right. I’ll let your parents know. And in a few weeks, we’ll be moving out.” Judy happily hugged her aunt, thanking her out loud and crying into her shoulder. She was thankful that she had at least two other people who could sympathize with what was going on: her Aunt Rachel and her grandmother, Mother Winslow. Judy could not even think of talking to her cousin Ritchie, who she continually traded barbs with on a daily basis. Despite the teasing, Ritchie and Judy were close and would often play together when they had the time. However, she decided not to talk to Ritchie, due to the fact that he was only seven years old and would not be able to comprehend everything that was going on. The ex-boyfriend. The pregnancy. The arguing with her parents. Being evaded by her parents and her siblings. Maybe I wasn’t meant to live here… Judy sighed as she let go of her aunt and they both began to walk out of her bedroom. Maybe I was meant to live with Aunt Rachel. “Aunt Rachel?” “Yes, honey?” “Do you mind if I stay in your room until we leave?” “It’s fine…but one thing?” Rachel asked as she paused in the hallway. “Yeah?” “You don’t snore, do you?” “Aunt Rachel!!” “Just kidding.”

Tiptoeing conservatively down the stairs to set foot in the living room, Judith “Judy” Winslow paused at the bottom of the stairway. Turning her head from side to side, she saw that the coast was clear. No other Winslows or Steve Urkel in sight. With that confirmation, Judy sighed in relief and smiled. Dressed in her pajamas, she began to walk behind the sofa toward the kitchen door to reach her goal: the refrigerator. Gently pushing the door open, she carefully peeked through the small crack she made to see if anyone was inside. Hearing the door creak loudly caused her to suddenly stop in case someone might have heard the noise she unintentionally caused. Observing that no one was at the dinner table or the kitchen counter, she knew that the room was empty and slowly walked in. Treading over to the refrigerator, she opened it with glee. Gazing at its contents, she hoped that there would be some satisfying sustenance inside to fulfill her empty stomach’s morning requirement: breakfast. Let’s see… Judy said to herself as she began to peruse each shelf. Orange juice. Eggs. Bacon. Chocolate cake? Cherry pie? Those HAVE to be Dad’s. Judy rolled her eyes and shook her head as she closed the refrigerator door, not seeing anything besides the orange juice that made her taste buds do jumping jacks. Judy had not eaten in a few days and for Judith Winslow, enough was enough. She HAD to eat SOMETHING. Opening the refrigerator once again, she took out the half-full milk carton and reached up to the top cabinet to get her favorite cereal. Judy set them both on the table and walked back over to the counter, pulling out the top drawer. She reached her hand inside and pulled out a shiny silver spoon. Shoving the spoon into her mouth, she knew she had one more thing to get: the bowl. Almost dropping the glass bowl that she had up to that point successfully brought down from the cabinet, it wobbled back and forth in her hand until she grabbed it with the other to keep it stable. Frowning and cursing quietly in anger due to almost losing her balance, Judy shook her head as she sat down in front of her empty bowl. “Aw shoot! I forgot the orange juice…“ Judy pouted. She could barely get up from her seat before a glass of orange juice was quickly placed down in front of her by a hand belonging to a person she did not intend on seeing. “Dad?!” Judy shot up from her chair in astonishment, knocking the cereal box and bowl over in the process. Dressed in his blue police uniform, Carl Winslow smiled as his youngest daughter was frozen in shock and surprise from his sudden appearance. Not knowing what to do due to his eerie silence, Judy looked around in nervousness. “Um…um…” Judy smiled uneasily and began to back peddle, not turning around as she tried to make her way to the stairs to head upstairs. Before she could go up two steps, she bumped into her mother. Frowning with her arms crossed, Harriette stared coldly at Judy and walked forward, causing Judy to back up into the kitchen. Seeing her mother looking uncharacteristically angry at her caused her to get a little teary eyed. “Mom…dad…I can expl-“ “I’VE GOT HER, CARL!” Harriette shouted as she grabbed Judy violently from behind and wrapped her arms around her in a vicious reverse bear hug. Shrieking loudly, Judy wailed her legs and her body in an attempt to break free from her mother’s hold. Feeling Harriette’s hand clamp over her mouth, Judy continued to yell as a few tears slipped out of the corner of her eye. Before she knew it, she was placed into

and tied up with a thick black rope to one of the dining room table’s chairs. Feeling a tight handkerchief being wrapped around her lips, the rest of it was shoved forcefully into her mouth. “Thank you Harriette,” Carl said with a straight face as she walked back upstairs. Carl walked over to the now silenced Judy who was resisting the hold on her and looked at her daughter, who was looking at her father with sorrow filled eyes. “Judy, I always thought you were a great daughter. Daddy’s “little princess”. But these past few days, I've thought differently about you. Your mother and I feel very ashamed about what you’ve done. So we have decided…you must go.” Seeing Carl take out one of his pistols from his belt, Judy’s eyes widened at what her father was doing. Screaming loudly through the bitter cloth that was gagging her mouth, she began to wail but it ended up being for naught. “Goodbye Judith Winslow…” Carl muttered as he aimed his weapon at Judy with both hands and pulled the trigger.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Judy shouted as she jerked wildly in her sleep, tossing and turning under the covers. One of her arms swung out and accidentally smacked Rachel, who was sleeping next to her. Brought out of her sleep, Rachel saw that Judy was the cause of the sudden hit and wrapped her arms around the hallucinating fourteen year old in an attempt to calm her down. “Noooooooo…” “Judy, relax…it was just a nightmare. You’re all right,” Rachel whispered to the now crying Judy, who was beginning to calm down and reduce her sobs to sniffles. “But Aunt Rachel…it was so scary…” “I know, I know…but go back to sleep, Judy. You have nothing to worry about. Besides…in a few more days, we’ll be in Detroit…and everything will be just fine.” “I can’t thank you enough, Aunt Rachel.” “You’re always welcome.”

To Be Continued…

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