Target of 66MT Structural Fabrication ,Erection & Painting is achieved 100% as per specification & approved GFC drawings of internal Pipe

Rack for Wet process area. Work was carried out as per the approved P. O. copy & based on timeline of P. O. weekly, monthly planning is done to match the timeline for the completion of job. Coordinated with discipline engineers and vendors for pipe rack structural work for the work front . Work was done as per TCE SHE and NIL safety requirements for maintaining site safety as well as site Hygiene. Hygiene practices are strictly followed during entire construction work for internal pipe rack risk assessment and erection methodology (JSA) was prepared for structural erection works and implemented at site. Achieved more than 4.0 safety index radar. Achieved zero non compliances/accidents & zero near misses. Yes achieved more than 4.0 quality index radar by using standard documents, specification & guidelines as laid down by M/s NIL & TCE with no NCR. Adherence to TCE quality policies as well as NIL quality requirements by maintaining all standards, specification & code of practices for the completion of job. According to IS:1852-1985(specification for rolling & cutting tolerances for hot Rolled Steel products)structural steel material supplied by supplier is rejected with the help of client & then other good material supplied by supplier for this appreciated by client. Achieved one Training on piping conducted at site by which my competency level is get increased. Document is in progress. Target achieved to update the BOQ as per site condition and updated to client and contractor time to time. Also billing quantity is checked as per Contractor PO & bill released within 3 days after submission of bill.

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