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Strategies of Developing Human Resources

Strategies of Developing Human Resources

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Published by: Pavan Mishra on May 18, 2012
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 It is concerned with how different engagements are linked . What is an strategy ?  It is plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.

To keep the image of company up by adding such modern instruments to its structure. fall market.   . high competition etc. delays.  Need For New HRD Instruments To support the structural and strategic changes made by the organizations to shape its growth and expansion. To prepare employees to respond to the increasing problems faced by the organizations both externally and internally likedissatisfaction.

how does one go about doing it ? There are many ways of doing itUsing the existing personnel department .    . Having decided to strengthen the HRD function. Training all managers and making them to recognize their role in HRD without adding any new department or roles. Strengthening the personnel department by equipping them with new competencies.

  Using task force Creating a new role of HRD mangers or combinations of the above and more. .

Senior corporate level executive dealing with personnel function of entire company are assigned to play the role of integrator. . When such differentiation of task and functions is made there is also a need to have integrating mechanisms.   The creation of new HRD department or new function of HRD can be called as a step in the direction of differentiation .

Experimental try out of a system or subsystem in the organization or a part of it. Training of internal change agent or resource persons. Designing systems of monitoring the implementation. .    External consultant play an important role in identifying the nature of change required and for providing directions.

     HRD aims at bringing a change in the organizational culture to facilitate the development and utilization of people. There are three major strategies of initiating HRD subsystemsPerformance appraisal based strategy Role analysis based strategy OD approach .

managerial qualities and performance review discussion ( L&T.) Manager –to-messenger programme (A higher officer visits a branch and meets all the staff and spends a full day understanding their problems and helping them to design action plan to solve them (SBII.   Self –appraisal. SAIL SBI etc. SBP) Priorities for Action model for going through analysis of the factors that contribute to team spirit (SAIL. GCL) . performance planning through task identification and target setting.

BCC. Those organizations which have introduced HRD in their culture have gone through or still going through turbulence environment (L&T. BEML etc. BHEL.) It may e presumptuous to say that HRD has largely contributed to the profits and growth of the organizations. .   HRD mechanism increases organizational effectiveness in various ways.

. The HRD effects will become visible and stronger only when the line managers start accepting and internalizing their own role. The second neglected group in the HRD is the unionized categories of employees.    The most neglecting group in HRD are the line managers. HRD for them also need to be attended fast as they are large in numbers and form the foundation of the organization.

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