King (His Love) - Liveloud Intro: A F#m E D

Verse 1: A F#m My heart sings to you Lord a brand new song E For each day shouts the glory of what you've done D My heart will sing Verse 2: A F#m My life once lost now in you I'm found E I'm lifted by your cross and the heavens shout D Our God is king Pre-chorus: Bm C#m D And as the nations sing the glory of Jesus Bm C#m D Our king above all kings! (2x) Chorus: A So come on come on sing out his praise F#m Forget what lies behind you our God has won the race E D Let your glory shine on our face A So sing out sing out shout of his love F#m For our God has won E With his love D His love Bridge: Bm F#m E A x2 end with G

The world will hold fast It will never be moved For our hope is in You Your people will stand Waiting for the promise that is You!

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