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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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6% 1 A user has connected a digital projector to the external monitor port on a lap top computer, but the projector indicates that there is no RGB signal. What shou ld the user try first to resolve the problem? Connect the projector to the s-video port. *Press the function key that will redirect the video output to the external mon itor. Try a different laptop. Try a different projector.

2 Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct order of steps to remove a laptop ba ttery? 3, 2, 4, 1 2, 3, 4, 1 *2, 4, 1, 3 3, 2, 1, 4

3 Which type of questions would a technician initially ask to gather information to help solve the problem? *categorical closed directed multiple-choice open

4 Which two devices are commonly hot-swappable on laptops? (Choose two.) Integrated LCD screen CPU chip *PC Card RAM *USB Drive

5 Which two laptop ports are used primarily for communication and network connec tivity? (Choose two.) *Ethernet *modem parallel DVI 6 Which display technology is most commonly found in modern laptop computers? CRT

The device can interface with the laptop wirelessly.) optical drive disk drive *fan *monitor wireless NIC 8 What is meant by a laptop device being hot-swappable? The device does not need a driver to interface with the computer OS. Use an electrostatic vacuum cleaner. The device can be connected using more than one type of port. Blow the dust with compressed air from the inside. 11 Which three components commonly connect to USB or FireWire ports? (Choose thr ee. *Use a cleaning disc for optical drives. *The laptop does not need to be powered off to install or remove the device.LED plasma *LCD 7 Which two devices can be individually configured within Windows XP to power of f after the laptop has been idle for a given period of time? (Choose two.) *camera AC adapter PC Card *printer *scanner graphics adapter . 9 Which type of interface do current laptops use to achieve similar expansion ca pabilities as desktops? CardBus PC ExpressCard ISA *PCI 10 What is the proper way to clean optical drives? Spray ionized solution inside the drive.

*Select Power Options from within the Control Panel. Select Configure Power Settings from within Computer Management . Select Power from within Administrative Tools.12 What is the major difference between desktop and laptop motherboards? Desktops use the AT form factor while laptops use the mini or baby AT form fact or. A docking station has a universal connector so that it can be used with all lap tops. 13 What is the difference between a docking station and a port replicator? A docking station has fewer ports.) *mobility functionality *size OS installed compatibility 15 Which three components are interchangeable between desktop and laptop compute rs? (Choose three. *A docking station may have PCI slots for expansion cards and speakers. A docking station may have a built-in display. Currently there is no significant difference in the motherboard form factors fo r the desktop and laptop.) PC ExpressCard hard disk PCI sound card *printer *scanner *USB flash drive 16 Where can a technician change the power schemes on a laptop running Windows X P? Select Advanced Settings from within the BIOS. Desktops have a variety of expansion and RAM slot designs while laptops have st andard expansion and RAM slot designs. *Desktop motherboards typically have a standard form factor and are interchange able while laptop motherboards are proprietary. 14 Which two characteristics make laptops a better choice than desktop computers ? (Choose two.

) 30-pin *34-pin 43-pin 45-pin *54-pin 21 Which internal laptop component may be designed as a hot-swappable device? CPU LCD screen *optical drive RAM touch pad . APM power management mode must be disabled in the BIOS so that Windows XP can b e used to configure power management.17 Which task must be completed first for a technician to be able to configure p ower management states using Windows XP? APM power management mode must be configured in the BIOS before ACPI can be use d to configure power. 20 Refer to the exhibit. Use a household cleaning solution. Wipe the disc in a clockwise direction. *ACPI power management mode must be enabled in the BIOS before Windows XP can b e used to configure power management.) *Use a lint-free cotton cloth. Use a cotton ball. Wipe the disc in a counterclockwise direction. Which two form factors are supported by the devices shown in the graphic? (Choose two. All power management settings must be disabled in the BIOS so Windows can be us ed to manage ACPI. *Wipe the disc from the center outward. 18 Which name is given to the collection of settings that control the power sett ings of a laptop? current setups energy settings hibernation profiles power profiles *power schemes 19 Which two actions should be performed to clean the surface of CDs and DVDs? ( Choose two.

It reduces the amount of CPU resources needed by system applications. It avoids the need to increase the clock speed of the laptop processor.22 What is the benefit of using CPU throttling in laptops? It reduces the processing time needed by end-user applications. *It reduces CPU power consumption and heat production. 23 Which generation of cell-phone standards was the first to deal with how to se nd and receive text. photographs. and video? first second *third fourth .

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