Logging into Haxorware

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Power and RJ-45 only
Plug in the only the RJ-45 cable from your modem to your PC’s NIC card and power the modem down. If
using a laptop make sure to turn off the wifi to not disrupt your configuration by blocking the IP address
needed. Then, plug in the power to the modem after this and NEVER plug in the coaxial wire until you
have you modem configured properly and ready to test. Reason is because you need to make sure the
firmware upgrade feature is disabled so it does not overtake your firmware before you have a chance to
even look at it to configure.

GUI Access via Browser
Once you’re all plugged up and ready your PC or end device should have received an IP address (usually
up to 1 minute). Once this is done, simply open your browser of choice, and enter “”
without the quotes. Hit enter and from there you should see your settings and ready for configuration,
congratulations. ****Troubleshooting
****Some report issues logging i nto the modem, if your modem does not get an IP address
please set your NIC card manually. To do so:

Get to the network settings (if you needs specifics we can support PC or MAC any OS just e-mail support).
Open the IP settings and change the NIC from dynamic to static.
Set the Gateway to and the IP address to 192.168.100.x (x being anything under 255). Set the Subnet
mask to although it will do it automatically on some OS’s.
Retry to Access the GUI via browser.

If you have tried this and still having issues contact sales@modempremodz.net with your PayPal Transaction ID immediately. If
you are not a customer of ModemPremodz please do not waste your time.

Factory Mode - This forces the modem to behave as if it was supplied by the ISP and bypasses customs
Disable Firmware Upgrades - This option will force Haxorware to ignore new modem firmware
pushes from the ISP. Un-checking this could compromise your Haxorware install and overwrite your
Force Network Access Tries default settings to login.

Baseline Privacy This is important to know about if you are trying to provision.1 config files with valid certificates.Tftp Enforce Bypass If your ISP enforces Tftp configuration file this option will tell the modem to download the supplied config file at the right point . BPI Baseline privacy Your version running. Restore from filesystem Restore uploaded or previously backed up certificate sets saved on the modems filesystem. Backup Saves your current certificate set for later so you have it and can use it on whatever modem you please.1 must be enabled to use docsis 1.net!! When you get the material you simply inject it into the modem using the Baseline Restore Certs…. Provisioned lines are important here. if you purchased a modem from them they will do this service for free!! It includes backing up your original material and sending it all to you via mail. BPI 1. after we will ship back your unit for a fee of only $4.even if you are using another one. This option bypasses them entirely without hassle. Get that modem hacked with Haxorware after by emailing sales@modempremodz. As for your stock modem we always put back on stock firmware when you get it back unless told. Restore from file Can be restored from a single file from your PC Advanced Telnet Usage Commands stop scanning frequency cd /d scan_stop or cd /cm scan_stop . and we do not support MAC scanning and trading so please do not ask.net. Disable IP Filters on startup IP filters are used by some ISP's to block traffic of certain types on certain ports (such as if your ISP blocks port 80 to prevent you from hosting a web server).75 via paypal to get it back to you within just 3 days or less after it touches our hands at ModemPremodz.. it is best that you first get your stock modem provisioned. Bypass must be enabled to use 1.and your all good to go with your newly provisioned modem with Haxorware waiting to be configured to your liking.1 configs with self signed certificates.

start scanning frequency cd /d goto_ds 327 (will be 327 Mhz. and if not hitch continues scanning) show HFC IP cd /d ip_show or: cd /ip lease_show Show information about registered modem cd /d modem_caps clear logs cd /e flush disable snmp filters cd /s filters off yes set snmp to NoAccess cd /s view_v1v2 NoAccess show snmp information cd /s n2m y Hide System OID cd /s .

delete sysDescr write print certificate values cd /n/b print private print public print root print cm_cert print ca_cert change certificate values cd /n/b change_key public change_key private change_key root change_key cm_cert change_key ca_cert write place root or ca_cert in dynamic memory cd /n/b key_location root false key_location ca_cert false write set frequency and channel cd /n/d ds_frecuency xxx <.your number of channel write .your weightings in mhz us_channel x <.

.1] {hit enter} .168. write activating DOCSIS 1.100.1 cd /n/d enable docsis11 true write disable bpi cd /n/d enable bpi false write enable bpi+ cd /n/d enable bpi true bpi_version 1 write disable bpi+ cd /n/d enable bpi true bpi_version 0 write change tftp info cd /n/d enable force_cfgfile true dhcp_settings My IP Address: [192.change the start up downstream frequency cd /n/d startup_dsfreq xxxxxx cd .

0] {hit enter} Router IP Address: [192.254] SysLog Server IP Address: [10.254] change the tuner cd /n/h cm_tuner xx (xx its share) write change the annex for your area cd /n/h annex_ # (# = A -> EuroDOCSIS.Annex C.bin] {type config file} Time Server IP Address: [10. 2 .Subnet Mask: [255.10. Do you want to change the other settings? [no] (hit Y} TFTP Server IP Address: [10. 0 -> Annex B. B -> DOCSIS.168.254] type in the IP of your TFTP server here Config file name: [cm.255. 3 hybrid) Write (It is necessary to change the cm_annex if you change the annex) change Ethernet MAC cd /n/h mac_address 2 aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff write change USB MAC cd /n/h usb_mac_address aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff write change the HFC MAC cd / .254] {hit enter} Those are the only 3 that really need to be changed.10. C -> more) cm_annex @ (@ = 1 -> Annex A.10.

enter: write_memory -s 4 0x807e8b98 0xAABBCCDD write_memory -s 2 0x807e8b9c 0xEEFF or cd n/h mac_address 1 aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff cd /n write show the current state cd /n/h show or: cd /n/d show enable telnet access cd /n/m enable_telnet true write .write_memory 2155776876 0x11 write_memory 2155776877 0x22 write_memory 2155776878 0x33 write_memory 2155776879 0x44 write_memory 2155776880 0x55 write_memory 2155776881 0x66 cd /n write or Assuming our MAC address is AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF.

Change the username and pass for telnet cd /n/m user_name password write Disable external telnet access(stops others from being able to access your telnet from the coax side) cd /n/m telnet_ipstacks 2 write Completely disable any firmware changes without a Jtag. change from 0 to 3 if you want to tftp new firmware to your modem though cd \ cd non-vol cd snmp max_dload_tries 0 write .

DNS OPEN \ Free to use First go to: Start> Control Panel > Network Connections > Right click on your active network adapter > Choose Properties .

8 8.Next.4.8.222 . you have to choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) as shown above.222.67. choose Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4)). On VISTA OR WINDOWS 7. and you should see these boxes: For the box "Use the following DNS server addresses". put in any of given addresses below: Googl 8.8.8. Then click Properties.4 OpenDNS 208.

197.45.3 199.31.39 199.28.5 4.166.253 ORSC 199.203.84 151.0.2 . Verizon (level3) 199.67.10 Verizon 151.85 151.2.85 199.3 4.38 199.85 4.2.

2 216.81.25 204.100 GTE 64.2 64.2 64.2 64.2 One Connect IP 67.76.net Exetel Cox.64.224.2 64.55.2 66.159.2 66.2 64.2 SpeakEasy .2 64.31 VRx Network Services

71.10 204.10 Cisco 64.2 66.159.2 Sprintlink 199.154.66 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Universal DNS Servers Server 1 207.106 Server 2 216.154.10 Scrublt 67.92.44 Dnsadvantage 66.153 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------International .102.1 156.212.2

53.20 . QLD 144.4.29 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------China I-Cable (Hong Kong) 210.128.150 154.9 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Canada Shaw Cable Telus(BC) 154.1 154.71.16 Westnet (ADSL) 144.2 154.144. 202.23 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Italy Alice --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mexico Cablemas (Cable 128kbps) .1.20 Tmnet Streamyx (ADSL) 202.147 202.0.161 212.188.181 202.0.18 203.62 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malaysia Schoolnet (ADSL) 202.133 202.

2 10.158.34 10.72 Paradise (DSL) 203.66 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New Zealand Xtra (DSL) Planet Internet . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nederland Hetnet 213.12 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Portugal Netvisão (Cable) 200.0.4 203.44.5 TVTel 195. (North) Nildram (ADSL) 213.22.127.Wales) 194.72.195.bulldogdsl.161 130.Wales) Bulldog Broadband Ns3.248. 212.188.169 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------United Kingdom AOL (South) Ns4.com . .bulldogdsl. Blueyonder/Telewest (Cable) 193.com .73. 83.21.5 (North) Ns6.9.bulldogdsl.173 194.0.39 (Cardiff.205 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sweden Tele2 130.bulldogdsl.72.6 (South) Ns5. S.244.73.3 194.212 .73.172 194.146.com .38 (Cardiff. 212. 83.4 BTInternet 194.244.127. S.44 194. ISDN) 62.35 62.96.23. DSL. (unchecked) Telewest (Cable) 62.226 62.129 (Cambridge) 212. Screaming.19 Tiscali.241.net.95 Zen Internet Primary DNS: 212.83 Silvermead (Satellite.1 . Worldonline.94 195.193 (Cambridge) Wanadoo UK (ADSL) 195.100 Pipex (ADSL) 62.66 212.114.1 Secondary DNS: 212.net (ADSL) 194.92.67 212.213 NTL (Cable) and Virgin. Lineone 212.195.23.