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John Whitman Ray, Visualisation and Consciousness

John Whitman Ray, Visualisation and Consciousness

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Published by Jeremy Holt
Advanced application of the principles of Love, Light & Perfection
Advanced application of the principles of Love, Light & Perfection

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Published by: Jeremy Holt on May 19, 2012
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1. The Seventh Step in the Visualization and Consciousness Sequence requires the individual to cultivate
the awareness of oneself as a creative being. For those of you who have been able to progress to this
point of progression wherein each of you have made a commitment to discipline oneself to follow the
Pathway to Perfection we now have a need to come to a great recognition. This recognition is where in
the individual must learn to recognize the enormous responsibility of helping people learn to uncreate
their contribution to human creation which consists of the resistances of aeons of time. We must first
learn to uncreate the human creation, the discord, the lack of harmony, which one has been holding
onto from time immemorial.

2. At this level of progression one begins to understand that what one perceives on the outer is the
creation of the inner essence which exists outside of time arid space as we know it. One must
understand that as one perceives on the mental level so the universe responds and moulds itself into
the exact condition which was mentally created. Of course, it must be understood that one will have
interaction with the creative forces around one which will arrive from all directions, wherein one will
need to develop and resolve to ma iota in the proper mental picture. The proper mental picture would
be that which would be for the highest and best good of mankind. It would be wise to pray in order to
know for oneself what this highest and best good would be that we do not hold amiss the proper
mental picture.

3. At this level of progress ion as one seeks to control his mental body and utilize it in a positive manner,
one will have to consider carefully the following: If one finds oneself distracted by the environmental
influences, one may have to withdraw from the distracting milieu and find solace away from the
confusions of worldly disorder that one may once again obtain and maintain the necessary mental
picture which is used to positively mould the outer manifestation. Along with the increased
responsibility of creating a positive image of the future which is a future reflection of that which is
being created in the everpresent nows one in turn must deal with the crystals of resistance which have
come from the suppress ion or resistance to past events which are held in a continual state of creation
twenty-four hours every day. This uncreation process shall be done in the method we have already
taught you concerning the application of Body Electronics.

4. At this level of progression one assumes the position of Godliness wherein one learns through
experience the proper administration of the Laws of God, encompassing faith, virtue, knowledge,
temperance, patience, arid brotherly kindness, knowing that one cannot administer to another that
which one has not yet received. One cannot create or uncreate that which one still holds in a position
of resistance.

5. Therefore, to reiterate, once one has stilled the physical body, stilled the emotions and then has
stilled the thoughts by being fully aware of all things, while being in a position of non-thought, one is
then capable of meditating without seed. Meditating without seed is the prerequisite to meditating
with seed from a position of responsibility. One must consider that the a very high percentage of
people are out of control physically, emotionally and mentally, which source of reactiveness can be
relegated to the presence of crystalline structures throughout the body, which are organic computer
chips full of stored memory. This is the source of the common stimulus-response reactive syndrome.
These people, nearly all people, are slaves to their reactions and are not aware of it. They are riot
capable, in their current state of awareness (or lack of awareness), to comprehend this information
until they reach through their discipline a position of non-thought with a corresponding expansion of

6. At this level of progression, one must learn to direct the mind one-pointedly toward that which will
gradually lead to Karmic Reduction, Karmic Transmutation and Karmic Completion.

7. At this level of progression, one must be able to comprehend and apply the concepts of desire-
desirelessness. One must live within the world of desire in such a way that the end result of acquiring
the object of one's desire will result in a state of desire-desirelessness regarding the subject of
attention at hand. One will progress to the point where one will not have to own or acquire the object
of one's affection but will be able to enjoy it by observation while releasing the desire and/or
attachment to that object or condition, while at the same time being in a condition of desire-


8. At this level of progression one must give serious attention to the ever ongoing "List". The "List" is a
collection of Karmic Considerations one has brought to himself/herself by the ever operative Law of
Attraction. Each item on the List demands and requires appropriate attention that it may be
completed in some harmonious manner. The Law of Right Action should always be taken into
consideration that the Pathway of the soul is toward the Ascension rather than being obi i gated to
follow the involutionary pathway leading downward gradually into identification with matter. Such a
manner in which one is guided or directed to pursue the List will be encompassed by the
considerations in the prior item number Seven.

9. One-pointedness or meditation with seed is dangerous, as one must know with a certainty that what
one is doing is happening for the highest and best good and one must be aware of the consequences of
his/her creations. Whatever one puts his/her attention upon with continual desire and volition, shall
eventually materialize. Therefore, it would be wise to consider that ones desire always be directed
toward the resolution of Karma, which also results in the resolution of desire. One should be.
continually engaged in a good cause of one's own free will and choice. One should reread Chapter
Eleven of Book One of the Logic in Sequence Series and reevaluate one's activity concerning the "List".
By so doing, Lazyness, one of the Seven Cardinal Sins, shall be overcome.

10. At this level of progression it would be wise to enter into a deeper explanation of where we are going
for the consideration of the initiate. Truth vs. Resisted Truth as a duality brings one eventually to the
recognition that thought patterns are not only found in the mental body within the confines of time
and space, but are also existent as a mirror image outside of time and space within the confines of
the inner essence. When one has this recognition one will experience the Time-Space-Continuum-
Warp, which is the most important discovery of our time related to Mind-Body concepts. Resisted
Truth if left unresolved will create compulsion to act on the truth resisted. This is very difficult to
observe within oneself as a resistance because what a person appears to be doing would be considered
"good" and thus requires no observation of inspection. The person's motives are never in question as
the outer appearance is always one of proper or appropriate activity. This compulsion to act on a
resisted truth results on an ever growing complex of choices of beingness, each in turn creating
another duality, which in turn creates more resistances and more dualities all, of which cloud the
recognition or observation of the original duality.

11. One must consider that once a choice of beingness is made it excludes all other options for choices of
beingness. This choice of beingness then determines alternatives for choices of actions which will be
interwoven with desires and attachments. We can, therefore, consider that all desire, attachments,
and choices of action are predetermined by choices of beingness. Choices of beingness are also
predetermined by prior choices of beingnesses, leading back in time through a labyrinth of intricacies
of thought activity, finally to the original Truth-Resisted Truth which is the final key which holds all
the resistances together in that one segment of thought activity in the Mental Body. This then behoves
us to continue on in our diligent search until every vestige of Truth-Resisted Truth as a duality is
rooted out of our nature and transmuted that the Time-Space-Continuum-Warp be entered into,
realized and mastered by every sincere soul who is searching for truth through the process of Self

12. Thus, we can now clearly see the importance of resolving all desire based on resistance, that
beingness and interconnected duality might be considered, that eventually the confusion might be
resolved through the experience of the Time-Space-Continuum-Warp. This is the ultimate end of
duality encompassment in mortality. At this level of experience it is only necessary to have an
intellectual grasp of this concept- What you are capable of observing is that there does indeed exist a
signpost pointing the way.

13. At this level of progression, it is your responsibility from a position of Godliness (see item four) to
learn to become the Administrator of Law, to ensure that no one is running faster than their ability to
run, staying within the parameters of their own individual capability. It is wise to ensure that each
individual on the pathway to perfection shall fully concentrate on and master each step along the way.
Through the continued and dedicated application of Body Electronics each individual will have ample
opportunity to explore the mental level after experiencing the Kundalini Fire which helps to overcome
a certain emotional level related to a given subject. This transmutational factor which transmutes the
emotional body gives access to the mental body wherein consciousness change can take place in the
area so accessed. Each of these areas that are opened up to memory and consciousness exploration
will help the individual to progress, provided he/she become totally dedicated to the following of
correct principle: "The race is not to the swift, but to those who endure to the end"


14. At this level of progression it is appropriate that each individual on the Pathway to Perfection be duly
diligent in bringing everything together into a logical and sequential activity. It is time to go back to
Step One and consider all aspects with new eye from an expanded point of view. Then carefully move
on and ponderously consider from a new perspective each item in Step Two. Then on to Step three
with the same consideration of expansion of our understanding. Then on to Step Four, Five Six and
Seven with the same dedication for the assimilation of clarity.

15. As you re-examine carefully Steps One through Seven, you should then determine if any leaf has been
left unturned concerning any item which is left unfinished or that needs to be reconsidered. Keep your
list handy so that you can add, restructure, delete, consider or ponder as each item in each step is
carefully weighed in the balance, and acted on accordingly, so that it is not found wanting at a later
time. Savour each item that you may not hastily go on to the next item so you can say you have looked
at it carefully so you can say "Been there, done that." Take time to relate and consider all
ramifications of each item in each step. Each time you go over it, you shall understand it at a deeper
level as you release the resistances within you, so your ability to visualize increases, thus your memory
improves thus your capacity for understanding increases.

16. At this level of progression it is imperative that one begins to understand that there is no limit to the
expansion of intelligence. We limit our intelligence ourselves through our inability to have
unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness due to the massive amount of resistance we have
accumulated. Now, consider each item from Step One to Step Seven from every possible perspective
and ensure each item is mastered to the best of our ability before undertaking the next item.
Remember, each item may not be fully mastered but you have chosen to move toward that mastery by
commitment and intent Thus you have qualified to move on by at least entering into the activity which
will gradually lead to mastery, all items in each step which are designed to act synergistically

17. Let us clarify an issue that may not be fully understood. In the larger scope of activity, we are much
like a small child who has unbounded enthusiasm and wishes to climb a hill. What the little child is not
aware of is that there is an 8 lane highway with high speed traffic between the child and the hill. It is
often our responsibility to hold the hand of the initiate on the Pathway to Perfection just like we
would hold the hand of the small child over the highway so that he/she may then attempt to climb the
hill. Many of us see the mountain but we don't see the traffic. We must recognize that we are not an
island unto ourself. We all need one another to aid and assist when the going gets rough. That is the
reason we seek out the master, the one who has gone through the rough spots and can counsel us
through experience. Sometimes we need help on one item or another as we progress painfully from
one item to the next. Herein we must turn our minds to the One God who enlightens our mind and
warms our heart. For this reason I would highly recommend that you read carefully and ponderously a
book called "Pistis Sophia" by G.R.S.Mead including extracts from the Books of the Saviour and other
cognate literature from Gnostic Sources. The code for ordering is ISBN 0-922802-87-4. There is
specific reason for this exercise of study which is self-evident in the reading.

18. Reason together, be receptive, be obedient and account to that person whom you have chosen to
assist you or who has been appointed to unto you to help you with a specific assignment. The road is
definitely not an easy road because you will be face to face with all that which you have resisted over
aeons of time. It is all here in the everpresent now, but we as of yet have not recognized its presence.
You will need the help from time to time of one who has passed that way before you to guide you
through the dark to the light beyond. It is only dark to the uninitiated. After someone has helped you
gradually through the maze of darkness, you will have like opportunity to help another along the path
who will be your responsibility. This is necessary to complete your training at each stage of your
progression. You do not have the ability to give until you have received. After you have received, you
are not complete until you have, in turn given to another who is progressing on the Pathway to
Perfection. Now, go forth and leave no leaf unturned in your determination to gradually master each
Step of the Visualization and Consciousness Class.

19. To reiterate, choose to be individually responsible for the exercise of choice to cultivate the
awareness of self as a creative being.

20. At this level of progression one must learn to create which is the same energy as uncreating that which
one has created in order to undo or uncreate the morass of human creation which is burdening down
every human being. Now, one has mastered the emotional body to some degree at this level and has
entered the mental body. By strict adherence to the laws which have been given you, you are now
capable of observing, choosing to receive, choosing to re-create, and releasing that creation which


was brought into reality eons ago. You must now understand that mental head trips are not enough.
One must gain experience by dealing directly with those laws which are designed to expose every
possible weakness, if indeed, they do exist, that man may have the opportunity of dealing with that
weakness which is derived from resistance, if he/she chooses.

We have our free agency, we can climb a set of stairs or we can choose to not climb a set of stairs. If
we climb a set of stairs, we can choose to climb down the set of stairs. If our goal is evolutionary, we
choose to climb the set of stairs, no matter what. If we haven't learned all of our lessons yet, we may
choose the darker path. That is our choice. The heavens choose to honour us in our choices. That is all
part of the game of life. We have no right to interfere with the free agency of another unless what
they are doing is interfering in some way with the exercise of our own freedom of choice. Then we
have a confrontation in order to secure our rights and freedoms. Such is life.

21. At this level of progression one must learn to exercise will as related to one-pointed meditation. Will is
the determination to fulfil a desire. One must learn the right use of will. If one does not follow the
Law of Right Action the results will be involutionary. Study carefully on this subject and develop your
will be assiduously applying yourself to your "List".

22. At this level of progression one must learn the concept and application of the position of Godliness,
This is the Seventh Step to Perfect ion and encompasses all earlier Steps. One cannot administer a Law
that one has not received and applied with non-resistance. Therefore, do not overstep your ability to
Administer, Teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves. This is the highest form
of Administration. Remember: "Those who are the greatest among you will be the servant to all."
Administration means basically "To dispense, parcel out." "To manage, to govern." Give no one more
than they can deal with satisfactorily and be willing to hold one up when they are faltering, until they
can hold themselves up. This is a true position of administration.

23. This one must comprehend and administer properly. In the extreme situation when dealing with
extreme cases of suppressed trauma, it may be necessary to administer control over an individual who
is reacting violently wherein they, at that time, have no control over themselves. One may have to
administer control over the individual by prior agreement until they can learn to control themselves
and come up through the suppressed trauma as a victor. Herein is where one administers according to
the Law of Economy and uses correct estimation of effort in order to deal with a situation which is
temporarily out of control. These moments do arise during a healing crisis, usually quite
unexpectantly. Herein is where a well organized and loving support team is more than helpful, and will
be greatly appreciated after the suppressed trauma has been re-experienced and released.

24. One must learn at this level of progression, how to direct the mind in a one-pointed manner. So doing
will lead one to successfully experience during Karmic Transmutation or Karmic Completion.

25. One must learn at this level how to fully encompass the various aspects of desire-desirelessness. This is
directly related to Attachment-Non-Attachment which we have discussed at great length in Book One
of the Logic in Sequence Series.

26. By consistent and diligent activity concerning the "List" one will be able to gradually overcome
Lazyness, one of the Seven Cardinal Sins.

27. Here is the greatest challenge of this lifetime. Explore intellectually the Time-Space-Continuum-
Warp. Explore the concept of duality inherent in the concept of Truth-Resisted Truth as related to the
Time-Space-Continuum- Warp. Once one has mastered this intellectual challenge, then the reality of
application must be considered. Remember we are now pointing the way of the Great Masters who
have understood and applied the mastery of all energies as applied to the physical bodies, emotional
bodies, and mental bodies. When one has mastered all energies pertaining to all three bodies, with the
assistance of the Ascended Masters one shall have the opportunity in this lifetime to gain his/her



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