This is a group work of 3 – 5 persons in a group. Choose your own group member.

• All groups must answer all questions.

The assignment will be a write-up and presentation.

Write-up: − Not more than 5 pages

Submit a week after presentation: 26/7/2010

Presentation: − Each group will present 1 identified topic − It will be a brief presentation about 5 – 10 minute − Choose the best speaker as the presenter (ONLY 1 person to − present)

The mark will be given equally to all group members.

• Below are the task as a group assignment:

GROUP TASKS 1. Define the following cost terms: i. ii. iii. Cost Cost unit Cost centres

2. Classify the cost according to:

. behaviour.i. Function Traceability Behaviour 3. iii. Explain each types of cost Give examples of all questions. Define cost behaviour. ii.

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