Use this on a fresh left 4 dead 2 root folder...

or remove all your cracks first and restore original files. Copy all content to the Left 4 dead 2 folder, overwrite. Add +sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 +sv_lan 1 to your shortcut. I have updated stryders crack with a working client.dll file taken from the l4d2 demo. If it does not work, I cant help you, it worked for me. UPDATE INFO: Added a compatible server.dll file, that works in combo with the de mo client.dll, which makes everything usable! no crashes nothing!!! USE THIS ON A CLEAN INSTALLATION, THIS WORKS ON !!!! ADDED BIN FOLDER FROM ROOT, BACKUP YOU OLD BIN FOLDER FIST BEFORE USING THIS. TESTED ON RAZOR, WORKS! TESTED ON AKELLA, WORKS!! Tested on WORKS! Tested on WORKS!

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