Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name

Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Featuring New Millennium Conversations With Pythagoras (1980 to 2006) Also Numerology for Animals Paul G. Minar Channeled Material by Isabelle Zaccardi, PhD iUniverse, Inc. New York Lincoln Shanghai

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This book is dedicated to Dale Wagner, my best friend, who made sure I didn t take myself too seriously throughout this project.

and other luminaries). I have work ed with many individuals with varying degrees of psychic ability for about thirty y ears. June Gallo. When it was time for me to submit my manuscript for publishing review. he provided the f eedback I needed constantly assuming the role of the readers who would later evaluate this book.D. He also was invaluable when it came to graphics and special fonts. He als o dictated the preface for this book. There were many obstacles and delays along t he way. My computer tutor/technician extraordinaire. Sages. She re sides in San Rafael. but in my opinion. guided me through t he many obstacles associated with typing a manuscript on a computer whose instructions and language intimidated me constantly. Isabelle agreed to be the channel and my special cons ultant for many hours of tape-recorded information sessions over the years.. Robert Leavitt. and for needling me from time to time about finishing this pro ject. Ph.Acknowledgements I want to thank the primary source for the new Numerology concepts in this book. Pythagoras has allowed me to write with him as well and each time I pick up my pen or use the computer keyboard the words flow so fast I can hardly keep up. He asked me to write this book in 1980 promising to add his special input to my own interpretation of numbers as they apply especially to the New Millennium. My thanks also go to my friend. not to mention my own doubts about my ability to transform raw material int o a form that would cause readers to want to pursue the information in this book. I am grateful to both of my mentors also for providing the creative energy that en abled me to keep going with this project. who regards herself as a spiritual teacher and modern day scribe for the Higher Essences (the Saints. Pythagoras first introduced himself during a channeling session facilitated by Isabelle Zaccardi. I was for tunate to obtain the book editing .D. Just as important. Pythagoras first introduced himself during a channeling session facilitated by Isabelle Zaccardi. Ph. there is no one on this planet who is better at communicating with the higher realms of consciousness and doing it with poise. dignity and hum ility. for her encouragement and Pat Housto n for her helpful comments on my writing style. California. also known as The Father of Numerology. Pythagoras.

For some reason I was intrigued by the numerical equations. His television and film production exp erience. and he wrote with a cadence that appealed to me. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of the Numerologists whose books have given me valuable and inspirational assistance for my learning process for many of my good friend. Th is book is intended as a learning tool and a reference book for many years to come. as professionals. and the idea that a pers on s name could define his or her personality. He seemed to thrive on pressure a nd problem solving and had an uncanny ability to anticipate my concerns. I want to acknowledge the author who provided my first glimpse into the study of numerology. will be able to view in greater depth. t he Key to Your Inner Self. There are many new concepts in this book that they. He did not waste words making a point. so I was forced to ex amine this intrusive literary object. This is synchronicity in action! Last but not least. Richard De Amorelli was his name. She descri bed her book as a manual of vii . This material is specifically written f or the New Millennium. His little paperback book literally tumbled off a store bookshelf into my arms. Florence Campbell was my next find. each one provid ing a special insight into the sacred science of Numerology. along with computer expertise. My intention is to give something back by sharing the Pyt hagoras material with Numerologists everywhere. and purpose. and yet the material was broader and deeper in scope. Bruce Bailey. in hopes that they can utilize it in their work as tea chers. made this final step a pleasurable one for me. the simplicity of the presentation appealed to me. Your Days Are Numbered was the title. and the book was entitled Numerology. Again. meaning.

rather than acquiring all of them as we dev elop. It remains a valued reference source for me. helping people to understand the fact that w e are all born with numeric influences. published in 1913. the source often goes back to the above three ladies. Number Power is a visual as well as mental journey and adventure. L. I regret that I did not meet her before her passing during the latter part of the 1980s. and f or giving the world a spiritual and practical system of applying numerical symbols to the analysis of character. Jordan also c redits her with with giving the word Numerology broad and popular acceptance during her time. and this is one of them. I m sure Pythagoras kn ew her well. Dow Balliet was the pioneer of pioneers in Numerology. Next came the book that I really devoured from beginning to end. Again. In Number Power by Colin Baker. the numbers presented are accompanied by many be autiful color illustrations of people and nature. for teaching her the basi cs of Numerology. Her eloquence was backed up with deep understanding of the science and spirituality of numbers. with the help of a group of teachers.viii Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Numerology for everybody. I have a copy of her Symbols of Numerology. Dr. the artwork enhances the numbers. and co-wor kers. Dr. There are a handful of books in my collection that have a rubber band around them because of wear and tear. Containing only eighty-one pages. It was Dr. L. Jordan gave credit to her mother. Dow Balliet as the authority for the modern method of relating names. Mr. and was obviously receiving her information from the Higher Realms. Julia Seton. To this day. so the reader can appreciate more fully the natural and socia l worlds in which we live. She delved very deeply into the meaning and interpretation of numbers. I h ave one of her earlier books entitled Vibration. and vibrations. She organized the California Institute of Numerical Research. Inc. She was born in 1862 and made her transition in 1950. as shown in the name and birth-date. the Romance in Your Name. Dr. providing the rea der with a greater knowledge and appreciation of the world in which we live. it is written in a simple and practical style. and a closer rapport with all create d things. Jordan also credited Mrs. students. numbers. Mrs. and is obviously designed for people of all age . Baker uniquely portrays numbers as both marking and explaining a journey from 1 to 9. Dr. I was particularly impressed with Colin Baker s chapters on numbers in society. Juno Jordan s Numerology. it is my favorite book on numerology. and music. Jordan took the earlier studies to a new level the hard way. Dr. When modern Numerologists are asked how they got started. His intuitive abilities are evident in the unique way he explains the deeper meanings of the numbers. by testing the accuracy of numerical interpretation over a period of 25 years. The legacy of this trio is one of inspirat ion. nature. and each number is examined thoroughly.

creator. . I d like to thank an author of a different sort: Bonnie Coleen. who is th e author (as in. Her supportive energies have helped fuel the current explosion in popularity of that ancient tool for self-em powerment (which our age is only now re-discovering): Numerology. Finally. including the professional Numerologist.s and levels of understanding. In this lifetime. producer and host) of a lively personal growth talk-radio program called Seeing Beyond on K EST in San Francisco. I feel special gratitude for the help. I knew instinctively when I met her that Bonnie and I have impacted each other in sever al past lives. guidance and friendship she s contributed to my li fe s work.

.....125 Chapter Eighteen Reincarnation ..........................................................93 Chapter Twelve Pythagoras: His Life and Teachings .........53 Chapter Nine The Numerology Chart ..............................................................................xv A Word About Concepts Used In This Book ..............................65 Chapter Ten The Absolute Level .......... .................................................... ............................... ................................................................. ...........................................141 .............. ....................137 A Final Word from the Author ............................................................... Travel and Location ............................ ............................................................21 Chapter Six The Meaning of the Numbers ................................ ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. .................. ................................... ..................................................................................................................................................................................... Spirituality..................................................................................................... Philoso phy and Science .......................... ................................................................... ......................................................................11 Chapter Four Pythagoras Views the New Millennium ...........xiii A Word About Words Used In This Book ......................................... ...........43 Chapter Eight The Pythagorean Matrix ...........................................................................................................................129 Chapter Nineteen Channeling Explained ........................ ...............91 Chapter Eleven Numerology For Animals ...................... ..........17 Chapter Five The Subconscious and Memory ..... Communication..........................5 Chapter Three A Personal Observation on the New Millennium ............... ..................121 Chapter Seventeen Numerology in Partnership with Religion......1 Chapter Two Creating Successful Outcomes ........ ...............105 Chapter Thirteen Choosing or Changing a Name ..xix Chapter One How the Numbers Work ............... ............................................................... The Power of Words ............................. The Power of Love..............119 Chapter Sixteen The Power of Thought......... .............. ..............................................................................115 Chapter Fifteen Compatibility in Relationships ..............................................xi Preface ......................................xvii A Philosophy for the Times Ahead ............... ................................................... ................ ........23 Chapter Seven Personal and Universal Numbers .....................Contents Introduction ................................................ ................ ...............................................................................................................111 Chapter Fourteen Numbers for Identification..............................................................

ix .

which reduce to a single number from 1 to 9. It is for people of all ages and for beginners as well as those with advanced understanding. Numbers are energy forces capable of causing positive changes in our lives. understandable graphics throughout the book. especially the Numerology Chart with only twelve elements and large. focusing on unique ways of learning the basic meaning of the numbers as an enjoyable prerequisite for constructing the chart. A thought goes through nine changes of energy before emerging as a complete expression from our brain. The secret of understanding how to use the power of numbers is know ing which aspect or application of a number to draw upon at any given time. Simplicity is the key wo rd here. A very good example would be the nine months of pregnancy that produces the greatest creation on earth a human being. Those energy forces are present in eve ry letter of our alphabet and all numbers. the ultimate computer. whether in our lives or in the Cosmos! T he memory techniques in chapter six. and hopefully thought provoking. in harmony with all of creation. The Meaning of The Numbers. Being well grounded in number meanings is th e key. Even the shape of the numbers and letters attracts unique magnetic energies. the equation is complete. Many concepts presented here regarding numbers and energy a re new. This book is intended to be reader-friendly. it is the combination of the nine basic numbers working toget her that is responsible for successful outcomes. Their origin is more ancient than we have recorded history but Pythag oras gave them special meaning and interpretation. for it will motivate you to . In just nine days you can do your own chart (family and friends too). which follows in chapte r nine. There is a numerical energy force available to deal with all of your needs. Numbers are energy forces capable of causing positive changes in our lives. You will see how nine numbers are the basic cause and effect of all activity. Each number has many related meanings or uses. We will begin by explaining how and why the numbers work in chapter one. There are no insignificant numbers. I have kept numerical equations and exercises to a minimum. All numbers have meaning and affec t us all individually.Introduction Realizing that numbers are the nine creative energy forces in your name allows y ou to truly feel that you are at one with God s Geometry. While each number is a power unto itself. unique. Then by adding the numbers o f your birth-date. include easy and fun exercises that can be done quickly.

you eve n chose the family you needed to be born into and yes. the various personal relationships culminating in a commit ment to a life partner. Each letter influences the events in your life in a unique way for a period of o ne to nine years and affects those events in any one of nine different ways. You chose precisely the proper vehicle to carry you through the life experiences you needed to accommodate your personal growth. not absolute happenings. You are also the architect of your physical body. We are talking here about different types of i nfluences in terms of types of events only. It plays out the letters of your full name on thre e levels like scenes from a movie script. It is called the Progression Chart. This took a lot of planning and a lot of give-and-take because family and friends had agendas of their own to fulfill. present and future represented by your name letters. Your first. We will cover this subject more in chapter nine where it is the final element of my basic Numerology Chart. You are the architect of your name and the life-plan contained within your name and birth-date: your Life Script. thereby attaining a deeper understanding of them. Furthermore. I believe that only God knows the future absolutely. Nu merology is not a fortune-telling xi . The Progression Chart is the only aspect of your chart that allows you to view t he past. middle and last name letters have a corresponding physical.pursue the study of numbers. emotional and spiritual significance.

These sessions provided new revelations about Pythagoras the man. He emphasized that Numerology is more than the study of numbers. It explain s their role as special teachers and emissaries of love. We have constructed a Numerology Chart that is easy to understand at first glance.xii Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name device and it is not a game for entertainment at parties. Finally. it is a personal insight as to who you really are with the clues provided by the numbers. you need look no further than y our name for it is truly magical! . and in his own style of speec h. Your strengths and weaknesses may surprise you. If your life could use a little magic right now. In any case. with large graphics that invite your participation. The material in this book sheds new light on Numerology for the New Millennium. this book would not be complete without a chapter on the life and teach ings of the man who inspired this book in 1980 and dictated much of the material through many channeling sessions: Pythagoras. be all that your name allows y ou to be! A special feature you will enjoy is a chapter on Numerology for Animals. I believe exceptional psychics can perceive some future events but with certain limitations. The subject matter Pythagoras has provided is profound yet clear . intended to raise your spirits along with your understanding of the numbers. simple metho ds of working with them. It is a fascinating look into their numbers and their relationship to humans. Your strengths and weaknesses may surprise you or simply reinforce the things that yo u already feel or know about yourself. providing a new perspective on understanding the numbers and clear.

thinning must take place for this is evaluation time. Thus. When the bed of seedlings is showing growth. for the teachings are more powerful. will be kept. The Tarot and Numerology are sacred work s to be used as symbolic guidelines to establish the path that now is being traveled upon wit h greater fervor. . I had a great deal of studying and contemplating to do over the years. October 7. and yes. all in good time. It is far better to d isregard the processes that have been taught in the past. 1980: The reason for a new and simplified concept of Numerology and Tarot is evidenced by the change of all esoteric teachings. To my surprise. the more I realize there is always something else to learn.Preface When Pythagoras first asked me to write this book. Beware: this subject is habit forming! Only seedlings that are compatible with the nature of that person should be kept and then be nurtured throughout the growing stages. so that proper guidance and nurturing can take place. more poignant and more direct than at any t ime in recorded history. or thought forms. Understanding the true meaning of numbers is not a memory achievement. I asked if he would provide t he preface. so that in each individual only the stro ng and healthy seedlings. then as a good gard ener of the universe. And let the seeds that are the thoughts and the energy fall into prepared soil. with concentrated energies and concentrated knowledge being directed to man. Man and his consciousness have reached an elevated plateau that allows this to b e. It is a s piritual quest and it never ends. There were many unexpected eve nts in my personal life that caused delays and I now have a better understanding of the meaning of the phrase. Also. shortcuts only in that the presentation is received and then must be put to work. I knew an adventur e had begun but did not realize how many years it would take to complete the project. he said yes and immediately dictated the material word for word. Beware: this subject is habit forming! Pythagoras. The more I learn about Numerology. A far clearer and simpler method of deduction is given now. many shortcuts have been made available. so that w aste years of the past can be abolished. shall the theories that have been a part of the knowledge received be as a plot of ground that has been prepared for planting.

It is past time for excuses and ignorance. I am Pythagoras. It begs for just the opportunity to allow the questions a nd the answers to be given. Thus. xiii . Thus it is given. it is written for those who seek. for this coming age of man will need many signposts clearl y marked so that the way will be sure-footed. so that which is placed in this volume will bring questions and contemplation aplenty. It is time for man to exhibit his ingenuity and use the tools that are given him. The Tarot and Numerology symbols will change and they will work together in harm ony for the new cycle of man. and all those who partake of this knowledge in this volume will surely understand themselves and their course of evolvement better. Man is multi-faceted and multidimensional and it is time that he reco gnizes this. creatively and with dexterity. The reason for this to come into being now is that it is the right time.This symbolic guidance must not be confused with the fortunetelling guise that h as been so prevalent in the past century but rather it should be used for what it was origi nally brought forth a guide to assist man on his return to his home. as an inspiration and as an aspiration.

He stated that the use of the term He was used a great deal during the ea rly days of the church when women were not allowed in the sanctuary of the church. Whenever pos sible I say individual or person and I certainly acknowledge and respect the feminine aspect of God. It is ible to please everyone. I use the same words as my communicators do Pythagoras and all the Saints and Sage s that I have conversed with over the past twenty-five years. 2002. and man versus woman. the word He was most a ppropriate at that time. not the physical body. When I use man in this book. I asked Pythag oras for his views on this subject. The goal is for you to begin to view numbers in a different context. Instead of mere characters on a page. instead of 20th Century the text might refer to the Twentieth Century. their shapes can become a useful tool for your instinctive interpretatio n. in recent times there has been disagreement between men and women regardin g the use of God versus Father-God or Mother-God. Therefore. On this level.A Word About Words Used In This Book Perhaps the most unusual part of this book s design is an attempt to use numbers o nly when they pertain to the basic numerological digits of 1 through 9. as it would have been too cumbers ome and confusing to replace these numbers with words. It is also difficult to constantly use the term person. so please forgive me if I offend anyone. or Mother-Go d. Man means the human spirit. He does denote a masculine energy associated with strength and administration and those characteristics certainly apply to God s position as the Supreme Energy in charge of all that was ever creat ed and all that will ever be created in the cosmos. it is a shortened version of hu-man. We have all live d male and female lives as part of our past-life experiences to gain balance between our masculine and feminine energie s and we will continue to do so in future lives. The feminine aspect of God is the mothering aspect that is there just as much as the masculine aspect. He prefers a fatherly reference and the other spiritual beings I have communicated with over the years refer to God as the Father. That is where the terms Father-God and Mother-God come into play. For example. Pythagoras further stated that God is the Supreme Energy and that to try to desc ribe that energy is impossible. In a channeled conversation with Pythagoras on February 20. Some prefer the term Goddess. women have finall . Exceptions are page numbers and dates. Also. containing both ma sculine and feminine characteristics. I don t know when the term God was first used on this planet but I am told that it was not His idea in the first place.

men need to express their femi nine energies and that is a difficult transition in a society where macho behavior has dominated cultures for so long. respect and dignity they deserve but the human race still has a long way to go to begin to balance the scales of equality. Women have every right to strive for and hold those job classifications that have been men s domain throughout recorded history. but that does not diminish the fact that they are women. The New Millennium has brought closure to outdated social customs. xv . but that is all. Women have to develop their dormant masculine energies in order to compete in a man s world. Similarly.y been accorded some of the recognition. They are limited at times by size and strength constraints.

and religion.xvi Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Changes have arrived and will continue to arrive throughout this century all desig ned to bring equality issues to the forefront of every culture. race. helps to accomplish this condition. It is obvious that we still have a long way to go on this level. On this level. . There is no discrimination in the higher realms and souls advance on merit only. we strive to maintain a proper balance between the two energies a nd alternating male and female lives. Androgynous is the word for th ose advanced spiritual beings in the higher realms a perfect blend of masculine and feminine energies. as needed.

both good and bad. and praise for my psychic abilities. and watched television shows and documentaries about all of the above. I read books. I compared the vocabularies of psychics to see if there was a common denominator and discovered there were many. i n a section called Channeling Explained. talked to pe ople. Spiritual and scientific exploration begins with a hypothesis followed by the ga thering of evidence that supports or falsifies that hypothesis. Someone once gave me some good advice to help me get off the dime and stop procrastinating. very spiritual and also very credible. The idea occurred to me that I could at least get a quick answer to some of my questions by asking psychics about them. a curiosity tha t started with the basic question about the existence of God. but in my experience over some thirty-five ye ars. A really good psychic does not have an ego problem and focuses on helping you to make your own decisions as much as possible. I felt it necessary to explain more about psychic ability as a researc h tool and how I found and qualified someone who was exceptional. evasive or vague answers. Then the scope widened to life after death. and communication between this earthly reality and those souls in heaven. Exploration always precedes conclusion and this book reflects my personal journey in this life and the conclusions I have reached along the way. This subject is explored more following chapter eighteen.A Word About Concepts Used In This Book The information contained in this book relating to numbers as an energy form. the existence of heaven and hell. Do somet hing. Believe in something and be prepared to change or drop that . She opened the door to the Higher Realms and also introduced me to Pythagoras who asked me to w rite this book. generalities rather than specific information. visited psychics. Then I could asses s the answers and decide for myself what to do about them. there are not many that I would rate as exceptional. A good psychic is much more evolved spiritually and tells it like it is rather t han what you want to hear. even if it s wrong. Isabelle Zac cardi was that person. mankind would never make any real progress in any area of our ex istence. en ergy in general. He or she helps you with personal growth issues and never makes negative prediction s. and all other concepts. My beliefs are the result of my own curiosity about life itself. He said. Spirituality and self-responsibility were not discussed. are not presented as absolute proven facts though they represent my pe rsonal beliefs expressed in my own words. Regarding the subject of faith or believing in something. If the world waited for an absolute scientific consen sus for all the concepts that are on hold at any given time. I personally believe there are a fair number of good psychics out there. The bad qualities were things like poor articulation. I say.

belief if something better comes along. That has been my philosophy, because taking a negative attitude toward new concepts simply pushes them away from your consciousness. Faith does not mean blind acceptance. Real faith is born of a certain knowingnes s together with confidence in both your own reasoning and intuitive processes. I believe that faith is also a refle ction of the divinity we share as children of God. It is a special gift that ennobles mankind, strengthening us and igniting t he spark of creativity needed for our growth. xvii

A Philosophy for the Times Ahead by Pythagoras: 1980 2006 [During one channeling session, I asked Pythagoras for a philosophy to live by t oday, given the chaotic conditions so prevalent all over the world. Though this material was given in 1980, it may as well have been the year 2000.] Pythagoras, October 23, 1980: I would say, in a word, tolerance, for to be tolerant of one s neighbors and one s c ondition is to be tolerant of one s own abilities and infirmities. Tolerance can give and receive understanding, cla rity, and vision. Those who choose to work closely with their own inner feelings can place themsel ves in a position to do a great service for their fellow man. To be tolerant of one s own fellow beings is to plac e yourself not only in his shoes, but also in his pattern of thought. Being able to do this would bring forth a greater tol erance of one s own self. The crisis that is evident at this time and in many ways is this crisis evidenced br ings its own form of resolution depending on who is at the drawing table. But I would say not give up, rather be of good cheer and be grounded in the thought and the theory that there is but a personal joy to be achieved, f or each person contributes a great deal in the combined energy field that brings about change. And the crises that are on this planet are brought about to bring change. So whe n man cannot say this wholeheartedly and with full consciousness, then and only then do events start t o collect and as they collect, a greater amount of tribulations and trials, fears and doubt all gather. Then these fearfu l processes bring about more, until we have confrontation on many levels. Moreover, when such as this happens, it takes a number of crises to shake man up . The world is not going to dissolve or blow up but the lifestyle of everyone on the planet will change, and this mus t be. To what degree man consciously will contribute is yet to be seen. There are hard times in the future. There are shocking events to be. The tears o f the masses will be needed to quell the fires and the laughter will be needed to chase away the fears. But this is t ruly a time of jubilation for with each death of an Age, as has been shown so many times in the past, each process that takes place allows a more creative force to flow, more ingenuity to be expressed, more love to give and share, so that the r ebuilding of the inner temple as well as the external temple will be one of combined joy. The days ahead will be both climactic and essential. They will give and receive time, consideration, and courage. The

days ahead can be dark or they can be bright depending on the individual, for ha ve you not seen a child laughing happily, living in a ghetto? Have you not seen a child who has more of everythin g than he can possibly see, and yet be terribly unhappy? So you see, there are many sides to look at so many ways to be but one must remember that attitude and inspiration carries one through storms, violence, degradation, and exultation. xix

Chapter One How the Numbers Work

The basic foundation o f the power of numbers existed before the creation of man. Though we have twenty-six letters in the English alphabet. It is that simple. Being an integral part of God allows them to function as God s Geometry and His tool s of creation and administration. It is y our Life Script which you designed before . These vibrations are keyed to the letters and their numerical influences in your name and the numerical influences in your birth date and are necessary to accommodate change. It also determines your karma. repres ents the most important influence because it is more personal and relevant. they represent values or influences. they all come under the numbers 1 through 9. Your birth date is the other factor influencing the type of experiences to be en countered throughout your life and is another clue to your personality characteristics. Each number is a law unto itself and each number causes a particular kind of action to take place.Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name How the Numbers Work Numbers typify existence and are an integral part of God. and then the numerical energies are drawn to us like a magnet. which are also nine progressive steps nine distinctive vibrations symbolized by the numbers 1 through 9. each letter represe nting a period of time. Any kind of activity you can think of contains one or more of these numbers. however. Your name plays out these experiences in a particular order. Without change. only inertia. Nothing in all creation stands still. with double digits reduced to single ones in the various columns. there is no progress in all universes. Even a thought must go through these nine progressive steps or energy changes before becoming a reality . Everything exists because of vibration and we measure vibration by the use of nu mbers. He employed these nine progressive steps of creation. Each nu mber has its own unique characteristics. we are not affected or influenced unless the proper channel is activated. They represent your numerical DNA! We use numbers every day to represent quantities but more importantly. Each day we go through varying types of experiences and emotions and they are each represented by a number vibration. We use numbers every day to represent quantities but more importantly they represent values or influences. A person s name. When God created all the univer ses. Numbers represent an energy field that is divided in to nine categories. We are constantly surrounded by energies of all sorts and among them are the energies of the numbers 1 through 9. All activity in all universes is represented by these nine types of action. Like radio and television frequencies.

where . July 12. Numer ology gives us the advantage of knowing about these energies in our name and birth date. On this level. the human brain reacts to numerical energies and acts accordingly. but you were in a non-physical s tate of existence where emotions did not get in the way of your greater good. That is. my first question was. Cou ld you explain as precisely as possible how the various numbers influence an individual s behavior. Just as computers respond to a specific kind of input. thus allowing us to use them in a more positive way each day. That one subscribes to a particular area of the universe in other words. and also some thing about the origin of the numerical influences? Secondly. But for the most part. except when free will enters the picture and we decide not to respond and go in another direction. 1983: Pythagoras: The numbers 1 through 9 have existed since the beginning of time and are influenced by the energy fields in all universes. you would not deliberately do so. We cannot progress without challenging expe riences. At the beginning of one taped session with Pythagoras. you may wonder how or why some of your experiences could have bee n chosen ahead of time because at this time. Numerology helps us to know who we are and where we are going in this life. could you comment on the process within the brai n that triggers the responses. we are not aware of the energies that influence incarnated to accommodate the lessons needed for this life. such as the way in which the number 1 produces the concept of new beginnings or the way that the number 4 produces a desire for order and form? Pythagoras and Paul.

How do these energies cause an individual to respond? Pythagoras: First. how does 1 become new beginnin gs? Because they are trained to think of 1 as the beginning. Is there a better way to say that there are nine basic ways for t hings to happen? I know that s very simplistic but in reality that s the way I see it. It is a genetic code.Paul G. There are nine divisions o f energy. It is a code that is there. This training began many existences ago. 1996. if you want to ca ll it genetic. Paul: So. but that s exactly what it is and must be looked at as an energy field that is divided into nine steps. or whatever. Pythagoras had more to say about how the numbers work. Minar one comes from and the energy comes to this level does influence his thought forms and how he uses the energies of any given number. definitely. Paul: What can you say that I can build on regarding that process whereby those nine numbers or energies cause things to happen? As a part of that process. Pythagoras: That s right and you may call it nine steps of energy. Paul: When a child is born. Paul: Would it be correct to say that a code for the numbers 1 to 9 is built int o us even at the earliest moment of creation and that these numbers simply allow it to be released? Pythagoras: Indeed. we think of 1 as a starting place. and it is ingrained. eac h one bringing into it s own self what it needs to progress. Indeed that is true. The same holds for all the numbers. do the energies that it is going to be working with enter the crown chakra [located at the top of the head] of that child to be imprinted on the brain? Pythagoras: Not the crown. Paul: I have told my clients to first understand the meaning of the numbers 1 th rough 9 as a starting point in Numerology. it is released from time to time never in the consecutive order that man thinks of as numbers. and yes. Paul: Are these energies already surrounding the child or being? Pythagoras: Oh yes. I know that our guides help o n a day-to-day basis to implement events. The energies enter at the medulla [base of the skull] then move to the central nervous system. On August 29. the energies are brought forth in accordance with the needs o f that child. Whether it be a beginning now or a beginning at another time. but as the need is brought forth for greater expansion and learning. or that being. But also you asked. they don t have to come from there a special beam of energy from outside thi .

the child or being draws these energies like a magnet. Paul: So. thes e are additional energies and the energies that they do not need are simply not absorbed? Pythagoras: That s right. they come from another central point and they are brought in accordance with the needs of that individual as it progr esses. Sort of like the clicker that turns on only the TV channel you want when you push the button. Pythagoras: That s right. Paul: I see.s planet. or the home planet? So. They are already here. when other energies are brought in. . Now. Pythagoras: That s right. Paul: And from the universe the individual is from. Pythagoras: That is correct.

has had its special numbers and these numbers can wake the mystical part of a person. they should look deep within to seek why that word was stroked. But the more attuned one is to their higher essence. And though it seems removed from many. or they accept. They become unc omfortable. February 13. either in hearing a word.Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name How the Numbers Work The Avenue of Numbers by Pythagoras Nearly a decade into our conversations Pythagoras. 1989: I am Pythagoras. They are thus warned. for every cu lture. for it can and should embrace Psychology. Pythagoras. and one of these is The Avenue of Numbers. and the dark side. circumstances. or a number. one day. I am of The Light I bring The Light I work in The Light. These circumstances are recognized more readily when they can be equated to numb ers. He also added insight into the real potential for Numerology as a science. There are many ways that one can assist Man and there are many ways available to assist. numbers. and t hrough The Christ. it is not. each color and each note is a source of energy. This message is rec eived on many levels of a person s patterning and the vibrations thus set in motion. Mathematics is a very special tool that the Universe uses to relay its scientific data. and to heal oneself. and yet each number s vibration changes also to accommodate and to facilitate grow th. in every timeframe. how they work and how they influence our behavior. and vocal emissions that bring about cha nge. Jesus. I would say to you that numbers and mathematics are the equation of Man needed for his progress. and I come to you through the Light of the Supreme Being. provided an interest ing commentary on numbers as an energy form. and so on. Together. . So. the more aware they are when a number that is of a negative aspiration is brought forth. the Bright Light part. and to better oneself. these energy patterns provide words. or a note. but Man has at times refused to look at the many avenues open to him and chooses to travel on a selec t few avenues. This partnership would bring greater assistance to those who seek to know oneself. When a person experiences discomfort. The Light is a source of energy just as each sound. The words are chosen carefully so that each letter of each word carries a distinct message. Numerology can become a very specialized field. its moral issues. As Man s consciousness changes his vibrations change and this vibratory level that is constantly changing responds to different numbers at different times. and so on. th e spiritual part. And thus.

Chapter Two Creating Successful Outcomes .

Tranquil and serene must I be. that are blocking your success. Sometimes we have to let matters unfold by themselv es. for n ot every perceived need is for our greater good. this is where yo u construct the Numerology Chart. All the numbers relate to you one way or another and all can be utilized to create successful ou tcomes. make the necessa ry adjustments.Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Creating Successful Outcomes The Tools Chapter six explains the meanings of the numbers 1 through 9 plus the Master Num bers 11 through 55. we explore your birth name. We experience setbac ks and delays along the way but we will succeed eventually. Chapter seven explains your Personal Day. making sure he or she qualifies for that advancement. We have to distingu ish between our needs and our desires. Your birth name and birth date contain your personal profile: your innermost des ires. the crowning achievement of all your study of the numbers. We don t have the overview our Creator and His special helpers possess. impatience and frustration out of your personal quests. That name is also played out like a movie script in an exercise called The Progression Chart. only challenging aspects of each numbe r. but even needs require a second look sometimes. Your positive attitude can make the dif ference between success and failure. Keep fear. So. Chapter eight examines your birth-date numbers in a configuration known as The Pythagorean Matrix. but only if you are in harmony with them. your abilities and your life path. Needs vs. and were relieved that they were not. and your personal vehicle is no different. or conditions. and change the condition. and how they help us every day. You wouldn t expect your car to provide you with a troublefree trip without a tune-up. Do I Deserve It? Do I really deserve what I am asking for? Am I taking something for granted? A rational person would not ask for a raise o r promotion without some preparation. The following paragraph describes our unseen helpers. by Isabelle Zaccardi says it well. to allow all that is mine to come to me. There are num erical influences that can help you achieve any goal. and Year numbers and how to calculate t hat formula so as to utilize the positive aspects of each number. You are designed for success by your Creator. Needs have first priority. I know of a man who was denied a surgical procedure that would have removed his trachea an d his . and the universe does not owe us success. That is the master plan for all human beings. we can all remember situations where our needs were not fulfilled. Looking back. An affirmation from the book The Gift of Tranquility. In chapter nine. Life tea ches us the world does not owe us a living. Always remember there are no bad numbers. Month. Desires. how they function.

laying the groundwork for other individuals to share the sa me result the gift of speech restoration. Consequently. That assistance comes in several categories. to see our dreams fulfilled. Higher Self You are always directed by your higher self. don t be discouraged because you experience reject ion in life. Desires. hopes. because something better may be waiting for you. because they are the foundation of future success. so . Each of your incarnations produced a wealth of knowledge resulting from life experiences. After finding out he was eligible for veteran s medical benefits he was sent to their doctors fo r evaluation. You know that in this one lifetime you ar e a product of all your experiences. Sometimes we have to let matters unfold by themselves. and dreams. The sum total of that knowledge is your higher self.ability to speak because of a dispute regarding his medical coverage at the time . which is your highest essence an accu mulation of all the facets of your total being. 1. are important too. Unseen Helpers? God has provided assistance for us to achieve our goals. So. new technology was used in a surgical procedure that saved his tra chea and restored his speech.

reviewing the past day s activities and planning the next day. by thoug ht and words. While I sa y assigned. That explains all the hunches an d other intuitive decisions you have made. The more we grow as huma n beings. Reincarnation. which coincide with and enhance our own. ask in advance for help finding a parking place when you know they are a little scarce.Paul G. When you celebrate the outcome of a successful business deal. the more tutoring assistance we receive. They are committed to being literally at our side every moment of every day. All of the collaborative efforts between you and your guides are always accompanied by your higher self. it is just that. In a nutshell. 2. it is generally one of our friends. We may have even been guides for them at one time. They are friends from past life experiences . Your mental skills were essential. Guides We all have three guides. They each have special skills. but there are unseen specialists who come and go throughout our lives. If this sounds like God is providing us with an elaborate teaching program. We also have special protective guidance in the form of a guardian angel. Minar imagine the magnitude of many life experiences. or a telephone negotiation with the IRS. and I communicate. just as an intimate friend would be. This is the ultimate scholarship program. But always remember to ask well in advance of the need. Just as we call on people with extraordinary skills. this is life everlasting. but t here was a collaborative effort involved. or any time you wish. we chose them and they chose us. and we tap int o it all the time. Perhaps this is God s way of protecting H is . They are minutely involved in our daily st rategies. other unseen specialists are sent to tutor us. Our main guide is positioned directly behind us. often. and do sa y thank you. remember that you had some unseen help. that wondrous place known generally as Heaven. for that matter . In chapter eighteen. I present a description of Heaven and what it is like to be there so I will not take this subject any further at this time. They come from the Higher Realms. who are assigned to us before we incarnate. 3. Relationships don t get any closer than this. Your subconscious houses this vast storehouse of knowledge. and future goals as well. Teachers Our guides help us to hone our skills. When we feel a pres ence in a room. Because of my friend Isabelle s channeling abilities. You will be surprised at the result. I know the names of my guides. For starters. It was a mutual agreement. Communicate with them in your meditations. We confer with them nocturnally. from time to time. The other two flank us on both sides.

This is a basic principle of creation. and then it can automatically become not only mental. by insuring that all of His creative efforts were not in vain. . the most powerful force in the universe.investment. It really works. if we visualize strongly and consistently. That is the principle of visualization and the beginn ing of manifestation. As Pythagoras said. Visualization In a nutshell. 4. and can become phy sical realities on this level. and you think to it a great deal. Ever ything in God s creation began with a thought. and everything has an etheric prototype. this is life everlasting. Our thoughts take on an etheric form in the fourth dimension. Big c orporations on this planet do it all the time but our Creator simply takes it to another lev el. When you think to something. you start to change the properties of that object mentally. but physical.

6. it is the most important in gredient of all. and will be covered in chapter seven. Instead of dreading this word. In chapter nine. You can t hurry success. and I pass it on to you at this time. All the numbers represent pow erful and helpful energies. Try i t. set aside some quiet time each day. because it is all about patience. in har mony with your own numbers and all they represent. That part of the chart has surprises galore for us all. It has been the greatest lesson of all. we will cover your Numerology Chart. Athletes use visualizati on to create the perfect pattern by visualizing precisely how they will move their body. Daily practice creates the patterns you need for success. but this one has had the greatest impact on me. Meditation You can also use meditation to assist visualization. depending on your free will and a nee d for the change. So. or Personal Day. Personal Month. Study the number 2. (Personal Days are bas ed on your birth-date.) Start with the meaning of numbers in chapter six. . The number I speak of can be any number helpful to your success. everything about it and picture it already in your possession. If you want your own business.8 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Do this visualization several times each day. use the same principles of visualization. thinking about every aspect of the thing desired the form. or perhaps a Personal Year. visualize your requirements. including the salary you want and for whom you want to work. Picture the number situated between the pineal and pituitary glands and leave it there for a few minutes. whether it is a part of yo ur personal Numerology Chart. 5. There is a number that pretty well denotes your abilities and it is involved wit h your vowels and consonants. Visualize the desired result at the same time each day. so why ignore them? Being at one with the numbers means being at one with God s geometry. color. This is a very special quickening ingredient to any worthwhile plan or p roject. Then they execute it. If it s a career. The Chart covers the Life Path number which deals with the type of events you are likely t o experience throughout your lifetime. I have received many words of counsel over the years from my unseen spiritual advisors. Patience No cooking recipe would produce the desired outcome without a goodly amount of p atience. by bringing the number into your Third Eye (the pineal and pituitary glands of the brain) together with the particular aspect or aspects of the number you want to focus on. When you want a successful outcome for any endeavor. and meditate on the number or numbers th at represent something you need or want. The pattern will be come stronger and stronger. I say likely because that number can change.

As luck would have it. 7. Three days went by and I experienced no symptoms. A few years ago. is something of a surpris e. I began to experience excruciating pain in that area and went to the emergency room of t he closest hospital. X-rays showed the torn rotator cuff. I used the word luck facetiously. but this was not an accidental happening. My vulnerable respiratory system was a prime target. and more often than not. It comes fro m God. This series of events was Divine Providence at work. Divine Providence I am listing this as a tool but it is one that is out of our hands. Within hours. This type of infection can cause death within a few days if not detected and treated quickly. God really does work in mysterious way s. Within hours.embrace it because it is the greatest friend you will ever have. I tore the rotator cuff on my shoulder while trying to lift a win dow that was stuck. but that painful incident provided a reason for the medical attention so needed at the ti me. . He noticed the inflamed area and ordered a blood test. It is a form of assistance we have all experienced in many ways. but I had to wait over the weekend for an appointment with my doctor. I contracted a very serious staph infection as a result of a cu t on my skin. I was rushed to the hospital and given c onstant antibiotics. I may well have died. Without tearing my rotator cuff. though the infection was raging inside my body.

. When God created all the universes. for they are a law unto themselves. and each number represents a particular type of energy in action. as does a fetus. We use the expression God is love in our spiritual discourses and that is a truer and more profound statement than I can possibly explain. Love Put more than a little love in your heart s desires. They are the family that many of us yearn for. We can t see our unseen helpers. because they are all forms of action. What have you got to lose? 9. It is also known as the grace of God. but my channeled information from the Higher Realms is that in God s Cosmos love is no t limited to the various emotions we are familiar with. our powers of thought are a far cry from those of our Creator. Whether or not you are comfortable with an expanded meaning of love does not matter. Love is employed by God constantly to accomplish all creative projects. Being an integral part of God is the key to their pow er. People who love their work or p rojects are more successful. They represent an energy field that is div ided into nine categories. People who come together out of love have more meaningful and lasting relationships.Paul G. Divine Providence is a special kind of bonus that arrives when we least expect it. love is a creative force in itself. it is essential for success. tr y adding a good measure of love to your everyday activities. All of these tools are involved with numbers. We say t hat everything begins with a thought and that is true. In all universes. or energy changes. Patience is a virtue that needs lots of practice. or vibrations. These numbers are living and active energies and they function in all universes. think of yourself as part of a magnificent collaborative arrangement. Faith All the tools in the world are useless if you don t have faith in yourself. Your higher self. before it is born . How the Num bers Work. A thought form goes through these nine steps. The techniques of vis ualization and meditation are invaluable when used often. but. Minar 8. you are not alone. But try to accept the concept that love is responsible for any kind of successful endeavor. and represent God s Geometry in action. symbolized by the numbers one through nine. As I h ave said before. guides and teachers are there for the asking. As children of God. He did so in nine steps. But remember. they typify existence. Instead of thinking of yourself as a solitary traveler in this lif e. progressively emplo ying the numbers 1 through 9. As I mentioned in chapter one. God is Thought Incarnate and we are the end resu lt of a Thought of God Unfortunately. I don t know how or where the w ord originated on this planet. not for a moment. So. but they are always present. along wi th faith in yourself.

Love yourself for the child of God you are. you will discover more than success in achieving your goals. The bottom line is this: if you use all the tools available to you. You will discover your place and your purpose as a unique part of God s plan of creation. no matter what situation causes you distress. for they contain your unique life script.created out of His energy. B y fulfilling your commitment to be all that your name allows you to be. You will soon find that the kind of successful outcomes that have eluded you in the past are now a normal part of your life. instead of things wished for and dreamed about. Embrace the numbers for the friends they are. If you can get up each day and find beauty and goodness in life. for the s ake of loving and being a part of life. then you will have passed life s greate st test. and that is mastery over diversity. pain or loss of any kind. we can utilize the same creative principles every day of our lives. It is our true birthright. Love your name and love your birth-date. your persona l blueprint for success. you will also find the inner strength to su rvive disappointment. .

Chapter Three A Personal Observation on the New Millennium .

which i s where global peace begins. You may wonder why anyone would want to participate in such a chaotic world. they ca nnot resolve all the challenges associated with it. While these special energies are designed to assist the human condition. and indeed. A close look at the history of any country will show grievous errors. and this is a relatively young planet. but great s trides in spiritual growth are made under times of great adversity and suffering.) Free will and the choices we make with it determine t he type and extent of life s challenges. I choose to err on the side of hope and faith. No matter how traumatic some of the New Millennium events have been. as ind ividuals. making progress. energies to facilitat e change. I believe it is very important for us to keep our emotions under control at this time. and progress is change. countries.12 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name A Personal Observation on the New Millennium The New Millennium ushered in new energies for the planet. As Pythagoras has said. These souls have volunteered to he lp bring about change in the world. some good and some not so good. and the New Millennium energies are designed to accommodate and accelerate change. as I do. I do find some consolation in the fact that we are a young country. and to be the et ernal optimist. you know that our Creator has provided ample time through countless existences to experience everything necessary for our gro wth. another individual spiritual flares up. and as a planet. there is great disagreement in the area of as ch . Change is progress. Life is all about a variety of experiences. at all times. we are. This is why so many souls have chosen to incarnate on this planet at this time. In the United States. criminal a cts and unspeakable crimes. and just when one is extinguished. Life is also about working toward achieving balance in all aspects of our lives. Hostility and violence keep popping up around the Regardle ss of our world like eruptions of fire. allenges are a necessary part of development and progress. and if you believe in reincarnation. It has been said that more violence has been perpetrated in the name of God than any nation or people. Every nation has violated its own avowed principles at some time or other. It does help to put things in perspective. They are seeking common gr ound and an arena that could provide an ongoing exchange of constructive ideas for ideological peace. (I prefer to use the word challenges rather than problems. It is encouraging to observe that spiritual leaders around the world are opening up a dialogue that addresses the differences between Eastern and Western philosophies. These are energies that have never been here before.

One of the key words that represent life today is expectations. Stress has always been a part of human existence. Progress is truly a relative word. agreement and peace. Technology has brought tragedy and chaos into the living room. because I can t accept the of mankind. they were spared from knowing ab out suffering and stressful conditions in other parts of the world. The God of wisdom and benevolence I believe in would nev er allow the destruction of a planet that was the crown jewel in His master plan of creation the last brush stroke on t hat vast canvas known as the cosmos. either. Regardless of our individual spiritual beliefs. Their fears were limited to happenings i n a very small part of the globe. I believe the greatest resource in the world is the fact that each of us. partnerships. we can all have the same hope and the same faith in the worth of mankind. and onto the fron t pages of the daily newspaper. This is the basis fo r maintaining a belief in the ultimate survival of the planet. Their frustration and stress were real. people wer e concerned with surviving attacks by wild beasts and club-wielding enemies. In primitive times. and cannot deal w ith the instant success stories of others more fortunate. and violence is no stranger to this arena. Today. same faith in the worth diplomacy. As a result. They could not envy what they could not see on national television or in the movies. There was a time w hen people throughout the world had very little to hope for because they were born into a caste system. alternative to peace. many turn to crime and violence as an outlet for their frustrations.spiritual and moral beliefs. without exception. versions of which still exist in some parts of the world. patience. people have varying degrees of hope for the first time. carries a spark of our Creator s Divinity. and that number governs cooperation. I have to believe that we will see real progress in the world in the years ahead. However. and so was their deprivation. we can all have The New Millennium focuses on the energies of the 2 for a period of the same hop e and the 100 years. The real war . beliefs.

Contemplation allows us . I believe there is too much focus on personal success today. and those who have been absorbed for many years. It als o describes a state of mystical awareness of God s being or presence. have not been adequately educated regarding the host country. Speed is important now. As a prerequisite to success. we are acknowledging the oneness of life. ignorance and the desperation and chaos that invariably result for the disadvantaged people of the world. are designed to help us to place ourselves not only in the shoes of our fellow beings. One must reach goals quickly. By responding to the needs of our fellow beings. poverty. cultural. Countries absorb new cultures and belief systems. and respect for individual. Conversely. The energies of the New Millennium are also designed to cause people to slow the pace of living today to stop and think to contemplate. where it s acceptable to cut in front of someone else. with an open mind and an open heart. Minar should be fought to eliminate hunger. The energies of the New Millennium.Paul G. but not necessarily ideologically. national. a line in the supermarket or on the highway. and was not necessarily assoc iated with great financial gain. those now being absorbed. political. if we are to survive as a global community. We are living in a me era. occupation or career. with incredible financial rewards. Success used to be the end result of a relatively l engthy process involving hard work and pride in a particular craft. We have to learn to live together. this is very little consolation to those who are suffering now. We have to have a greater understanding of what individual and global values are all about. but do not spend the time and resources to educate their citizens regarding the rich history. whether it s a career. Even though reincarnation ensures that we all experience the best and worst of l ife. The people of t he world are growing closer geographically. and character of these cultures and belief systems. for that is what life is really all about. Life is all about seeking the truth always. also. personal beauty and other physical attributes have become requirements. The dictionary describes contemplation as to view with sustained attention. religious or spiritual differences mu st be accepted by all parties concerned. But there is plenty of room for us to help others along the way. and that is not to take away the need for individual efforts to succeed. but al so in their pattern of thought. starting a career or endeavor at th e top rung. Speed and carelessness on the streets and hig hways cause many fatalities each year. as Pythag oras has stated. nature.

fear and intolerance. or country should claim a benevolent God as solel y theirs. and that any individual. one in which people became united in purpose rather than divided by fea reflect on our personal blessings. rationalized by misguided religious fervor. If a more lasting peace should result. This date. then perhaps the tragedies of September 11th. It is unfortunate that any religious belief system should be used as a justifica tion for violence and war. will never be forgotten. and these numbers. and any subsequent acts of violence will be remembe red as a positive turning point in history. But both of these concepts have been used throughout history to attempt to achieve goals that many truly believe d were noble ones. but we can and w ill adjust. and everyone who might be affected in the future. 2001. but we remain separat ed a great distance by ignorance. vigilance. will now be part of our everyday existence. religion. . and to discover our unique abilities so we can share them with all of humanity. to find a lasting solution to a situation involving viol ent behavior. Modern technology has brought people closer in terms of geographic location. September 11. and if weapons of mass destruction can be put aside forever. Certainly. so that these acts of violenc e will never occur again in this country or in the world. greed. September 11. As tr aumatic as the events of that date were. culture. let us hope that the planet s inhabitants will wo rk together and turn a negative event into a positive outcome. 2001 It will require a great effort by everyone affected by this event. and being pre pared for fearful happenings.

as applied to this date.14 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Let s look at the numbers represented by this tragic date in history. It is resilience and resourcefulness. We saw both positive and negative aspects expressed. application. 2002 represents a 4 Universal Year number for the world. free of the constraints of labor demands and environm ental regulations. September of 2001 was indeed a month of finality. It is adaptability and cleverness. It also included agreement and diplomacy. The kind of chang es depends on the type of foundation that was established in 2002. The 11th of September was a 2 day. The year 2003 added up to great changes throughout the planet. . But completion is always followed by a new beginning October is a 1 month and that i s the hope that fuels determination in life. The Universa l Year numerical influence (the total arrived at by adding the 9 of September plus the 11 day. These are positive and beneficial characteristics when used to help mankind but. The 5 represents change and freedom. We are still feeling the economic effec ts of September 11. Further. It conta ins energies for great resiliency. which meant foundation built on high ideals and perseverance mixed with diligence. The f orces of aggression finally carried out plans that had been in the works for some time. It is the number of the communicator. Corporate Ame rica wants more freedom to conduct their business activities. it represents patience and partnerships. freedom. It was also the end of an er a of complacency for America and the other countries of the free world. It also involves humanitarianism and completion. as well as compassion and peacemaking qualitie s. There is a great difference of opinion as to how to resolve the economic situation. We saw both positive and negative aspects expressed. as represented by the 9. The 11 day represents a Master Number (a special number associated with teaching and serving others). September is the ninth month of the year and that means selflessness and benevolence. 11 reduces to 2. The 5 represents change. diplom acy and harmony. and the consequences of a conflict that affects securit y and peace for the entire world. It is integrity and spirituality. and flexibility. as with all numbers. reflecting cooperation and harmony. the number of friendship and agreement. and acceptance of res ponsibility for the welfare of innocent victims of this tragedy. t here is a negative side with negative results when we choose to go in that direction. and the 3 of 2001) is 5 .

but love requires a partnership with responsibili ty. It s on the TV news. 2003 ushered in new conflict in Iraq.All the numbers work progressively from 1 to 9 to create successful outcomes but they are also interwoven. Where so many views. Ultimately. The 9 is a Universal Number that demands attention to integrity and princi ples. magazines and newspapers around the world. meditation. religiou s. represented by 2006. The catastrophes represente d by events like the tsunami wave and hurricanes Katrina and Rita brought everyone together. principles and demands are at stake. and spirituality. The year 2007 is a 9 year which signifies completion. a year of energies associated with gr eat power. The numbers all help each other. Like it or not. People who carry the 6 energies are needed to ser ve as The numbers are interwoven. with the negative aspects of the 5 in abundance lawlessness. . We need to be closer in mutual respect. but too late. cultural and philosophical views. It is a number of great creativity. It is a conflict of economic. The 6 is all about harmony and healing. the peoples of the world are growing closer due to sheer population numbers and the need to migrate or invest elsewhere. The 9 brings some sort of closure to the years that began with 2000. the changes have to begin with each of us. It s a time of contemplation. cruelty. 2005 energies represent a year of introspection where the analytical aspect of t he 7 comes into play. through diplomacy and cooperation. like a great tapestry. military. World peace needs the cooperation of the 2 and love of the 6 The United Nations was established to bring nations together so disputes could be resolved peaceably. The conflicts of today have been brewing for decades. We have to become more in volved with the future needs and concerns of our neighbors and our local communities. People want time for themselves. 2004 should have ushered in energies associated with love. irrational behavior. there has to be room for compromise. The energies of th e 2 are greatly needed to bring any kind of lasting resolution to the conflict that has become a way of life for young people. like a great tapestry. and are not going to be re solved as quickly as most of us wish. We now know what other people look like and how they live. It is the welcome pause that precedes the materiality of the 8. examples of this thing called brotherhood.

We are all u nique. 2008 reduces to a 1. you will have an opportunity to study all the tools that are available through understanding the meaning of numbers. Regardless of what happens worldwide. and they will help you to understand the people around you. . and is the end result of all the decisions and actions that preced e it. They will help you to understand w ho you really are. have to be part of eve ry day of every year in order to create successful conclusions at any time. compassion and harmony. Words like integrity. We all have something to contribute to create positive changes for peace. human beings cannot prevent those changes associated with new beginnings. Minar compassion and harmony. It con tains the energies of all the numbers preceding it. for new beginnings.Paul G. thereby receiving the blessi ngs of a new birth. but humanity can always acknowledge and honor them. 2008 represents the Yin and Yang of this yea r with the peace aspect of the 2 and the power of the 8. principles. When you reach chapter six. The Meaning of the Numbers. It is the number of success through selflessness. We are all different.

Chapter Four Pythagoras Views the New Millennium .

of itself. and it is allowing growth. What is the significance of the 1. a new century. we have 1989. Why? Paul: I m not that familiar. 1989: [In this session I was concerned about how we were going to deal with the 0 s in t he year 2000 and so I started our discussion in this manner:] Paul: How do you read 2000? How do you say it? Pythagoras: Yes. t hen the 9. I was in awe of this master of information and allowed myself to be di stracted by some of his answers and was not always prepared with a quick follow-up. for example. Now . a new cycle. however. It is the preparation of dropping of Two triple 0? . Geometry in itself is a study of parciples. then the 9 again. bei ng the Cosmos in action. Pythagoras and Paul. The ener gies that are brought forth to endow a new cycle have already been placed to that equation. Paul: Would it be the properties of the number 2 expressing with the triple cosm os? Pythagoras: You would express it as you would express any geometric equation and y ou look askance at me. while I always had questions prep ared in advance of the channeling sessions. Pythagoras: Alright. That is my fault because. then the 8. Now. the previous cycle. if you will. and your reading of that number should be more esoteric than physical because of the energies that have infiltrated that n umber. and see them as an adjusted cosmic apparition or. Paul: At this moment in time. as opposed to. so it is on a journey into a new vibration. two thousand. It is allowing change. you would take the 2 and your three 0 s. 1999? Is the 8 breaking up a pattern? Pythagoras: Yes. a progression of great magnitude.18 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Pythagoras Views the New Millennium There are times during the question and answer sessions with Pythagoras when the dialogue doesn t flow as well as you might expect. February 13. an esoteric equation that is. It is leaving the previous century and i n this case. the 0 s. it is. allow the winds of change to fertilize the seeds sown by every other number. I am getting better. and did not always go more in depth with my questions.

what the y are doing. for they are going to have a great deal of info rmation given to them very quickly and they need to be able to sort it. .all of the 1 and 9 numbers. grandparents and great-grandparents in their emotional state and in their mental state. or 1993. represents a mathematical process that has meaning even though we are not aware of it on this level? Pythagoras: That s right. I will explain it. and particularly children. you said something very interesting about the ne w energies of this coming millennium. Paul: So the sequence of numbers. and the fact that they would mainly affect individuals under the age of forty. as for the children. it will give the children the benefit of starting out ahead of their parents. whether it s 1989. The energies for the new Millennium and I mean FOR the new Millennium are designed to help those forty years and younger. That is what these energies really want to do help with the emotional and mental state. to help them cross the bridge that they need to cross in their understanding. at a time when they will need to comprehend who they are. and why they are doing it. Now. or 1997. Paul: In our last conversation. The new energy for that particular group will allow them to benefit most by this. Could you explain that statement? Pythagoras: Yes. It is a period of gestation.

using the simpler technologies. no matter what it is. Paul: And it is the creative aspect we are really going to see in this New Mille nnium. Numerology is more than a study of numbers. in terms of creativity. Numerology contains principles of Universal Law. We must become involved in the var ious processes that sustain and improve the quality of life for all the inhabitants of the planet and of course the planet and its environment as well. They didn t suddenly arrive at the stroke of midnight of 2000. however. taking multiple lives violently. to me. And also. We have a lready seen people of all ages going off the deep end one way or another. and I have thought more of the need simply to do things better with creative thought. like a birth-date it really is the beginning of the 3. for these times req uire them. it may seem I have gone beyond the scope of simply teaching Numero logy.Paul G. while it starts out with t he year 2000. codes of behavior that have been constant and unaltered since the creation of all universes. he stated that the New Millennium energies were introduced around 1986. Pythagoras: Yes. Pythagoras: That s right. codes of behavior that cannot be altered to suit personal desires. Pythagoras mentioned that energies that are brought forth to endow a new cycle h ave already been placed. is prepared to handle them because of their attitude and emotional state. Change is progress and progress is change. Not everyone. and I have. In a recent conversation. most people I have talked to seem to associate the 3 with the arts. This is where Numerology contributes to the process. the New Millennium. and many have taken their own lives because they could not cope with these new energies. . These energies are the strongest the planet has experienced. Minar Paul: That is very helpful. Also. In this book. helping us understand ourselves and the world around us.

Chapter Five The Subconscious and Memory .

You will find the process of remembering the meaning of the numbers will be much easier if you learn how to work with your subconscious. All our past lives are stored in our memory banks and they are controlled by our subconscious mind. so you can develop the confidence to do the n umerical exercises. but it is a necessar y partner in all phases of memory function. You will be surprised at how often inspirational ideas will come to your conscious mind. but we must treat it with love and respect. for there are s urprises when you least expect them. Numerology is called the Sacred Science for a reason. when I want to have productive and posit ive dreams. It is a profound study tha t will reward you with deeper understanding according to how you respect it and approac h it. you will master the numbers and retain the memory of ea ch one and all of its applications. We must be in control of our subconscious. Unlike simple games. I ask my subconscious for assistance. Each day as I work on Numerology Charts or exercises. I said that you would learn how to rem ember the meaning of the numbers in a way that is not intimidating. The subconscious is something we don t think about very much. the more proficient you will become. In this way. the energies are higher and st ronger in order to deal with the complex and fast-paced world we live in. All . i s that the subconscious is actually a separate energy from the rest of our consciousness. and it is assigned to each of us at the moment of our creation. you can actually sleep on situations that seem impossible to remedy during the day. and that includes Pythagoras. yet it is very satisfying and will keep you entertained in a different way for hours on end. My information from the Higher Realms. It is like a twin who accompanies us throughout each life. It is not intended primarily for entertainment purposes or show-and-tell. Right now. especially the chart. So work with one of the most important tools God has given you your subconscious. this study is like an exciting exploration. The more often you study the numbers. and thank it for helping me during the day and also nocturnally. or it could become rebellious and uncooperative. It will require a lifetime of study because the ener gies of the numbers change according to the times. and that should inspire you to work more consistently and thoughtfully.22 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Subconscious and Memory In the Introduction portion of this book.

It s a gradual process and there is no way to cram th is subject. . There are many worthwhile numerical exercises that are not included in this book and I gladly defer to other Numerologists and their books. Any of the many exercises will be m uch simpler if you don t constantly have to look up their meaning. sooner than you realize. My primary purpose in this book is to focus on th e importance of developing a deep understanding of the meaning of each number.our past lives are stored in our memory banks. The meanings must become second nature to you and they will.

Chapter Six The Meaning of the Numbers .

On February 20. I then stated that it seemed many of the equations and concepts in Numerology ar e very esoteric. This information was given on February 13. o f itself. even though. you might think of it as nothing. It seems that we took turns with this sort of distraction. mystical meaning that the concepts can be p roven but not everyone is able to prove them. a progression of great magnitude for it is leaving the previous century. the previous cycle.24 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers 0 Pythagoras has referred to the 0 as the cosmos in action. and that they really require assistance and interpretation from beings like Pythagoras. He refers to it as a fact. containing the 0 s. Yes. because of the energies that have infiltrated that number. It is a time of completion. a new cycle. The energies that are brought forth to endow a new cycle h ave already been placed to that equation. I asked a simple question about how to read the year 2000 and got a profound answer. and a time to prepare to move on. the first one since 1996. I further asked if this meant that the energies of t he 0 affect all the numbers around it. The disturbance affects everything around it. He answered. as you look at it with your human instinct and your eyes. It is on a journey into a new vibration. or even something. Wh en you think of the 0. P ythagoras described this configuration as an adjusted cosmic apparition or an esoteric equation that is. 2002. I also asked Pythagoras to explain his comment about the 0 allowing the winds of change to fertilize the seeds sown by every other number. and your reading of that number should be more esoteric than physical. Illness on the part of both Isabelle and me was the cause of thi s rather long interruption in our work. It acts as a jump-start or quickening agent. it is the composite of many projects of The Father and they hav e reached a sense of completion. Pythagoras states that the 0 is not really a number. allowing the winds of change to fertilize the seeds sown by every other number. but it is so. After comp . the cosmic gate of God. Yes. I asked him how to interpret the two 0 s in 2002. allowing them to express themselves more effectively. He answered. Think of it as the end result. He agreed and added that the word mystical would be more appropriate than esoteric. I met with Isabelle for a channelin g session with Pythagoras. 1989. and if that year represented a v ery balanced equation because of the two 2 s on either end. and in this case. you do no t see that. The 0 is much like your throwing a rock into a still pond of wa ter. In describing the year 2000. a new century.

It signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. we reach 10. It is important to remember that the 0 is not the same as the circle.leting the numbers 1 through 9. 9 is the number of completion but it relates to completion of the mental and phy sical processes or happenings within any given life experience. Usually the 0 is represented as having an oval shape . . a very special number. The circle represents the ultimate destination of all humanity. though it is sometimes printed with the roundness of the circle. Also . the letter O (a 15/6 value) is not a 0 and not a circle. namely returning to the source. The one is given special impetus by expressing itself with the quickening energies of the 0. symbolizing man s completion. The circle is the symbol of the perfect man. These are two distinctly different symbols and ener gies. the Supreme Being.

your higher self provides you with information . How can I possibly remember all of them? Well. violence. and exultation. the beginning of everything. You practice a few words every day and at the end of the year. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 1 to 55 When you first look at the list of number meanings. or characteristics. and your subconscious he lps you draw on this reservoir of information. treating it always as the partner and friend that it is. so relax and enjoy wha t you re doing.Paul G. after all. This is why Numerology is called the Sacred Scien ce of Numbers. but accepting it is the only way to progress in life. Passion for numbers means a love for numbers. it means they don t want to deal with answers that require self-assessment or resp onsibility. It takes time to grasp the meaning of so many adjectives. Earlier. because I can t remembe r all of them either. The truth is not always easy to deal with. . but I also refer to the master lis t as well. and how to work with it. you will not be able to produce an interpretation of the numbers that has any real depth or meaning. In addition to attitude and inspiration. attitude and inspiration carries one through storms. When a client tells me that he or she does not agree w ith my interpretation of their numbers. It is. The new meanings will come to you automatically. you h ave added that many words to your memory bank. degradation. The easiest way to remember the number meanings is to practice working with them as often as possib le. When you really put your energy into working with numbers. It s like developing a good vocabulary. You probably think. If you are seeking a mundane result. Remember the material you just covered r egarding the subconscious. don t feel bad. as you need them. I do remember enough to do my work for the moment. Having the proper attitude allows inspiration to enter your learning process. The higher self is an accumulation of what you have learned throughout all your lifetimes. so be prepared to add more to your list as you progress. add proper motivation and you will find a passion for learning about the numbers. they are intimidating. Pythagoras stated. The number characteristics listed next to each number are just a few examples to work with.

Consult the following pages for their meaning and application. which reduce to a single number from 1 to 9. As you become more familiar with the numbers i n your name and birth date. Also. They do not necessarily acknowledge extra spe cial status to the person bearing that name. I am devoting more time and space describing the number 1 because it is so speci al. after all. You will also be able to ev aluate those with whom you interrelate. 22. They are an indication of special energies you have or aspire to. Just read the number and move on. don t get too excited or concerned about these Master Numbers. But start with yourself and never intrude on another person s privacy by show and tell Numerology readings. It is. the beginning of everything. The only exceptions to the reductio n of numbers to a single digit are the Master Numbers: 11. . 33 and 44. you will intuitively discover things about yourself.Each day you will be working with a different number or combination of two numbe rs. or they add to your accomplishments as a teacher or one who can assist others by your example.

with number 1. The wisdom channel represents all the wisdom we have accumulated since we were c reated. At the end of a mo nth. we would be reluctant to deal with many events and people involved in those events. Each Numerology book contains a few number ch aracteristics that are a little different. It is. Yes. Depending on what alphabet you were using. and l earned more than we can possibly imagine. 1980. It is important to do the exercises every day for a while. the beginning of that particular climb and the lessons that were needed for that cli mb were brought forth from the intellect as well as the mental process. who we really are. which contains the events and challenges we will face. Pythagoras was referring to our higher self. By wisdom channel. Without this special control fa ctor. which embodies all of our previous life experiences. On the following pages. did we begin with the geographical as pect. but they are all related. but notice I do not include the negative aspects of each number. 1 indicated the use of the intellect to produce a means of acquiring skills to b e used in the procession of a return to one s higher essence. The p erson you see in the mirror is only one physical expression of a soul that has been many places. we will explore some of the number meanings. So.26 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name On October 23. or you can keep a separate journal of names and numbers that relate to the m. All ber. but simply stating 1 is the use of one s own vehicle to start a process of divination on this planet. 22. 44 reduce to a single num we still take their reduced . You will se tells are. adding and embellis hing the life force as needed. I say some because there are other meanings your intuition will reveal to you. and each lifetime is a climb. There is a difference between these two processes : our mental process is what we use every day for routine reasoning tasks. Number 1 is the beginning of a climb. after all. but not all of them. while our intellect is what we draw on from wha t is known as the wisdom channel. but we d o not control the method by which the lessons will be presented to us in each life. 33. We choose the lessons we need to work on prior to incarnating. If you are enjoying the process then it isn t a task. We can call on our higher self at any time for guidance. Pythagoras described this special number in this way: Sacred number 1 was the beginning of a new trend of thought. you will have covered many of the important numbers. done many things. Common sen you what those meanings numbers except the Master Numbers 11. Special celestial beings help us put together our Life Script. we are aware of some circu mstances ahead of time. There is room on the Memory Exercises pages in the bac k of this book to make notes if you wish. Learning by associati on is the easiest way to remember anything.

They take only a few minutes of your time.value into consideration. Chapters six. Except for the Master Numbers. seven and eight all contain easy exercises for daily practice. double-digit numbers are not any more powerful than single ones. but it is not important at this time. When you read a double-digit number. They simply add another dimension to that meaning. remember that the first number is expressing with th e energies of the second number rather than through it. . In the future. the planet will deal with Master Numbers above 44.

At the end ctivities. the attribute(s) of number 1 that you believe apply to you. but the other aspects are equally important. A 10/1 Starts a new nine-year cycle. September 20. Its duration is one year. with strong feelings. the number 1 can be a very important number for those who are ready to take up the mantle of teaching. Open to other views. The memory exercises below will allow you to compare aspects and choose one or m ore that have special meaning and application for any day. A new direction plus all of the aspects of the 1. reflect on which attribute(s) of number 1 affected your a In the millennium 2000. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 1 The first letter and the first vowel. Pythagoras. the attribute(s) of number 1 that describe someone close to you. Write down s. Write down m. expressing with the 0 energies.Paul G. 1996 . Needs to look forward with confidence. Ready for leadership with innovative ideas. month. How many more aspects can you think of? Action Ambition Courage Creative Thought Decisiveness Determination Ego Energy Enthusiasm Foresight Idealism Imagination Independence Individuality Initiative Inspiration Invention Leadership Masculinity New Beginnings Optimism Originality Pioneering Positivity Self-Reliance Strength Willpower Wisdom Daily Memory Exercises: Write down Write down Write down our life. Sudden changes require adjustments New Beginnings this is my favorite aspect because it s what life is all about. initia ting change. the attribute(s) of number 1 that allow you to overcome a crisis in y the attribute(s) of number 1 that enhance your feelings of self-estee the attribute(s) of number 1 you would like to add to today s activitie of the day. or year. A 19/1 More erratic energy. A pure 1. Each day is a new beginning with new opportunities.

reflect on which attribute(s) of number 2 affected your a In the millennium 2000. the number 2 is an important number for those who have co me in knowing they have a mission. I lov e to use the diplomacy energies to make a difficult phone call or otherwise communicate with someone when I need th eir cooperation to achieve something. Pythagoras. A 20/2 More emotional intensity. (Chapter seven explains Personal Day numbers and a 2 day is a good day to call on these energies for help. Write down s. At the end ctivities. The 0 influence is a balancer for this dual nature s activities. A two-year period influencing partnerships.28 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers 2 A pure 2. the attribute(s) of number 2 that describe someone close to you. Write down m. There are so many aspects to choose from but this is a special one for me. An 11/2 A Master Number.) How many more aspects can you think of? Agreement Artistry Balance Beauty Compassion Cooperation Details Diplomacy Duality Femininity Friendliness Gentleness Graciousness Harmony Intuition Mediation Musicality Nurturing Partnership Peacemaking Persuasion Planning Receptivity Reserve Sensitivity Tact Thoughtfulness Truth Daily Memory Exercises: Write down Write down Write down our life. September 20. Peace and harmony are essential. Art and music are important. It works for me. Love and emotion need grounding. The 11 influence attracts attention. the attribute(s) of number 2 that you believe apply to you. Excitement and activity period. Must use discretion. the attribute(s) of number 2 that allow you to overcome a crisis in y the attribute(s) of number 2 that enhance your feelings of self-estee the attribute(s) of number 2 you would like to add to today s activitie of the day. 1996 .

Write down the attribute(s) of vities. Much self-expression. How many more aspects can you think of? Articulate Artistic Bright Carefree Colorful Considerate Creative Expression Exuberance Entertaining Fun-Loving Good Manners Happy Humorous Imaginative Influential Inspiring Joy-Giver Laughter Lucky Optimistic Personality Pleasure-Loving Resilient Sociable Talented Tasteful Visionary Daily Memory Exercises: Write down the attribute(s) of Write down the attribute(s) of Write down the attribute(s) of our life. Write down the attribute(s) of -esteem. number 3 that you believe apply to you. September 20. Every one of these aspects provides each of us with a quality we can share with those around us. however. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 3 A pure 3 Lasts three years. and one person s conduct is contagious. reflect cted your activities. A 12/3 The L is well balanced. Easily bored. Enjoys friendly associations. Enthusiasm and creativity galore.Paul G. number 3 that allowed you to overcome crisis in y number 3 that would enhance your feelings of self number 3 that you would like to add to today s acti on which attribute or attributes of number 3 affe In the millennium 2000. While creative expression is the aspect I refer to the mo st. Articulate and socia l. At the end of the day. one that is always needed is optimism. for those who come in with a number 3. Many intellectual interests. number 3 that describe someone close to you. Keen insight and joyful personality. they have the abil ity to search and find an equation within themselves that gives them direction. It shows our inner strength and outer personality. 1996 . A 21/3 Emotions can produce an erratic three-year period. Attracts love and success. Pythagoras. Needs challenges.

Write down vities. A powerful personality. Personality is solid and reliable. the attribute(s) of number 4 that describe someone close to you. A 22/4 Strong Master Number energy. separating it from power and money. Write down -esteem. Good business leader.30 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers 4 A pure 4 Practical. the attribute(s) of number 4 that you believe apply to you. Pythagoras. the number 4 relates to the emotional self. This is truly a time for redefining success. Has much talent to share. Likes order. and how the e motional self can be strengthened and worked with. Many people are working diligently for peace and harmony in the world by demonstrating what high ideals are. These values require strength of character in an age where they are often consid ered a weakness. 1996 . At the end tivities. A 13/4 Creative mental energy produces positive outcomes. A four-year period of growth through hard work. the attribute(s) of number 4 that allowed you to overcome crisis in y the attribute(s) of number 4 that would enhance your feelings of self the attribute(s) of number 4 that you would like to add to today s acti of the day reflect on which attribute(s) of number 4 affected your ac In the millennium 2000. through their example. 4 is the number of foundation. How many more aspects can you think of? Application Builder Concentration Conservative Constructive Dependable Diligent Form Foundation Hard Worker High Ideals Honest Industrious Integrity Loyal Methodical Obedient Order Organization Patient Perseverance Practical Sincere Strong Structure Tenacious Trustworthy Daily Memory Exercises: Write down Write down Write down our life. September 20. A conservative personality. but sometimes unpredictable.

Pythagoras. Freedom is essential. in the future. the number 5. A good communicator and motivator. the attribute(s) of number 5 that allowed you to overcome crisis in y the attribute(s) of number 5 that would enhance your feelings of self the attribute(s) of number 5 that you would like to add to today s acti of the day reflect on which attribute(s) of number 5 affected your ac In the millennium 2000. A 14/5 Changes and success through hard work. to assist other numbers in their work. A five-year period of change and activity. 5 is the number of change. September 20. Write down vities. Controls finances. At the end tivities. Individuals with these energies express the freedom a spect. the attribute(s) of number 5 that you believe apply to you. In control mentality.Paul G. Needs new interests. will be a designated worker a orkhorse. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 5 A pure 5. A 23/5 A number combination that has many highs and lows. Nervousness needs a relaxing outlet. The 5 allows for quick and unexpected c hanges. to do whatever is necessary for his fellow man. 1996 w . Write down -esteem. I enjoy going to the mailbox on a 5 Personal Day because I am apt to receive money on that numerical day for some reason. An opportunist. How many more aspects can you think of? Adaptable Adventurer Analytical Articulate Change Clever Communicator Curious Daring Energetic Eloquent Explorer Flexible Freedom Idealistic Intuitive Multi-Talented Motivator Personable Promoter Quick-Thinking Resilient Resourceful Sensual Sociable Traveler Daily Memory Exercises: Write down Write down Write down our life. the attribute(s) of number 5 that describe someone close to you. They help to create the changes necessary for humanity s progress. Must stay positive.

Home is a number one priority. Great strides in personal growth through serving others. Good with finances. Write down the attribute(s) of vities. Pythagoras. reflect cted your activities. A 15/6 A worrier sometimes. A positive attitude is essential now. 1996 . This six-year period is family oriented. Responsibility always accompanies tru e love. How many more aspects can you think of? Adjustment Artistic Compassion Counselor Duty Guardian Friendships Harmony Healing Home Idealistic Justice Kindness Love Parental Partnerships Relationships Responsibility Security Sensitivity Service Social Worker Stability Sympathy Thoughtful Tolerant Truth Daily Memory Exercises Write down the attribute(s) of Write down the attribute(s) of Write down the attribute(s) of your life. number 6 that you believe apply to you.32 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers 6 A pure 6 Love and responsibility. Write down the attribute(s) of -esteem. 6 is very much the number of love. to bring forth the brotherly aspects that are needed to carry on. number 6 that describe someone close to you. number 6 that allowed you to overcome a crisis in number 6 that would enhance your feelings of self number 6 that you would like to add to today s acti on which attribute or attributes of number 6 affe In the millennium 2000. September 20. Very artistic and responsible. Don t forget R&R. Every successful job. These quali ties come from the heart. A 24/6 A powerful number when the emotions are under control. career or project needs love to succeed. number 6 can be the balancer for those around him or her. It is also the number of service. and there is no substitute for their healing powers. At the end of the day. as well as self.

Loves research and specialized work. They need to have a career that allows them to contribute to a group effo rt but within their own space. number 7 gives a great deal of leeway to the person that carries it. A loner. How many more aspects can you think of? Analytical Calm Calculation Cultured Discriminating Faith Intellectual Introspective Intuitive Inventive Investigation Meditation Mysterious Observant Perfectionist Philosophical Poised Psychic Research Reserved Scientific Seeker Solitude Specialist Spiritual Stoic Wisdom Daily Memory Exercises Write down Write down Write down our life. A very progressive period. Pythagoras. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 7 A pure 7 A seven-year period of analysis and intellectual pursuit. September 20. At the end tivities. Write down -esteem. the attribute(s) of number 7 that you believe apply to you. giving him or her the opportunity to choose many different avenues to travel while in that one incarnation. the attribute(s) of number 7 that allowed you to overcome crisis in y the attribute(s) of number 7 that would enhance your feelings of self the attribute(s) of number 7 that you would like to add to today s acti of the day reflect on which attribute(s) of number 7 affected your ac In the millennium 2000. Relationships are challenging due to the emotional nature. A 25/7 Quiet and reserved. Write down vities. A 16/7 Spiritual seeker. The writer is a good example of a 7 person.Paul G. 1996 . the attribute(s) of number 7 that describe someone close to you. A maturing personality evolves with serious spiritual study. The person or anyone using th at type of energy desires time to be alone. the 7 is very selective. Introspection is a very important aspect of the 7.

34 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers 8 A pure 8 An eight-year period. if they are used in the right way. the attribute(s) of number 8 that you believe apply to you. Platitudes can be the teachers of the future. Write down esteem. The 7 influence gives added insight and depth. These people understand organiz ation and power. September 20. Strangely enough. Good writing and language skills. Business and finance focused. Good judgment and executive ability. Pythagoras. As Jesus said. How many more aspects can you think of? Achiever Administrator Ambition Authority Business Confident Control Decisive Delegator Determined Drive Efficient Enthusiastic Exacting Executive Forceful Independent Judgment Leadership Material Success Organization Power Recognition Supervision Strength Success World Affairs Daily Memory Exercises Write down Write down Write down ur life. the attribute(s) of number 8 that allowed you overcome a crisis in yo the attribute(s) of number 8 that would enhance you feelings of selfthe attribute(s) of number 8 that you would like to add to today s acti of the day reflect on which attribute(s) of number 8 affected your ac In the millennium 2000. the 8 brings with it the ability to have and to give. 1996 . The 8 person is the decision-maker the final word. platitudes are going to be nee ded. a p ronounced amount of platitudes. Success through understanding people. A 17/8 Unique methods of thinking. Most names do not contain the Q . in the days coming. the attribute(s) of number 8 that describe someone close to you. At the end tivities. Write down vities. Dislikes details. A 26/8 Pursues hidden purpose in life.

Always aspire to include the 9 qualities in your daily life. for it is going to pave the way. 1996 . It excels in philanthropic endeavors that are totally selfless in their essence. as though it were a road worker. The 9 person has worldly capabilities. Write down the attribute(s) of vities. number 9 that you believe apply to you. the 9. Many emotional challenges to conquer. rath er than behind them. for it must be in total control of the emo tions. reflect cted your activities. An 18/9 Very intuitive and active. and the person carrying the nine has to look at the pitfalls ahead of them. but must be prepared for disappointments and setbacks until it totally understands the impersonal aspect of its purpose. Must control emotions for success. Great growth possible. Executive ability needs strong values. By giving. The 9 represents all the best qualities of the previous eight numbers. Blessed be the 9. number 9 that describe someone close to you.Paul G. September 20. Pythagoras. How many more aspects can you think of? Articulate Artistic Benevolent Calm Compassionate Creative Harmony Humanitarian Impersonal Integrity Intellectual Intuitive Just Leadership Musical Philanthropic Philosophical Poised Principles Protective Refined Selfless Spiritual Understanding Universal Values Wisdom Daily Memory Exercises Write down the attribute(s) of Write down the attribute(s) of Write down the attribute(s) of our life. The nine is going to bring with it many opportuni ties. putting in a new road. Write down the attribute(s) of -esteem. but many upheavals. At the end of the day. Universal understanding. The 9 is the ultimate teacher and counselor. The 9 is a very demanding number. number 9 that allowed you to overcome crisis in y number 9 that would enhance your feelings of self number 9 that you would like to add to today s acti on which attribute or attributes of number 9 affe In the millennium 2000. you will gain. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 9 A pure 9 A nine-year period.

It has bee n my experience that the highest of master teachers prefer to maintain a low profile in order to work without too much dist raction. Perhaps the most importa nt thing about Master Numbers is not if they appear in a chart. Certain spiritual leaders are recognized worldwide as master teachers because th eir position of leadership requires it. God always provides a certain number of highly evolved individuals whose names do not contain clues to their true status.36 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers Master Numbers The Master Numbers most used in Numerology are 11 and 22. it is important to remember that these Master Numbers do not mean that those individuals who have them in their charts are necessarily master teachers of a high order. T hey know who they are. but rather. preparing the way for the 55. Their spec ial energies and abilities help to keep the planet in a state of balance and harmony in many ways. and they have demonstrated their wisdom and spiritual leadership. There is a special group of beings of the Saints and Sages category who voluntee r out of pure love and service to reincarnate and assume roles that do not attract worldwide attention. It is impossible for us to know our true level of spiritual evolvement while in a physical body. The 33 applies in fewe r cases. that we all aspire to their qualities in our daily lives. . and equally important. not to be judgmental about the spiritual status of those around us. so it is best not to make too much of the subject of persons whose names contain Master Numbers. and the 44 is just coming into play in the New Millennium. which will make its appearance much later in the 2000 Millennium. I have no prob lem with that. Some leave their lega cy in the form of spiritual writings and teachings not known to very many during their lifetime. First of all.

Write down the attribute(s) of Master Number 11 that allowed you to overcome a c risis in your life.Paul G. If these ind ividuals express the positive aspects of this number. Articulate Artistic Avant-garde Courage Creative Cultured Special Diplomat Dual Enlightened Humanitarian Idealistic Innovative Inspirational Logical Musical Nurturer Poet Priestly Reformer Self-Sacrifice Sensible Service Strength Teacher Visionary Willpower Zeal Daily Memory Exercises Write down the attribute(s) of Master Number 11 that you believe apply to you. It assists t he individual who has it in their name or chart to be a special teacher. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 11 An 11/2 Covers two years. Write down the attribute(s) of Master Number 11 that you would like to add to to day s activities. Write down the attribute(s) of Master Number 11 that describe someone close to y ou. It has a strong personality. Write down the attribute(s) of Master Number 11 that would enhance your feelings of self-esteem. they are deep thinkers about all aspects of life. Master Number 11 contains the energies associated with inspiration. . we are all expected to be teachers in our own unique way. and intensify the attributes of both the number 1 and number 2 energies. At the end of the day reflect on which attribute(s) of Master Number 11 affected your activities. It strives for balance through experiencing extremes. Remember.

The V person has a dramatic personality or ego. At the end of the day. reflect 22 affected your activities. These individuals can put great ideas for social change into action through the effective use of power. Write down the attribute(s) of a crisis in your life. These special individuals are the diplomats and peacekeepers of the New Millenni um. especially in their middle name. Master Number 22 that you believe apply to you. Master Number 22 that you describe someone close Master Number 22 that you allowed you to overcome Master Number 22 that you would enhance your feel Master Number 22 that you would like to add to to on which attribute or attributes of Master Number .38 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers 22 A 22/4 It covers four years. Write down the attribute(s) of day s activities. The attributes of both the 2 and 4 are intensified with the 4 representing the personality. Write down the attribute(s) of ings of self-esteem. It contains the energies associated with a master builder. Androgynous Articulate Artistic Balanced Charismatic Courageous Creative Determined Dignified Disciplined Emotional Control Enlightened Humanitarian Inspired Integrity International Projects Material Mastery Musical Philanthropic Poised Practical Idealism Priestly Self-Sacrifice Stoic Universal Teacher Visionary Willpower Daily Memory Exercises Write down the attribute(s) of Write down the attribute(s) of to you. Master number 22 is a higher Master Number.

industry or business. taken to a much higher level. However. They are forceful of personality. A perfect example of the 33 personality would be someone like Jesus. I will not list their characteristics at this time because they encompass. You have to look past the numbers and intuitively see the 33 q ualities. Another field that fits their skills is the entertainment world. No one can deny that he has been the most influential man of the past millennium. in an expansive way. They teach by setting a perfect example of the highest ideals of persona l conduct. because they truly project substance. The true 33 person knows who they are. integr ity and truth. political. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 33 Self-sacrifice is the keyword for the Master Number 33. They have a special poise and nobility t hat sets them apart from others. They are the great communicators and creative social workers of today. And yes. for that is not their calling. these individuals can be found where they are most needed working with the masses as special social workers. . as we all should. This does not make them any less human. The qualities of the 33 are not always prominent in a Numerology Chart because t hese individuals do not always want to be known. These very special individuals express great love. compassion and forgiveness fo r all people. having all the charisma of the 3 as well as th e balancing force of the 6. the Christ. When they incarnate on this level. all the qualities of the 3 expressing with the qualities of the 6. the 33 can bring people of d iverse cultural.Paul G. They are not likely to be found as leaders of technol ogy. At a time when trust is sometimes a rare commodity. where their cha risma and communication abilities reach people all over the globe. and many are found on television and in films thes e days. they are subject to human emotions. but they recover quickly and move on. and continues to be in the New Millennium. but they are shrewd investors and entrepreneurs. they make their share of mistakes along the way. or spiritual leaders. Also. I have not provided a daily memory exercise for the 33 personality in orde r to honor the privacy of those who carry this enlightened number. for they go through the same trials and tribulations as anyone else. economic and spiritual backgrounds together. teachers.

business and technol ogy.40 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Meaning of the Numbers 44 This number was truly made for the world we live in today. wealth and resources with those less fortunate is sorely lacking. W e do not know. but our co mpassion and willingness to share our knowledge. They ar e instrumental in maintaining a balance between conservative and liberal viewpoints. The 44 is the hope of the world because these men and women have the power skill s and spiritual motivation to cause positive change in the way power is distributed and used today. A solid foundation is necessary for the changes that are coming in the future. and will inspire all the 11 i reach higher and contribute abilities. and has the willpower necessar y to maintain high moral standards. The 44 also brings great intelligence and common sense to the 2000 Millennium. have a lot of garbage to clean up. Authority is the key word for the 44 personality. Th ey have the spiritual consciousness that is in short supply in a world where financ ial profit is the bottom line at the expense of the financial needs of the masses. T hey will work with the ndividuals to their maximum n the history 22 and 33 individuals in particular. which possesses all the qualit ies of the 22 taken to a much higher level. T his is a crucial crossroads of civilization. These are the decision makers of the New Millennium. They are the super planners. how to dispose of our own waste materials and rusting World War II bombs and toxic mate rials. Their special skills are needed to help bring balance wh en the economy falters. These individuals hav e to deal with all the challenges and pressures of high finance. architects and organizers of national as well as international projects. even now. We have reached the pinnacle of technology and science. . for all of our energies are needed now more than ever i of the world. They are paving the way for the nex t Master Number 55. How are we going to plan for the future? We do indeed. The 44 possesses emotional control and integrity. The 44 peo ple are our protection against exploitation of our natural resources in the name of economic necessity. which will make its appearance later in the New Millennium. They have the clout necessary to put the brakes on runaway power.

business and technology. The watchword for the Master Number 55 is big changes. bu t the big changes coming to the planet will be in new patterns of thought. Technology has made communication easier in one respect. The 5 is th e middle number on the scale of 1 to 9 the balancer the motivator. bu t more on a mental level. They possess the resourcefulness to continue the foundation constructed by the 44 individuals. but very difficult in another.Paul G. While the 44 Master Number focused on the challenges of high finance. We have made great progress regarding science and material things in general. because change is the only thing that allows progress. . They are the great communicators and adventurers. Lots of them are coming. Minar The Meaning of the Numbers 55 The watchword for the 5 is change. the 55 individuals will bring attention to changes in attitude.

Chapter Seven Personal and Universal Numbers .

....... The Universal Day number = Universal Month plus current day.(9) + (7) = (7) (6) October ........(3) + (7) = (1) (9) April ....) (Calendar Month + Universal Year No..) January .. represented by the Universal Year. and Day numbers... and then reducing them to a single digit in this case I reduce Master Numbers also: 2003 reduces to 5.10 (1) + (7) = (8) (7) November. 2008 = 10/1................(1) + (7) = (8) (7) February ............... The Personal Month number is calculated by adding the Personal Year number to th e chronological number of any given month (reduced) to produce.. However. 1925: Universal Year number for 2004: 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 6 Personal Year number for 2004: 1 + 9 + 6 (2004) = 16.......... as opposed to gl obal events in general. again...(6) + (7) = (4) (3) July . which reduces to 7 Personal Month numbers Universal Month numbers (Calendar Month + Personal Year No.............(7) + (7) = (5) (4) August.. The Personal Year number is calculated by adding your birth month (reduced if tw o digits) plus the birth day (reduced if two digits) and the current 4-digit year (reduced) to produce a fina l single digit....... a final single digit......... The Personal Day number is calculated by adding the Personal Month number to the chronological day number in the same manner.........11 (2) + (7) = (9) (8) December........... 2006 = 8...................... The Universal Year number is calculated by adding the four digits of the current year. and Day numbers are the most important...........(5) + (7) = (3) (2) June..... because they influence your personal world.............. Sample Chart for someone born on October 9................(2) + (7) = (9) (8) March ......................... 2007 = 9.......... The Universal Month number = Universal Year plus current month.......... and so forth.....(4) + (7) = (2) (1) May........ Month..(8) + (7) = (6) (5) September* .... Month...... month and day of your life................... your Personal Yea r..........12 (3) + (7) = (1) (9) ................ 2005 = 7................44 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Personal and Universal Numbers (Sample Chart for Element Nine) They influence each year....... 2004 = 6..

September is a double intensity umber is the same as the Personal Year number. month because the Personal Month n .* In this case. It s a math thing.

To get the most out of each day of your life remember that you have to put an eq ual amount of positive energy into each day. We check weather conditions in advance so we will know a head of time how to dress or get to work. Start a new relationship or career. Personal Year 4: A foundation year. and day to know in advance what to expect. Minar Personal and Universal Numbers These numbers influence events and experiences in your life! Every day we read t he morning paper to see what is happening in the world. Time to roll up your sleeves and go to work. Don t overtax your body. The numbers were created to assist us. Be daring. and sudden ones. Your communication skills will be enhanced by a smile and an outgoing personality. month. Start a new hobby. The efforts of the past two years will start to bloom now and you can envision the successful results. Be cooperative. Writing and speaking skills are heightened. mon th. Diplomacy pays big dividends. and guard against being too sensitive in this emotional year. On the previous page we saw a sample Personal Chart together with an explanation of how to calculate it. and you have al ready familiarized yourself with the meaning of the numbers 1 through 9. Use your diplomatic skills and get results! Personal Year 3: Creative expression is the key word this year. You will be energized so go for it. Be patient. Have fun and socialize. Plan those projects. in any endeavor you undertake. Explore new opportunities and assert yourself. This is your action year! Personal Year 2: The calm following a year of activity. Time to nurture the idea s started last year. Show loyalty and willingness to deal with routine and sy stem.Paul G. not to do our work for us. there are nine basic ways for anything to happen. Life will not be boring . Now you can do your own chart and refer to the following descriptions for each year. Organizational skills and practicality are n eeded. Personal Year 1: Time for new beginnings! Put that new idea into action. De tails need attention now. When preparing for vacation. and each day? Remember. so this is a good time to do your first exer cise using that knowledge. So why not know in advance what conditions to expect regarding the events in your life for the coming year. because we wan t things to go smoothly. we check on all travel arrangements. Exercise and allow plenty of time t o rest. Allow for some fun to offset the work. Personal Year 5: Be ready for changes.

The number 8 represents the decision maker. so allow for plenty of relaxation and pleasant excursions. This is a very spiritual number. drawing unexpected assistance in surprising ways. for they are ready to implement. so don t go overboard. Time to decorate! Service and compassion enhance your life now. t he 7 is a lucky number. However. Maint ain high ideals and promote peace and harmony. analysis and research. Don t say no to t hose who ask for your assistance. The 5 governs sensuality. allow time for yourself. A strong feeling of freedom prevails. Allow for the needs of others involv ed in your activities.this year. The 7 needs t ime to be alone. Allow time for spiritual contemplation . Personal Year 6: The number of relationships and responsibility. Show your flexibility a nd adaptability this year. so think positive. Personal Year 7: A number of introspection. Personal Year 8: A year for focusing on finances and business or material matter s. A good time to enjoy travel or adventure. and matters rel ating to the home are important. and unexpected opport unities appear. Projects started in a 1 year need polishing now. Taking care of others can be stressing on your health. Organization and administra tion are important now. This is not a year to be too aggressive regarding financial or material pursuits. Love and marriage are possible under this vibration. and . Also.

Personal Year 9: The completion year! Take care of any loose ends now. Those who choose a life of service to humanity are most affected by changes in their Life Path. and on a regular basis. Release outmoded ideas or things.46 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name they will support you. Be tolerant. While the above Personal Year. don t overtax your body. The 9 number combines the best aspects of all the numbers. By knowing in advance the type of experiences you are going to have. com passionate and forgiving. As your consciousness grows. and Personal Day descriptions are very helpful. While I have listed many attributes. The more you do the more you will understand the meaning of the Personal Year Chart. There will be more information on reducing the double digits in chapter nine. No matter how much y ou may remember from the number characteristics. Personal Month. or destiny number. but I think that concentrating on nine numbers is enough for this situation. you need to study all the attributes of each number in order to apply just the right ones for your needs. Contracts are made with special celestial counselors prior to incarnating. As with the 4. enjoy som e entertainment and get plenty of rest. you can wis ely prepare for them. so will your understanding of the numbers and your understanding of yourself! Some Numerologists use the 11 and 22 Master Numbers as part of the Personal Year calculations. can change for some individuals. wh en we . but you also need to understand why they are happening to you at this time. there are still more to discover. and re-ex amine projects or plans to see if changes are necessary. The Life Path. you will eventually get insights of yo ur own. Take the time each day to think about what you want to accomplish . so let your intuition explore them as well. Change is always present in our lives and we must be flexible enough to make the necessary adjustments. Financial rewards foll ow those who place humanitarian needs first. and I have no problem with that. Change is always present in our lives. The nine energies allow for large-scale ideas and activities. That takes some r eflection on your part. and they can be altered for t he right purpose. Apply the Personal Year equation to family members and friends. Exercise. I prefer to think of Master Numbers in connection with a person s name as a very personal attribute.

such as world conflict or economics. Note that in September there is a double intensity month. and yo ur birth-date will add yet another dimension. Knowing the numbers of others makes it easier to understand why certa in things are happening to them. Numbers Within Numbers Your numbers versus the numbers of those individuals around you: your family. use the formula already provided to d etermine the Personal Month and Personal Day. Your Personal Year i s still most important. co mmunity. As you look at your chart for the current year. state. because you are more in control. city. etc. . country and the world. while we use the term Personal Year. The Universal Year has to be considered because you are affected by global event s and influences. but for purposes of the Personal Year chart all numbers are reduced to a single digit by adding them together. and sometimes they are more dynamic. The days provide ongoing practice. and it is also easier for you to help them. the year before. bu t all of them together weave the tapestry that is you. because your Personal Mo nth number is the same as your Personal Year number. the Numerology Chart dealing with your full name at birth and your birth-d ate. Because of the arithmetic involved in progressing fro m 1 to 9. As we progress through the Numerology Chart the numbers-within-numbers concept w ill become more dynamic because the vowels will produce one influence and the consonants another. you can work backwards to verify what the influences were last year. Also. Other parts of the Numerology Chart contribute still more numbers. that situation happens on all charts. The nine cycle is God s way of ensuring change and the variety of experiences needed for your personal growth. keep in mind that next year will progress to the next number of the nine-year cycle.

Minar The most challenging part of personal growth on this planet deals with emotions. Understanding what the upcoming numerical influences are enables us to put our b est efforts into each day. only challenging aspects of each one. . Overcoming challenges ge ts easier as we go along. The secret to real growth is being in control of our emotions. patience and poise. thereby using the positive rather than negative aspects of the nu mbers. There are no bad numbers. Paul G. provided we deal with them with confidence. For this is the planet of emotions.This is the planet of emotions.

regardless of their particular belief system. There was a great deal of confusion and cont radiction regarding spiritual belief systems but it was a beginning. The stock mark et was at full gallop and technology companies and stocks produced millionaires overnight. relationships and power coupled with religious and cultural differences are causing distrust and fear on a scale not seen in the hi story of the world. Disaster relief ha s drained aid resources.D. Fighting terrorism is a global war issue and requires vast sums of money. Travel security is costly. 2001 were extremely prosperous ones. They in turn purchased mil lion dollar homes and luxury cars and greatly impacted the housing and rental markets. as represented by the number 1. which denotes un . People are afra id or unable to spend money. State assistance for the unemployed is greatly impacting state budgets. Now. The years prior to September 11. There are positive happenings and positive people that do not seem to be newsworthy. The 2 of 2000 requires patience and cooperation together with looking at both sides of ev erything. that electronics field is suffering and unemployment is marked by thousands of layoffs. The Nineties represented finality in all things. How sad that violence sho uld take center stage and profits are so important. At this writing. the tenth being the bridge to another cycle of numbers within numbers culminating in the year 2000 and the arrival of the New Millennium.48 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Personal and Universal Numbers in the Past Century After the death of Jesus Christ. including chemical ones. The tragedies of life today are played out in the memories and dreams of men. The health industry is cutting benefits for members. It is said that Jesus incarnated to provide a pattern of behavior for humankind to emulate. the past century showed the characteristics of the 1 with its individuality and innovativeness. people and nations have united in a single purpose not seen since World War II. together with the powerful 9. On the positive side. Within that thousand-year period there were nine stages of development represent ed by hundred-year periods. there is disagreement between nations as to how to deal with other nati ons accused of having weapons of mass destruction. However. the world began a new journey with the calendar numbers during the early formative years from One to One Thousand A. Going backwards from 2000. women and children every day. Financial aspirations. we are in the year 2006 and the United States and other countri es are in severe economic straits.

It also brought news of global strife and violence instantly into our ho mes. They will have to respect the fact that other individuals have a different set of numbers and great mental prowess might not be one of their strengths. Af ter a birthday. The children of the Nineties demonstrated great mental abilities. Now. They will have to find a relaxing outlet for their energies and hopefully service to humanity will be an important part of their personalities. and were an unexpe cted challenge for their parents and anyone responsible for their care. but like a double-edged sword. which had triple po wer and worldwide chaos. can t hurt you no longer protects our sensibilities. The emergence of technology changed warfare and violence into a force capable of des troying the planet. news of any kind is available instantly. the next year begins a split-second after we commemorate our birth time . Each year had two 9s except for 1999. The 8 is widely recognized as a money number and is associated with business and exe cutive ability. Some. What you can t see or hear. we carry that age in our minds for the next year but we actually finished it on our birthday and start on the next one immediately. The Nineties represented finality in all things with extreme violence and great humanitarianism. we have seen the negative aspect with wars and aggression. especially in America with its industrial. The word ar. As a matter of fact. terrorism became as fearful as w The Iron Age had replaced clubs with swords and other more destructive weapons. The term Yuppie emerged and was associated with those who accumulated w ealth and power quickly. humanitarianism and responsibility. The a ge of technology has become the age of enormous stress all over the world. That strong m ental ability and drive will be needed by the world when these children of the Nineties start their respective careers. Live wires is an expression that best describes them. technical and financial structure. There was a time when good or bad news had to be hand-carried from place to place and peop le were mostly concerned with happenings in their own village or town.iversality. however. The Eighties were a period of great material growth. It belongs to the . While we will be thinking about and utilizing the energies of the 2 in the New Millennium we are actually in the beginning stages of the 3 because we have finished two thousand years. will be remembered for extreme violence against other children in schools.

In the developmental years of this country. personal and community responsibility and the importance of the family. but these individuals provided the voice of the anti-war movement. Th e flower children brought a new fashionsense to the world and a great love of music. Women had to struggle for recognition in the work place. Minar decision-makers of the world. It is interesting to now revisit some of those individuals and see if they remained true to their intentions. born in the Sixties. but a spiritual one as well and these people searched for a special ide ntity using mental exploration. drugs of all sorts were part of this new culture. There was a great polarity in the world because of the permissiveness that was a ssociated with being a free spirit. The practicality and business expertise of the 8 was also necessary. It was commonplace for young men to f ollow their father s occupation. They still do. The Vietnam War was over and certain idealism. Marriage was no longer a prerequisite for living together or having children. How quickly we forget. not war was a common expression and bumper sticker. craft or career. The late Se venties saw the emergence of street people who have grown in numbers and live a lone existence for the most part. The 7 carries with it not only an intellectual pursuit. Unfortunately. The karma of the 8 deals with learning to balance t he handling of material things being too aggressive or too passive responsible or irresponsible regarding those matters. That individual will share a project as long as he or she has an in dependent assignment to fulfill. The 6 represents love. World War II showed how adaptable women were at filling men s shoes in the factories and taking care of children at the same time. Individuality was the key word for the Seventies. dancing and color. was put to the t est as young men and women started their careers. Individuals. The need for personal success was important because the 7 individual does not li ke to work on an assembly line or with groups. financ ial progress was slower.Paul G. They were determined not to repeat the mistakes of an older gener ation. Many chose to open their own businesses and those who expected idealism alone to develop an d prosper paid the price with failure. espe cially regarding leadership roles and salaries. Make love. The Eighties were a period of great material growth. had great pride in their job. regardless of their place on the financial lad der. For those of us who were old enough to be a part of . exp ressing an unfortunate aspect of the 7. The flower children and the Vietnam War dominated the Sixties.

with so many different cultures and belief systems. John F. Minorities are increasing in numbers a nd consequently in voting strength. The energies of the 2 in the Twentyfirst Century will be needed for cooperation among diverse groups and to allow p eople to see more than one side of many issues. but change was not to be denied at that time. it is more than a challenge to bring people together on common ground. The Civil Rights Movement caused society to face an equal rights situation that many felt was moving too fast. Ha te and bigotry are the flip side of the 6 energies. obeying standard rules was often too confining. they gave the word love special emphasis and meaning. the changes that have been put off by many will become a rea lity. Like children. I have more to say about the flower children but for now I will s ay that I believe they were new souls and their child-like approach to life demonstrated their lack of life experience . Along with peace it was spoken and shouted more times in that decade than at anytime in the history of t he world. but like children. Kennedy. his brother Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated. so sooner or later. On the downside.this era (actively or passively) it was an exciting and challenging time to be o n the planet. The energies of the New Millennium are designed to accommodate that process. In a country like ours. . In the chapter on Reincarnation.

in all areas of l ife. giving up everyday products and luxuries and most of all. However. Change was everywhere. Automobile design changed dram atically. Nylons were a rare luxury item for th e women. Senator McCarthy started a communist witch-hunt that invaded and destroyed priva te lives and careers everywhere. Women f illed in men s peacetime jobs. really appreciate the birth of this The Forties are remembered as the War Years. That was an extreme opposite of freedom. Loyalty and trustworthiness were vital to the war effort. starte d in 1950 and lasted three years.50 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Fifties were a decade of relative freedom. though a much smaller conflict. new communication and entertainment form. There was a simplicity about the Fifti es that was relaxing. of hard work and high ideals. women have entered the ma le work force with much greater financial and social compensation in recent years becoming police officers. t anks and guns faster than anyone could have imagined. People of all countries made the sacrifices that were neces sary. writing a nd programming areas. The number 4 was expressed in many ways. People pulled together for a common cause. were needed for the war effort and were converted to peacetime use later. People needed a distraction and entertainment to get their minds off the trauma of war in Europe and Asia. because technology had not emerged to the point of creating the fa st pace and stress of today. cons . It was also the era of music. We converted to a war industry and produced planes. but equal pay was not part of it and that struggle continues today. People were exploring all sorts of care ers. New careers were launched in technical. Industry and manufacturing shifted to peacetime endeavors. Canned Sp am became a meat substitute. They were futuristic compared to the cars of the forties. Radio programs expanded in their concepts a nd television began to take the first steps in its growth. World War II was over but the Korean War. It was a time of industriousness and applic ation. New materials. the big bands and movies. entered the military and became Rosie the riveters in the factories. The movies now had a different type of competition and news coverage became a live event in the living room. artistic. Exploration was a key word for that time. Children hungered for chocolate candy and coffee was replaced with a substitute called Postum. Those who are old enough to remember the war years of sitting in the living room listening to radio progr ams. So many men were away at war and so many lost their lives that a new focus on women emerged. like p lastics. The Forties are remembered as the War Years though there was also World War I. the lives of those who served in the military.

Comic strips grew in popularity in America while the Nazi pa rty began its rise in Germany the first concentration camps were erected in Germany in 1933. The Forties were a foundat ion for the future and we learned by our mistakes except for the ability to avoid war in later years. . music boosted public spirits. we have to remember that there is both a positive and negative side to numerical in fluences and human beings have the choice as to which side to express. The film industry and literature contribute d their creative input as well. doctors.truction workers.S. firefighters. scientists and corporate executives. The U. World War II was brewing before the end of this era. and Europe were inaugurated. Science began examining molecular structure thanks to the use of x-rays. Always. The rights of the working f orce in America were given a momentous boost by the establishment of the forty-hour work week. but not always on the positive s ide of that number of joy. airline pilots. A financial crisis permeated this country and Europ e while the people of Russia suffered from starvation. If all countries pu t the same energy into keeping the peace as they did in preparing for and conducting warfare that mindset would carry over t o nurturing the planet and one another as well. Technocracy became a phenomenon. Behind the most memorable achievements or di sasters our free will is the instigator. Great construction projects like Boulder Dam in Nevada began and commercial flights between the U. The farther back I travel.S. As a relief fr om world strife. Social Security Act was signed b y President Roosevelt in 1935. both popular and classical. Transportation innovations were evident also with ships and tr ains. T he 3 s of the Thirties produced creative expression. the less I can draw on from my own life experience. The Thirties The first concentration camps were erected in Germany in 1933.

S. The first twenty years are simply recognized as the early 1900 s. Minar The Twenties This decade is generally remembered as the flapper era but there was. At the same time Bri tain and Ireland signed a peace treaty. when straight dresses appeared without a waistline and skirts were raised above the knees. On a positive note. After one hundred years of steam. We have made far greater strides in modern times. Palestine was still a subject for disagreement between Arabs and Jews. but this was the beginning of innovation in manufacturing. But again. The first magnetic recording of sound was accomplished. The first schedul ed television broadcasts were inaugurated in New York. Women were liberated. and the British Broadcasting Company was started early in this era creative communication. A new controversy was born in New Y ork with the establishment of the first birth control clinics.R. You ll be glad to know that the first teddy bears wer e named after Theodore Roosevelt. The first radio programs were broadcast in the U. The Gregorian calendar was introduced in the U. This was truly the era of invention.Paul G.S.S. Always. industry and science. Stock E xchange creating the term Black Friday. The FlapperEra The early Twentieth Century No one talks about the 1910 s. The Charleston became the fashionable dance in America in 1925. Henry Ford founde d the Ford Motor Company and developed the first Model T. old-age pensions were first est ablished in Nevada and Montana. events seem to have an ebb and flow between joy and despair. Ex cavations in Crete revealed discovery of the Minoan culture. A lpha and beta rays were discovered in radioactive atoms. the century of electric ity began.. Hitler s storm troopers were terrorizing political opponents.S. American jazz was being born in New Orleans. harmony and peace. The International Union for Cultural Cooperation was founded in Vienna at the same time the new Ku Klux Klan gained p olitical power in America. The end of this era is remembered for the collapse of the U. Mahatma Gandhi was sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience but his voice for pe ace was not to be silenced. free will is the key to determining which aspect of the 2 predominates. The 2 influence provided energies for coope ration. Automobile manufacturing was highlighted by the introduction of the first Mercedes car. This provided an impetus for . in a fashion sense. Silent films were the rage with stars like Al Jolson graduating to the first talkie. as usual. The Pan-American Treaty was si gned in 1924 to prevent conflicts between nations. This era was truly a beginning in many ways expressing the most prominent aspect of the number 1. a broader spectrum of happenings in the world.

The Titani c sank in 1912. By 1919 there were peace celebrations in Britain and race riots in Chicago. musical recordings.S. Innovation is contagious and leads humanity in many directions at the same time. .the arts. The U. so the Federal Income Tax was born. found an innovative way to raise money. A worldwide influenza epidemic struck in 1918 killing nearly twenty-two million people.S. U. became involved when the Germans sank the Lusitania. shocking those who thought she was invincible and creating more practical and safer methods of ship building. whether film. Everywhere there was something to celebrate and something to cause anguish. World War 1 began midway through this era and the U. President Woodrow Wilson received the Nobel Peace Prize. radio transmission or later television transmission.S. in terms of making them available to the masses. The women s suffrage movement was under way at this time.

Chapter Eight The Pythagorean Matrix .

jus t look at how many numbers are missing. the various configurations paint a very accurate picture of the individual s personality. behavioral inclinations. I also suspect that this strong mental energy is God s way of insuring a crop of children that were very selfsufficient at a time when either both parents or single parents depended on day care assistance for their young ones. a box-shaped grid is used in Numerology books to illustrate this configuration.54 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Pythagorean Matrix The Arrows of Pythagoras The accompanying graphics depict the nine circles I use in this book. I also suspect there will be fewer February births because that month s upplies a 2 for the equation. Except for the number 1. the balance of numerical energies generally is better with one of each number represented. The whole idea is to have a balanced spread of numbers in thi s configuration. and those numbers start with the lower left circle. I say generally because there is always a reason for more than one number occupying a circle. easy and fun and should inspire you to learn the meaning of the numbers f . Each lifetime we are born on a different date. as you can see in the accomp anying graphics. When interpreted properly. I suspect there were not a great number of children born during the month of September during th is period because that is the ninth month of the year. No one can have all the spaces filled. day and year. and also the strengths and weak nesses. It could r epresent a strength needed or a karmic situation to be worked out. Working with birthdates is quick. Chil dren travel far from their roots these days to seek a career. Our full birt h name and birth month. The 1990 1999 period insured the presence of the 1 and 9 with a n abundance of 9 s. day and year can be fo und in the name and vice-versa for the most part. Both systems accomplish the same end. and apply this same formula. The numbers that are not present in a person s birth month. We can skip back to the Eighties. The 0 is not used in this configuration. I have presented the Arrows of Pythagoras prior to the Numerology Chart in order to provide you with lots of practice with the numbers. marry and settle down. and the configuration is deliberate. day and year work together to bring balance to our lives and to help fulfill the unique needs of each life experience. The old days of a strong family presence nearby to help rear children are gone. for it indicates what we bring into each lifetime to enhance life ex periences. etc. along with a different name. Now that we are in the 2000 period. which is to separate a nd categorize the numbers in a person s birth month. but I also make it an integral part of my Numerology Charts. Those children who were born at that time (the 1990s ) certainly possessed a very strong mind line. but the overall view does show a state of balance as well as areas of be havior that that are strong and areas that need work. Usually. Seventies. It utilizes the numbers from 1 to 9 that are present in the birth-date.

The Life Path number is arrived at by ad ding all the numbers of the month. (Chapter nine covers the Life Path as part of the Numerology Char t. It seems like a game because it is fun but it is also part of the Sacred Science of Numbers. Remember. but do obtain permission first. as opposed to their use in the following configurations. This is not a show and tell parlor gam e! This beautiful configuration or combination of numbers is taken from the complet e birth date. As you will soon see. The year 200 0 utilizes only the 2 in one circle.) . If you are going to work with this configuration a great deal make sure you do your homework and really l earn all the facets (or interpretations) of each number or your interpretations will be shallow and inaccurate. You simply start with the month. If you are n ot going to seriously study the number meanings. The Life Path Number The Life Path number represents just that: the type of events or life experience s that a person encounters throughout life as a part of their growth process. Getting fam ily members involved is one way to validate the accuracy of your interpretations because you already know a lot abo ut each other. and place that number or numbers in the appropriate circle or circles . 0 s are not used here. place the year of birth in the appropriate circle or circles. remember that birthdates are personal so do not invade anyone s privacy while practicing. Reduce double-digits to a single digit and reduce t he outcome to a single digit unless it is a Master Number. Then place the date of birth in the appropriate circle or circles.aster. day and year from left to right. do not attempt to interpret them. there is no direct connection between the use of the birth date numbers that produce the Life Path number. Next. the three 0 s are not used in this configuration. However. Do not reduce double-digits.

places or environment. . Where birth date numbers are lacking in certain numbers. They show the absence of numbers as well. No individual s birth date will contain all the numbers and the 0 s also take up spa ce that numbers would otherwise occupy. I had a great deal of i nspirational assistance from Pythagoras. In chapter nine. some Pythagorean Matrix charts are more balanced than others. They show duplicate numbers which must be interpreted very carefully . Pythagorean Matrix. two or more people will have the same Life Path number but their combination of numbers will fall into different circles. This design was not planned at the time I started wr iting this book. and Pinnacles and Challenges charts. particularly since it was related to me in his own words and manner of speaking. Achieving balance is the objective in life and balance is desirable in this chart as well. we will use the complete birth d ate to construct the Pinnacles and Challenges chart. the reverse is also true. how he lived and taught and how and when he died. and how to successfully deal with the challenges contained in our L ife Path numbers. both the text and all of the graphic designs. Life Path. Also. there is generally a compensation factor between the numbers in a full name versus those in a birth date. Minar The Pythagorean Matrix Numbers The Pythagorean Matrix numbers represent a personal profile of strengths and wea knesses. But remember. in addition to being a unique design. there is a reason for the placement of these numbers. As I mentioned e arlier. This has been a project that took on a life of its own. I happen to like my Pythagorean Matrix design of circles and arrows because I be lieve it is easy to work with. the full name generally contains them to assist the person s state of balance.Paul G. Personal Month and Personal Day charts. day and year numbers provided a formula for co nstructing the Personal Year. As we will see in the examples later. Chapter twelve explores the life and teachings of Pythagoras with new information about when he lived. The numbers in this chart describe attitudes and inner reactio ns rather than people. In the preceding chapter you saw how the full birth month. Sometimes. indicating a different set of personal charact eristics. I am sure you will enjoy the story of his life as much as I have. Achieving balance is the objective. And of course. We have the same complete birth date but four different formulas for interpreting this special ev ent: Personal and Universal numbers. they show strengths and weaknesses.

Two 2 s Extra sensitivity is demonstrated here. have difficulty relaxing and are sometimes too aggressive in behavior. The 2 s Single 2 A number of sensitivity and intuitiveness.56 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Pythagorean Matrix How Many Numbers? And now let us take a look at the significance of one versus more than one of th e numbers appearing in a circle. especial ly those who are Cancers. The 2 energies would help them to relax. They need to choose professions where their emotions don t get in the way. Three 1 s They express more creatively with written and spoken words due to the 3 influenc e. They make better jud . They are very imaginative individuals very chatty. Sometimes they speak too fast with their thoughts ahead o f their words. Your bir th date numbers together with your name will help balance your overall equation. energetic. Four or more 1 s There are too many 1 s here. They push too hard. Expressing inner feelings is not easy for the 1 person. and joyful. bearing in mind that balance is what we are looking for always in numerical exer cises. These individuals have a talent for s eeing both sides of issues. Two 1 s They are more balanced than a single 1 because 1 + 1 = 2 and that means more pat ience and diplomacy. Besides depriving the other circles of numbers this e xcess of 1 energy is an overload. But perfect balance does not exist! So don t feel bad when you see some strange arrangements of your numbers. providing the patience necessary to make that leap. They are more independent and show more confidence. Not to worry! The 1 s Single 1 This individual tends to be a willing speaker though not necessarily a polished one. They are good judges of sincerity in others. The 2 makes a good bridge between the 1 and 3. Their feelings are easily hurt. They are of necessity selfcentered.

They tend to withdraw and have few close friends. Good writers have the 2 energies. Getting into arguments is easy for them. They need o settle them down. . Four of dicates an out of control situation. expressing as impatience and temperamental outbursts. Emotional control nge. Three or More 2 s This is really a case of extreme sensitivity.ges than lawyers. hobbies or music would be helpful for this excess of is a real challe these numbers in the 4 energies t 2 energies. Outlets like gardening.

anchoring the Thought and Min d lines for creative planning and execution.Paul G. The 5 s One 5 This is the center of the matrix! The 5 holds and dispenses the energies to the other satellites around it. These people project their optimism and keen mind. They attract many friends with their charisma and charm. These energies need to be used with a good measure of discipline. It grounds the Will line. Productivity becomes more importa nt than good working relationships. They need to relax and smell the roses. They attract fr iends easily but don t always hang on to them. The 4 s One 4 These individuals are organized. t he 4 energies would help them to stay grounded. detail-oriented and precise but must be considerate of those trying to keep up w ith their industriousness or they might alienate themselves. to the detriment of their heal th. supporting the 5 and 6. They are very strong-willed. This might be a karmic situation from a previous lifetime where a good work ethic was missing. relaxation and rest are nece ssary for these overworked people. expressing very strong imaginative energies. The 4 person also te nds to maintain good health patterns. It is much . Two 4 s These are hard workers and sometimes too much so. Again. A creative outlet. Three or More 3 s That s a lot of creativity. They make good writers and entertainers. Three or More 4 s There is an overabundance of work energy here. Two 3 s Great imagination is present here but these individuals need someone to help imp lement their creative ideas or they tend to get frustrated. Their ext reme creativity tends to work against them. Minar The 3 s One 3 A single 3 is a great asset to this configuration. practical and disciplined.

sometimes to their own regret. They must use their flexibility and love of adventure and challenge for positive purp oses and learn to relax. Two 5 s Their motto is Don t fence me in. . The 5 person m otivates others. They tend to experience all that life has to offer. always ready to make a change or take on another challenge. Freedom is very important to the bearer of this nu our sun. It is the adaptable adventurer. acting as the center of the numerical solar system. It is ve ry analytical and articulate. They must learn to re spect social rules and limitations.

It is important to look elsewhere in their Numerology Chart for numbers to balance this birth date equation. they can contribute a great deal to their community and the world at large. As Numerologists. we cannot be judgmental when it comes to numbers. They bring harmony to their surroundings. whether too many or not enough. The 7 s . in person or by phone. They are always ready to listen to the problems of others an d offer advice. However. Three or More 6 s This represents a real excess of 6 energies. Too much control or protectiveness causes alienation. Again. We can only draw attention to these situations and discuss them with our clients. They are the workho rses of the New Millennium and have exceptional ability to sift and sort information for new patterns of though t. there is a reason for this excess of 6 energies and these individuals need to take a close look at all their numbers. Nervous energy abounds . Friends need the same consideration. They should be careful not to overextend themselves. we learn from our clients too! This is why I like to do pers onal consultations. Relationships are not enhanced by this kind of energy. if properly motivated. Fa mily and home are very important to the 6 person.58 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Three or More 5 s This combination is really excessive. they need to give their children more slack. There is no substitute for a personal consultation. Two 6 s In most cases this represents one 6 too many. they make ideal parents and show concern for people of all ages. They should also allow time for rest. Strong will and person ality traits add to their cleverness. relaxation and entertainment. The 2 and 4 energies would calm them down and h elp stabilize their lives. Naturally. Properly motivated. P erhaps in a past life they were too selfcentered. The 6 s One 6 This is the number of love and responsibility with a social worker personality. A consultation with a good Numerologist would be helpful. the 5 energies can assist the 6 energies serving humanity. These chaotic times can use the 5 energies. As parents. They need a life of their own. for as Pythagoras said. These individuals may be overprote ctive of family and friends or may be considered busybodies. More is not better. too. The excess 5 people want leadership positions but need to have more patience and res traint to succeed. Also. Children demonstrate high energy and need lots of patience and understanding from parents.

He or she likes to wo rk alone when it comes to the workplace and may seek self-employment. The 7 individual is often perceived as a loof but that is not really the case.One 7 The 7 personality is very introspective and likes privacy. This personality is capable of great writi ng ability. especially in a world where individuality is neglected. Two 7 s This individual is a mystery to those around him or her. especially regarding the mysteries of life because they have taken the time to study and analyze this fascinating s ubject. It has been called the number of perfection and is associated with very challenging life experiences. The 7 indicates a search for spiritual understanding. Three or More 7 s I have rarely encountered three 7 s (let alone four or more) but they have provide d some great discussions for me regarding philosophy or spirituality. regardless of our numbers. The 7 is associated with metaphysical activities and if they pursue psychic inte rests for the right reasons they can be very successful. They are often perceived as . The characteristics of introspection and reflection are ones we can all use. This is a good example of still water that runs deep. But great personal growth can be achieved by those with this number.

They need to show gratitude for those who do their prep wo rk. Good judgment goes with this numb er.Paul G. Two 9 s A challenging combination of numbers. The 9 s One 9 This has been a common number during the 1990 decade but it is anything but comm on. It is the most mysterious of all the numbers. once you have gained their confidence they can surprise you with their wit and humor. They are very energetic. H owever. It is a number of selflessness and sacrifice. this indicates a very strong mind. The 8 personality accomplishes more when the A ction Line is complete. The 7 energies are en hanced if the 3 energies are present in the name or birth date because it adds imagination to their mental depth. It is more effective in the hands of a person who is dedicated to serving humanity in some way. They po ssess excellent reasoning powers. Their tho ughts tend to become scattered at times. The 8 s One 8 This is the decision-maker and executive type. It is the most effective and complex of all the numbers because it represents the best attributes of all the numbers leading up to it. The 8 executive is wise to surround himself or herself with a staff that understands this high-energy personality and is willing to take this aggressive personality in stride. Minar unhappy individuals because they do not always demonstrate their lighter side. Its significance is more potent in the name numbers a nd Life Path number. . They have very analytical minds and make quick decisions. It connects the Mind and Action lines. Preparation and patien ce are the keys to their success. It is the Universal Number. Two 8 s Two 8 energies need to guard against an attitude of superiority because their su ccess lies in creative support from those assisting them. This energy causes problems at an early age when they don t understand their abilities or the need for cooperating and compromising with their friends. They are a double version of the 4 organized and in control but sometimes they do not finish one task before moving on to another. which means it is one with the laws of the univ erse. They are not particularly creative as a rule. Three or More 8 s This excess of high energy causes restlessness and lack of discipline. They also need to rest and relax.

At this writing. Patience is a virtue and one they need to practice in order to be successful. but I prefer to remain the eternal optimist. Und erstanding the power of numbers and utilizing that power on a personal level can accomplish miracles! Three or More 9 s Depending on their motive. unwilling to let others speak. Often. that goal seems a long way off.They need to be considerate of those who do not possess these strong mental ener gies. in 2006. This abundance of 9 energies will ho pefully assist the planet in the years to come when changes have to be made globally in order to bring balance to a world dominated by powerful interests more concerned with financial profit and power than caring for those less fortunate a nd deserving. the 9 individuals can achieve great heights but this is a great challenge for them. They must control their emotions or they become their own worst enemies. Those who succeed with this high mental energy learn early on to do more listening and less talking. They need to find a relaxing outlet. they are the loudest voices in a discussion. like music. . They experience great highs and lows in life beca use calmness and consideration of others eludes them.

If a number is missing. Action Line. practice! How long will it take you to say. The secret is to practice. I was startled when a book fell off an upper shelf and landed at my feet. whether used once or multiple times . I know my own strengths as a Numerologist but I also try to acknowledge the strengths of other Numerologists and give credit to them in this book whenever appropriate. These gentlemen use a Pythagorean Star configuration the same way I use the Pyth agorean Matrix. I would like to refer you to a Numerology book that deals in-depth with this equation. I am more familiar with Mark Gruner through an earlier book called. You can do the same thing in tic-tac-toe fashion. then adding others to the list. If many numbers are missing then the overall balance of the equation is affected.60 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Pythagorean Matrix Missing Numbers and Lines To adequately interpret the meaning of each missing number or incomplete Thought Line. It will take a little more thought on your part. It is the first equati on I write on a piece of paper the moment someone provides their birth date. in person or on the phone. it s time to practice what you have learned. Will Line. but with the Numerology Chart coming up in chapter nine. This equation is the easiest and quickest one to execute. It is a very effective attention-getter at a coffee house social meeting and always leads to many questions about the subject of Numerology. We all had to start somewhere by reading one Numerologist s book. It is called Your Numbers Your Life and is co-authored by Mark Gruner and Eric Brown. using two horizontal lines cross-crossed by t wo vertical ones. We have also explored the meaning of the numbers from one to nine. practice. It takes about five seconds to complete (ten if you are slow). Once you understand the meaning of the numbers (chapter six) you can apply that knowledge to any Numerology equation including this birth date equation. We have done the most challenging part setting up the Pythagorean Matrix via the n ine circles. Determination Line. My first introduction to Numerology occurred as I walked down the aisle of a boo kstore. I picked it up and looked at the . I can do this? That depends on your desire to learn the meaning of numbers. Mark Gruner s Numbers of Life. Mind Line. or Compassion Li ne would require more pages in this book than I have deemed necessary or practical. At this time. It is the first thing I write down prior to a Numerology consultation. Physical Line. it simply means that a particular type of numerical energy is missing in the equation. Self Esteem Line. two very fine Numerologists from Australia.

G Day mates! . It was Numerology The Key To Your Inner Self. As for Mark Gruner and Erick Brown. and the author was Richard De Amorelli. Juno Jordan with her wonderfully written book titled Numerology The Romance in Your Name. Then came Your Days Are Numbered. but that book started my journey of exploring numbers. A s they say in Australia. thank you for inspiring m e to delve more deeply into the birth-date equation. It is no doubt long since ou t of print. I hope you enjoy my book as much as I have enjoyed yours.title. by Florence Campbell. Then I discovered my patron saint of Numerology in t he form of Dr.

Your full birth date adds another dimension to your unique Numerology Chart. They are the executives but need to have outlets of relaxation. It contains your definitive personality profile based on all the numbers contained in your full birth date. This 1-2-3 combination is the Thought Line and it describes a person with long range vision. This 7-8-9 combination is the Action Line. This person can be depended on to tie loose ends together using the communication and analytical skills of the 5 and people skills of the 6. The 7 aspect provides analysis of tasks. patience and cooperation of the 2 and the creative expression of the 3. and the 9 combines the best energies of all the numbers that precede it.Paul G. with the month letters converted to numbers. These combined energies provide consistency and teamwork. It is well grounded by the organizational energy of the 4. Eight personality characteristics are present that provide an instant look at your traits. This 4-5-6 combination is the Will Line. They are dynamic people who rely on the creativity of others to assist them. Double digits are not reduced and the 0 s are not used here. Minar The Pythagorean Matrix (Designed by Paul Minar) This is the Pythagorean Matrix configuration. These individuals enjoy well-balanced lives. able to jump-start an idea or project utilizing the originality and strength of the 1. the 8 contributes good judgment and decisionmaking. . This person does not procrastinate and finishes every project. able to conceive a complete project and oversee its successful outcome. This person is an excellent designer and project planner. no matter how complex it seems. flexibility of the 5 and responsibility of the 6.

The 1-5-9 combination is the Determination Line. organized individual with both feet on the ground. It also indicates a strong work ethic. and the 7 provides introspection and spirituality. The 9 is the final universal ingredient that allows for completion. The patience and cooperation of the 2. somehow. High intelligence does not mean the same as mental strength but if it is present then this person is a force to be reckoned with. which is anchored by the creative expression of the 3. It is also the motivator that gathers assistance from others.62 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name This 3-6-9 combination is the Mind Line. This individual will find a way. This individual possesses good stamina and pays attention to health matters. It represents a practical. The understanding and compassion of the 9 completes this triad. A strong 1 presence provides individuality to bolster the 4 diligence. Again. . This 2-5-8 combination represents self-esteem. The people skills and responsibility traits of the 6 add special qualities to the strong mental energy of this line. This 1-4-7 line is known as the Physical Line. also known as the Soul Line because it deals with inner feelings and strength. the 1 provides the energy to start a project and the tenacity and courage to keep going. It affects the material aspect of a person s life. to complete any task. the adaptability and motivating energies of the 5 and the excellent judgment and leadership qualities of the 8 offer many avenues to success. The 5 allows for daringness and exploration of all aspects of the project. A full line here defines a person who knows who he or she is and has the charisma to achieve life goals.

these people are the workhorses to enforce principles of compassion and ethics expressed by the 5. In the New Millennium especially.Paul G. It allows that individual to understand the needs of fellow human beings. . The 3 provides creativity and the vision needed to seek solutions for human suffering. Their spiritual introspection is heightened by the 7. Minar The 3-5-7 combination is the Compassion Line.

The 1-2-3 Thought Line means success due to creative thought. The 7-8-9 numbers have to come from the name to bring a better balance. The 7 energies demonstrate her intellectual and spiritual pursuits and fortify the sacrifices on behalf of her family. Dad s 66 teaches love of family and responsibility. Chapter seven provided practice involving Personal and Universal Numbers and now you can use t he Pythagorean Matrix to do quick exercises that will make working with numbers an exercise that will help you to continue this adventure! 9-3-1957 (Joann Fortin. 5-13-2000 These numbers represent those children born in the New Millennium. I use it while having coffee with someone at a café because it can be done in less t han ten seconds using two vertical lines intersected by two horizontal ones like tic-tac-toe. mother of Nathan Fortin) This is a very well balanced chart. Ron Fortin (1-26-1963). I can print out characteristi cs for an entire family in less than two minutes.64 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Pythagorean Matrix Sample Chart This birth date configuration is the first numerical exercise I use at the begin ning of a consultation with a client. . 8-28-1995 (Nathan Fortin. What a strong Self Esteem line! Nathan is completely self-assured and very sociable. She also shares the 5 with her son. Also. The 5 is a balance number and helps them articulate and be more independent. note the full Determination Line leading to the 88 with its strong executive abilities. Both my niece and her son demonstrate these qualities all the time. Note the empty Action Line. The 5 he shares with mom means a love of adventure and exploration. Joann s son). Note the 99 she shares with her son on the Mind/Action corner. The information shows the inter-relationships going on between the vari ous family members. These good souls will help create positive patterns of thought in the future to benefit the planet. Her 3 energies help her to teach creative expression to him aided by her husband.

Chapter Nine The Numerology Chart .

They all give meaning. the vagueness becomes downright ornery. Pythagoras discussed the origin of numbers in the following two taped sessions. and the design. It is a tool by which Man can reach his destiny usin g his fullest potential. Rome. religion and spirituality. but in all honesty. and much like the quotes of the bible numerous. beautiful. Pythagoras. October 11. He called this path The Avenue of Numbers. At tim es. . We do not say we want to go back to a certa in period and place and find something. Very often it is wondered where all of our symbols and designs come from. as are all the marvelous tools to assist Man. Some have originated millions of years ago and some as shortly as a year ago. So we scan these many symbols to use as needed. ancient civilizations. Numerology and its many ways of b eing interpreted is a vast and magnificent tool with which Man can support himself.66 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Numerology Chart In my discussions with Pythagoras over the years. and by that I mean he can t ap into his inner core and release the energies needed to complete tasks when he has the value and dignity that a N umerology Chart brings. as well as now. music. And when compared one upon the other. Conventio nal research regarding the origin of the study of numbers mentions ancient Greece. Egypt and the ancient books of w isdom like the Bible and the Hebrew Kabbala. A vague opposition is always present when one presents the truth. It is not a fortune telling tool as such. Pythagoras. 1996: We greet you with the symbol of the Greeks the love. there would be less challenge if one were not oppose d from time to time. They come from many planets. There is no set time or place for any of these symbols to have made thei r way here. should he choose. Simply stated. 1980: Numerology. psychology. philosophy. Numerology is the study of numbers as they relate to science. the thought. August 27. healing. Time is not of the esse nce with us as it is with you. many coun tries. We scan just as you would on a computer to look for something. he liked to refer to numbers a s signposts along life s path. Sacred Numbers the guiding energies of the spheres noble work in itself. he lpful. In response to my request for more information regarding this fa scinating subject. mathematics.

. Refer to chapter six for more options on the meaning o f these numbers. They make excellent teachers an d leaders on a large scale when properly motivated. Minar The Alphabet With Thirty-One Numbers In chapter six. however. 28 Strong-willed and dominant yet compassionate. contain numbers up to thirty-one. so to speak. 30 A number of high creativity expressing with the energies of the 0. 44 and 55. Many executives carry the 28 energies. I covered all the numbers represented by the alphabet including the Master Numbers 11. patience and diplomacy add to the idealism of this number combination. without the special affiliation of the letters. The 2 does not provide the strong starting base of the 1 for double-digit numbers. but we could not complete a calendar mon th without them. The numbers beyond the twenty-six letters of our English alphabet are on their own. 31 Again. lots of creativity expressing with the individuality of the 1. These ind ividuals must remain organized and apply themselves in tasks. 29 A very spiritual number due to the Universal 9. It is im portant that you focus on the meaning of the numbers 1 through 9 because all number combinations except the Ma ster Numbers reduce to those single digits. Quiet determ ination. 27 Combines the cooperation of the 2 with the introspection of the 7. The calendar months. Their efforts need recognition. Must stay focused and upbeat. 33. These indivi duals are very imaginative and energetic. 22.Paul G. They also make good writers. So here is an abbreviated meaning of those numbers.

but the truth is that if we were. It would be like a much compromised dialect and it would be . I again asked about the twenty-seventh letter. 2003. People are being prepared for it but they are not quite rea dy for it. so I find it fascinating that Pythagoras should validate this occurrence and state that the introduction of this letter has been postponed to the end of our present century. I had read several years ago in a Numerology book about this twenty-seventh letter. or the Supreme Being. we would have self-destructed when the nuclear age began. He stated th at this addition was still under consideration by the Higher Essences (those highly evolved beings we equate with the Saints and Sages). all languages. On May 19th. He answered that it would b e a joint effort and it would be in all cultures. Among other Numerology subjects. but in the words of Pythagoras. In the year 2095 there is great consideration of the twenty-seventh letter. These beings represent the administrative arm of God.68 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Numerology Chart The Twenty-Seventh Letter Pythagoras informed me during a channeling session (September 20. I asked if that letter would come from this country. I. 1996) that a t wenty-seventh letter would be added to our present alphabet and that this event was originally scheduled fo r the end of the previous century. This letter would be a vowel and its function would be to give that feeling of going to a much higher level on an individual basis. Pythagoras made a surprise visit during a discussion I had wi th Isabelle. Pythagoras said it would merge quite possibly with the A. I had read in this other Numerology book something about a new language emerging along with the twenty-seventh letter. and then a higher authority takes control. we are allowed to go just so far with our mis chief. O and U. which would be like a I want to say it in your words. We thi nk we are in total control of our earthly destinies or happenings. He said that the vowels would be changed but in the meantime there will be certain changes in the language and they would include all the major nat ionalities and their we call it [Efru]. E. It is in preparation for that letter now. The planet is not ready for it. at the same time. nor are its inhabitan ts. Here he paused. We can be thankful that someone else is truly in charge of the future of this magnificent planet and its inhabitants. to become that which tha t person would be. but it is very hard. I asked further if this new letter would represent the sixth vowel following A. Yet we always take credit when worldly happenings stop short of total s elf-destruction. Success always follows steps of preparation. Like little children.

It does seem to me that a new letter that is associated with the A would carry great ene rgies for new beginnings. .principally English. The vocabulary of beings like Pythagoras is not unlike that of individuals of hi gh intellect and learning on this level. Success always follows steps of preparation and it would seem that the inhabitants of this plan et have to make some major positive changes to earn that bonus. The language and the meaning of the words will not change b ut there will be additions to language from other cultures and that will compromise the understanding of everyone. Many of my conversations with beings like Pythagoras have left me with a need to do some contemplating on my own.

clearer interpretation of their numbers. I always ask permission of that person to enter their energy field. we reach the Numerology Chart! This is what you have been waiting patie ntly for. This co-operative method saves me time and energy.Paul G. The biggest problem used to be the mathematica l errors in adding numerical values for vowels. Following the Numerology Chart is an example of the computerized printout of a p erson s Progression Chart. Everyone has an energy field surrounding them and it is a very pe rsonal and unique possession and a safeguard as well. The process of hand printing or typing the Progression Chart or Life Script was especially time-consuming and required perfect concentration. prior to speaking with someone regarding their chart interpretation . It is c omposed of twelve basic elements. In addition. Knowledge is a gift that is meant to be shared. For some time now. birthdates. the interpretation of the content is most important! Any . This chapter features the basic Numerology Chart that I use in teaching. a s your consciousness grows so will your understanding of the numbers. you have a fairly decent idea as to what the numbers mean. The old and the new can still work together in many ways to gain knowledge and understanding and there is a difference between these two words. owner of the company. consonants. and makes for affordable Numerology Chart interpretati ons. Minar The Numerology Chart Finally. No matter how p rofessional the final packaging is. The hand-done version is the type I relied on prior to acquiring my first computer . This technology allows me to make changes and multiple-page numerol ogy charts and in-depth interpretations. So. etc. I always ask my guides to reinforce my energy field each day as a protection against negative energies of any kind. Remember. my Numerology Charts are a combination of my own forms and mode rn technology. I have enjoyed the time-saving benefits of the Widening Horizons software programs offered by m y friend Larry Malakoff. making notations throughout the pages to add my personal intuit ive input. A computerized Progression Chart is a must! As I hand print each letter or number of my basic Numerology Chart I touch more deeply wit h the meaning of each one. It was also a drain on the brain. They are not just numbers but energy forces t hat are a viable part of the very core of all existence and a universal expression of spiritual values. My sensitivity or intuition is more creative and expansive. also available from Widening Horizons. If you have done your homework. This allows me to get closer to them and obt ain a deeper.

one can use Numerology forms to print a chart that has many components and equations. Numerology opens many doors that lead to personal success but there is a price to be paid. To understand Numerology is to un derstand the need to be of service to our fellow beings. . This book is also desig ned to attract readers who not only want to gain insight for their own personal growth but also will share their knowledge and understanding with others. The more you share. The pu rpose of this book is to provide a well-grounded understanding of the meaning and everyda y application of numbers. Knowledge is a gift that is me ant to be shared. It is a message I have been hearing since I first met Pyt hagoras. the more you will receive. whether single or double digits.

... such as the name Mary. even for me... If you can grasp the meaning of the numbers and appl y their meanings to your everyday life... I use the Y as a vowel in certain cases when there is no other vowel present in a syllable. Add a generous amount of common sense..... you will have accomplished a great deal and responded to my purpose in wri ting this book.. placement. I do not believe that every syllable requires a vowel. Element One Vowels . and amount of these letters and numbers throughout the Basic Chart. so will your understanding. . numbers or configurations.. consonants.......... Simply look at the final numbers and see if they match the personality and patte rns of behavior of the charted person... The secret is motivation and attitude..... The Y and W are sometimes treated as vowe ls....70 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Numerology Chart The Twelve Elements All the terms used by the many Numerologists to denote various components of a c hart do cause confusion and that is unfortunate. That s it! It s all about the letters and numbers that are present in your full name and birt h-date versus the ones that are absent. Don t push too hard studying the numbers or any of the charts..... it s about the order.. There are varying opinions regarding how to deal with multiple names or hyphenated names... But each Numerologist has his or her own reasons for using diffe rent names for the meaning of vowels.. You can always find a different perspective or equation when working with number s. you will get new insigh ts into the number meanings.... I ha ve seen more than twenty-four components but for the sake of simplicity. As time goes by.... From time to time.. The Numerology Chart is simply about the vowels and consonants in your full birt h name and birth-date. but my focus is on spiritual and personal growth issues.... That is the way it all works. these twelve are more than adequate..... That is the true test of the numerical me thod! The Twelve Elements of a Numerology Chart I have pared the components of a basic Numerology Chart to twelve elements. Relax and enjoy the process. especially as they relate to you. and the meaning of each number will come to you naturally. Further... You will never feel bored by the numbers because as your consciousness expands. The twelve elements that are listed below will be explained further on the next page with a listing of other terms they are known by.... But I never use the W as a vowel... nor does Pythagoras... Motivating Element . I scan some of the others for research purposes (and curiosity).

...................................... they are great warm-up exercises and can be done rather quickly.. All Letters... Type of Overall Life Events Element Six Total Essence................................................... Meani ng of Your Special Day Element Twelve Progression Chart ........ Birth Month + Day + Current Year Element Ten Pythagorean Matrix .............. Use the terms that you are comfortable with...................................... ....... Exper iences From Birth-Date Element Nine Personal & Universal Numbers ......... Sleeping Self Element Three All Letters ....................Element Two Consonants ............ P ast Life Mistakes Element Five Life Path ................. Ho w Often Numbers Appear Element Eight Pinnacles and Challenges............................................... Consonants..... Life Path and the birth date configuration that I refer to as the Pythagorean Matrix.......................... Birt h-Date Configuration Element Eleven Your Birthday Number ............................................... Synchronized Self Element Four Karmic Lessons .............................. This will increase y our confidence level and make it easier to construct the actual formal Numerology Chart. .... .... The names of the other six elements are more universally used by the Numerologists I am fa miliar with........................................................... All Letters Plus Life Path Element Seven Points of Intensification.................... Life Script From Your Full Name We covered the Pythagorean Matrix in the previous chapter because like the Perso nal and Universal Numbers.... Various Numerologists use differe nt names to denote Vowels..................................................

Element Two Consonants Pythagoras introduced the term Sleeping Self to me. But consonants are also like books on a bookshelf: if you don t take them out and read them. you get a composite expression of how you are perceived by others. The focus here is on your abilities and talents rather than actual personality. such as the names Harry or Mary. Vowels are the inner seeds of yearning for self-recognition or expression. a very difficult time. Expression Number. Other names you might come across are Heart Self. By thoughtfully examining all of the vowels and cons onants. Pythagoras describes vowel s this way: They are the link or the bridge. the Y is a consonant because the re is only one syllable and it contains the vowel E. I say thoughtfully deliberately because we need to look within and disc over what we came here to do.Paul G. names take on a harsher sound. skills. For some. Without vowels. With a name like Yves. consonants and all letters. Heart s Desire. It s easier to grasp a person s outward talents (Element Two) and personality (Element Six) than the inner self as expressed in the vowels (Element One). Not every syllable has to have a vowel in it. we can see the tools we have to work with. and without that assistance the person has a difficult. Some of us have more serious missions to accomplish while others are here to lend the ir energies to those around them and to the planet. comple ting the triad of vowels. Pythagoras calls this name total the Synchronized Self. Pythagoras also ties the Synchronized Self number to our mission in life. The only time I use the Y as a vowel is when there is no other vowel in a syllab le and there is an E sound. Motivation Number or Inner Self Number. this is a lifetime where they can just enuous previous life and this is an be. Perhaps it follows a more str . Minar Element One Vowels They are the Motivating Element and represent how you perceive the things you cr eate in life. The consonants represent the more obvious outward expression of abilities. Being a composite of two elements allows for a certain amount of mystery because the vow els are a hidden quality. you do not get the message. Pythagoras compares conso nants to roses in a garden: they add a great deal to the personality but they have thorns that can stop a person cold if a person is not aware of what could happen. Element Three All Letters By adding all the vowels and consonants together. mannerisms or habits. Quiescent S elf or Power Number. Some Numerologists call them the Soul Urge.

it wa s an eye for an eye and that belief is still held by some people. In the past. horse stealing was cause for swift punishment in the form of hanging the culprit. They can be minor or extremely serious. Karma is represented by the missing number or numbers from 1 to 9 in a person s fu ll name. we eliminate . Karma simply represents mistakes from a past life. or in some cases. As we go through life. a murder. a thief can have his hands severed today. This planet is known as the planet of emotions and is where we incarnate for the p urpose of learning how to deal with them. appearing at a time when we can best deal with it. karma sometimes skips lifetimes. In the old west. Also. In my experience doing Numerology Charts it is rare to find someone with no karm ic lessons but that person generally has been helping someone close to them who needs guidance and support. But no one on this level knows the full scope of another s karma. Element Four Karma Karma is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world.opportunity to enjoy the gift of life. In some parts of the world. The first name relates to our personal physical world and the last name represents o ur spiritual heritage from our father. It is more significant if the missing number or numbers are from the middle name because of the emotion al impact of the middle name.

72 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name karma by correcting past mistakes and can pick up fresh karma in some other area of our personal conduct. It s all about balance. No one is perfect so it is best to treat others as you would like to be treated and not worry too much about karma. When one person kills another, karma is instantly created and the killer will ha ve to do something to balance the scales again, but that does not mean that he or she will be killed in a future l ife. Besides the act of killing, the victim s life has been interrupted and certain tasks or situations cannot be accomplished in this lifetime. The victim will receive special consideration in the next incarnation to complete what is necessary. The perpetrator must perform whatever tasks are necessary on this level to compensate for the trauma done to the victi m s life and the lives of loved ones who were affected. God will judge the killer and determine the type of karma to be worked out. It m ay be swift or may take a great deal of time to complete, perhaps even a distant lifetime. But essentially, the karma is over as soon as the killer has completely come to terms with the taking of a life by realizing the full extent of the tran sgression and being truly remorseful. Words of regret alone are not sufficient. They must come from the heart and soul of th e person. Accept karma as a natural part of growth. I know of two individuals who killed one another in a duel in a previous life. I n this life experience, they killed each other with words until mutual understanding and lov e ended the karmic carryover. We have all done some pretty bad things during our past li fe experiences so we should not be too hasty in judging others. Accept karma as a n atural part of growth and development over a long period of life experiences. The quick er we learn, the easier life becomes and we can move on to activities that are more pr oductive. In today s world, justice systems require punishment for crimes committed, especia lly serious ones, and rehabilitation is not always an option. God does not punish. God does not exact revenge. God rehabilitates. He does, how ever, mete out certain kinds of life experiences that are designed to help an individual get a clear picture of

any transgressions and some of these experiences can be harsh. As long as that person refuses to acknowledge the erro r of his or her ways, the unpleasant conditions will continue and it may require many life experiences. After death (or transition ) special celestial beings assist us in evaluating the p ast life behavior and in cooperation with our higher self designate future life experiences accordingly. So we also h ave a hand in determining the nature of future conditions. In the climate of the afterlife perspective, it is easier for us to be more objective in determining exactly what type of experiences we need to balance those scales. No matter how horrible a person s pattern of ime when the scales will be balanced. I do not believe in a place called in eternal damnation. In biblical times God allowed the spiritual leaders to use the unicate to the people a message designed to get their attention. And at that their attention. behavior has been there will come a t Hell and I certainly do not believe phrase fires of hell in order to comm

time, that was the only way to get

Our consciousness today does not warrant that kind of message, though some belie f systems still preach hellfire and damnation. That spark of God s divinity that is our essence also assures us of ult imate reconciliation. I do believe that hell is a condition that we create for ourselves and the severity of certain des ignated places can indeed be a hell of an ordeal. There is a place designated in the afterlife where certain spirits are placed th at has various levels of existence and these are miserable places indeed. They are in keeping with the status of each person when they make their transition. This place is for those who have made serious transgressions in their previous lives and simply incarnating again and assuming karma would not be the proper resolution to their predicament. This is not punishment from God it amounts to self-punishment. The length of time they remain there depends on how long it takes them to totally come to grips with what they have done. You made your bed, now lie in it would best des cribe this unfortunate situation. On the reverse side, those individuals who have earned the right to be placed in one of the levels of the place known as heaven will find themselves occupying a far more pleasant set of conditions. We will discuss this wondrous place in chapter eighteen, Reincarnation. The missing number or numbers from 1 to 9 in your full birth name. That number o r numbers represents your karma. Karmic numbers indicate the type of lesson or lessons needed to correct t he mistakes of one or more past lives.

Paul G. Minar Number Lesson (One Or More) One Courage, Individuality, Leadership, Willpower Two Calmness, Cooperation, Diplomacy, Patience Three Creative Expression, Inspiration, Joy, Optimism Four Discipline, Loyalty, Organization, Practicality Five Change, Flexibility, Freedom, Sensuality Six Adjustment, Harmony, Love, Responsibility Seven Faith, Introspection, Solitude, Spirituality Eight Authority, Judgment, Material Mastery, Power Nine Compassion, Forgiveness, Idealism, Universality Examine the missing number or numbers and study the meaning by examining all the aspects of the number or numbers from chapter six, The Meaning of the Numbers. Self-examination is the key. You will know if you look sincerely. Everyone has karma to deal with. It is simply part of life. We also h ave other weaknesses to deal with, ones we accumulate along the way. The energies of this period in time are specially desi gned to help us get rid of old patterns that we have dealt with over many lifetimes but one or two old patterns show up as karma this time. An excessive number of karmic lessons indicate a desire to take on many challenges that requi re strong discipline. More than two karmic lessons is not the norm in my experience. Three karmic lessons are not un common. I have seen as many as five and that individual has taken on quite a number of challenges that require great discipline. Element Five Life Path By adding the numbers of the month, day and year of birth we reach the Life Path number. This number governs the type of events an individual will encounter throughout a lifetime. By lookin g up (or remembering) the meaning of that single number (except for 11, 22, or perhaps 33), one can understand why ce rtain kinds of events or experiences have been happening on an ongoing basis. There is also a karmic connection, so c ompare those two sets of numbers for a better understanding of what your life is all about. This is a clue to one s lif e purpose or mission. To better understand this subject of life purpose, I would recommend a consultation with an experienc ed Numerologist. According to Pythagoras, a person s Life Path can change, and more than once! It all depends on your contract for this lifetime. Prior to incarnating, we plan o ur Basic Life Script and some of us have one that is more flexible than most people. Especially in these chaotic tim es, flexibility is very necessary, especially for those who feel a sense of service to humanity. Free will has a great deal to do with one s Life Path also. We can t evade responsib ilities that are a necessary part of our growth simply by changing our Life Path, However, if it is for our greater g ood or to help our fellow beings or the planet, then a change is good. How do you know what number to assign to a new Life Path? For one thing, the typ

e of events will change and you will feel you are going in a different direction, that you have made one or more major decisions about what you want to accomplish in life. Remember you are not alone. You have guides and teachers to assist you and a Hig her Self to guide you. If you are really at one with the numbers then you can feel their influence at any time. If n ot, then practice. Start with keeping track of your Personal Day and Personal Month. Keep a journal and look back over the previous or current Personal Year number also. Some people go through life never knowing what they really wan t to accomplish. Others know who they are and where they are going. Understanding your numbers provides you with an edge because it provides you wit h a personal blueprint. We have spent a great deal of time on this subject of Life Path, but it is a profound st udy and well worth a lot of contemplation

Highly evolved spirits may not be aware of their real st atus but their good deeds are noted on a higher level. Free will is always pr esent. we play a different role depend ing on what kind of experiences we need for our personal development.74 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name on your part. It s all about God s timing. This awareness of who we are and where we are going becomes stronger as we experience life. a very good clue as to the real ide ntity of an individual is the amount of poise they demonstrate. That is why I call this element the Total Essence of a person. It is not a number that is intended to support the latter days of a person s life. We are never too old to succeed in a worthwhile endeavor. Each time. The word destiny sounds too much like something unchangeable for me. Each of us has to maintain our own pace in life (like the tortoise and the hare). with that magnificent overview He has of life on earth. some of us tend to be a bit shy. It may take a while for this outward pers onality to really take shape. it is a number that grows with you as you mature according to your needs and understanding. talking about our mission in life as well as the type of events or Life Path we will encounter. Th ese two elements will shape the outward personality. you will have a greater sense of who you are and wher e you are going. Regardless of one s standing in life. some of us do not begin to see our mission unfold until we are senior citizens. In reality. depending how we handle the experiences or challenges life prov ides. Remember. after all. By combining all the lette rs of your full name (Synchronized Self) with your Life Path. Element Six Total Essence It is also known as the Maturity Number. This element of the Numerology Chart is sometimes called the Birth Force or Destiny Number. We are. Individual accom plishment is not always recognized by others because it depends on how we define accomplishment. each lifetime is different. In our youth. One of the greatest misconceptions in life is the expectation that we are to hav e completed our goals before reaching those golden years of retirement. Others demonstrate more self-confidence early o n. We have all played a wide variety of roles fr om the lowest in social standing to royalty. how we handle them plus the genes we inherit. Element Seven Points of Intensification How Often Do Numbers Appear in a Name? Average Your Name 1 three to four times ( ) . the Reality Number and the Ultimate Goa l Number among others. It doesn t matter. Rathe r. We are always a product of outside influences.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

once ( ) once ( ) once ( ) three to four times ( ) once ( ) none to once ( ) none to once ( ) three to four times ( )

Paul G. Minar When looking at how often numbers appear in your name remember they are there fo r a purpose: to indicate the state of balance existing in your name and to indicate your strong and weak poin ts so you will know how to focus your energies to compensate where possible. Look at these numbers in relation to your karmic lessons and as they relate to a ll the numbers in your chart. Generally, your birth date contains some of the numbers needed to help balance t his equation. Also, look at the numbers to see how often they appear, thereby affecting your a bilities and goals. Then start changing your patterns of behavior to create the balance or spread of numbers that you need. Don t do show and tell with anyone else regarding your numbers, no matter where they appear on your Num erology Chart. Your numbers are unique because they provide the experiences you need in this lifetime. No one in dividual has a better chart because the numbers seem to be more favorable. Many highly evolved souls or spirits hide their true spiritual development and d o their earthly work quietly and unnoticed. However, within a family group or to see the comparative differences between people in a relationship, it is helpful to compare numbers for the purpose of understanding and helping one anot her. Element Eight Pinnacles and Challenges Pinnacles represent the four main categories of life experiences within the guid ing framework of our Life Path, obtained by adding our birth month, day and year. They indicate precisely how we should deal with these experiences or events to produce positive results and maximum growth and to successfully car ry out the plan of our Life Path. Our Personal Year, Personal Month and Personal Day numbers deal with what type o f experiences or events will occur. Change is progress and the varying numerical experiences provide the nece ssary range of experiences, like the variety of musical instruments that produce a balanced symphony. Remember, we choose our name and birth-date before incarnating in order to accom plish our individual quests. These life experiences are grouped in nine-year cycles and the exact time we lea ve one cycle and enter another depends on astrological influences as well as the Personal Year number. The First Pinnacle represents the Spring of your life the youthful aspect. The Second Pinnacle represents the Summer of life when you assume responsibility , start a career or raise a family. The Third Pinnacle represents middle age and maturity of thinking the Autumn of li fe.

The Fourth Pinnacle represents the Winter of life time to take stock of our experi ences and be free of the distractions and responsibilities associated with them, be more reflective and c oncerned with the needs of humanity. It s a time to share. In figuring the Pinnacles, we write (left to right) the numeric value of the mon th, day and year of our birth. First Pinnacle = the sum of the digits of the month and day of birth. Second Pinnacle = the sum of the digits of the day and year of birth. Third Pinnacle = the addition of the First and Second Pinnacles. Fourth Pinnacle = the sum of the digits of the month and year of birth. In figuring the Challenges, we do the reverse of the above. We subtract all the digits. The Four Cycles of Life Now, we must figure the timing of the Four Cycles of Life. We start with the num ber 36, which is the sum of four nine-year cycles. It takes thirty-six years minus our Life Path number to comple te phase one of our basic learning. It is not necessary to focus on the smaller nine-year cycles though each nine years re presents a special period of growth. Next, subtract the Life Path number from 36 to arrive at the number representing the time frame for the cycle of the First Pinnacle (the year it ends). Next, add nine years to this age and you have the year the Second Pinnacle ends. Then add another nine years to that age. You now have completed three cycles of the Pinnacle Numbers.

76 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The fourth cycle covers the rest of your life beginning with the year after the fourth cycle ends. Of course, these same cycles are influenced by the Challenge numbers, governing the obstacles or weakn esses to be overcome in order to succeed. CYCLES: First 36-Life Path ( ) = Second Plus Nine Years = Third Plus Nine Years = Fourth Balance of Life = = ___ (Life Path) You can choose how to deal with the Challenge period of your life. This requires a great amount of reflection.

They have everything to do with influences outside and independent of your name. Very shortly. Minar Element Nine Personal and Universal Numbers Chapter seven as you have already seen goes into detail regarding the meaning of these numbers and the equations used to calculate them. this type of chart deals with each year. Again. Just as each year brings with it a unique batch of babies. Element Twelve The Progression Chart . Therefore. strengths and weaknesses. no one can have all the spaces filled .Paul G. Element Eleven Your Birthday Number In this book. But the Personal and Universal Numbers depend entirely on combining the month an d day of your birth with the current year. Unlike any other part of the Numerology Chart. Element Ten The Pythagorean Matrix In the previous chapter. Hopefully. However. by knowing the meaning of the numbers you can be like the concert master getting th e best performance out of all of them. these numbers change each lifetime just as the name changes. When interpreted correctly they present an accurate view of a person s perso nality. These influences have nothing to do with your name. They show the numerical influences of each calendar year. God provides the planet with a constant symphony of numbers and numbers within numbers. behavioral patterns. Each month also has an astrological name and meaning wh ich I include in my Numerology Charts as an added perspective. As with the Points of Intensification. the same pr inciples apply to you in terms of your special day. I include it with each Numerology Chart that I do. It is th e quickest to complete of any numerical equation. To do justice to birthday numbers I would have to double the number of pages in this book. As I mentioned previously. all numerical influences work tog ether for your benefit. you saw how all the birth date numbers are placed insid e of nine circles that form a special grid. I will spend more time explaining the relevance of th e birthday numbers as opposed to numbers in general and I will recommend an author who delves more deeply into th is fascinating subject. The Progression Chart (Element Twelve) shows y our Life Script in terms of the way each letter of your name is played out year after year. the twel ve months within that year and each day of the month. I will not dwell too much on the meaning of birthday numbers becau se I have already explained the meaning of all the numbers contained in a calendar month. throughout your personal chart. so does each month and day. month and day based on your birth date. you have had an opportunity to practice with this numerical grid.

Pythagoras considers th e Progression Chart to be a very profound part of any Numerology Chart. This is your Life Script and it is extremely important that you do not look at i t as some kind of prediction formula for the future. I do not initially provide one a s part of a consulting session. While I have tried to present numbers in a way that you can more easily understand them. It all d epends on how serious my clients are about their numbers. has allowed me to use her name and birth date as an example. though I will refer to it as it relates to other aspects of a client s Numerology Chart. It is also very important that you do not misinterpret the past or the present in looking at the Progression Chart. I cannot interpret a person s Progression Chart properly without first disc ussing all the other elements of the chart.You will find an example of a computerized Progression Chart in this chapter. My good friend. then and only then do I make the Progression Chart available. the full meaning takes time to develop a great deal of time. Isabelle Zaccardi. . When my clients have had time to digest the rest of the chart and demonstrated that they have done their homework regard ing the numbers. This may take several weeks. Then the Life Script numbers can be viewed with more accuracy and with mo re understanding. In fact.

78 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The meaning of the numbers on your Progression Chart even though those numbers may be identical to those of another person do not have the same interpretation because no two people on the fa ce of the earth have totally identical numbers. No two spirits are identical. This is your Personal Blueprint as well as Life Script! Study it carefully and don t attempt to look too far into the future influences. I will have more to say about this unique part of the Numerology Chart later in this chapter. It is like trying to read an architectural blueprint when you don t fully understand all the symbols and scale. Even if the names are identical. So if you obtain this information on your own. following the Numerology Chart. not even twins. for free will is always present. How you live each day is what counts. Widening Horizons is the software company I use. Earlier. please seek the expertise of a professional Numerologist so that he or she can relate this Life Script to the r est of your Numerology Chart. for it affects the quality of life you earn for the future! . the date and time of birth i s probably different or the sex is different. I stated that I do not initially provide the Progression Chart to my cl ients unless they already understand the meaning of these letters and numbers.

Minar The Numerology Chart Sample Chart for Isabelle Zaccardi .Paul G.

It is the synchronization or working together of the first two elements. she has to live out the experiences that those two numbers represent. Element Four Karmic Lessons Isabelle s full name letters are missing the numbers 6 and 7. The 6 permeates her life. It generally indicates the abilities or ta lents we express outwardly. there is a secretive side to the consonants. After working closely with Isabelle since 1978. She is a spiritual counselor. I call Element One the Motivating Element. In my discussions with Pythagoras. a subtle approach. Her family members are very important to her but everyone she works with is family. which is a mystery t o me. constantly giving of herself. too. Some Numero logists do not reduce the 11 as I did with her first and last name. Rebecca is a 28/10/1. Element Two Consonants Isabelle s Consonants added left to right. he stated that some highly evolved souls are permit ted to live out the karma of another soul who is in the spirit world and is unable to incarnate at this time to fulfi ll any karmic debts. I call Element Two the Sleeping Self. This is a rare occurrence and I have encountered it only one other time. Pythagoras stated that this number is a clue to our mission in life. Isabelle is a 29/11/2. These karmic numbers were expl ained earlier in this chapter. When it appears as the first sum total. Isabelle i s very flexible and accepts change as an important part of life. It is sometimes called the Soul Urge. Rebecca is a 17/8.80 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Isabelle s Numerology Chart The Twelve Elements Explained Element One Vowels Isabelle s Vowels added left to right total a 6. Heart s Desire or Motivation Number. I believe that we all have a special contract in each life a special commitment or assignment. and Zaccardi is an 11 (total = 24/6). total a 26/8. Isabelle is a 9. and Zaccardi is a 38/11/2 (total = 5). and Zaccardi is 27/9 (total = 26/8). I leave it alone. a first time mee ting with her does not reveal the decisiveness in her personality. The 5 is arrived at b y way of the gentle 2 and the creative expression of the 3. Element Three All Letters All the Vowels and Consonants added left to right total a 5. Isabelle is a 20/2. This is a great act of love and i s permitted by the Supreme Being as a special circumstance. In the case of Isabelle. I can atte st to the fact that she personifies the positive aspects of the 6 (Harmony. The power of the 8 sort of sneaks up on you. Obviously. Rebecca is an 11. However. Love and Responsibility) and the positive as . Note that the 8 is arrived a t by way of the gentle 2 expressing with the compassionate 6. She is a good traveler/adventurer. I call Element Three the Synchronized Self. It indicates how Isabelle views the t hings she creates. She is very modest and low-key.

It is also the number of selflessness and sacrifice. the Universal Number of the humanitarian and the number of understanding and wisdom. Element Seven Points of Intensification How Often Do Numbers Appear in a Name? . Element Six Total Essence Arrived at by adding the Synchronized Self number plus the Life Path number. Isabelle exemplifies the 5: a designated workhorse for this century. it is a more complete picture of your personality.pects of the 7 (Spirituality. Calmness and Wisdom). Element Five Life Path Isabelle s Life Path is 9.

Minar Isabelle Rebecca Zaccardi Average Isabelle s Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 three to four times five once two once six once once three to four times four once none none to once none none to once once three to four times four .Paul G.

. This requires a great amount of reflection. birthday = October 9.82 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Element Eight Pinnacles and Challenges Isabelle Zaccardi. 1925 CYCLES: (1st) (2nd) (3rd) (4th) 36-Life Path (9) = 27 Plus Nine Years = 36 Plus Nine Years = 45 Balance of Life = 46 on = 9 (Life Path) You can choose how to deal with the Challenge period of your life.

............... 2003 reduces to 5..... and so f orth..........(8) + (7) = (6) (5) September* .(6) + (7) = (4) (3) July .........................(7) + (7) = (5) (4) August............... and Day numbers........10 (1) + (7) = (8) (7) November ..... The Personal Month number is calculated by adding the Personal Year number to th e chronological number of any given month (reduced) to again produce a final single digit....... Month......... 2007 = 9..11 (2) + (7) = (9) (8) December.... The Personal Year number is calculated by adding your birth month (reduced if tw o digits) plus the birthday (reduced if two digits) plus the current four-digit year reduced to produce a fi nal single digit..12 (3) + (7) = (1) (9) * In this case.(5) + (7) = (3) (2) June.(9) + (7) = (7) (6) October ...................... However.... The Personal Day number is calculated by adding the Personal Month number to the chronological day number in the same manner..... Sample Chart for Isabelle Zaccardi....Paul G... 2008 = 10/1. 2005 = 7.. Month and Day numbers are the most important because they influence your personal world as opposed to glob al events in general........... The Universal Year number is calculated by adding the four digits of the current year and then reducing them to a single digit (and in this case............ 2004 = 6.............. your Personal Yea r.................. born on October 9........ represented by the Universal Year...(1) + (7) = (8) (7) February ... month and day of your life....) (Calendar Month + Universal Year No.........) January . The Universal Month number = Universal Year plus current month......... 2006 = 8. 1925: Universal Year number for 2004: 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 6 Personal Year number for 2004: 1 + 9 + 6 (2004) = 16....... Minar Element Nine Personal and Universal Numbers They influence each year............ I also reduce Master Numbers)............................(4) + (7) = (2) (1) May.... The Universal Day number = Universal Month plus current day.... September is a double intensity umber is the same as the Personal month because the Personal Month n ..........(2) + (7) = (9) (8) March ............. which reduces to 7 Personal Month numbers Universal Month numbers (Calendar Month + Personal Year No.........(3) + (7) = (1) (9) April .....

It s a math thing.Year number. .

She is a Libra personality and the patience and cooperation of the 2 are always present. The 5 indicates her love of freedom and adventure. The 3 is missing here but appears six times in her name. . The 99 shows her strong mental energies.84 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Element Ten The Pythagorean Matrix Sample Chart Isabelle Zaccardi 10-9-1925 Since I have worked with this lady for many years. Her name vowels provide the 6. I can better interpret her chart. She lives a life of love and service with great determination.

is more emotional. published by Para Research. They simply are being v ery gracious by allowing others the privilege of choosing. all the number characterist ics of the 9 apply to all 9 birthdays but the personality changes according to the astrological influence. The 9 is the universal number of service. An October 9 person functions within the energies of the 10 calendar month so those 10/1 energies provide an extra boost for their strong wills and determination. the issue is more often what restaurant to choose for lunch. The negative 9 person . October 9. For deeper insight regarding birthday numbers for men and women I have always en joyed reading Birthday Numerology by Dusty Bunker and Victoria Knowles. They are known for their impartiality. 1925 Not every birthday 9 is the same. Each month there is a different astrological i nfluence to add to this number. of course. expansi ve thinking and integrity. you choose. Oh. Minar Element Eleven Your Birthday Number Isabelle Zaccardi. Every birthday number is a great number and for the birthday person it s a great day to be born! Each day of the ye ar produces a unique addition to the human race. She will say. They make good judges and mediators. I always enjoy the company of a 9 person regardless of their astrological influe nce.Paul G. Inc . They tend to be well educated and attr act talented and cultured people. For Isabelle it is the sign of Libra. is just the opposite. It s not that Libras are incapable of making the decision. so that charact eristic is present in a 9 person who lives according to the positive aspects of this powerful number. With Isabelle. Look elsewhere in your Numerology Chart for a repeat of your birthday number suc h as the Life Path number or total of the vowels and consonants. for example. known as being on the cusp. Sometimes they are criticized for not being more decisive. When your birthday number is the same as you r Personal Month or Personal year number there is intensity or special focus on that special day so enjoy it! All these different birthday numbers are part of God s geometry and ensure diversity. Since astrology signs sometimes overlap from one month to another the personality sometimes merges with another sign. So remember. . The 9 person is very philanthropic as well. It is a unique contribution to the world. A March 9 Aries person is more energetic and has the creative expression that ac companies the third month of the calendar year. A July 9 Cancer person.

The following 5 aspects change on Jan uary 1 of each year. you will notice that the subject s entire lifetime in chronological order o ccupies the top boxes from left to right. until the end of the progressed chart. The entire cycle then repeats itself. YEAR The calendar year corresponding to AGE. or Race Consciousness as it is someti mes called. by Kevin Quinn Avery. it looks like a confusing bunch of letters and numbers. calculated by adding the present age to the next year age and reducing to a single digit. We explored this in chapter seven. (Ref: The Numbers of Life. Yet we tel l people we are that same age for another year. Because of practical considerations of space using the computer printout p rocess.) Again. (Re: Numerology. each number represents a year of a person s life. P YEAR An abbreviation for Personal Year. Dolph in Books. for the purpose of my Numerology Chart interpretation. At first. TRAN An abbreviation for Transits. Note that this chart starts counting not at 0. (Some Nume rology Charts are set up to begin the age at 0. I do not u se this numerical equation in my charts. U YEAR An abbreviation for Universal Year. I explained the Cycles as part of the . There are two pages of this Progression Chart. The next year i s a 12. your age from 1 to 91. because they come with this printout. see chapter seven. The Romance in Your Name. but at 1. but I do need to explain what these letters mea n. an d last names. and each page is divided into top and bottom segments. this layout goes to the year 91. 1965. We can continue this form ula for any length of time. This i s a numerical equation I do not use as part of my Numerology Charts. page 218. AS CY An abbreviation for Astro Cycle. Again. representing the sum of the letter values for ea ch of the Transits. from 12 to 1. representing the letters from first. To put this entire formula or configuration in a proper perspective. page 260. De Vorss & Company. we are really celebrating the end of one year. starting with AGE and ending with CHAL . and lasting for a period of years equal to the number value of each Letter displayed. We forget that when we have a birthday. middle. you can ignore CYCLE here. Juno Jordan. CYCLE Since I do not use the above AS CY or AG CS information.) ESS An abbreviation for Essences. This continues until the Astro Cy cle equals 1 again.) AG CS An abbreviation for Age Consciousness. reduced to a single digit or Master Number (two digits). Now I will explain each box: AGE Just that. but let s start at the far le ft margin and note that there are eleven boxes. but I prefer to start at 1. Age 0 is always equal to 1. with each succeeding year equal to one less than the previous year. It is not an attempt to define how long anyone will live. 1977.86 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Element Twelve The Numerology Chart Sample Progressed Chart Explained First. by Dr. but you may explore it on your own.

which we explored as Element Eight. only experiences that are sometimes challenging. The future is always more compelling. CHAL An abbreviation for Challenges. There are no bad things coming up.Pinnacles/Challenges chart in chapter seven. You can see why it helps to have a professional Numerologist assist in explainin g this chart that is so full of letters and numbers. The letters I and R have a nine-year length so it is natural for your eyes to automatically scan those years. PINN An abbreviation for Pinnacles. To avoid confusion you can ignore AS CY. AG CS and CYCLE in this chart. I prefer to stay within a range of three to five years back or forward. For the most part. and that is fine. which we also explored in Element Eight. It is v ery important not to look too far into the future influences. and to explain what the various abbreviations mean as well. . though there is nothing to fear in your future. however.

. starting with the AGE box at the top of the chart and ending at the CHAL box at the bottom. which is 78. your actions today are what influence your future. you must be able to scan the entire field of participants. This takes time and diligence. to the preceding years. for example. it is helpful to use a highlight marker and draw a ver tical line from top to bottom on the chart. (By the way. with all of t he vertical numbers. Like a successful football coach. her age in 2003. Act i n a positive way now and you will inherit the best aspects of each letter or number in the future. and to the future ones. starting wit h. Minar As I have already said. let s take a look at Isabelle Rebecca Zaccardi s Progressed Chart.) At age 78 Isabelle s vertical perspective looks like this: AGE: 78 TRANSIT: L (3) C (3) Z (8) (Reduced from 26) ESSENCE: 14/5 YEAR: 2003 PERSONAL YEAR: 6 (Reduced from 15) UNIVERSAL YEAR: 5 (Adding 2003) PINNACLE: 9 CHALLENGE: 7 To get a broader perspective you need to compare this single year. Now.Paul G.

88 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Element Twelve The Numerology Chart Sample Progressed Chart of Isabelle Rebecca Zaccardi Birthday = October 9. 1925 .

1925 . Minar 89 Element Twelve The Numerology Chart Sample Progressed Chart of Isabelle Rebecca Zaccardi Birthday = October 9.Paul G.

Chapter Ten The Absolute Level .

He has always introduced Himself by saying. sym bolizing man s completion. or nothingness. by an angel and that name was intended to be an earthly one. They did not achieve their status on the basis of a single life on this planet. The name Jesus can be interpreted on this level because it was given to His mother . Have you not heard of Nirvana? I cannot interpret from a numerological perspective the names these beings are k nown by in the Higher Realms because those special names have nothing to do with the letters of our alphabet. and I serve. I am Elde r Brother. Some of t he Saints are known by earthly given names that are commonly used today but they are also known by other special name s in the Higher Realms for they had many incarnations we are not aware of and many assignments in other parts of the cosmos. The 8 is associated on this level with power but there is no way we can . It also means the master of love. Using the normal methods of n umerical interpretation one might say that God equals the number 17/8. they can either start over again or move on to another designated pat tern. regardless of their exemplary spiritual accomplishments. Therefore. These are the Saints. I had the pleasure of a channeled discussion with Pytha goras in which I wanted some information on whether I could apply numerological interpretations for a highly evolved being such as a Master Teacher or Ascended Master Teacher (the highest level). Finally. the number of Perfect Man. when Jesus became Jesus. they have completed everything that has been assigned to them and they can move into the Father s Mansi on so to speak. then they have achieved the state of nothingness from which all things are derived. Sages and other luminaries of the Higher Realms of existence who no longer need to incarnate on this planet and do not have dens e physical bodies as we do. However. His number is 7. It means savior and is a very popular name in the Spanish culture. In my many conversa tions with Him through Isabelle and the channeling process. However. the Christ the new name took on the energies of the Highe r Realms. Pythagoras answered my question in this way: The Absolute Level is the level of attainment that a Master Teacher or Ascended M aster Teacher attains. His symbol is the 7 surrounded by a circle. Mary. It means the anointed one and is an official title. When one has completed everything that has been assigned to them and they have reached the end of their travels along the Godhead. which we utilize to choose names prior to incarnating in order to accommodate certain life lessons and karma. 1996.92 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Absolute Level On September 20th. we reach the highest of names which is God. They are also much older than most of us realize.

This name originated on this level rather than the Higher Realms.ever use Numerology to interpret the name God. . It should not be done. sayin g. Pythagoras was very clear on our earthly attempts to interpret the name God. Never should it be done.

Chapter Eleven Numerology For Animals .

Paul: As I recall. known as the patron saint of animals. They conform that kingdom. we re talking about animals that are partly domesticated. For the most part. Franc is. No. for they are as trigger-haired in their personalities as some angry people are. and he answered in this way: Pythagoras: The animal kingdom is composed of animals that are loved by their ca retakers. Pythagoras has provided numerical information for humans and animals over the ye ars but at the previous two channeling sessions. they will no t go into the animal kingdom we re talking about. some give strength to the invalids. I have enjoyed many discussions regarding animals with St. Francis On February 20. and they come to this country to places like Las Vegas where they perform and work w ith human beings? Pythagoras: They are more acceptable but they are never completely satisfied. Information in this chapter is the end-result of all those discussions. those who have been around a long time have a certain energy around them. 2002. some take away loneliness. For reasons unknown to me. Is that an energy more amen . they will not. Does that make sense? Paul: Yes. it certainly does. Paul: Do they go in if they are brought in. Pythagoras provided another channeling session which dealt with Numerology for Animals and then again on April 4. Are the non-domesticated or wild animals sort of w aiting their turn to move up to domesticated status? Pythagoras: No. some are protectors. for example. an d purpose of animals as they relate to human beings. personality. They a re all in different groups and categories. I presented questions regarding the nature.94 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Numerology For Animals By Pythagoras in Collaboration with St. he deferred to Pythagoras at this time. my dog Sebastian was once a wolf. Now. a nd as you know. Over the years. like trained animals wh ose parents were wild. because they are not open to that kind of compani onship. I believe it would be helpful to explore the nature and characteristics of animals before looking at their numbers and showing how their Numerology Chart is constr ucted. especially when they have come back to serve their master their master being their caretaker. I started th e February 20 session with a request for a statement from Pythagoras about animals. As you know. but each animal fits into its own category. Each animal has a gift to g ive. They both draw on the same Universal Mind or univers al consciousness for information so the material given here is valid regardless of the communicator.

At this to becoming a domesticated animal? Pythagoras: Yes. I will grou p the various aspects of animal nature and characteristics at this time into categories to provide a more concise visua l reference for information. I will combine all the information from Pythagoras and Saint Franc is into a general narrative but will quote directly from time to time when appropriate. but remember it had to go through many strains. In addition. . many lifetimes.

However. I am not qualified to get into the subject of c omparative intelligence among members of the animal kingdom but I will present some fascinating stories regarding anim al behavior and intelligence as we go along. we all know animals whose behavior is on a much higher level than many people are. as their caretakers. Minar Animals Are All About Love That s right. The spirit is the incarnating aspect or expression of the soul. Francis as their s pecial protector. So. namel y to grow through experience. as we know a soul. We are talking about domestic animals rather than wild ones. Howev er. As Pythagoras said. because they do not h ave a spiritual essence as humans do.Paul G. there is a difference. Domestic animals are close to humans because they are fulfilling the need to be . Their i ntelligence and communication skills are phenomenal and they are friendly to humans in the wild as well. there is no end to this wonderful bond. simply return their love in kind they can exerci se their free will by incarnating to share our mutual existences for all of eternity. The main thing is we will never be separated from the animals we love. Animals demonstrate a l evel of love. Animal Purpose Animals have the same basic purpose as human beings and all living things. The soul encompasses the totality of all our incarnated spirits. there are many sub-purposes depending on the form of life and the level of development. Some mammals and birds also fall into this category. Wild animals th at are born in captivity and are raised from birth by humans are certainly more manageable but even their caregiv ers exercise caution when handling them. un like humans. Within that basic purpose. only the domesticated ones enjoy the companionship of human beings and share the household with them. By domesticated we mean for the most part those animals found in the househo ld. they only know unconditional love. farm animals. Animal Souls Animals do not have a soul. trust and service that places them very close to their Creator and He designated St. Dolphins are a good example of a domesticated mammal. Birds are unique because some of them can mimic their caregivers and talk. then they certainly are spiritual. and those in a petting zoo. Animal energy is not refined enough to possess a human-like soul. though they cannot live in a household or share a swimming pool. They are able to join us in th e place we call Heaven or the hereafter and if we. I do not believe that animals can incarnate as human beings or that we can incarnate as animals. because their energy is different from humans. While our Creator loves and cares for all created animals. if you equate unconditional love with spirituality. The word love permeates their total being in a special way because.

One of the most visible and noble examples of animal love and service would be t he seeing-eye dogs. Dogs perform heroically as guard dogs. police dogs. dogs for the hearing impaired. They never think about personal danger. . because it is ingrained in them. Perhaps it s a reward for being allowed to share life with humans. There is no end to the ways in which animals pro vide love and service to humans. Their sustenance is their unending supply of love. They also choose people they want to be friendly with. Animal Free Will Animals do have free will. Children and dogs se em to have pretty good instincts about adults. We can see that in our pets. They do not have to h ave extensive training to put their life on the line trying to save someone. confined in a home or facility. and more recently. narcotics search. They also serve as visiting ambassadors of joy for people who are ill. It is a price they are willing to pay. They both act on instincts whereas we adults have to stop and thin k before we act. If human beings could follow their example in relation to their development and consciousness this would be a very peaceful world.of service. Sometimes they respond t o our wishes and sometimes they don t. and so on. rescue dogs.

Many pet owners would have greater success if they would talk less and listen more to their pets. Animals do not know what lungs are. along with ESP.96 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Sometimes animals run away from home because they have been neglected or mistrea ted. Not all psychics can communicate with animals either. Only a pet psychic has this situation down pat. Years ago. but they wo uld not know what a veterinarian was talking about when. the animal s lungs are mentioned. certain sounds and the tone of their voice. Our pets do learn word association regarding certain tasks. they project mental pictures to one another. we pretty much do the same thing to get attention at times. If I can do it. That is ho w some pet psychics communicate with animals. Animal Communication Animals communicate with each other in many ways. It is much more difficult for a human to receive messages from an animal in picture form or psychically because we don t have that ability as ingrai ned in us. but it takes a great deal of patience. They are only trying to make a point the best way they know how. Ani mals are trapped in their particular home environment and their loneliness or unhappiness is magnified by their inabi lity to complain verbally. They do not know what a heart is. The trick here is to b e able to know conclusively that an animal has received our ESP or picture message. Look directly into their eyes and listen for a response. Since they cannot s peak. so they misbehave and pay the price for it. for example. However. I urge caregivers to try to communicate with their pets and keep th e communication lines open. Obviously. They share some forms of commu nication with humans such as body language. They have a language and radar system of their own and there are countless stories of animals waiting at the front door for their caregivers to come home despite vary ing times of arrival. At any rate. Come to think about it. maybe you can too. The vet would h ave to project an image of the lungs to the animal because those organs of breathing are located in an area the vet c annot point to. We use voice commands or instructions to get our animals to respond. if an animal responds in a d efinitive way we have our answer. We humans do not like being ignored or taken for granted but we have other options and diversions. It takes a special kind of telepathic energy to work with animals and achieve consistently good results. my pet Schnauzer caught my attention by intensely staring into my eye s and trembling all over. it is possible for us to improve our communication skills regarding animals. The . but there i s another way to communicate silently with them and that is by projecting mental pictures to them. I even know of a pet duck that waddled several blocks each day to meet a little boy when school w as out in order to walk him home.

I gave Tina to a good friend who moved into my rented house b ecause I was moving to another city to live in an apartment. They feel pain more acutely than humans. so we need to bear that in mind when they are sick or in need of me dical attention. . If you will stop and think for a moment. I thought I was doing the right thing because Tina already knew my friend well. Perhaps this sensitivity to pain helps them as a survival mechanism. I have worked hard to e rase that unpleasant memory but that was a lesson that made me more aware of the needs of all the animals that have c ome into my life. I m sure you will be able to recall many instances of unusual events in your life involving communication with your pets. just an impression. I was Tina in my previous incarnation. Can t you see? I did not receive precise words. I visited my channel friend. Animals and Pain Animals. However. do not remember pain. I have been almost paranoid at times to ensure that I gave more thoughtful consideration to the emo tional as well as physical needs of my pets. unknown to me. he sent her away to another state where Tina died of a heart attack. they are also good teachers. and spoke with Saint Francis who verified that Sebastian was indeed my mix-breed female in the previous incarnation. Isabelle. I had stipulated that I wanted Tina back if he could not care for her for any reason. They do remember the cause of the pain . There was another message that related to the intensity of Sebastian s communicati on and that was that I must not abandon him again. I am told.message was. Animals not only love unconditionally. animals are not burdened by the accumulation of all the memories of their encounters with these unpleasant experiences. By not remembering pain.

Later in this chapter. Therefore. so to speak. It is not my purpose or need to get into all the classifications of animals at this time so I will just say that an animal s developmental needs are best served by experiencing as many of life s chall enges as possible within a single category. We stay within our category as humans. the case of a little dog that took on a pancreatitis condition for its caregiver. just as with human beings. in His wisdom and compassion. and spiritual level. Mammals will stay in their category. can and do take on illnesses for their car etakers. we will construct the animal Numer ology Chart and there you will see that the section known as the Progression Chart is only done on the emotional leve l. Saint Francis presides over the animal kingdom and is responsible for their overall development and wel l-being. Animals have only three physical. and have quite enough on our plates incarnating in the various races. and cosal. calling all my friends. they have an emotional nature. So. Their departure time is also their decision to make. God. Animal Reincarnation Animals reincarnate in much the same manner as humans except that they really do n t have a life of their own. I listed the seven bodies that humans have. One of the most incredible things about animal behavior involves both free will and the love aspect of animals in regard to pain. A week later. I started a prayer campai gn by telephone. Also. an animal can extend its stay with a caregiver well beyond th e normal expectations based on its age. emotional. alternating as male and female of our species to enhance our growth. out of love. Classes Of Animals Animals do not cross classification lines when incarnating. He has countless celestial helpers whose responsibility it is to watch over animals in the hereafter or Heave . Birds will always be birds. animals do make decisio ns and are motivated by the love aspect. animals do not have an emotional body. I knew the dog s owner and was told of the dog s sacrifice during a channeling session. The veterinarian said the animal s chan ces of survival were not very good. the dog recovered. has provided this exemption for animals becau se they are not fortified enough to deal with memory pain. the Basic Chart. Saint Francis said that there were so many pray ers on so many levels that the little guy decided to accept the healing energies and live. out of love. Their life is intertwined with ours because of their commitment to serve their caregivers. regardless of their spiritual persuasions. etheric. Minar You see. The human chart is done on a physical. In ch apter nine. I was able to add to my animal research.Paul G. Animals. A future book on animals will be a better vehicle for exploring all the categories. There is a commitment on the animal s part to share in the life experience of a ca regiver. Dogs will never be c ats and vice-versa.

life experiences and departure depends on the needs of their caregivers. They a lso incarnate more often than wild animals. They are also watche d over on this level just as our guardian angels protect us. they also need assistance in their decis ion-making due to their limitations with their mental processes. including former pets. he or she will not see the spi rit of a pet s former incarnation in heaven because animals do not have a soul as we know a soul. if a human leaves a pet behind on earth. Eternal life is a mixture of work and play. depending on their commitment to their caregivers. The circumstances throughout this present lifetime are interrelated with past an d future lifetimes and an animal s circumstances will coincide with the caregiver s pa st and future needs. They prepare the animals for their return to this world where their arrival. Reincarnation is a very complex process and only an omnipotent Creator could design and execute such a m aster plan. they can expect to be reunited with former caregivers. Anyone who thinks we have but one life to live and then retire in h eaven is in for a rude awakening when they make their transition. There is no spiritual essence to remain in heaven. These animals follow the incarnations of their masters for the most part. As with humans. but when the pets make their transition. there is no set time between incarnation s for animals. . When humans enter the hereafter realm. they are greeted by former family members and loved ones. While they have free will. Eternal life is a mi xture of work and play just as here on earth. but the major responsibility for their protection be longs to their masters. However.n. Animals share the hereafter with human beings and go through schooling and retraining there that w ill prepare them for their next incarnation.

The next day I went to my veterinarian s clinic to get supplies and saw a photo on the bulletin board displaying a new litter of kittens and a calico kitten was obvious amongst the new brood. so I could look for a calico kitten. who saw a black and white cat transposed over a calico cat. who had recovered from her illness. so I telephoned my other psychi cally gifted friend in Phoenix. Twelve weeks later. I again phoned Isabelle. I was anxious and apprehensive about locating t he new arrival and being sure of adopting the right kitten. Iago had black and white markings. Astonished and confused . Over a period of two weeks. I then moved on to the task of picking the correct kitten.98 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name As I mentioned earlier. I w ent to the address listed and discovered an apartment containing some two dozen cats and kittens. I asked for information about the logistics of his return. but I immediately telephoned my friend. I needed psychic help to locate the kitten. the energy of animals is not refined enough to possess a soul like the human soul. He was named after the Shakespearean ch aracter from Othello who was noted for jumping in and out of scenes. The sex was an unknown factor. At this time. Iago had made his transition five years previously and had been the shop cat in a business I shared with his caregiver. Kay Stahli. adding to my anxiety. I would like to share my perso nal experience following the reincarnation of a cat named Iago (pronounced ee-AH-go). sex still unknown. When the birth-time was at hand. a few feet away on the design counter. He belonged to a close friend who was not partic ularly concerned with the topic of reincarnation. I went outside and looked up and down the stree t and up into the neighborhood apartment windows to no avail. She said Iago was ready to incarnate again but was distressed to see that he had been replaced by the two female cats and that I should let him know mentally if he was welcome to come back. I kept hearing sounds of a cat in distres s and I examined every nook and cranny of the picture framing business. I checked to see if the two female shop cats were respons ible for the sound but they were fast asleep in the workshop. regardless of how God has designated their basic essence. . and asked her to look psychically at the situation. The main thing is to remember that we will always be able to share life with our beloved animal friends. My Iago also jumped in and out of scenes in everyday life situations. Isabelle. and was told there would be a normal gestation period and someone would lead me to a place where he could be f ound. She also said that he would be my cat this time rather than my partner s. After receiving a yes. I heard a loud cry that was defi nitely inside the shop. Two weeks later. delighting in startling humans around him. Arizona. but Isabelle was ill. and asked if this group included the new version of Iago. My partner was nonplussed.

you also send them the color of love pink. whether animals or humans. Iago preferred a normal pace. Isabelle and Kay were right in describing her as exotic and mysterious looking w ith exceptional intelligence. With som e trepidation. The letters in their names de note different personality traits and abilities. and it shows up in t he aura. she is extremely loving. Since then. I asked Pythagoras why Katherine was so temperamental and had such a temper. Kay Stahli had commented on the phone that she had never seen so much love in a cat. She appears from nowhere to play Iago s favorite game of jumping between the bed sheets when they are changed. She insists on sneaking up on me and scaring me when I am lying down on the bed. Animal Names and Charts The animal chart is done differently than a human s. But Katherine was not the obvious calico kitten. When you communicate your love for your pets. The influence of the number 6 is always present thoug h it may not show up in the name. Even now at age ten. as with humans. Pink is the color of love. Despite her occasional tantrums. He said tha t was due to her genes. because she had such a mixed ancestry. She not only darts in and out of rooms but does so at great speed . who recorded her color as cal ico without any instructions from me. I chose Katherine and immediately took her to be examined by my vet. she races around the house and up and down stairs. but has taken them to another level. The . Katherine has consistently demonstrated the exact personality traits of Iago. Her body type is identical to Iago s like a Siamese cat. Her markings were subdued.The caregivers had already named all the kittens so I relayed each name to Isabe lle until Katherine s came up. that she saw strong pink li ght radiating from Katherine s body.

as others perceived them. In chapter nine. It s important to note that the final single digit from the vowels and cons onants below have to be viewed not only as the result of the combined influences of the two numbers that precede it.Paul G. He was unpredictable. and fr eedom. Here we have a simple 7. Obviously. Since we ha ve spent so much time talking about Iago and his female counterpart Katherine. Iago was truly a solitary personality. This total is arrived at by combining the individuality and resourcefulness of the 1 with the responsibility and love aspects of the 6. an analysis and comparison of t hese two personalities might be a good start. Minar 6 is represented by the letters F. The total of the Vowels and Consonants (Iago s Synchronized Self) represents a com posite of all his personality traits and that total is a 23/5. we talked about Malefic Numbers which are 14. His adventurous spirit caused him to become an indoor cat for his own safety too many fights with roaming male c ats. He demonstrated his analytical and invent ive abilities by reaching up to a doorknob with his paw and spreading his toes proceeding to twist the doorknob to open the door. As Jason passed by. The total for the Vowels (Iago s Motivating Element) tells us how he viewed his ac complishments. O. witnessed the verbal chastisement of a dog named Jason who sh ared the same household. The total for the Consonants (Iago s Sleeping Self) tells us more about his abilit ies. His social contacts were strictly on his own terms. 16 and 19 (some Numerologists include the 13). You have to consider each number s influence and contribution to the end result. but as the product of those two numbers. He was dignified and aloof. The 5 indicates a need for change. and ruled over Jason and Sebastian. These numbers are not the same as karmic ones for they represen . not all pet names contain one or more of these three letters but the 6 influence is always there because the l ove influence is always present. Cats are truly free spirits and Iago was no exception. Vowels 91 6 = 16/7 I A GO Consonants 7 = 7 I A GO AllLetters 9 1 7 6 = 23/5 The Vowels total 16. as if to add his endorsement of the punishment. He was the boss in that household. which amplifies the 7 total of the vowels. Let s look now at some pet names to illustrate how this process works. On one occasion Iago. exploration. and X as you saw in chapters six and nine. He was the ultima te loner. Iago gave the dog a swat on the behind. the Basic Chart. It is arrived at by virtue of the characteristics of the 2 and the 3. which reduces to 7. Y ou have to look at the whole package.

As Pythagoras said. absolves them of the need for the karmic attachment carrie d by humans. which reduces to 2. These karmic debt s are now paid in full. Iago s name contains bot h the 14 and 16. We read the 20 as the characteris tics of the 2 expressing with the characteristics of the 0. They are bound by a memory that brings th em back time and again to their caregivers.t only a notation of past mistakes. . You cannot go forward if you are always looking back. Reincarnating helps them to improve their behavioral patterns but their limited intellectual capacity (compared to humans). let s look at Iago s present incarnation as Katherine. What a difference! Vowels 1 5 9 5 = 20/2 K A T H E R I N E Consonants 11 2 8 9 5 = 35/8 K A T H E R I N E All Letters 11 1 2 8 5 9 9 5 5 = 55/10/1 Katherine s Vowels total 20. Animals are not bound by karmic lessons. Now. which are to be considered as being wiped out as of this time.

This may sound contradictory. This is a very powerful combination of numbers. the cosmic gate of God. Katherine sees herself as the patient one (except. of course. It is courage and creative thought. but only as an added in fluence. Some of our personality quirks are in our genes and difficult to overcome whether animal or human. The total of Kathe rine s vowels a 2 calms her nerves and . as it is. which reduces to a 10. but bear in m ind that numbers provide influences not rigid results. she would demonstrate more of an aggressive e motional behavior due to the power of the 8. even at the age of ten. It is not really a number. The main chart deals with the actual birth name. especially when I am not feeling well. among many other attributes. physically and emotionally. I have to make sure I explain my rationale to her for abiding by my house rules. never falling. and that is what our animal friends do. showing that the independen t 1 is reinforced by the double 5. Katherine is extremely freedom loving and total ly makes her own rules. N umerologists have varying interpretations for the 0. we can also take into account nicknames. The result of all these number combinations is a 1. She is forceful and strong. I sometimes call her Kathy. Pythagoras explained the meaning of the 0 as the cosmos in actio n. which indicates teaching ability. They have clever ways of keeping us from worrying too much or taking ourselves too seriously. The consonants total of 8 shows her sense of authority and confi dence.100 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name In chapter four. she could race down a flight of stairs without missing a single one. As with humans. She is also very thoughtful and compassionate. Pythag oras singled out her gift of distracting. Let s see ho w this name compares to Katherine: 1 7 = 8 K A T H Y 11 2 8 = 21/3 If I had given her the name Kathy. which is independence and in novation. Katherine is the most dynamic. then a 1. helping them in their expression. allowing the winds of change to fertilize the seeds sown by every other number. She literally races around the house. In this case. The 8 is arrived at through the creative expression of the 3 and the adaptability of the 5. She is quite bossy and aggressive enough. She is reserved and sensitive. As a tiny kitten. She is gentle and gracious except when she is having a tantrum. The total of the vowels and consonants is a 55/10/1. when it s her dinner time). We do not reduce the 11 from the letter K. and she has taught me a great deal the past ten years. It is the action number. yet it assists the numbers that accompany it. Of all the cats that have come into my life.

She is very exotic looking and calm. She is patient. who was more petite i n size. She s ees herself as peaceful and cooperative and has always taken the position of big sister to Daphne. She has the same 2 total of vowels as Katherine. following Dagmar. and exhibits the same 2 characteristics as Katherine except for temperament. Her sister died recently and I will use her name as th e final example of a cat s name. Now let s continue with this business of analyzing an animal s name in terms of thei r vowels and consonants. . 1 1= 2 DA GMA R 4 74 9= 24/6 DA GMA R 417419= 26/8 Dagmar is a large Maine Coon cat with beautiful large eyes and eyelashes. Note that I consider the Y as a vowel i n this case for the same reason I explained in chapter nine. I have another cat named Dagmar. thoughtful and reserved. She is also very sophisticated.makes her more cooperative and tranquil. At one point Dagmar weighed eighteen pounds compared to ten pounds for Daphne.

organized and loyal attributes of the 4 and add up to 6. at the age of seventeen. . Daphne was the queen of comedy. The y will be just as happy to be near their caretaker and serve them unconditionally no matter who they are. reserved actress. The t otal of all Vowels and Consonants are 26/8. They have at times caused customers to pick up their s mall dogs and hold them until we could remove the two felines who were stalking the enemy. 2003. He said she was resting and recuperatin g from the illness and would soon begin to consider her next adventure in a new lifetime. 1 5= 6 DAP HNE 4 785 = 24/6 DAP HNE 417855= 30/3 Daphne really knew she was a 6 cat in terms of Vowel totals. you can see how they describe your own little animal friends. animals can extend their lives out of love for their caretakers and I have no doubt that Daphne did just that. Whether their caretaker is a homeless person or a millionaire makes no difference to them. 2003. As I mentioned earlier. In this regard. She was the creative one all the way. I would like to share her next life but she. She felt it was her right to land in the middle of a picture-framing layout for a customer to lend a helping hand. they are way ahead of human beings. Her last ninety days gave evidence that her time was running short. Her Consonants total another 6. Her total of all Vowels and Consonants when reduced is a 3. but we had no idea that she had been ill for a longer period of time. arrived at with the patience of the 2 and the organization and loyalty of the 4. has free will regarding that choice and I wish only for her greater good at this time. She exemplifies all the love characteristics of animals to the highest degree. which gives her good judgment and authority. Her size adds strength and stature to her other qualities. Both Dagmar and Daphne are sh op cats who have always lived in the picture framing shop. The previously mentioned attributes of the 2 com bine with the practical. provided an opportunity to inq uire as to how she was doing in the afterlife we call cat heaven. Selfishly. According to Pythago ras. Daphne passed away on May 1.Paul G. The decision had not bee n made as to who would be her next caregiver. My communication with Pythagoras on May 19. Where Dagmar was the quiet. She was more access ible than Dagmar. Even though these Vowel and Consonant number characteristics apply to my own ani mals. like all anim als. the number 6 is always present in the life of the domestic animal because it personifies their purpose in being so close to human beings. T hey are love personified. Minar 101 Dagmar s Consonants total a 24/6.

Sure enough.Naming Your Cat The main thing is to go with your instincts but if you need help. the name Katherine. L ong names given to purebreds can be confusing but the short name the cat identifies with is the right one. or you can even check out a book on baby names. Cats do have a preference and do work mentally with their new caregivers. Traditional cat names are being replaced with those associated with people on te levision and movies. I mentioned that Iago was named after a Shakespearian character. there are many cat names that can be viewed and downloaded on the internet. including . After a few months. I got the distinct impression that I had made a mistake and checked with my psychic friend Isabelle. I also looked up the meaning in a name book in my collection just to be sure of my choice. The caregiver should be the one to make the final decision regarding the name. originally given to her by the people I obtained her from. When Katherine came along. Sometimes we have to spend more time than ex pected observing the characteristics of each cat. Daphne s name came from the same book and the personality characteristics matched her perfectly. I wanted to continue the D nam es so I named her Diedre. Dagmar was name d after a very beautiful and voluptuous woman I saw on television during my days in Hollywood. was the one she preferred. even i f it does not appear on legal papers.

Charting Your Dog s Name Since I have had three Schnauzers and a mixed-breed female (Boxer and German She pherd) I will use their names as examples. arrived at with the help of the 1 and 6. Her Consonants demonstrate that she had no problem being left alone. His vowels are a 7. Mix-breeds seem to be mellower somehow. but great historical names are still popular as well. He was high st rung compared to the mellower Tina. 9 1 = 10/1 TI NA 25= 7 TI NA 2951= 17/8 Tina s Vowels total 1 but it s a powerful 1 because of the 0 following it. She was a powerful dog in appearance and exercised good judgment. Then we can see the difference in characteristics when she reincarnated as Sebastian. I was able to leave her alone at home with access to an unfenced yard yet she never left the yard except to visit the next-door neighbor. his previous incarnation. That task belonged to the intended caregiver. She was also v ery enthusiastic. to no avail. always ready for playtime games. Let s start with the mixed-breed whose name was Tina. I tried to come up with a name. He c . She was also very disciplined. She was v ery independent and strong willed. 51 91= 16/7 S EBAS TI AN 1212 5= 11 S EBAS TI AN 1521129 15= 27/9 Sebastian was very different from Tina. This is a repeat of the 1 and 7 characteristics expressing as an 8. She would not let the mail carr ier leave a package on my front porch because no one was allowed to enter the yard.102 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name entertainers. the Sc hnauzer male. he did not like to be left alone because he carried the memory of the time I left Tina in someone else s care and he did not want to be abandoned again. Unlike Tina. He could go no farther then the ma ilbox at the end of the driveway. and extremely intelligent and analytical. During that thirty-day period. because I know their personalities. The total of all Vowels and Consonants is a 17/8. She was qui et and reserved. He was very reserved but liked to talk a lot. I once was a temporary caregiver for a stray male orange cat.

gentle and friendly. he took life seriously. and that was. While Sebastian was still a puppy. This is the first time I have examined Sunny s numbers but I remember how sunny disposition was. it was a good situation because Sebastian liked having a father figure like Sunny around. of course. my business partner was given a young but ful l-grown male Schnauzer named Sunny.ame directly to me when I examined the litter and I named him for his elegance and the way he carried himself. He w as gentle and cooperative exhibiting the 11/2 characteristics but he was a fierce guard dog. Like the 9. his . He was mellow. the reason for his name. Since we shared a house.

Unfortunately. Dale. He was the only Schnauzer who went thro ugh dog training sessions. Jason was a small miniature Schnauzer. it was Jason . Once. I was told that his rib cage was very sensiti ve and. and he was a great fri end of the cat named Iago. The total of Vowels and Consonants shows more creative expression. though hardly anti-social. Jason was a loner much of the time. starting with the patience and cooperation of the 2. Too many animal friends are lost through carelessness. his life was limi ted to a few months. as in Jason and the Argonauts mythology. when picked up the wrong way he responded aggressively. mostly because he was not acquired as a puppy. 16= 7 J AS ON 1 1 5= 7 J AS ON 11165= 14/5 Jason was a complex little guy. Sebastian liked to treat Iago like a punching bag but that ended when Iago grew up and bec ame master of the two dogs. His 7 qualities made him quiet and reserved but he had an explosive temper at times. and remained small. expressed with the originality of the 1.Paul G. The following day. Jason was the name given to the new arrival because he was so scrappy. Consonants or the combination of both. during a channeling session. cut short when he was killed by a car. His vowels showed how he perceived the things he wanted to accomplish: through originality. He adored his caregiver. He enjoyed the training program as much as his caregiver did. Minar 103 3 7= 10/1 S UNNY 1 55 = 11 S UNN Y 1 3557= 21/3 Sunny was very creative in his thinking. I took a chance and purchased a Schnauzer dog that was a few months old and presented it to Dale. fearful that he would say it was too soon. gates and windows closed and not taking for granted that an y type of visitor will do the same. It is a M aster Number that shows teaching qualities and Sunny impressed everyone with his poise. That event ha s caused both of us to be extremely careful about keeping doors. Notice that I have left the 11 alone when it is the total of Vowels. A fence gate had been left ajar by a visitor. Houseguests are given pet safety instructions and other visitors are always esco rted to the door. When Sebastian si red a litter of puppies.

It is also called the Progressed Chart. In any case. It deals with past. If your little animal friend happens to have two related names then you would chart both. THE PROGRESSION CHART Now that we have seen how to interpret an animal s vowels and consonants. and Table of Events. . we demonstrated how this chart is constructed for a person s name. There were many comparisons to be made. Transit and Event numbers. It describes the type of experiences denot ed by each letter of a full name in the case of humans and the single name in the case of most animals. the call name is what counts.who sat close to them as though he was the father. present. let s look at how we do their Progression Chart or Life Script. His 14/5 numbers showed how a daptable he was to any situation. and future influences. and there were many lines or levels to consider and many numbers to look at from top to bottom. The independence of the 1 plus the loyalty and tenacity of the 4 produced a fait hful little dog who enjoyed his freedom but wanted to be close to his caregiver always. In cha pter nine.

The animal s physical life is not charted because it is the same as that of the caregiver. Pinnacles. even when a physical limb is removed. This short name r epeats often. Emotional and Spiritual lev el or including the Personal Year. As our life goes. As I mentioned before. because of the magic of marketing. The spiritual level is not done for animal s because they do not have the same kind of spiritual essence as humans. let s look at the emotional life of Sam: S AMM MM S AMMMMS A MMM M 1 1 4 4 4 4 1 1 4 4 4 4114 4 4 4 Sam starts life with the action number 1. It is this Etheric Body that continues to function. practical. you do not have to be concerned about lining up a Physical. Then Sam starts the rotation again with the S. an animal (as well as a human) can extend their life when the need is gr eat enough or simply because of a strong will to live. and dil igent M appears to bring in a stronger support system. therefore they do not have as many name repeats. the loyal. can really surprise their careg ivers out of love. They do have an emotional nature together wit h instincts far superior to ours. Nevertheless. They do have an Electric Body (which we call the Etheric Body ) most of the time. Universal Year. especially. with the S provid ing a more erratic energy than the stronger and more confident A. wh ether it is a dog or cat. For four years. partly because this is the age of information.104 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name In the case of an animal. so goes theirs. Humans a lso have one. The more we know about them the more we appreciate and love them. we only take into account the emotional level . A name like Sam contains a total of six years. allowing for a repeat three times for a rather mature age of eighteen. Names of animals have changed greatly over the past century in keeping with the status of animals. because i t is at the inner core of our physical construction. With an animal. however. Our Etheric Body also engages in what is known as astral travel during our nocturnal state. Dogs and cats have moved from the yard into their caregiver s house. they can actually see the spirit forms animal or human that come and go daily. Also. It s amazing how timely the animal s name letters act as a nurturing agent in the ca regiver s life. animals. Special cameras have recorded the missing arms or legs of individual s. Animals do not have an Emotiona l Body as humans do but they are charted on an emotional level. their world h as assumed a very high level of attention. They receive far more respect these days. Their name is played out so that it repeats over and over but they have shorter lives. an . In fact. which most of us cannot do. You can readily see how much simpler an animal s Progression Chart is compared to ours. So. An animal is bound by its love commitment to accept whatever type of lifestyle the caregiver lives. by way of the S and A. or Challenges numbers.

they incarnated just to be with you! When they misbeha ve. Then observe to see if you were right. they incarnated just to be with you! already chosen. and please return it as often as possible! . Animal magazines are full of wonderful and imaginative pet names and provide a wealth of names to choose from. But each animal w as born with a name that was Remember. Accept it. it is generally to give you a message about the way they are being treated. Cute names do not necessarily provide the respect and dignity the animals deserv e so sometimes it is best to wait and watch the personality emerge. or they will misbehave because there is disharmony in the household. The main thing to consider i s the name that would best match the personality and appearance of the animal. so they communicate the best way they know how. They travel extensively with humans. Having too much time to intellectualize the naming process can be frustrating.d now have elaborate little houses and heated beds. They wi ll respond to strong cleaning chemicals for instance by spraying their own aroma on the are a. They cannot speak t o us. and usually they manage to mentally project that name to the car egiver sooner or later. this business of naming an animal is a my sterious and magical process and I have no set rule to offer other than going with intuition first. Remember. However. I will close this chapter with this thought: spend a little more time with your little animal friends. Their unconditional love is their h ighest form of communication.

Chapter Twelve Pythagoras: His Life and Teachings .

C. To th led. The accounts ythagoras never looked his age. It was made on another level. I had another fascinating channeling session with Pythagora s.106 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Pythagoras: His Life and Teachings (Information taken from many channeling sessions beginning in 1980) Pythagoras was born in Greece. there was a calendar change during that period. I further asked if this was a change that was in harmony with all the countries at that time. Pythagoras had none of his own. He further stated that historically speaking the recor ds were never kept with as great precision as they are now. No. that he remained youthful and powerful. 1996. Pythagoras had but one wife and her name was Penelope. My question regarding the time frame for his birth and death produced an interes ting exchange..C. He went on to state that many who accredit his having been born in the latter part of the eleventh and thirteenth centuries did not reckon with the thought that his desce ndants carried his name. Pythagoras claims he was born in 707 B. the Oracle who foretold his birth. That would make the year of his death 571 B. I asked if there was a particular reason for the calendar change. All of those who were using a calendar. He stated that there were severa l children brought into the temple that laid claim to me. but that was not so. just as we all choose names prior to incarnating. The reason that I did not look my age is the healthful life I name was Parthenis. However. take in many children and raise them as my own. He explained that late r meant during his journey as Pythagoras. I was prepared with many . Pythagoras claims that in a previous life he lived in Atlantis and the name he bore was translated into Pythagoras later. He replied. It was as though you cleansed. I did though. the calendar was pushed back some 165 years creating a situation in which he died prior to his birth date. we realiz e how much history has been lost. As for children. They nam I have read say that P tall and strong. He was said to be very is he replied That is very true. because having done that. I asked if his parents made that translation and he answered. He then returned to Greece. Pythagoras answered that it was generally believed that every 2000 years a new calendar had to come into being. Now it is not necessary. On October 11. and you go forward. was carried to Egypt and traveled in the East ext ensively before settling in Egypt for a great span of time. because as he explained. and lived for 136 years. just as the Druids had to change their method of belief and ritual every so often. I did not have progeny of my own. Pythagoras father s name was Mnesarchus and his mother s ed him in honor of Pythasis.

they were. So much of the information was gleaned by scouring many un iversities to get it. Everyone who had a worthy thought was encouraged to bring it forth. Paul: Is it appropriate to record their names at this time? Pythagoras: They would rather that you didn t. It was not as it is now. yes. At that time. Paul: Were the teachings of Pythagoras known as ges? Pythagoras: They were known as hings came from two The secret teachings of all the a The secret teachings of all the Sages . who taught the Ancients and the Sages over many. Paul: Did you study in the Temple of Melchizedek? Pythagoras: Yes. but they also had the ability to change their bodies . Paul: Were these teachers in physical body at the time? Pythagoras: Yes.questions this time. Paul: Rabbis taught Pythagoras the secret traditions of Moses in Egypt and he re ceived instructions by priests of Thebes in the mysteries of Isis. there was no demarcation between belief syste ms. many years. and the teac very dear friends of mine. regardless of what religion or culture they came from. . Is that correct? Pythagoras: Oh.

So. Paul: I see. the Vedas. The priests there taught that Divine power dwelt within every man no matter how low he might be. Pythagoras: Yes. Is that correct? Pythagoras: It has been said so.Paul G. but let me tell you I was not alone in doing it. Pythagoras: Yes. Paul: In Phoenicia. Was that pretty accurate? Pythagoras: That is correct. And in Egypt. you studied there for twenty -two years. The Heliotrope energies were very necessary. The idea came from what you would call a ank type of meeting. yes. indeed. was this an ongoing from time-to-time ion? Pythagoras: This went on from time to time. In Hindustan. sages or sophists sage meaning one who kn ows and sophist meaning wise. Paul: For approximately how long? Or. we studied together. combining religious ritual with scientific study. Paul: And did you study with Zoroaster? Pythagoras: Oh. Minar 107 Paul: I see. Paul: I see. Pythagoras: Yes. The Phoenicians connect ed with the growth and maturing of flowers and maturing fruits that depend on the sun for life. Paul: You journeyed to Crotona and established the first university in history. T his power was called the Hidden Light. tha t information about Phoenicia is correct? Pythagoras: Oh. That has been credited to me. Paul: Wise men in those days were called. Indeed. Pythagoras was the first to use the term Philosopher. think t situat Paul: And you were the proper person at that point in time to begin using that t erm. The secrets of number vibration were taught to a select few so secret that they were never written. . you studied with the Brahman priests and obviously st udied the Hindustani texts. according to one source. and that s where the thought and the word Philosopher came from. you learned the mysteries of Adonis. but not to the extent that would be available to teachers of to day.

Paul: Also according to this source. Paul: Did the students wear these robes also? . Is that true? Pythagoras: Yes. And more so. One was in Palestine. Even then. and discovered later by Max Heindel. Pythagoras wore a robe with a hood so that he was hardly seen. writer of many books on the wisdoms and member of The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross. Pythagoras: That is fairly accurate. The reason was that ego was to be released totall y during the studies. and the symbols were engraved within the mind of those study ing. Paul: And then. your school followed rather strict rules. The secrets were the same as Pythagoras taught. that is true. about 600 years later Jesus established Schools of Mystery five of them. N o personal contact by students until they passed several initiations and were in the higher grades.Pythagoras: Many of the secret teachings of the Ancients were never written. onl y spoken. according to one source. they were symbolic.

Paul: I see. that s right. They wer e taken to a secluded spot and left to concentrate on a symbol. Paul: I see. Pythagoras: Yes. and demanded. and their quest. That s a different insight. Other children had to pass certain tests first. They were to write down a ll ideas that came to them and tie those ideas in with all of life. Paul: Were there five years of total silence for students? Pythagoras: Well. . Pythagoras: Yes. yes. Next morning they reported their concep ts to others in school. that s what we said we wanted. but we found that w as a rule that was impossible to be adhered to. but many of them were not truly ready. Kind of like the need today. Pythagoras: It was much as Indians of today in this country.108 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Pythagoras: Oh. Pythagoras: They were taken in and deemed ready to learn the mysteries. Paul: And also. and that was to teach each person ind ividually. Pythagoras: (warm laughter) Yes. and look at them as individuals. it is not wise to show a temper. You were quoted as saying quiet attention is the beginning of wisdom . It took man y hundreds of years to discover there was a much better approach. Pythagoras: That s right. Paul: There was also an emphasis on teaching the students to deal with sensitivi ty to withstand criticism by their peers or teachers and the rigors of school discipline in general to make the m stronger. Paul: That seems to be very much a part of your teaching. Th e studying was very much the same. Pythagoras: Yes. Children with a 7 birth path were readily taken into school and were deemed ready to learn the mysteries. Paul: I see. such as the triangle. And we found that was not always the best approach. Paul: That makes sense.

In a taped session on October 23. 1983. and I will insert it at this time. Earlier in this chapter. he provide d a reason for his longevity. records can be obliterated in a time of great stress and need. I referred to the fact that Pythagoras claimed to have lived a rather long life one hundred thirty-six years to be exact. it does. even though they may sit side-by-side in the class. . to keep the teachings pure they had to be given in secret so that even as now there are those who are entrusted with Sacred Teachings that th eir neighbors know not of. 1980. Pythagoras first mentioned the secret aspect of his teachings. and were they allowe d to write them down? Pythagoras: When they were given to my students. they were given in secret. there has always been a rec ord. yes. Paul: Were your teachings given to your students in secret. but as you know. Does that answer your questi on? Paul: Yes. because at that time to give them publicly would have been heresy. Also.On July 12. Pythagoras: As for the teachings being written down.

Minar 109 Pythagoras: At that time. live a long ti me. work I have done on other planets certainly did prepare me. Also. Paul: What can you tell us about the significance of numbers beyond their mathem atical meaning? Pythagoras: You want me to tell you that which I taught at that time. by choice. where mathematics was the energy force that bro ught together many factions. for there were traditions. Pythagoras then went on to provide more insight regarding his teachings. Pythagoras: That s right. fears. not knowing that their utterances were coming from another realm. you will f ind that my formulas were brought forth through a collaboration of Astronomy. having been an active part of the school s and colleges of Atlantis. hysteria stil l. I was reasoned as being a heretic. If you study the works that have been handed down.Paul G. how that was taught was not as it is now. those that I worked with so closely did speak. I was also looked up to as a man of scholarly as sets. I mean different countries. and I will tell you now. or lifetimes. not for many hundreds of years. Paul: What previous lifetime. for you see. It was not easy. I was thought to be a warlock. Should I tell you how it was taught after I left my body I would be happy to. as it is now. Through the first few c enturies. There is still great controve rsy over that which I put my seal. and then again in Egypt. This was not applicable to the range of thought that w as needed to assist man as he made his path on this great planet. there were many who did not. and by that. and then in Rome. different leaders. Paul: I assume it would be correct to say that your contribution as Pythagoras w . but never was the light so bright that I was seen truly. and then in Phoenicia. as being possessed. the teachings were more of an esoteric type. Paul: So there were writings you did that have not come down to us today. Adding to that. I chose to live long enough to put forth works that had been a glimmer through many years of my life. for I too had to learn. to follow a pattern of light and stars through which the mathematics of Ast ronomy and Numbers could be defined easily. and then a demon. My work was never seen as a spiritual harmony. Astrology and what is known now as Numerology. all contributed to the pattern that expressed itself in my physical existence as Pythagoras. prepared you for your role as a math ematician and Numerologist in your life as Pythagoras? Pythagoras: A lifetime in Egypt. in a way that was a true form of Alchemy.

I wanted to give more and not necessarily one of limitations. but that you contributed what you were supposed to in that period o f time. that I had to give only so much at that time. . Pythagoras: That is true. When my physical being no longer served me. and that which I am still giving is only yet a part of that which I will give. Any greater or lesser would not have been appropriate. I saw then. I could not then. and could not. clearly. and I can see that now.

Chapter Thirteen Choosing or Changing a Name .

who may then change the name at a later time as a result. When the karma associated with the original name has been properly dealt with. Sometimes the child changes the name because of the behavior of the parents.112 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Choosing or Changing a Name The credit for choosing a name for an unborn child is generally given to the par ents. The unborn child hears conversations between the parents and someti mes even sees through the belly of the mother. I say generally because there are times when the parents choose to ignore the wishes of the chil d. It is not primarily t he Numerologist s responsibility to perform that task. That is why it is important for the parents to communicate their love di rectly to the child within the mother and to touch the fetus in a caring way. especially if the child ha s reached an age where personality is established and life experiences are such that the Numerolo gist can equate the original name to those experiences. He or she can only guide the parents and encourage their use of their intuitive process. i t is then possible to change that name to one more in harmony with present and future need s. A new name brings a new vibration. It is usually A new name brings a new vibration. easier to change a name than to create the first one. However. A name is chosen. and thus a new outlook. No one on the earth plane can know exactly what lessons have been prescribed by that being for an incarnation and the birth name carries all the life lessons to be experienced. for that is when they connect with their unborn child to create the proper name. Sometimes a name is changed during the gestation peri od within the mother. The numerical content of an existing name can be a hindrance to someone. It is very important for the parents to use their intuition in choosing a name f or their child. not only for the benefit of the child. The spirit of the unborn child uses the pregnancy period to reflect on the future effectivenes s of its name. especially if that beha vior is apt to negatively impact the child after birth. A new name can bring about a total unison within . Each letter of th e full name causes those experiences to be played out like a script as we saw in chapter nine dealing with the basic Numero logy Chart. but also to assist the family members and future important relationships with others. the child is the one who generally chooses his or her name prior to incarnating and then impresses th e name on the parents.

and that can cause a change. a new vibration. for that is the one she came into this world with. the last phase of the hyphenation is the one you would work with. Is there a possibility that a child might choose which of the last tw o names he or she wishes to have? . and the components of those two names would allow that rebirth to take place.the body. and that is an important c hoice. The only thing is th at there would be a conflict between a wife s belief and her husbands. it would be the same because the first part of the hyphenation would be his mother s name and you would work with that the same a s you would with a child or an unmarried person. and carries a lesser importance than the first two names. Anyone who does not have a middle name should creat e one and this is where a good Numerologist can be of assistance. Paul: Yes. 2003. The first name is most important because it influences your personal world and a ctivities. This is how Pythagoras responded to my request regarding how to handle hy phenated last names: Pythagoras: All right. perhaps. he or she encourages a person s intuitio n to lead the way but can. The last name represents the spiritual heri tage from your father s name. because it produces a single rather than multiple numerical influences for the person. mo stly in the progression chart. There is no difference there. You would look at a change of two names as a rebirth. they would then have a new birth. On March 19. by a process of elimination. for a male. We already mentioned the emotional nature of the middle name. I had occasion to meet with Pythagoras for an interesting cha nneling session regarding last names. Again. It is also very important for everyone to have a middle name because that name i s associated with emotions. If a pers on changes all three names. Even a middle initial will suffice. Now. It stabilizes all the emotions. help pick a suitable middle name by matching the numerical value s with karma as well as present needs and future goals. your family name. For a woman.

we also have same-sex marriages or unions where two last names are involved and here again we have a complex situation. in some cultures. but also more gratifying. Paul: It seems to me that the Numerologist needs to talk to the child. As a rule. One wo uld think that a child who is five or six years old would not understand what it really wants. What would happen if Pythagoras: No.Paul G. she had a first name that had nothing to do with the family name. the real beginning of free will expression is being used. if possib le. Joan . for integrity s sake. It is more challenging. let s take the name I added the JonesWagner as one name? Joan Rita Jones-Wagner. Then there was the family name . with Joan Rita Jones and Rita Wagner? Pythagoras: You could do that and then allow that person to contemplate on both names. Now. that is the way to do things. and discuss the situation and after explaining the implications. Pythagoras: Right. ask what that child s choice would be. Paul: What about the child? Does the child normally have one last name. In one case. and then talk to the child. Paul: What would happen if I were to do it both ways. represen ting either of the two parents the legal parents? Pythagoras: Yes. but also. and then you can finish your chart. talk to the parents first and ask them what they propose to do. Paul: I recently talked to a Chinese woman who gave her name two different ways. Pythagoras: In the Orient. That brings in another set of circumstances. they do not take on each other s name. they allow the mother s name to be th e middle name for the child. Minar 113 Pythagoras: Yes and that usually happens before that child enters school. They are two names with two different personalities and two diff erent meanings. Pythagoras: Usually. Paul: For example. but they know the harmony that goes with the right name for that person and legally it can be done when they are 12 years old or later. Paul: That seems like a fair compromise. Now. members choose to keep their original name. Then she had a second name in which the family name was her first name and that was supposed to be the preferred choice in the family structure. But the Numerologist should. in a case like that.

Chapter Fourteen Numbers for Identification, Communication, Travel and Location

116 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Numbers for Identification, Communication, Travel and Location Identification: These numbers apply to you in a very personal way because you use them all the t ime to accomplish personal things. These days, your Social Security number is the most important means of identifyi ng who you are. The total of all the numbers expresses your uniqueness. The last four digits express your uniqueness even more. Like the numbers in your name and birth-date, they add other adjectives to your personality. Your name mi ght be shared with many people, but not your Social Security number, so study it and see what part or parts of your Numerology Chart it relates to. Also, examine the numbers and letters pertaining to any identification cards you have, whether they represent organizations, health programs, credit cards, secret access codes or whatever. E very number has a special significance, no matter how it is used. Every number or group of numbers will have an influenc e on that aspect of your membership in society. When you are allowed to choose numbers in advance, think about numbers that prod uce the kind of outcome you want. In order to understand and work with numbers for identification, you must be familiar with all the numbers in your Numerology Chart, and, of course, you have to know the meanings of each num ber. You need to identify the specific role a number or numbers will play in your dai ly activities. Most of the time we are handed an identification card, with no choice at all. Then we have to work with the most positive aspects of the total of numbers and letters. In a series of numbers for any purpose, there may be a da sh. According to Pythagoras, it represents the pause, but does not bear any great significance. Communication: Your telephone number is probably the most important number in this case. Many p eople share your area code but even those numbers affect all the people who share it. However, the rest of your telephone numbers affect you in a much more personal way. Again, many individuals share the first three digits then the final four digits have a more direct influence on you as an individual. But the final tally is most important and you need to make sure that this commun ication need enhances your life style. A writer would benefit by the energies of the 2 or 7. The 5 would create a lot of unexpected activity and change. The 6 draws people into your life but love and responsibility are part of that a ttraction. The 4 helps establish order and a strong work ethic.

A ham radio operator has special call letters or numbers and computer users have an address for email. They also have a secret access code. All these numbers require some contemplation, because you can choose them ahead of time and that is a great advantage. The solution is simple. Study the meaning of the numbers from one to nine and choose those that help you. Travel: An airline, bus or train ticket is significant because it influences your travel on a single occasion or over a period of time. People don t have much choice as to these numbers and letters, so they have to use the cards that are dealt to them. Like all numbers and letters in a sequence, the placement of each in relation to the ones adjacent to it is part of a formula that is best left up to someone like Pythagoras. The final outcome is mo st important, though this is one application that is not easily understood because its duration is so short. Our practical and emotional needs can vary from one day to another and this is a n area where most people, including myself, do not seem to pay much attention. But rest assured, every number or com bination of numbers does influence all of our activities. An automobile license plate is another matter. It is possible to select your own custom numbers and letters. This is an opportunity to put your own stamp of individuality on your vehicle, though pr ivacy is not part of the package. This is actually a very important identification as well as travel number some license plates identify the owner more than they realize. They also show a sense of humor at times that is also a personalit y clue. Someone wants to make a statement!

All numbers are significant with the final digit being most important. A good numerical practice tries like England. but you cannot change the influences that are present in the numbers. The same scenario applies to a comparison of all fifty states in the U. It is important to consider these numerical influences before starting a particular business. The same applies to a business and that energy is shared by those who work there but not as intimately as a personal residence. France. everyone shares the influence of the building n umber. you will better understand the characteristic numbers. The home address influences the type of activities there. Also. . county and state name but these infl uences are spread over a large area. To expand this situation. we can look at the street. city. S. one needs to compare the business addr ess with the business name to see if they are harmonious. It is the personality of your residence. Once you are ensconced in a home or business you have to make the best of the situation. It is the personality of your residence.Paul G. ica and the United States America. Mexico and America. These numbers attract a certain type of activity. Germany. South America will be different from North America because every letter and ever y number is part of the total picture. Minar 117 Location: Your home address represents an energy whose influence cannot be altered unless you are able to change it legally. If you know your s of each country by the session would be to compare the number totals for coun Japan. Still.A. try North Amer of history. but the most important numbers are those that denote a specific apartment or condominium. There will be a combined energy inf luence at that location. Also. In an apartment building. China. they do exert their influence over a wide geographical area.

Chapter Fifteen Compatibility in Relationships .

We learn from challenges and adversity. making things interesting or even exciting. It all depends on how often people interact and how important the outcomes are. just as you have to evaluate all aspects of a person s personali . and common sense has to prevail. a friendly and re ceptive personality will gather more lasting friends and relationships. whether it is a personal relationsh ip or a casual one. It all depends on how deep the karma is. I do not like to merely compare one person s expression number (total of vowels an d consonants in the full name) to another person s expression number to determine compatibility. lessons have to be played out and it may take some time for both parties to work out the differences that separate them. Here we have two opposite versions of the same theme. No one should expect ideal sets of numbers in names to guarantee a solid relatio nship. something is wrong and t hat relationship is going nowhere. You have to look at the total Numerology Chart. The same can be said of astrological signs and their influences. It all depends on how deep the karma is.120 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Compatibility in Relationships Some people get along better than others do. p atience is a very important factor in any relationship. Some individuals are more tolerant of everyone they meet while others allow emotions to unduly influence every encounter. The old saying opposites attract is still valid. Regardless of the numbers involved. It is helpful to know something about someone in advance of any kind of relationship and the numerical influences present in a name or birth-dat e can be very helpful. I don t advise any one who is not experienced in interpreting numbers to rigidly adhere to published compatibility number charts. A rush to judgment not only dooms any chance of success with associations but ensures future failures as well. But when individuals constantly argue or are combative. Obviously. And of course. There is a difference betw een challenging situations and combative ones. Sometimes one person believes he or s he can change or reform the other. A relationship is meant to thrive on challenges because they stimulate the situation. and that is a mistake. In karmic situations. Sometimes indiv iduals simply bite off more than they can chew when they take on a relationship. so they are helpful experiences in the long run. personality differences are more critical in a marriage or personal relationship than a casual friendship or business asso ciation.

they shou ld seek professional counseling. be cause they add another dimension to the total picture of a person s inclinations and makeup. Nothing takes the place of free will and the willingness and ability to make adj ustments and changes when considering or being involved in a relationship. I always consider the astrological influence of sun signs and if possible the moon and ascending signs. I prefer to work with clients one-on-one if possible. . Also. as well. you have to co nsider what kind of life experiences they have had to shape their personalities. and especially if children are involved. If two people have serious problems. Then there is the matter of age. the more is expected of us. and you have to cut them some slack to al low for future development. There is no substitute for a personal consu ltation with a good Numerologist.ty. to get into their en ergy field and thereby do a better job of evaluating. That s common sense. At a younger age. The older we get. I applaud the r esearch that Numerologists have done to arrive at compatibility comparisons but they are relative comparisons an d that fact must be remembered.

The Power of Words .Chapter Sixteen The Power of Thought. The Power of Love.

The most powerful force in all of creation is Thought. as is done on other planets. rather than mind-to-mind. Paul: It just happens to be that we have to speak on this level? Pythagoras: Yes. Paul: Words do not have the color or intensity for them that we enjoy. So numbers are the energy forces that are at the cor e of all human expression. We owe our existence to the S upreme Being s creative thought. At this time. thoughts. spoken or unspoken. February 20. When we speak of thought. Although we human beings have the potential for accomplishing great things throu gh our use of our thought processes. cannot speak. Pythagoras: It would be like the difference between hearing music and not hearin . Have you been around a deaf person t otally deaf? Paul: Yes. at this time. Ours is a work in progress with a v ery long way to go. Would it be just as effective if we were able to communicate our thought forms as they do on other planets? Pythagoras: Oh. is the meaning of their words any less significant. They are very bland. The Power of Love. but our potential for future creative accomplishment is beyond our wildest dreams. on this planet. and God is Thought Incarnate. are commun icated through the spoken word. ideas.122 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name The Power of Thought. or written word? You have sp oken in the past about how. Words cannot be expressed without a thought pr ocess that goes through nine categories of energy first. or powerful. versus thought forms How would you d escribe it? Does the spoken word simply magnify the energy of a thought. we are simply not in the same league as God. yes. Paul: An individual who is mute. Love and Words. The Power of Words Everything begins with a thought. let me explain it this way. than someone who can speak? Does that hold them back? Pythagoras: Well. I would like to share again some of the dialogue I had with Pythag oras regarding the power of Thought. and conversation. 2003: Paul: Regarding the power of the spoken word. we have to separate it into two areas of creative powe r. Pythagoras: Then you know that they do not relate or compute to certain expression s because they cannot be explained to their satisfaction.

Paul: Beethoven was deaf in the latter part of his years. all he had to do was to put his hands on the notes and draw from them the whole symphony. .g it. But a total ly deaf person can dance beautifully because the music has a vibration of its own and they pick it up. Paul: He could feel the vibrations? Did he need to hear the music played to feel the vibrations or did he get them from the notes? Pythagoras: From the notes. If you can simply see the notes or see them register on a graph. I would assume that he heard the music in his head. Paul: From the notes? That s quite an accomplishment. it s just not the same. Pythagoras: You see. Pythagoras: Yes. and the vibrations.

Minar 123 And so. he had this to say about the title of this chapter: The power of love. The various parts of the personality need to be in harmony. a most interesting conversation came to a close. So power consists of being in total harmony wit h oneself and all that one professes to believe and then living that belief. we have to be in total harmony wit h ourselves. On a more esoteric yet common sense level. There is a lot to be gleaned from a short conversation with someone who has some thing significant and timely to say and Pythagoras has communicated these types of words to me many times in con versations over the years. Beet hoven was a very special human being with very special abilities. there is no power.Paul G. I suspect that Mr. Then we have to live that belief. . thought and words is simply addressing need. Without that harmony. It is all a struggle within. Before we can effectively communicate in thoughts or words with others. I have continued meeting and writing with Pythagora s and he has provided inspiring information for my radio shows. and all that we profess to believe. His final comment is very important in these times of conflict and disharmony in the world. and we are preparing for television and other me dia work. a nd one cannot escape to do what has been their contract to complete.

Spirituality. Philosophy and Science .Chapter Seventeen Numerology in Partnership with Religion.

Pythagoras: Well. Think in your quiet time of what God m eans to you. Philosophy and Science On May 19. Have I made myself clear? Paul: Yes. I have given a great deal of thought lately about the value of Numerology in understanding not only the meaning of numbers. I received a surprise visit from Pythagoras during a visit with Isabelle at her home. it would cause the teachers to have to re-inform themselves as to what is needed in this process. Pythagoras: Then think of your relationship with God as the perfect partnership. Pythagoras has not been my only source of research material over the years.126 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Numerology in Partnership with Religion. But then again. Numerology has always been respected by the scientific co mmunity rather than the religious community because of the past thoughts on occult activity. Spirituality. So. you have. the one component that s missing as I listen to your words is fa ith. But that would be the safest way to bring Numerology to the understanding level of the majority of the people. 2003. Numerology will have taken another big step towards a human being understanding more about who he or she is. This is a condition that has not always been part of my life. I have to be able to loo k forward to getting up each morning and facing whatever that day has to offer. Pythagoras: Well. In response to my request for some comments regarding the title of this chapter. Paul: It s time for people to begin to understand more about the nature of God. you need nothing else. and what he or she is. but understanding life and love s o that when I am separated from family and friends who move farther away from my home or who make their tra nsition there is something of substance to fill that void of loneliness. Pythagoras had this to say: Pythagoras: All right. by the end of this century. I have to be able to find com panionship and support in life itself. Saint Augustine once answered my question regarding how psychol ogists should deal with . as y ou will read in chapter eighteen (Reincarnation). It is time to consider this. What does that expression mean to you? How does that knowingness add to your life? Paul: A sense of purpose. Numerology could be taught very easily through th e arithmetic classes in the educational system today. as they understand themselves the nature of themselves then they u nderstand more about the nature of God. If you develop a bond with your Creator.

or a lip service. but t he concept of all countries working together for a common good. At this writing. His answer also applies to anyone who has any interest in international diplomacy. Pythag oras always viewed the world and all universes as infinite harmony with mathematical proportions and without the aid of our modern technology . Biblical beliefs are gradually becomi ng biblical facts thanks to modern technology. One d oes not conquer one s enemies by reducing them to nothing. realizing their own potential. is not a universally objectionable issue. compassion. it is now possible to reinforce ma ny beliefs and concepts held by leaders of religious and spiritual disharmony. Saint Augustine had this to say: Psychologists should deal with international disharmony with love tempered with k nowledge. in their own cultures. Without all this. Biblical history can now be studied by scientists as well as biblica l scholars and theologians. From country to country. there are many opinions regarding the effectiveness of the United Nations. love is not realized. Through the many categories of science today. I am sure. understanding. fulfilling their own commitments. It is a sham. purpose and reasoning. One truly conquers one s enemies through love . there must be respect and understanding. wisdom. with deep understanding and respect. especially the leaders of the countries who are members of the world organization known as the United Nations. to create a harmonious atmosphere in which each can e xist. The known universe of yesterday has expanded to unbelievable proportions.

Minar 127 tools. with t he advent of the computer. I believe there will come a time when Numerologists will work hand in hand with psychologists. the listening and the talking. . There will never be a true substitution for a partnership of minds. The computer and the internet have opened the doo r to investigation for all the sciences. The numbers present in a person s name and birth-date provide an instant look at personal char acteristics and potential. that research is already under way. But. there will be no progress. We Numerologists also need to do more research in our study of numbers. We can now let our fingers do the walking. Some of those characteristics require the expertise of psychologists to dig deeper into the ps yche and to provide the kind of professional diagnosis necessary for a more complete analysis or treatment. The energy forces present in numbers will have to become part of the study curri culum of all sciences one day. Without that partnership. His philosophical beliefs were interwoven with his scientific teachings b ecause he believed they were all part of God s master plan for existence.Paul G.

Chapter Eighteen Reincarnation .

. 3:7). Saint Augustine. Saint Francis. but is a symbolic meanin g for them rather than a literal one. Twenty-five years of ongoing communication with those special beings who occupy the spirit realms has absolutely convinced me that we were created out of God s own Essence or energy. Zoroaste r. it was ousted while in a formal session. despite g reat technological achievements. After a great deal of pressure from theologians. This refer ence to being born again is an important part of the beliefs of some Christians today. To me. scientific and theological minds still argue the outcome of extensive research a nd evaluation. Time began for human beings when God decided to involve us in His Great Scheme of Things and we began as Thoughts of God long before our mental processes could develop and occupy human form or bodies.D.D. the concept of reincarnation is connected in a special way to the concept s of immortality and timelessness. Every belief or concept imaginable is subject to many different interpretations and much debate. w e also had no beginning and will have no end. to name a few. Buddha and Pythagoras. secret societies and mystical groups together with writers and philosophers kept the doctrine of reincarnation alive. have often focused on the origin and desti ny of humankind. The Christian religion taught reincarnation in the early days until the Council of C onstantinople in 537 A. Even today. Anot her Council in 543 A. Therefore. However. They used symbolism to hide the teachings relating to reincarnation.130 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Reincarnation (The Dissertation) Belief in reincarnation has always existed in one form or another by most of the major religions of the world. Literal Rebirth I believe in a literal rebirth as I have already stated in this book many times. Dogmatic theology had won over intellectual and spiritu al freedom. The Renaissance The Renaissance movement gave new life to the belief in reincarnation and gradua lly the concepts were taught more openly. Conversations with teachers like Jesus. The Dark Ages Materialistic beliefs led to the Dark Ages and references to reincarnation were removed from the Bible. further stifled belief in reincarnation. Each individual or group putting forth its own interpretation of this elusive thing called truth. The bible states it clearly: Ye must be born again (John.

or existences. So why should our Creator. The secret is knowing the difference between fact and symbolism. . There is no level playing field in a single lifetime. In a timeless framework. It is in ion that I present a dissertation that was given to me in 1979 during a research project on effort to search for our own tr of any person so long as they a this spirit of personal evaluat channeling. on this planet and others in God s unive rses.I have been told in my conversations with the Higher Essences that God has creat ed eleven batches of humanity over a long period of time and that another group of sp irits is due within the next five hundred years. I respect the beliefs re arrived at as the result of a great deal of comparative study and contemplation. the Fa ther of us all. We do not deny our own children their birthrights or dreams of great accomplishm ents. Things that have a beginning also have an end including the human body and all d ense matter. I am deliberately skipping over the A dam and Eve theory. and will have no end. or biblical account. Energy had no beginning. We do not discourage their desire to imitate and follow in our footsteps. The secret is in knowing the difference between fact and symboli sm. What is most important is that we make a sincere uth rather than accepting it too readily from someone else. because I don t wish to digress too much at this time. we do have a long jour ney ahead in which to ultimately achieve our destiny as administrators of the universes rather than being confine d to one lifetime on earth with hardly enough time to develop the skills and character necessary for such great ultimat e accomplishments. You are welcome to your own belief in that part of humankind s origins on earth includ ing everything involved with the Garden of Eden. because this is just one life among many lives. be any different? There are simply too many inequalities surrounding us.

He started with these words: Elder Brother: As a dove flies through the heavens on his mission. and having confidence in her abilities as a channel for the Higher Essences. and taking a c lass on the transition phase of life called Death and Dying. thus the y become magnets at times. The opportunities of such are so abundant at this t ime that it is indeed saddening to see many people not calling forth these energies. in incarnating from time to time. I asked her if she could connect me with someone who could provide the information I needed. so do the spi rits of those who await their return. she summoned me to her home to participate in a special channel ing session. M any times the same talents are brought forth. The perspective that is brought forth at this time and ho pefully ingrained in the conscious minds of Man is this: that the tenure served on this planet is not a p enance. He then began the most informative and eloquent dissertation I have ever heard about the subject t hat had always intrigued me the most.Paul G. but enhanced and thoroughly devel oped. so that when one is ready to make their transition it is earnestl . California. Kennedy University in Orinda. the music and the many v ibrations that surround them. Energies that bring many talents forward are swirling about a great many people at this time and one can order almost the ene rgies and the talents they would grace themselves with. And now I would h ave you ask me that which you pre-decided. Minar 131 I was attending John F. including bibl ical happenings. Paul: Thank you. attracting the colors. incorporating the present and looking to the future always. It is a planet that offers valuable education. attracting energies. afterlife and its activities and the process of rebirth? Elder Brother: Indeed. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Elder Brother (as he prefer s to be addressed) on many occasions since 1979. philosophical and spiritual needs of all of humankind. a little differently sometimes. and these were information sessions dealing with issues an d concepts relating to the physical. Having met my friend Isabelle the previous year. using the past. Four days later. You see. though I heard your questions I want you to ask them f or the benefit of the taping. the sounds. emotional. Incidentally. And as their spirits soar through the heavens of the universes. I wanted a unique commentary on death and afterlife to p resent as my term paper. the vibration attracts like vibration. A new communicator (for me) made an appearance and he introduced himself with the words I am Jesus t he Christ. on the New Age perspective of transition. Thus. education in that each one learns a multitude of subjects th at would not be taught anywhere else. Can you provide me with a dissertation at this time.

. but his own link to his Godhead. it worked the other way around. Man will want to stay time and again to achieve for himself the proper mode of renewing himself. We are. many of them have never been here before. It will take time. As a few were enlighte ned and raised in vibration. Thus. and from there the step upward is individual.y hoped that with the new energies and they are new. when these new energies are incorporated in the atmosphere. but Man will suc ceed in renewing his pact with his Creator and thus having done this. everyone was raised at the same time. everyone is raised to a higher level automatically. and ultimately in their consciousness. that Man will always be going toward but never reaching their Godhead. but it does not really matter exc ept that the desire to reach the Godhead is ever present. and always will be. a part of that Infinite Force called God. to become his own link. not a l ink with others. Now. That is not so. yes. There are many who claim that this will never happen. In the past. he will take greater pride in taking that step to bec ome his own creator. Some will take a quantum leap and some will take a baby step.

then that soul or spirit. a place of sound that is most tranquil and healing. After a given period of rest (and that too is very individual). So it is to the advantage of everyone to associate death and transition as the o nly way to that inner beauty that must . it is an ongoing thing. such caring. a builder of the cells that are unsee n at the time. a place where color s flow much as water would flow. These colors are. whe n the physical body is left behind much as one would leave their boots outside the doo r on a stormy day and go through that door without many of the trappings that have held Man in bondage on this planet. only smoother. in themselves. for though they are still in body. Then there are preparations for that necessary step in the evolution of a soul sch ool. the kind known as death. t hen there are those gentle souls who meet that soul coming through the door and take him t o a place of rest. we are talking about what you refer to as death. When that step is taken through that door. The inner plane schools are quite often taught by teachers who are in physical body also and who spend much time teaching on the inner planes. there are man y transitions taking place within each one continuously now and the teachers and the guides are here to assist them to do j ust that. You see. If one has been ill for some time before making transition. but it is all done with such love. What is taught in these schools varies in accordance with that which the person has chosen to prescribe to in another incarnation or to help guide someone else. is thus taken from the resting place. Now in this transformation. it is a step on the rung of the ladder that allo ws more steps to be placed. a part of that Infinite Force called God. nothing is left to chance. his transition from his physical body to another form takes place.132 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name We are. and it is well placed for each individua l. however you wish to define it. The teachers and the guides of the people who are in body now have been well tra ined at this time to help them through this transition period. and always will be. For a brief time it is allowed to visit a loved one or two or more and us e that bonus period to assure others of the beauty that lies beyond the door. so to speak. That rung is clear. So you see. that it is startling to s ee how many people are afraid of making that kind of transition. So when transition takes place. So when one is ready to take another step up the ladder. there are many avenues to follow. custom designed.

Paul: Yes. let me have your questions about that which has been discussed. to follow through on some commitment or other but always to keep the unive rses vibrant and healthy with the many concepts that are constantly being programmed or changed. he quickly understands that to look to the past cannot cause him pain but instead causes hi m joy for he knows that he has progressed. but to see how well we have learned our lessons. in all the universes. if you are a sensitive soul who suddenly sees the weaknesses within him and gives in to those weaknesses. What can you comment on that? Elder Brother: I would say to you this: that as Man and his own consciousness ev olves. One spiritual teaching I have come across states that there is pain o r anguish involved in the process whereby a person reviews the mistakes of a given life. and hell of afterlife reviewing the good and the bad . one then stays for a very short time to acclimate themselves to the energies and the arenas the y find themselves in after leaving the body. Th is is life everlasting! Now. Everything. not to that is the heaven and . To say that your Creator demands you to look at your past mistakes is to say tha t your Creator is not sensitive and loving. Now there are some who have incarnated to do a service or to finish their time on the karmic wheel and when they are finished. or they go to other planets to colonize and to raise the vibrations of these planets. Then they spend little or no time in a resting or hold ing place but go directly to that which is awaiting them either as a teacher on the inner planes or as a teacher alongsi de someone on a conscious level. then he has indeed chosen to lean into the Hell of life and wallows in it. We look to our past mistakes not as a punishment. they have been designated to other work. So. When one has n ot had a long illness. However you choose to lean into i s your choice. Hell is standing beside you as well as Heaven. is energy in a state of flux constantly on the move. Then some are placed to the planets they have chosen in advance to continu e work done there or to assist new work. and that wh ich you would like to expressed again and again by coming into body again and again.

for my Father would never do that. We need to feel the confidence of the future. were that there were dealings that one must continue.Paul G. Personalities are worked upon during this period so that there is a certain amou . he needs to count his blessings. One should only look back to count their blessings and measure their growth no other reason. We need not live in fear. Such love has the Fat her for Man that He has spent eons of time nurturing him. To say there is a place designated for Man to suffer and endure a p enance is to say that God is cruel and unjust. the not-too-far distant beliefs. for if that were as far as Man has come. If there were not at that time a control of some kind. Why then would He destroy him? For to inflict such pain. The ancient beliefs. We need not live in fear. and God is not. This was a disciplinary action in words to as sist Man in preparing him for that step which he has to take. as many would depict hell to be. There are those beliefs that say you are judged on judgment day for that which you have committed in the past. He needs to see h is progress. So to say that after death you must view your sins and anguish over them are but the words of those who would place fear in the hearts of all beings. What can you tell me of the process bet ween incarnations of designing a body suited to a particular life experience? Elder Brother: As soon as a family is chosen and the time is presented that a ch ild comes into carnation. would be to scar or deform a very precious tool. There are those who say you will burn in the fires of Hel l. Man would have destructed himself totally a long time ago. Do you understand me? Paul: Your words are very well received. Man needs only to look back and instead of viewing the ashes. then Hell sur rounds and engulfs everyone totally. this was necessary. then a place is set aside within a physical being of the female species where the tho ughts are placed by the child or by the being who would come into that creation long before that time is upon it. And at a time when Man needed to be disciplined so that he would no longer purge his body with the horrendous act ivities that were a part of their living circumstances. for Man needs not that kind of recrimination n ow. As has been stated many times. Minar 133 anguish over that which has gone on before but to realize that we need to look a t the future.

There are many theo ries. This subject is inexhaustible. with some. Elder Brother: Where would you like me to stop? Paul: The spirit enters the fetus at the point then where we first discern movem ent in that unborn baby? . It does not always take on this level. Now. or they have hear d the angry words of a disgruntled mate. they see through the mother s stomach. Thus. It hears. and indeed many of them are very well taken. The genes of the mother and the father are considered and the work is thus begun to build a compatible body that will serve the spirit for its journey through this lifetime. more and more thoughts are poured into this tiny little seed that rests in the spiritual sacristy of the mother. it knows. isn t it? Paul: Yes. When the spirit is ready to enter th e body that has been formed. even to the mind of that little being that is being created. that from different members of the family the pictures are projected to the body and yes. it feels. but it does fruit it self on other levels. there is another channel. thus these thought forms are r eleased into the womb into the uterus of the mother and these thought forms start to work with the vibration of the spir it that is to enter it to build a body. Also. or another entrance to that body.nt of compatibility and the essence of love is programmed. and so they know well in advance that their coming may not be as gracious as could be. whereas the th oughts are placed to it. When the time for conception takes place. or both. And thus. at that time. As soon as conception takes place. many children come into this atmosphere and are born with the knowledge that they are not wanted by one parent. The thoughts that created the body also help to produce th e means by which that body is fed while it is in the womb. or bel ly. this does take place in such a way that almost immediately the spirit withi n the child connects totally and movement takes place. a chain reaction is brought forth. for they have heard the many conversations that might have taken place. and yes. it takes place during a period of normal ovation.

for you see. to carry on in a new way an old assignment Man rea ching his perfection! . And that understanding is difficult to achieve. for a new mind. and the vibrations of these energies are as countless as the stars. New Age energies simply means new energie s for a new concept. an d yet. at the end of this cycle. but it has been changed. The New Age teachings are brought fo rth to help Man accommodate his total being. You speak of energi es . Even the body organs are making drastic changes. it is not to relieve Man of his own responsibility or to remove from him free will. You see. It is done to hel p him make any changes that might be necessary for him on his path. For. The brain has been changed gradually. beyond its coming change from Pisces to Aq uarius? Elder Brother: With each new age. Thus. to rid themselves of any karmic debts that they have imposed on themselves so that they can incarnate in the New Age with the new energies. to consolidate that which he is on all levels. Elder Brother: Oh yes. for a new body. a new race of Man. free of any old ti es.134 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Elder Brother: Yes. so many have come into incarnation at this time. As Man s physical body changes and accommodations are made for his mental changes as well as his emotio nal changes. in a myriad of ways. Man evolves in such a way that a new set of bl ueprints is needed for Man s physical being as well as his mental being. you see. Paul: Thank you. his spiritual change is also very evident. for the mind has taken a quantum leap. So you see. What is the New Age. New Age teachings are brought forth so that Man can grasp more quickly his role. The New Age teachings are simpler than any of the teachings of the past. Paul: That is most helpful on that particular aspect of life. and we are somewhat programmed to think about energy in a singular sense without a connection to spi ritual teachings so obviously there is a great misunderstanding in the world regarding energy. When energies have been abused a cycle can begin much sooner and the bodies must then have special preparations made to receive these new energies. all of this t o accommodate a new race of Man for that is what each age is. everyone has a place and everyone s energies are needed. Paul: And is this spirit more expressed upon the inhalation of air at that first breath at birth? Elder Brother: Indeed it is. that spirit is always ready for severa l days afterward to leave if necessary. Energies flow constantly. yes. there are many energies that can be placed in the atmosphere to make Man react in any number of ways.

Did that answer your question? Paul: Most profoundly. for you see. But on this plane. Paul: Is it necessary for both the Eastern and Western philosophies to change in preparation for the New Age? . Very well. The Christ Jesus has been charged with Man and that which has been brought forth through the teachings of so-called Christianity. Man has long read about and been told about the seco nd coming of Jesus the Christ. And that is the second coming of Jesus the Christ. and thus. fo r it is the second coming of Christ through the Jesus aspect or the facet of the Christ that is relegated to Jesus. The Christ Consciousness has already endowed man. What can you tell us about that occurrence in relation to the New Age? Elder Brother: The second coming of Jesus the Christ has already taken place. Elder Brother: Thank you. there will manifest a light body that will be used by the Christ Jesus for a very short period so that the people can know that the y can do all things and be all things for that is their right. in a more fitting way the concept of Jesus is bestowed. So.Does that answer your question? Paul: Very well. with the advent of Christianity. the second coming of Jesus the Christ is to allow Man to understand his own beingness and to allow himself to be in the presence o f his own divinity.

Philosophies are very good. Elder Brother: That s right. They don t want to let go. And thus. Curiosity is the beginning of exploration. Is that not so? Paul: I guess people do not like to change. It is fitting that this book about numbers and Numerology should conclude with a dissertation about Reincarnation and I know I speak for Pythagoras when I say th at no one could have described this process more definitively or with greater eloqu ence than the man whose life so personified the purpose and beauty of life the man called Je sus the Christ. Paul: An old pair of shoes becomes comfortable but they do wear out. for curiosity is the beginning of exploration. If His words. Change is progress. So welcome to The New Age. for you have become that which you are. The energies of 2000 and beyond are all expressed by numbers and numbers within numbers. And have I answered all your questions? Paul: Yes. together with the many new concepts presented in these pages do no more than to stir your curiosity. Man must relieve himself of these philosoph ies so that we can start again with that golden kernel that mustard seed. they bring new energies for a new concept. Paul: Thank you very much. for a new body.Paul G. one day you have on e philosophy and the next day that philosophy can start changing and soon. I will spend a lifetime thinking about your responses. Elder Brother: That s right. And now. Elder Brother: You are very welcome. then this book has indeed achieved its purpose. but you know yourself. Numbers are the signposts along the way and the more you pay attention to them the more you will identify with their meaning. my blessings on you and that which you are. to carry on in a new way. I will depart this channel. an old assignment Man reaching his perfection! . And now. They are the same. Welcome to the New Millennium. it is not recognizable. Minar 135 Elder Brother: All philosophies must undergo a change to allow the new energies to be effective. As Jesus said. You have answe red all of my questions. for a n ew mind. Elder Brother: Thank you.

Chapter Nineteen Channeling Explained .

send messages. They are an inte gral part of her daily existence as family members and friends are to us. otherwise they could not handle those energies or receive or transm it the messages. They claim to be able to receive messages. It is all about energy. providing information. Sometimes the channel receives messag es that are short. or as lengthy as a dissertation or book. counsel or spiritual teachings. and disseminating information. She is able to stop t he process and answer the telephone. then go right back to channeling. These are compara ble to those beings we know as Saints and Sages. In my experience. Not all communicators are of an advanced state of spiritual development. A good comparison would be having a transmission cable that is designed specific ally to carry heavy voltage with the channel being the equivalent of the cable. evaluating. The types of messages they convey are positive in nature. Edgar Casey did tran ce channeling on a regular basis. the communicators speak through but do not occupy her vocal chords. There are those who would argue that someone who claims to be channeling is actu ally communicating with some . My friend Isabelle sees and literally lives with the Higher Essences as she calls them. A channel is a person who claims to be able to communicate with a non-physical i ntelligence. or to do both. Sometimes the channel is able to see the communicator. the proximity of the com municator does not matter. That is why she do es not feel a drain on her physical strength when finished as some other channels do. I believe it is appropriate for me to explain the meaning of the word and to state why I believe it is a worthwhile means of gathe ring. as little as one word. she has done trance channelin g which places her in a prone position and also in a deep altered state of consciousness. When we work together gathering information throu gh the channeling process. These beings also will not work with an yone they are not in harmony with.138 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name Channeling Explained Because so much of this book is composed of channeled material. No time or space in the higher realms Because there is no time or space in the higher realms. On some occasions. the non-physical intelligence is usually referred to as the co mmunicator. The words or impressions are instantaneous. In order for someone to channel their energies that person must also be of an ad vanced state of spiritual development. I have worked with many Maste r Teachers and Ascended Master Teachers who usually represent the highest level of communicators. They are selective about the channels with whom they interact.

The most important consideration is the credentials of the individual. A psychic in my opinion is more of a jack-of-all-trades dealing with all sorts of psychic perception and communication. At other times. While their functions are subject to many interpretations.aspect of their own mind. relatives or historical figures. It takes experience in these matters to judge the quality of the channel. Channeling when done properly is a very worthwhile means of gathering and dissem inating information. It is a catch-all name. the communicator. communicat e with the spirits of departed friends. channel. and use com mon sense. They abid e by universal law. When I first heard about this process many years ago. referring clients to a psychic for other forms of guidance. for the most part. So. . I have experienced channeling by a negative psychic who was communicating with an equally negative entity. Mediums. they are al l conduits of information. Webster s Third New International Dictionary defines a psychic as a person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces. a mischievous spirit or entity is involved. I also listen for a good vocabulary. A channel sometimes specializes in sp irit communication. and the message. medium. You have to be careful before get ting involved with anyone who claims to be in touch with the spirit world. but at least you h ave the answer immediately. knowledgeable. a speedy response is a big advantage when someone needs help. Check them out very carefully. I was looking for some answers re garding a career choice along with some other personal concerns and I needed those answers right away. or whatever. The quick answer still requires proper evaluation. and are guided by love and truth in their communications. and wise. I felt that a psy chic could at least give me a quick answer. a nd sometimes that is the case. especially whe n you are very anxious about something. whether he or she is called a psychic. or that there are multiple personalities expressing. The spiritually advanced entities are articulate.

A good referral is also a good beginning. which is informatio n stored as part of what is known as the Akashic Records. They are not ego-driven or money-oriented but must be compensated fairly. though they never invade your privacy. I am Elder Brother. A high price tag does not guarantee quality. but you have to be the final judge. We st ore uncountable computer files regularly. In my experience. I have even been politely reprimanded for not asking certain que stions which were on my written list. who identifies himself by saying. A speedy response is just the beginning. and that is why they can antici pate your questions. The communicator had done his homework preparing for my questions and I wasted an opportunity for additional assistance. my communicators insisted that I challenge their information and I have done so from time to time. They know yo ur thoughts. and I ser ve. Done properly. Sometimes the communicator start s a session with an overview before you even begin to ask questions and that overvie w touches on your issues. We signifies that a communicator is drawing on Universal Mind. God has provided special keepers or guardians for these records. the highest energy coming through belongs to Jesus the Christ. If you find someone who is very spiritual. provided that they possess the capability. be circumspect. The best cha nnels in my opinion are humble and compassionate. stay with that . so do your homework. information is provided to you that deals with the issues you wish to discuss. accurate and helpful. The greater an individual s spiritual development. Minar 139 Regardless of whom you choose as your conduit of information. A speedy response is just the beginning. Why can t the Master Programmer do the same? Early on. The communicators I work with use the term we when they greet m e and mostly use that term throughout each session. the greater the scope and depth of information that can be obtained. Just as we draw on our memory banks for informatio n.Paul G. so can anyone in a physical or non-physical form access this great Universal Library for information.

and there can be no distortion or disruption of that energy flow. This was a real handson approach to a very serious situation. It s up It all depends on the credibility of the psychic. F meetings. because I had fears about breaking a bond that I might regret. This is also an excellent example of the kind of help our guides provide. there is a process of tria l and error. She explained the clear aspect as a condition in which her pipeline reaches directly to the Higher Essences. those spiritual beings on a level with Saints and Sages. Your decision was correct. The energy r adiating from each created soul has a color and the highest and brightest belongs to Jesus. It requires patience and diligence.person. as well as someone with very special psychic ability. that brightest of white-light emanations that belongs only to Jesus the Christ and is grounded in truth and love. Isabelle prefers to be called a clear channel. in essence. One of my earlier psychic readings was with an individual who k and dangerous path. of reassurance I nee You So even a brief psychic reading can be very beneficial. That was just the kind ded. inally. I met Isabelle and though I had no real expectations as to the exten t of her abilities. in whose care the Creator has entrusted this planet Earth. took me down a dar but I was wrong. my common sense and intuition took over and with considerable trepidation. When first starting to explore psychic communication. As time went on. Shortly thing. It all depends on the cr edibility of the psychic. I attended a psychic fair and met with three readers in a row. I had assumed that person was in touch with very spiritual sources. each psychic drew on his or her psychic ability for relatively brief a nswers and I was never aware of the source of the information. to them to demonstrate the quality and truth of their work. . This time I found a spi ritual teacher. the information co ming through is more reliable and understandable. Do not look back. Shortly after that experience. I terminated the thereafter. I became better at choosing and evaluating psychics. As opposed to more in-depth channeling sessions. By consistently working with one credible psychic or channel. It was also proof-positive that I did the right thing. and the communicator can more easily work with your questions. it took just one session with her to convince me that I had not only met someone exceptional but I was finally on the right path. She fur ther explains that the information she receives comes through the Christ Light. Don t be intimidate d by someone s psychic ability. Each psychic said the same have just broken a bond. but it took a great deal of time and objective evaluation. My first experiences involved psychic readings at small psychic fairs .

These days it has a negative connotation. By the way. secret. Also. much more. the world around them and non-physic al realities. so as to do a better jo b as a Numerologist and to do a better job of helping people to understand themselves. . In conclusion. I do not do readings at this time except for intuitive interpretation of Numerolog y and related concepts. psy chic and metaphysical pursuits are not at odds with spirituality. Controversy regarding psychic ability There is considerable controversy regarding the validity of psychic ability. Webster s diction ary defines it as something mysterious or supernatural. It is no secret that a government agency has had some success testing long distance telepathy and imaging abilities in the interests of national security. only someone s perceived notion of spirituality. There is nothing to fear about exploring positive uses of our mental powers. I believe it is time to remove the veil of secrecy from many areas of our lives. they trigger my ability to realize new o r expanded interpretations I can apply to my personal work. Psychic ability is also referred to as psi. and that ability is as na tural and proper as any other abilities we have. the word occult is not part of my vocabulary. but it has taken quite some time. to serve. When I work with the tarot and numbers. I can only say that it has come naturally for me to write with someone like Pythagoras. religion and spirituality. Both are greatly enhanced by proper motivation using our Godgiven abilities no matter what they are to assist those in need and. Isabe lle is everything I had ever hoped to find in a psychic and much. Both of these conditions are a more natural process than we realize.140 Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name In my opinion. as Elder Br other has emphasized so many times. but I am working diligently on developing my skills in that area. deliberately kept hidden. We can all improve our psychic abilities along with o ur spiritual development. some more than others. There have also been numerous publ ished reports in professional publications and on television. The truth shall set you free is an old saying but it is still the best way to approach the subject of spiritual search and it also applies to every aspect of our existence and growth. Some call it intuition . It is a part of our heritage as children of God. the subject of channeling is a fascinating one. but there have been enough studies and research projects to confirm this phenomenon. especially regarding metaphysics. If you are wonder ing about my abilities. We all possess psychic ability. after twenty-five years of working with her professionally.

A Final Word from the Author If you were asked to state the most meaningful part of your life. to see how they relate to one another and to you. It is my hope that Numbers: The Energy Forces In Your Name has provided a very p ositive as well as purposeful way for you to view all of humanity and all of life. I hope this book has also motiv ated you to help shape the future of this magnificent planet by contributing the one gift that has to be distributed freel y in order to be retained and that is Love! 141 . It is the magnifying mirror that allows you to see and understand yourself in gr eater detail as well. It is like comparing a small. These are the creative tools by which we can more completely shape and fulfill our lives. and equally important. black and white television screen with the wide expanse of a High Defin ition TV. Think of Numerology as the magnifying lens that allows you t o see and understand each of them in greater detail. you would prob ably say it was the love shared with family and friends. Nine creative numbers are the energy forces that allow this magnificent panorama to unfold as you use each one by itself or in a particular sequence.

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