By Adam Thorpe

Mike S and Brandon S

a story based on the second world war.contemporarywriters. •His writing is often based about war or in times of war. • He wrote •In 1998 a novel called “Pieces of light”. •It is said that his works are often inspired by the different surroundings that he has lived in. such as his Grandmother who escapes from the Germans to quietly and peacefully die under a tree in England See here for more info on Adam: http://www. particularly World War 2. Cameroon and England.Biography Adam Thorpe •Adam was born in Paris in 1956 •He grew up in India. •In 2001 a novel about a young boy wishing to write about WW1 and its aftermath effects •In 2005 a novel set in a German museum during WW2 •Similarly he bases some of his stories on tales of his own family. however now lives in France.com/authors/?p=auth95 .

and a feeling of doom until the moment he or she reappears. • “I was in love if there is such a thing” • “I was left gazing after her” He often brings her up and describes her vividly compared to his father and other characters.‘cutting corners’ and grow sloppy. if suddenly no longer there. • Someone who. • “One must never fall short of the highest standards” • “If you fall short. She is the cause of distraction to his work. Both the Father and son believe that their job is of upmost importance and take it very seriously.” Showing his care for her. However the son does sometimes slack off“If I let my attention wander .Themes The determination/pride for your work and it’s potential to consume lives. .” Love/ human relationships and the danger of.and give a man an inner tube that you believe yourself is passable you might send that man to his death”. can leave a hole in your heart. or felt too lazy to triple check pressure.

• “No sons”.Themes Rebellion against oppression (Resistance)/ price paid for freedom Basically. shooting past as they do these days” Death and its aftermath He describes the moment when the car crashes as• “The beginning of winter” Using “Winter” to effectively explain how he feels. and how sad he is. . no one knows the difference.“staying unmarried” Showing that he is unable to let go his loss. • “I leave fresh flowers every year” • Replacing them with plastic flowers. Through his act of rebellion. he kills what he wished to protect in the first place. the girl is the price paid by the boy. “To be honest.

Son (Narrator) • The son is a symbol of the slipping standards of workers today. • . He is also a symbol of how men destroy the things they love. He is described to be “lazy” at times and is distracted easily by the girl.Characters Father • • The father is a symbol of hard work and determination. He is a role model to his son in the way that he shows him how to take pride in his work.

temptation and is a distraction to the young boy. she is very important in terms of the plot. Although she does not say much in the story. “The enemy” • . He symbolizes the oppression of the German forces. He is described as “looming” and has a threatening feel about him.Characters Cécile • She symbolizes desire. German officer • • • • He is a figure head of the German forces.

it was the beginning of winter. at 90. Son: “As if someone had taken a pump to my mouth and overdone the pedal” This shows his genuine care about his work and that it is all he knows. what a damn good grip I still have at the expense of your clients knuckles” “Watching the world” is used because the tyre business is basically the world to them as it is all that they care about and know so well.Language Techniques The son metaphorically compares things to his work with tyres. is a metaphor for his feelings of sadness and loneliness. The use of winter. to show that his world is now ‘cold’. These techniques are used to create sympathy for the character and try help us connect with him further. This line is repeated almost exactly at the end of the story because it actually happens. Father: “I will be the old fellow who stands watching the world go by and getting in your hair. not the end”. This shows the strong will and determination of the father . Son: “For me though. It is also used to create imagery. and proving. as mentioned before.

but isn't because of his lost love. “I started helping my father as soon as I could stand upright. This shows a role switch which is used to show that the father cannot let go of the job as it is all he knows. the story jumps into the future. . shows the son working with the father getting in his way and watching him.Structure Chronological order. At the end. as the son did when he was young. Cyclic structure. Starts at his birth and ends when he is an old man. It also shows his care for her “I leave fresh flowers every year”. and shows that the son should be happy to have his dream job. just as he helped his father. The son starts helping his father in the tyre yard at a young age.” and then later at the end. This is used to show that the pain of his loss still effects him years after the accident.

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