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FIN401 Financial Management Course Outline Spring 2012 BBA Program Instructor: Arif Irfanullah (

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To enhance students understanding of the theory and practice of the financial management of a firm. COURSE PRE-REQUISITE: FIN201 Introduction to Business Finance Topic IBF Review: Time Value of Money IBF: Risk and Return The Cost of Capital The Basics of Capital Budgeting: Evaluating Cash flows First Term Exam Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis (excluding project risk analysis techniques for measuring standalone risk.) Corporate Valuation, Value-based Management and Corporate Governance Capital structure basics Second Term Exam Dividend and Repurchases Financial Options Real Options Final Exam Chap 18 Chap 8 Chap 12 Chap 11 Chap 15 Chap 16 Reading Assignment Chap 2 Chap 4 Chap 9 Chap 10

READING MATERIAL: Textbook: Financial Management: Theory and Practice, Eugene F. Brigham. Michael C. Ehrhardt, Thomson, 11th Edition Counseling Hours: Time: 12:45 1:15 PM Days: Monday, Thursday Class Participation: Students must review the assigned chapters before coming to class.

Grading Plan: Component Quizzes Projects Assignments Term exams Final exam Total

Weightage 15% 5% 0% 40% 40% 100%

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