About Love

Version: 1.5

In the same way a tree can identify itself with the seed where it came from, the seed can consider the tree as a higher form, a more complete form of itself. The human spirit usually finds out of itself identifications for any of its characters as the same way it can find out of itself a higher and elevated form. The relation that links this encounter that can be called “love” is always part of an inner movement, an identification; it’s a recognition of characteristics or complements for our being. This link is always selfish. All “love” is born inside the individual and everything made functionally according to this link would be made for oneself. Love is always selfish, it’s selfish in its origin and it is at its end. True love is always directed to ourselves according to the measure of what we are. This identification produces an adhesion more or less intense to ideas, individuals, or anything we’ve been in relation throughout this link. In its maximum grade of intensity we could talk about an identification of the lover with the loved. When this love is linked to an ideal we could talk about the love’s maximum grade, hence ideals are more often complete and more intense in their characters than things or individuals. It can also happen that people can contain or represent ideas producing an identification of its will according to them, whenever when those who incarnate these ideas are hardly accessible. These persons would be, in any sense, “sanctuaries” of ideals, being commonly identified as chiefs or leaders.

Tyrsson TYR MILITIA Argentina – 2008 ec