Double-contrast spot image of stomach ~ patient in supine position shows benign ~curvature gastr'ic ulcer' ,(U}as smooth

, ovoid ~ ~ ~ of barium extending outside expected contour' of gastr'ic body. Smooth folds are radiating to edge of ulcer cr'ster'.1

Double-contrast spot image of' ~ ~with patient in semiu .•. ht position ri ~ superficial gastric carcinoma as focal area Qf slightly elevated, irregular radiolucent nodules (~) in shallow barium pool. Clubbed, irregular fQ!Q§ (arrowheads) are seen radiating toward ~ area of' mucosal



Double-contrast spot image of ~ gastric ~with patient in left posterior ~ position shows NSAID-induced erosive ~ gastritis. Multiple ~ erosions are ~ as ~ (small white arrow) and linear (~whitearrow) collections of' barium surrounded Qy radiolucent mounds of' edema (black ~). This patient was takinq aspirin.

Double-contrast spot image of' f@§!riQ body with patient in left posterior oblique QQ§illQn shows gastric ulcer (U) as smooth, ovoid ~ of barium on posterior wall. Smooth, .§!@lgJ}! folds radiate directly to edge of' ulcer crater. These are typical findings of a benign ga,stric ulcer. I

Double-contrast spot irnaqe of' ~ ~ with patient in left posterior oblique QQ§illQ!l shows NSAID-induced linear and seri inous ~ (arrows). This patient was taking ~. Surgical clips in right upper quadrant are from prior cholec./stectom···· .• ·'.

Double-contrast spot image of' ~ bodywith patient in supine position shows incomletel> filled ulcer on dependent, or posterior, ~ as hemispheric ring shadow with two crescent-shaed barium-coated lines (arrows) QQE!ing various portions of' inferior rim of ulcer. Smooth, straight folds radiate almost to edge of' ~ crater. The findings are characteristic of a Qm]gn gastric ulcer with retraction of' adjacent gastric wall.

Double-contrast spot image of' ~ body with patient in supine position shows ~ gastric ulcer due to lymphoma. Large ~ of' tumor (arrows) surround irregular central ~ (U) filled with barium, although barium QQQ! is too dense to clearly delineate margins of' ulcer. I

Dou ble-contrast spot image of gastric body with patient in riqht posterior oblique QQ§illQrr shows ulcer (U) on posterior waH fining

barium", S,maJIradiolucent nodules (arrowheads) ~ seen lateral to ulcer and larger nodules (~) are seen just superiorto ulcer. This ~ ~

be secondary to ederna.inflarnrnation, dysplasia, ortumor:;: findings in this ~ do not meet radiographic criteria 'for a benign ~ ulcer, and lesion should be classified as ~'" Nevertheless, benign gastric ulcer was ~ at endoscopy and follow-up", Gastric ~wasfound at the edge of the ulceron


biopsy specimens.

Double-contrast spot image with ~ in right ~ position shows gastric diverticulum as smooth barium-coated outouchin· (~ extending from posterior wall of ~. A small amount of barium is present in lumen of diverticulum. I

Fig.5.2"a,b,. Erosive gastritis: double-contrast barium meal studies in two differentpatients demonstrating erosive gastritis involving the antrum fa) and, the entire stomach (b)



Fig, S,,4a-d~Benign lesser curve ulcers: a double-contrast barium meal study shows a benign penetrating lesser curve ulcer seen in protide'. b Different patient with a benign lesser curve' ulcer shows the Hampton line. c A benign lesser curve ulcer seen en,[ace. dA benign giant lesser curve ulcer (arrows)

Fig, ,5.S,a,b,•Malignant lesser CU,Ive ulcers: a double-contrast barium meal study shows a malignant lesser curve ulcer. Note the nodular margin and amputated radiatingmucosal foldsv b "Carman meniscus" sign (arrow) in a, different patient with malignant lesser curve ulcer

Double-contrast spot image of stomach ~patient in supine position shows moderately ~ folds in gastric body due to chronicHlori ~. Folds are considerably less thickened ~~ than in patient with ~ disease ~ Note surgical clips from prior ~.

Double-contrast spot image of ~ body with patient in supine position shows ~ thickened, ~ folds and diffuse ~ of ~ ~ pattern in patient with Menetrier disease ..


Double-contrast spot image of ~ ~with patient in right-side-down QQ§J!lQnshows smooth, undulating submucosal !!l§!§§ (arrows) on posterior wall of ~ extending 12~. This patient had portal hypertension ~ a conglomerate mass of gastric ~ (also ~ as ~~. Note surgical clips from recent liver transplantation.

Double-contrast spot image of 9E§!ri£ ~with patient in right-side-down QQ§lliQn shows ~ mass (arrows) that has ~ and replaced normal cardiac rosette. Arrowheads denote areas of ulceration within tumor. This patient had an advanced carcinoma of cardia.

Findings Case 2.,1.. Double-contrast U'GI~ Thickened.Jobulated folds are present ill the body and antrum of the stomach.
Case 2.2~. Double-contrast U'GI~ Nodular fold thickening

is present in the gastric antrum.

Diagnosis H pylori gastritis

Double-contrast UGI~ Multiple small, round filling defects (mounds of edema) (arrows) containing a small central collection of barium (erosion or tiny ulceration) are prese.nt in, the gastric antrum and body.

Diagnosis .Acutc erosive gastritis

Single-contrast U'GI.. An 'ulcer crater is located along the lesser curvature of the gastric antrum. Symmetric and smoothly contoured folds radiate to the crater, The mound of edema (arrowheads) is smooth in contour, and the crater is located centrally within the mound ..

'" Dlagnosis Benign gastric ulcer

Single-contrast U'GI.. An 'ulcer crater is seen on this tangential view of the gastric antrum .. A Hampton line (arrow) is seen at the base of the crater ..

Diagnosi.s Benign gastric ulcer (Hampton line)

Double-cnntrastU'Cl. A., A linear collection of barium (arrow) is visible on the en face view of the gastric body. Several folds radiate to the edge of the crater .. B, The elongated ulcer collection and surrounding collar (arrow) are seen when viewed in profile ..

" · Dlagnosls Benign linear 'ulcer


U'GI.. An 'ulcer crater is present on the

greater curvature of the stomach, A smooth mound of edema surrounds the centrally located 'ulcer.. The crater does not extend beyond the normal gastric 1umen contour ..

Diagnosis Benign gastric sump ulcer

Single-contrast UGI~ A large ulcer is present along' the greater curvature of the stomach. 'Gastric folds extend IIp to the crater, The crater projects beyond the expected location of the: greate'f curvature mucosa ..

'" Dlagnosls Benign giant gastric 'ulcer

Case 2 ..11., Single-contrast U'GI. Enlarged rugal folds are: present in the gastric antrum. A benign 'ulcer is present along the lesser curvature, Case 2'i,12., Enhanced abdominal ,CT. The gastric wall and rugal folds are markedly thickened.

Diagnosis Zo11inger.... Ellison syndrome

Single-contrast U'GI. Multiple erosions are present in the gastric antrum ..

Diagnosis Crohn disease

Case 2,.,14. Single-contrast U'GI~ Markedly enlarged

gastric folds are preselTt within the proximal half of the stomach.

Case 2i,15~. Unenhanced abdominal CT. The wall of the gastric fund'us and body is markedly thickened, especially along the greater curvature" The antral wall is of normal
thickness, Bilateral adrenal masses are prese11t ..

Dlagnosls Menerrier disease


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