Combustable gases Those gases that burns is called combustable gases. Foe example H2S, SO2 CO etc.

Every gas have special temp. & concentration at which it burns. There are two limit of gases 1. upper limit 2. lower limit hydrogen upper and lower limit: 5-74% methane upper and lower limit: 5-15% H2S upper and lower limit: 4.5-45% Parts of Combustable gases detector: 1. Sampling hose 2. Sampling probe 3. Water trap 4. Measure gauge 5. range selector6. Zero adjustment 7. Switch on button 8. Battery check Scales: It has two scale 1. 0-25% ……………… this gives L.E.L (lower explosive limit) 2. 0-100% Applications: The gas detector tube is used for measuring quickly concentrations of combustable gases and vapor in working environment and for grasping their concentration distributions in work sites. The gas detector is a light and portable tool that uses no chemical analysis tools or reagents. The Kitagawa provides a quick and simple way of measuring. It make ensures that the gas is below LEL. Procedure of operation: 1. Connect all the part such as sampling hose and water trap. 2. Switch power on the detector. 3. Check battery by pressing the battery check button. If the needle is in red zone than its ok if not than it must be changed. 4. Adjust the zero adjustment to zero by pressing zero adjustment knob. 5. Select the range by Range selector to 0-25LEL % 6. Place the sampling in the place which is to be detected. 7. If the pointer crosses the LEL than change the range to 0-100 LEL%. 8. After taking the reading, make a purge with fresh air until pointer comes to zero.

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