Keeping Away the Cabin Fever

Free or Low Cost things to do with your little one to keep you both busy
1. Go for a walk and find the prettiest flower in the street Have a picnic in the back yard Go to a park and play on the swings Blow Bubbles Go along to Story time or Rhyme time at your local library Go for a bike ride 20. Check out an Art Gallery 7. Fill a tub with water, balls and toys and have fun splashing about Browse around an open air market Make play dough (handy hint, the recipe is on the cream of tartar packet ) 21. Visit an old friend or relative 22. Go to a Sporting event, it could be a big game or just the local football team 23. Jump in puddles and make mud pies 24. Make hand print paintings 25. Find a nice big tactile ball and roll it/tap it/kick it to each other 26. Break out the pots, pans and wooden spoons and have a good old kitchen percussion session tree 16. Make your own finger paint and paint some pictures together 17. Visit the Zoo or a Wildlife park 18. Turn up your music and dance around the lounge room 19. Put on that baby carrier and go for a bushwalk

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10. Go to a local pond or lake and feed the ducks 11. See what’s on at your local museum, they often have great kids’ activities.

12. Ask around for a local playgroup or think about starting one of your own! 13. Colour some dry rice or pasta with food colouring and make shakers with plastic bottles 14. Make a trip to the beach (or a sandpit!) and play in the sand 15. Wander around your local public gardens and laze on the grass under a nice shady

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