To:Kirtanah From:Unknown Msg:Hope U Accept Me As Ur Sister To: 6 Jaya Friends From: Rupeiny Msg:Miss U Guys N The

Fun V Had A Lot.Hope 2 Meet u‟ll Soon. To: My Best Frenz From: Reshma Msg: Hope Our Frenship Remains 4ever...... To:Ol F3 Galz From: Mr.Nobody Msg:Best Frenz 4ever To:Secret From:Secret Msg:Ku Syg Hg Uey!!!!!!!!!

To:Teacher Mugil From: Librarian Msg: Tc Of Ur Health N Our Little Brother. To:Anis Sofia From:Aina Nabila Msg:Hope Our Friendship Last 4ever. To: Pokemon From:Secret Msg: Ku Sayang Hang Ketad2 To:Nesalini From:Jasleen Msg: Best Fren 4evr To:Ol F3 Students From:Racheal Msg:Frenship S D Most Priceless Gift........ To:Olivia From:Catherine Lai Msg:Tq,U Always Tc Abt Me,V R Frenz 4ever To:My 3melur Frenz From:Nanbenda Msg:Try Ur Gud Best 3 Melur...... To:Thivya Fr:Sum1 Msg:Study Smart,Dun Study Hard.Tq 4 Smiling.... To:Cikgu Zaharia Fr:Caterine Msg: Tq Teacher.Sy Janji Akan Dpt „A‟ Dlm M3(Pmr) To:T.Bei Bei Fr:Audrey Msg:I Hope V Cn B Best Frenz 4evr...

To: Rupeiny&Litya From:Arynie Msg: Hope Our Friendship Last 4ever N Ever. To:Aina Nabila From:Anis Sofia Msg: Frenz 4ever!!!

To:Secret To:Secret Msg:Ku Cinta Hg Sgt....... To:Ol My Fren Fr:Jasleen Msg: Frnd 4ever To:Pengetua Fr:Catherine Msg:Tq Kpd Cikgu Aishah Krn Stiasa Bg Sy Bimbingan N Mjg Sy.Sy Bsyukur To:Teacher Reen From:3 Melati Msg:Tq 4 Being Gud Teacher.V Luv U....... To:Ketam From:Someone Msg:Jgn Dok Banggalah Sgt Dgn Keputusan Hg........... To:Kavi Fr:Nisha Msg:I Luv U... To:Nisha N Kavi Fr:............. Msg:143 So Much!Smile Alwaz......... To:Tarsini Fr:Jasleen Msg:Best Fren 4ever

To:Vishnu From:Muvina Msg:Best Fren 4ever.Nanbenda.4give D Heart That Hurtz U... To:My Bside Fren From:Anyone Msg:U Vil B My Gud Fren.... To:Ol My Teachers Fr:Jasleen Msg:Tq 4 Ur Dedication.Luv U............... To:Cikgu Azu Fr:Catherine Msg:Tq Kpd Cikgu Syg Sy N Ajar Sy Elok2 To:Shirley Deepa Fr:Jesu Msg:143!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... To:Thines Fr:Deva Msg:Do D Best In Spm.Priya.....Nalini N Sri Fr:Punis Msg:Ol D Bez 4 Ur Spm!Hope 4 D Best In Life..M.....Krisna Priya Fr:Kaviarasi Msg:Muniama& Kanama!!Kuruku Santhe Dancerz!!! To:My Dear Broz (Koomilannath&Vinood) Fr:Ur Sis.Luv Both Of U Alwz.U Develop 4rm Negatives...Kuna......B Bes Among D Best. To:Luvly Fernz Fr:Arsivnee Msg: Alwayz Cheer N Cool. To:Teng2 Group Fr:Zulaikha B Msg:Dun4get Fter V Finish Spm To:Vitya Fr:Balanagini Msg:B A Outstanding Student... To:Ol My Best Frenz Fr:Jennifer Msg:F Fun N Stay Cool Alwz!Dosti 4ever.To:Ol F3 Galz Fr:Jasleen Msg:May Ol Of Us Gt Gud Results. To:Solehah Fr:Lechumi Aru Msg:B D Best....Ol S Well. To:Deva Fr:Legend Msg:Whan U Goin 2 Release Ur Avatar 2??? To:Legend Fr:Swety Msg:U D Most Cute Gal In Convent...Beat D Rest.. To: Fr:Kaviarse Msg:U Cum In2 My Life Lik A Moon. Ol S Well.Miz U. To:Kantin Fr:Students Msg:Plz Provide More Spoon!!!!!! To:Ah Ma N Yuyu Fr:Sum1 Like U Msg:Gud Luck 4 Spm!Gambateh!! To:Thivya...... To:My Brain Fr:Me Msg:Y U X Function Properly? To:Ol My Luvly Frenz Fr:Kribs Msg:Ol D Vez In Ur Exam Bt Remember Life S Short So Enjoy It........ To:Nal&Gang Fr:Jaya Msg:Do D Best In Spm.. To:Haripriya& Gayathiri Fr:Ur Sis Msg:Ol D Best 4 Ur Life.Azzy.....Shalini Fr:Kaviarse Msg:Luv U Ol Alwz..Luv U Alwz.U Got 1st Prize In Most Smilling People Competition.Wen It Was Dark As D 9te. To:Roza Fr:Deva Msg:Ol D Best 4 Spm... To:Veer Singh Fr:Swety 6 Face Msg:Im Thanked 2 God 2 Giv Me A Friend Like U!!! To:Ol F5 Indian Galz Fr:Legend Msg:Life S Lik Photography....Puniswary Msg:Ol D 4 Ur Life!Njoy Ur Day Wif Specific Person In Ur Life.. To:Kpop Fans Fr:Kpop Club Msg. To:Thines Fr:Miss World Msg:Congratz. To:Kiru&Sharlen Fr:Swety Msg:Dun 4get Our Plan 2 Push Deva In Drain!!! To:Sailaja...Wow Fantastic Baby!Boom Shakalaka!!! To:My Beztez Fren Fr:Kritha Msg:V Vil B Frenz 4 Eva!!True Frenship!!! To:Tivya.. ....

. To:Ol F3&F5 Fr:Olivia Msg:Gud Luck 4 Spm N Pmr To:Archana Letchumanan Fr:Vishnu Darshini Msg:Thanks 4 Share My Sad N Hapi In My Life.....Miz U Lot Teacher.To:Sharlen Fr:Deva & Kiru Msg:Gud Luck 4 Spm To:Punis.Vithya.........Hope Our Frendzship Forewer N Ever.Mona N Nalini Fr:Deva Msg:Ol D Best 4 Spm..Nantheni Nair Msg: I Am Hapi 2 Have Frend Like U I Luv U Dera Jaya.....Nalini.Stand Up N Ask “Yevenda Enneye Thallenuthu?” To:Nethya.!!!!!!!!!!!! To:Ol D Teachers Fr:Nantheni Nair Msg:Tq 4 Wat U Done 4 Me. To:Suzanna Fr:Olivia Msg:143. To:Everyone In Dis Schl Include Students Fr:Mr.Sailaja.Priya N Punis Fr:Sailaja Msg:Whenever U Fall..I Nvr 4get Ol My Dear Teacher... .... To:Bloved Parentz Fr:Jeyasri Msg:Im Vry Proud 2 F A Parent Lik U........ To:Ol Convent Galz Fr:Jayasri Msg:B Gud Galz N Study Hard..U Cn Do It .I Luv U&I Hate U!!!!!!!!!!!! Msg: Good Luck N Hardwork To Achieve In Your Life To: Jayasri Selvam Fr: S.Din nes. To:Everign Ann Fr:Phuvanah Msg:Thankz 4 With Me.Sorry 4 Tis Msg Because I Have 2 Tell Everything 2 Everyone But I Cant Tell Ol That In Tis Msg >Worry-No One Will B In Troubles After This. To:Catherine Fr:Olivia Msg:U R My 1ly Best Frendz I Have To:Ol Person That I Know Fr:Archana Letchumanan To:5sc Fr:Kiru Msg:Gud Luck 4 Spm. To: Teacher Asreen Fr:Kasturi Msg:Hw R U?Hope 5n.. To:Ol The Girlz In Form3 Fr:Nantheni Nair Msg:Good Luck Yur Pmr Make Save U Get 7a Or 8a I Lov U Ol To:My Lovely Parents Fr:Archana Letchumanan Msg:I‟m Proud 2 Have Parentz Like U.M.Krishna...Nobody Msg:Everyone Will Hapi After I Go U Girlz Wont B In Any Trouble Again...Praveena N Sara Fr:Kiru&Deva Msg:Ol D Best 4 Exam.Gevasha..I Want U 2 Teach Me Back Plz.I Luv U Always..Good Luck!!!Our Frenship Vil Last Longer!!!!!!! To:Nantheni Nair Fr:Jayasri Msg:Im Epy 2 B Ur Fren.143 Di. To: Ol My Frendz Fr:Archanaa Letchimanan Msg:Thanks 4 Share My Hapiness N Sadness In My Life To:My Beloved Parents Fr:Olivia Msg:I Lov U Soooooo Much. To:Ol Cikguz Fr:Archana Msg:Tq 4 Advise Me Alwz. To:Muvina Vijayakumaran Fr:Vishnu Darshini Msg:B My Best Friend 4 Life Time To:Sri....U R D Best Fren I Had.

To:Puvana Fr:Evelyn Msg:No Fancy Words.All the best.. Msg: Life is too short..Whatever U Think Bout Me..It Vil Hapen 2 U!Dun Wory!!! To: Kirthini Fr: !!!!!!! Msg: Take care crazy girl ! Don‟t Play! Play! To: Intan Nur Shazreen Fr: !!!!!! Msg: Jgn buat org sekeliling muak dgn perangai awak ! To:My Luvly Teacher Fr:Kavi Msg:Sory If I Did Anything Wrong...Ol D Best Da.Try Ur Best.Why this koleveri. x worry To:Solehah Fr: u know me Msg: I will always love u..Priya Fr:Phuvanah Msg:Good luck 4 ur PMR... To: Saaliny & Mohana and all my friend Fr: someone who show a true friendship Msg: -If god give me 24 hours before die i will spend that hours with my nanbendi. Da.Yunoo...C.Sory!!!143... To:Convent Galz Fr:Blackbewie Msg:B A Frenly Galz Bt Dun B Play Galz To:Prefectz 2012 (Not Ol) Fr:A Gal U Dislike Msg:Plz Dun Curse all will happen 2 u. in ur test.Gud Luck 4 Exam To: EZA Fr:!!!!!!! Msg:Orang Yang Melupai Sejarah Pasti Mengulanginya To: Kirthana Fr: someone who always think abt you Msg: Life is race.E Fr: myerafif Msg: I will always love you all !! Muahahaha To: Nurina Fr: Erda Syamimi Msg:Remember me awayz..I.Nanbenda.Hope our frenship remain forever To: D.Bt I Want 2 Say. 143. Hope 2 get a gd result... U R My Bobophulli 4eva....... To: D.C.....SMKCN To:Muvina Fr:Puvanah N Evelyn Msg:Dei. To:Ol My Cutely Frenz Fr:Kavi Msg:Go 2 West... go to east. so enjoy it !!!!!!! To: All our nanbenda ! Fr:SKPDS Mama Puma Rockerz Club !!!! (rabbit) Msg:All is well.. To:Reshma. run run to achieve your ambition.In Ur Rest. Nanbenda..Teacher. To: Amira Azizi Fr: Erda Syamimi Msg: I will always love u..Go2 East.V Luv 2 Buli U A Lot....Thula. To:Sarasuwathy Fr: someone next to you. To:Puvana Fr:Everyln Msg:Tq 4 Being A Savadi Fren 4me...I.. To: some of d prefects 2012 Fr: a gal u dislike Msg: pls x curse anyone watever bad u think abt me. luv u To: All my cutely frenz Fr: Kavi Msg: Go to west.Balu To:Everyln Fr:Puvanah Msg:My Luvable Mangkuk..143..try ur best.E Fr: Erda Msg: I will remember u all until my last breath To: Solehah Fr: Siti Msg:Semoga berjaya dlm hidup !!  Remember me ! .Hope Our Frenship Last 4eva...V R So Epy 2 F A Fren Lik U.

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