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With reference to your letter dated an Application Form is being sent herewith. It should be filled in by the candidate in his/her own handwriting after carefully going through the enclosed rules and conditions, and returned to the above address for consideration of the Trust. No column should be left blank. The scholarships are given to deserving students for persuing higher studies (beyond higher secondary level) in India. The Trust expects them to maintain good results and therefore students obtaining lower than first divisions in their annual examinations have relatively ,lower chance of being considered. Applications would be received upto 31st July every year and scholarships would be announced by end of September. Only successful candidates will be informed. Applicants who do not hear of the grant by the end of October and wish to make an enquiry about the same are requested to send a pre-stamped self-addressed envelop without which no reply would be given. . Incomplete forms are liable to summary rejection. The decision of the Trustees shall be final, and no claim or correspondence shall be entertained in that respect.

SomChandra Secretary

. hostel. and intimate the Trust about the refund plan of the same. If the student's record of studies or character is considered unsatisfactory. he must send the same duly certified by the Head of the Institution as soon as it is announced. All migrations and changes in the student's subjects. Scholarship would be remitted only after receipt of this Bond . On receipt of intimation of grant of scholarship the Candidate is to inform of his Banker and Account No. ". (2) (3) (4) (5) (7) (8) .RULES AND CONDITIONS (Governing the award 0fScholarship) (1) It is essential that the candidate should fill in correctly and truthfully all the information in the application form.institution. he must immediately inform the Trust of the same and would be liable to refund the entire amount received till then. The scholarship may also be stopped . Students desirous of renewing their scholarship will have to apply afresh every year. the scholarship may be stopped any time. . (6) If the student discontinues his studies during the mid session for which he is getting the scholarship. -» . of which the Trust will be the sole judge. so that scholarship amount is remitted by cheque/draft. The candidate has to execute an undertaking in the form of a bond that as soon as he commences earninghe will start repaying the loan scholarship without any interest thereon at the minimum rate of 10% of his earnings every month till the entire amount is repaid.atthe sole discretion of the Trust if it is found that the student has made mis-statements in this application. If the applicant's result has not been announced by the time of'his sending the application form. This is intended to infuse a high sense of responsibility and discipline in the student who should feel proud and happy in extending this co-operation so that the Trust shall utilize all money thus repaid to help more and more students under this scheme. The consideration of the award will remain in abeyance till his result is received by the Tr~st. residence and address should be intimated to theoffice of the Trust immediately for furture r6ference.

. please state that address also) (h) Local Guardian and his Address . Caste: SC/ST/OBC/GENERAL Occupation . (i) E-maillD (j) Family Details Name of the family members Relationship with the Applicants Age Vocation Monthly Income (I) .llumpsum . I SECTIONA (a) Name (b) Date ofBirth (c) Nationality (d) Religion (e) Father's Name PERSONAL PARTICULARS Age : Mother Tongue Male/Female . No Date Scholarship Sanctioned Rs Rejected p. and submit below the required information... (f) Permanent Residential Address (g) Present Residential Address .m. Please Affix a recent Passport size Photograph SAHU JAIN TRUST 18. . (In case address for communication is different. I wish to apply for 'an inland scholarship ofRs for persuing my higher studies as detailed herin.110 003 Dear Sir. Lodhi Road.APPLICATION FORM FOR INLAND SCHOLARSHIP The Managing Trustee Trust Ref. . NEW DELHI .. Institutional Area. .

....... _ Total (Rs..........SECTI'oN'B I.. . years: From (d) Duration of the Course III.. Institution ACADEMIC DETAILS PREVIOUS FOUR YEAR'S ACADEMIC RECORD Year of Class Passing Division Subjects Taken Total Marks Secured % .... tick) If yes Amount Rs (c) Self Finance (d) (e) .... (a) (b) Present Name of the Institution. University/Board Affiliation ......) Amount of Scholarship required How did you finance the education till now? ... ...... .. . (c) Subjects taken >.................) Per Month (Rs. Fee Structure .... To .............. II.......... (f) Details of scholarships previously received from this Trust :Year Amount per month For how many months Total (2) ..... Give the following details accordingly: Total Fee for the Session/Year Tuition Fee Examination Fee Hostel Charges Any other (please specify) Total (b) Whether the student is getting subsidy j Scholarship I financial assistant from other Institutions I State or Central Government: Yes j No (Pis. (a) State whether the Scholarship is required for the present course or for the proposed course...

(I) Name in ful Occupation Full Address (4) . character and (2) The Trust will be at liberty to refer to them regarding eligibility for the scholarship. . . He/she bears a good moral character.. I.(b) Certificate by the Head ofInstitution . the candidate's career.. Desgnation Seal of the Institution SECTIONE The candidate is required to give two reference of reputed persons other than his relatives. The results of his/her last examination is as follows: Subjects Total Marks Pass Marks Marks Obtained Distinction Div. The statements my knowledge.. is/was in my school/college for the last Year(s) and that he/she has last appeared at .lMs. made by the applicant in this application are true and correct to the best of Head of the Institution Name Date . Examination held on . & Percentage of marks secured Division %age Remarks TOTAL The student's conduct has been . ~ .. certify that the applicant Mr.

Newspapers you read Other reading habits/preferences Politicallnclination/At1iliation. Social/neighbourhood work done/participated : .. are true and correct...SECTIONC PERSONALITY & SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES & (a) Games you play .ill../Mr Date Address . Should any part of it be found otherwise.. I have gone through the rules and conditions of the Trust in connection with the award of a loan-scholarship.. I solemnly agree to abide by them. . Signature of Father/Guardian (3) . the Trust would be entitled in taking suitable action against me. : . Signature of the applicant SECTIOND (a) (Father's/Guardian's Certificate) above by my son/daughter/wardlMs. Religious Inclination/Affiliation . .Indoor Out door (b) (e) Hobbies .' .. . Declaration by Applicant I solomnly declare that the above information furnished by me is true and correct in all respect. (d) Membership of club/study circle/Library (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) . i .. What do youdo for your spiritual upliftment ') .

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