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This chapter is for those of you who have poor eating habits and are not getting the proper amounts of vitamins and other nutrients which are essential to the development and growth of the human body. Proteins * 6. and can even help you resist various diseases. Though most of these requirements can be met by adhering to a well-balanced diet. Vitamins * 2. Start developing better nutritional habits today by learning how to develop a healthier nutritious diet that’s right for you. Water .3 P. Minerals * 5. 1. Carbohydrates 3. Fats 4. Nutrition For Growth Nutrients For Growth At A Glance! Eating right is important for your health and overall growth — a nutritionally complete balanced diet provides the energy you need each day. keeps your body in much better shape. we have listed for you in this chapter some important information about nutrition you need to know for the purpose of obtaining extra inches. let us focus most of our attention on 3 (marked with asterisk) for our main purposes of promoting growth. First let’s understand that there are 6 important nutrients needed for growth and good health and though all play a vital role in a well-balanced diet.

B6 and minerals. are most common). another ingredient in apples. Aids in prevention of beriberi and nervous disorders. 3. Promotes growth. supplements may betaken where needed but not as a substitute for food. liver. Best Sources: Carrots. Aids for healthy skin. green and yellow vegetables. hair. Helps build resistance to infections etc. peas and green vegetables. whole wheat. it is not likely you’ll need a supplement. Vitamin B1 Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) What it does: 1.000 IU) Note: If your diet includes ample amounts of spinach. 2. also strengthens bones. a well-balanced diet is recommended. Note: More effective when used in B-complex formulas. . Vitamin A Vitamin A (retinol. margarine. Promotes growth and strong bones. Best Sources: Rice. P. However. Boron. teeth and gums. sweet potatoes. 2. or once after the largest meal for proper absorption.000 to 25. Vitamins Vitamins are organic substances necessary for life and essential for growth. 4. or cantaloupe. Supplement: (100 to 300 mg. To receive the proper vitamin intake. French researchers found that a flavanoid called phloridzin that is found only in apples can protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density. liver.Apples are full of vitamin A. Bone-Smart Foods . Supplement: (10. soybeans. milk. Supplements should be taken after each square meal. Aids digestion. dried yeast. peanuts.5 4 P. egg yolk. 3. carotene) What it does: 1. Helps heart and nervous system function properly. and yellow fruits.

Enables protein cells to hold together. cauliflower. Supplement: (100 to 300 mg per day is most common). Increases energy Vitamin C Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid. 3. . 2. Cevitamin Acid) What it does: 1. cabbage. Works as a natural diuretic etc. Helps treat and prevent common colds. Supplement: (1. 4. nails. raw cabbage and potatoes. liver. 2. berries.5 P. Promotes growth and aids in reproduction. Supplements: For best results. Helps balance and concentration. Note: Common deficiencies are noted in vegetarians and high protein consumers. beef and kidney. depending on deficiency. 3. Supplement: Varies from 5 to 100 mcg. 3. kidney. Note: If taking a B-complex formula. yeast. Promotes growth 2. Promotes healthy skin. kidney. Note: Most effective when used in B-complex formulas. per day) Note: Plays a primary role in the growth and repair of body tissue cells. hand numbness and certain forms of neuritis. fish. Best Sources: Citrus fruits. take in equal amounts with vitamins B1 and B2. Vitamin B12 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) What it does: 1. hair. liver. 2. Properly assimilates protein and fat.000 mg. leafy green vegetables. eggs. Best Sources: Liver. 3. Pyridixinal) What it does: 1. leg cramps. Be sure to read labels and check with your pharmacist to make sure your formula includes the proper amounts of each vitamin best suited to your needs. brewers yeast. canta loupe. Vitamin B complex formula should include all the B-complex vitamins so far discussed plus other important vitamins vital to the growth process. 5. Best Sources: Milk. be sure it contains enough B6 to be effective. Vitamin B2 is a common deficiency in the United States. Aids in healthy bones and teeth. Best Sources: Cheese. black strap molasses. Helps maintain good eyesight etc. Forms and generates red blood cells. Aids blood vessel circulation. Reduces night muscle spasms. Prevents scurvy. tomatoes. Vitamin B12 (Cobalarnin) What it does: 1. pork and beef.000 to 10. Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 (Pyridadne. 4.

Bone-Smart Foods .7 6 P. fish meats and sunlight. Best Sources: Wheat germ. Aids vitamin A. Aids treatment of conjunctivitis. knock knees and poor posture. 3. 2. which helps promote bone growth. P. Viosterol. Essential for virility. Supplement: (200 to 1000 IU per day) Note: Due to chlorinated drinking water. in a large percentage of the population. whole wheat. Ergosterol) What it does: 1. soy beans. Vitamin D Vitamin D (Calciferal. Best Sources: Milk products. 3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! .Apples are a rich source of vitamin E and a mineral called boron. eggs. vitamin E may be in great demand. The health benefits of apple are enormous making it one of the most valuable and savored fruits throughout the world. Supplement: (400 to 1000 IU per day) Vitamin E Vitamin E (Tocopherol) What it does: 1. An apple can provide your body an excellent source of energy. leafy greens. Essential for strong bones and teeth. Supplies oxygen to the body for more endurance. Helps prevent and destroy blood clots. fish liver oil. 4. spinach. 2. and broccoli. Prevents rickets. which deteriorates bones and could cause bowed legs.

Best sources: Vegetable oils. supplementation is not usually necessary. Aids in growth. Aids in proper blood clotting. they are noted because of their ability to work well in a totally balanced diet. Certain dosages may not be suitable for all individuals and could be detrimental to your health. you will probably need more vitamin F. and almonds.7 P. soybeans. 3. linseed and sunflower oils. Best sources: Egg yolk. Important: Proper amounts of vitamins will differ depending on individual characteristics and diet. Vitamin F Vitamin F (Unsaturated Fatty Acids Linoleic and Arachidonic). Helps prevent cholesterol deposits in arteries. Please seek advice of a physician when supplementing with vitamins. Helps prevent heart disease. Supplement: (100 to 150 mg) Note: For best absorption take with vitamin E. walnuts. 2. fish liver oils. Supplement: (Approximately 300 mcg. If you consume excessive amounts of carbohydrates. pecans. What it does: 1. soybean. Vitamin K Vitamin K (Menadione) What it does: 1. 2. See a doctor before taking a supplement. Helps prevent internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. green vegetables and kelp. . All vitamins in this chapter will not be needed however. yogurt. is adequate) Note: Due to an abundance of natural vitamin K.

Helps maintain regular heartbeat. chicken. Helps prevent and lower high blood pressure. brewer’s yeast. 2. clams. Aids for strengthening soft bones and teeth. per day is average for adults) Bone Development . Milk helps build bones up and then helps slow the loss of bone as we age. sardines. 2. soybeans. P. CALCIUM -What it does: 1. Supplement: (600 to 1500 mg per day) Chromium CHROMIUM . Supplement: (90 mcg. They make up a large part of our bones and teeth and help regulating other body functions. green vegetables. Here are some of the minerals to which you should pay special attention.Milk an excellent source of calcium -1 cup (250 ml) of 2%-fat milk contains 285 mg of calcium. Best sources: Meat. shellfish. Best sources: Milk and dairy products. dried beans. which represents 22% to 29% of the daily recommended intake (DRI) of calcium for an adult.What it does: 1.. Aids in growth process. Calcuim Minerals MINERALS Minerals are an organic substance found naturally in the earth.9 8 P. .

Iodine IODINE .What it does: 1. 9 P. Helps keep your body limber. is 80 to 150 mcg. 2. and olives. Supplement: Has yet to be determined.DS. seafood and gelatin. Best sources: Fluoridated drinking water. all seafood. Additional fluoride should not be taken unless advised by a physician. Over 672. . to which a small amount of fluoride has been added to protect against tooth decay. powdered or UHT. 40. kelp. an average daily salt intake should be more than sufficient. Fluoride FLUORIDE . Bone-Smart Food . Burns excess fat. onions.000 humans drink fluoridated milk.What it does: 1. Reduces tooth decay.Chlorine CHLORINE .000 of these are in Britain.What it does: 1. per day for adults) Note: Iodine aids in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland which fosters and regulates growth. Supplement: (P. Provides energy.Fluoridated milk is milk in one of its various forms e. Supplement: Has not been determined. Best sources: Table salt.g. Too much iodine can cause a harmful effect. 2. Promotes growth. 2. Check your salt to see if it is iodized along with your vitamins or multi-mineral preparations. Strengthens bones. However. and vegetables grown in iodine-rich soil. Best sources: Kelp. Note: Available by prescription in areas without fluoridated drinking water. 3. but most people get sufficient amounts from fluoridated drinking water. salt. a physician’s advice is recommended. For additional supplements of iodine not discussed. fresh. Aids digestion by cleansing system.

and red meat. Prevents fatigue. 3. P. seeds. yellow corn and dark green vegetables. raw clams. seeds and green vegetables. Iron IRON What it does: 1. 2. Try to avoid this preparation. Aids growth. Best sources: Figs. daily) Note: If you live in area with hard drinking water. Helps form hemoglobin in blood etc. apples. Best sources: Liver. Being Tall & Fit . egg yolk.An active lifestyle that includes physical activities and good diet will strengthen muscles. improve bone growth.10 11 P. For women. grapefruits. 4. a supplement is most likely needed. whose bodies use much more iron than men’s. prevent excessive weight gain. lemons. . or consume large amounts of nuts. Aid for good skin tone. oysters. and decrease bone loss. cereals. Supplement: (RDA is 10 to 18 mg. nuts. you’re probably getting sufficient amounts of magnesium. Needed for calcium and vitamin C metabolism. 2. Magnesium MAGNESIUM What it does: 1. 3. Supplement: (300 to 400 mg. Aids the cardiovascular system. Aids nerve and muscle functions.) Note: Check your iron supplement to see if it contains “Ferrous Sulfate” an inorganic iron which can destroy vitamin E in your system. beef kidney.

poultry. Aids growth. cabbage and dried beans. . SULFUR Sources include. brewer’s yeast and pumpkin seeds. carrots. ZINC Sources include. potatoes and green vegetables. Best sources: Fish.What it does: 1. so check before taking a supplement. citrus fruits. lamb chops. Supplement: (RDA is 800 to 1200 mg per day for adults) Note: Most diets already include adequate amounts of phosphorus or “phosphates” in t them. 2. Other Minerals Other important minerals are: POTASSIUM Sources include. shellfish. Provides energy. beets. meats.11 P. lean beef. eggs. SODIUM Sources include. fish eggs. steak. nuts. eggs. Phosphorus PHOSPHORUS . watercress. bacon and kidney. seeds and whole grains. salt. bananas.

nuts. Proteins have different functions. Note: Mixing complete and incomplete proteins can give you better nutritional value than either one alone. P. when it is combined with small amounts of animal source proteins. (1 cup) Milk 2% contains 8. It is essential for removing waste from our bodies and 6 to 8 glasses daily is considered healthy. older person. Proteins And Water Proteins . Incomplete Protein – lacks certain essential amino acids and is not used efficiently when eaten alone. complete and incomplete protein. young person will require more protein than a small. and work in different areas of the body. A large. depending upon your size. peas. It is found in seeds. and are found in foods of animal organ such as meats. Complete Protein – provides the proper balance of eight necessary amino acids that build tissues. There are basically two types of proteins.13g of quality protein. Proteins In Milk . Milk proteins also contain all 9 essential amino acids required by humans. it becomes complete. . poultry. Water – basic solvent for all the products of digestion.Everyone’s protein requirements are different. seafood. The protein in milk has a quality higher than many other foods. 1. grains and beans. age and physical condition.13 12 P. milk and cheese. However. 2.Milk contains excellent source of proteins. have an appropriate amino acid composition for growth and development. eggs. particularly caseins.

you’ll be able to develop a healthy diet that’s right for you. and foods that are good for you. which contributes to good healing. With other important vitamins B6. With a better understanding of good nutrition essentials. . Bone-Smart Foods . Vitamin A: Promotes growth of bones and teeth. and that gives you the power to take on each day with energy and enthusiasm. teeth and gum and helps the body absorb iron. B2 and B3. we’d like to provide you with some key nutritions’ list that will help you understand exactly what you should eat.13 P. Chart 1 .Peppers are an excellent source of nutrients that contain: Vitamin C: which contributes to the health of our bones.Foods With High Nutrition While most people have a basic idea of proper nutrition. promotes healthy vision and protects against infection.

even more so if you’re recovering from an illness or injury. P. allowing for an increase in the production of digestive enzymes and vitamins that help you absorb important bonestrengthening nutrients.15 14 P. we’re presenting you with a healthy lineup of foods that all boost better growth and bone development. especially the green ones. are excellent for your bones and health. This amazing tropical fruit is extremely rich in a compound called fructooligosaccharides. Chart 2 . To help you enjoy the foods you eat and to make sure they’re as nutritious as they are delicious. which nourishes the bacteria (some bacteria in your body is very beneficial) in your colon.Foods With Height Nutrition A Healthy Lineup of Proper Nutrition Proper nutrition and eating properly are vital to your good health. . Bone-Smart Foods . such as calcium and magnesium.Boost calcium absorption and bone growth with bananas! Bananas.

exercise is critical to your overall mental and physical health Eating Right Is Important For Your Height! Growth-FlexV® Pro System provides an excellent source of many key nutrients for those who are unable to consume appropriate nutrients from solid foods alone. by letting you fully enjoy every moment. From maintaining the strength necessary to keep bones in good working order. good exercise habits provide you with enormous positive health benefits. to providing a stress-reduction outlet. health and better bone development! Along with good nutrition. to building a strong heart. to warding off disease. . Being physically fit gives you more energy.15 P.

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please share a copy of this valuable information with others so that they too can benefit from the information provided in this book.17 P. We need your support! Our team of experts are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with short stature. Myspace. GROWING Happy Growing! We hope to provide you more new books and updates every month. Please visit us often for knowledge and experiences in the area of human growth and development. It really only takes a few minutes. How to help us! HAPPY If you’ve found the Basic Height Nutrition Book on this website informative. you can easily share this book online. or Facebook profile. We’re always looking for people to participate! Contact us if you have any questions! Effective ways to make a difference! If you have a website. helpful and enjoyed. Friendster. Stay in touch! . and your visitors/friends will appreciate it and keep returning to access the unique and up-to-date information provided. blog.

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