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Pierre Herme’s Salted Caramel Macarons

Pierre Herme’s Salted Caramel Macarons


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Published by: Trevor Ho on May 19, 2012
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Pierre Herme's Salted Caramel Macarons I Edd Kimber I The Boy Who Bakes

Edd Kimber


Pierre Herme's Salted Caramel Macarons

I have since made another version of these and they were much better

Paris is one of my absolute favourite places in the world and im planning another trip very soon, either later this or early next year. One of my favourite things about the city is its wonderful food culture and my absolute favorite place to indulge is Pierre Herme (not exactly an original choice but you cant dispute excellence). The things he sells look amazing, enticing and delicious and they taste just as good as they look. Herme is well known as one of, ifnot the, best places to get Macarons, those lovely little indulgent almond cookies filled with ganaches, creams and caramels. The shop that I have visited is in St Germain des Pres an adorable neighborhood near the Luxembourg Gardens, the perfect place to enjoy your purchases and spend some time wandering drinking in the atmosphere (a bit romaticised I know, so sue me I like the picture perfect ideal) .

Saint Sulpice - My Most Recent Visit
theboywhobakes.co.ukl2009/0B/pierre-hermes-salted-carameI-macaronsl 1/10

I have heard it is being reprinted in October and trust me. Put the water and sugar in a saucepan and heat until it reaches 118C. called tant pour tant. if you had been in my kitchen when these came out of the oven you would have seen me do a little dance.ukl2009/0B/pierre-hermes-salted-carameI-macaronsl 2/10 . At the same time add the second batch of egg whites to theboywhobakes. I was so happy that I'd finally managed to make a batch I was happy with. 3. My best attempt was using a Pierre Herme recipe that was posted on Foodbeam so when I came across another of Her me's recipes.co. The recipe is from Herme's book "Macaron" (a French language book) which I tried to buy. I jumped right in and tried again. this time for Salted Caramel.27/04/2012 Pierre Herme's Salted Caramel Macarons I Edd Kimber I The Boy Who Bakes I have tried to recreate these sweet treats quite a few times with varying degrees of success. add this to the almond/sugar mixture but dont mix. Macaron Recipe 300g Icing Sugar 300g Ground Almonds i rog Liquified Egg Whites (separated and left on the counter for at least 48hrs) 15g Coffee Extract 15g "Egg Yolk" Food Colouring 300g Sugar 75gWater i rog Liquified Egg Whites Salted Caramel Cream 200g Sugar 330g Whipping Cream (this is my translation the original recipe calls for Creme Fraiche Liquide) 30g Salted Butter + 140g Softened Salted Butter Make the Macarons 1. but I was a little late and it had sold out by the time I tried. i'll be right there with my order as soon as its available. Take off the heat and let cool till1l5C. Sift the Ground Almonds and Icing sugar together (supermarket bought ground almonds are not fine enough so I always grind the mixture. my concentration lapsed whilst making the caramel filling and I added double the amount of butter to the syrup and then managed to split the mixture. so the filling tasted fine but not as strong as it should and it didnt stay firm too long after taking it out of the fridge. further in a food processor and then sift this) 2. Mix the first portion of egg whites with the food colouring and coffe extract. These were by far the best I have ever made. This joy didnt last though. I rescued it by cooling in the fridge and working in some extra cream whipped to soft to firm peaks.

6.27/04/2012 Pierre Herme's Salted Caramel Macarons I Edd Kimber I The Boy Who Bakes the mixer and beat to soft peaks. theboywhobakes. Keep the mixer running and when the syrup cools to U5C slowly pour it down the side of the mixer and keep mixing until the meringue cools to 50C. 5. 4.co.5cm in diameter on a parchment/silpat lined baking sheet. Once taken out of the oven slide the parchment/silpat onto a wire rack to cool. (not too sure why this is but I did it anyway). Fold in the egg whites in 3 additions and mix gently until it flows like magma (this wording is not from the book but is commonly listed as advice but has always been confusing to me as I dont really know what magma flows like) This time I used the description that the mixture should fall from your spatula in smooth ribbon and should disappear into the batter in about 10 seconds). Let the pipped shells sit out for 30 minutes to enable them to develop a skin before baking. Add the mixture to a piping bag fitted with a plain tip and pipe into rounds about 3. Preheat the oven to 180Cbefore baking for 12 minutes opening the oven door quickly twice.ukl2009/0B/pierre-hermes-salted-carameI-macaronsl 3/10 .

Pour into a dish and cover with plastic wrap to avoid it developing a skin. theboywhobakes. Add about sog of sugar to a saucepan. Continue three times until a1l200g of sugar has been incorporated and melted (can anyone tell me why its done in this way I have never heard of making caramel this way). Let the syrup caramelise until it has turned a very dark amber. Remove from the heat and add the 30g butter. let this melt then add another sog sugar and let this melt. Add this to a piping bag fitted with a plain tip and pipe into half of the shells and then sandwich another shell on top.co. I left it about 10 minutes which was not enough as it melted the butter in the next stage so let it cool until it wouldn't melt butter.ukl2009/0B/pierre-hermes-salted-carameI-macaronsl 4/10 . Put the pan back on the heat and cook until it reaches loBe on a candy thermometer. Add the cream which will spatter and bubble and may seize up and harden but will melt in the next stage. 4. 3.27/04/2012 Pierre Herme's Salted Caramel Macarons I Edd Kimber I The Boy Who Bakes Make the Caram el 1. 2. Let this cool. Beat the remaining butter for Bto 10 minutes and then incorporate the caramel in 2 additions. Store the Macarons in the refrigerator for 24hrs and then remove ahrs before serving.

.Macarons « Chocswirl theboywhobakes. salted caramel.but where have I seen it before? (Check out mine and you'll see what I mean:) Reply Ping back: Daring Bakers: Macarons :: Healthy Delicious Ping back: Daring Bakers .27/04/2012 Pierre Herme's Salted Caramel Macarons I Edd Kimber I The Boy Who Bakes Notes: Next time I would alter the level of colouring a bit. says: 2009 at 2:32 pm Your macarons look absolutely perfect! And that is not easy to do! I'm going to try my hand at them this month.. it seemed a little off to me but this is a little thing I found a great walk-through that takes you fully through the process and im sure it helped me a fair bit. P. might have to give them a go. Share 85 4 This entry was posted in Macarons. Love the look of your blog . Bookmark the 36 Responses to Pierre Herme's Salted Caramel Macarons Laura August @ Hungry and Frozen says: at 11:14 25... Might hurt my fragile ego. permalink. loved it. Macarons.. Love the sound of the salted butter in the caramel. Nice! Reply laq1013 October 6. I am far too scared to try this out. other people __ © But this is inspiring stuff. macaron..I figure like haircuts and half-marathons they're best done by These lookjust.ukl2009/0B/pierre-hermes-salted-carameI-macaronsl 5/10 .co..perfect. 2009 am I've always been a bit nervous to try making proper macarons .S. Lucky you getting to Paris! Went once a few years back.. Reply redmenace September says: at 1:08 3.2009 am You are a talented man. Uncategorized and tagged caramel au beurre sale. pierre herme.

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