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diagnosis of the presence of an e.

coli infection relies on standart examination of a fresh fecal spesimen for ova and parasites for characteristic and morphological features and structure . a permanent stained smear is the best means for identifying this organism the non pathogenic E.coli do not require any treatment unless concomitant with other infection with other organism occurs. ensuring cleanliness of the food and water that has been purified is neccesary to prevent infection. flies and cockroaches should be prevented from gaining acces to foods

diagnosis adanya infeksi E.coli bergantung pada pemeriksaan standart dari spesimen tinja segar untuk ova dan parasit untuk fitur karakteristik dan morfologi dan struktur. Pap bernoda permanen adalah cara terbaik untuk mengidentifikasi organisme ini patogenik E.coli non tidak memerlukan pengobatan apapun kecuali bersamaan dengan infeksi lain dengan organisme lainnya terjadi. memastikan kebersihan makanan dan air yang telah dimurnikan Perlu memberi mencegah infeksi. lalat dan kecoa harus dicegah dari mendapatkan akses ke makanan
the standart O&P examination is recommended for recovery and identification of E.coli in stool specimen . Microscopic examination of direct saline wet mount may reveal motile trophozoit and possibly cyst in the stool. although the concentration tehnique is helpful in demonstrating cyst, the most important tehnique for recovering and identifyingof proozoa organism is the permanent stained smear (normally stained with trichrome or iron hemaxtoxylin. a minimum of 3 specimens collected over no more than 10 days is often recommended