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A Madonna Vasa Vasa

J. Richter The Easter morning celebration in Modica (southern Sicily) is one of the most beautiful Sicilian processions. Numerous photographs and clips may be found in Flickr and Youtube. A statue of the Madonna, leaving the Santa Maria Church starts looking for her resurrected son Jesus, which has been carried out of the church earlier. Of course both processions are following dedicated and synchronized course inside the city. At noon they finally meet at the square in front of the church. The Madonna 's black mantle is dropped and now reveals a blue mantle over a red undercoat. Then both statues kiss each other to initiate the Easter Feast. According to the clip Modica: Madonna vasa vasa Christ is wearing a red robe. The main outer robes however are a blue coat for the Madonna and a red robe for Christ. Of course it may be a pure coincident to choose red for Christ and blue for the Madonna, but at least the color codes seem to meet and confirm the standards: red for male and blue for female, which had been suggested in Bipolar Monotheism (A Historical Record of God, Colors and Vowels). And yes I feel free to correlate these red and blue codes to the red color for Adam and blue color for Eve in the lectures at my primary school in which Adam had been colored red and Eve blue1.

Fig. 1: The Creation Legend (Adam & Eve)

Religionsunterricht 1954-1955