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S 0 CN Ee mh FO Ree RT” Make Your Ven in the Hotel Industry JOB-SPECIFIC ENGLISH PHYLLIS POGRUND Ca ee ROSEMARY GREBEL Make Your Mark in the Hotel Industry If you're looking for a workplace literacy program that focuses on a specific industry, you've found it in Contemporary’s Make Your Mark. The four student books, designed especially for intermediate students of English as a second or foreign language, target entry-level jobs in various service industries. Students learn terminology, common idioms, general job information, and strategies for advancement in the field that interests them. Accompanying teacher guides provide objectives, extension activities, teaching Elie. lcered ora Tae Ree o aL Coo e Make Your Mark is a perfect complement to Contemporary’s Put English to Work, a general workplace-literacy program. Like Put English to Work, the series integrates the SCANS skills and follows California’s model standards for adult ESL programs. Remain » Authentic dialogues illustrating on-the-job situations » Focus on cooperative learning » Multiple opportunities for speaking, listening, reading, writing, and critical thinking ° Specific problem-solving strategies * Models of successful attitudes and behaviors at work Series Components Make Your Mark in Retail Jobs re Make Your Mark in Health Service 0915-2 Each title includes a student book and a teacher's guide. McGraw-Hill/Contemporary x2 \ Division of The McGraw-Hill Companies 4255 West Touhy Avenue Lincolnwood, Illinois 60646-1975 (800) 621-1918 i C O N TEM PO R A R Y Make Your Mark in the Hotel Industry ROSEMARY GREBEL PHYLLIS POGRUND iy McGraw-Hill ‘isd Contemporary