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Special Populations 100 Q: What is the fluid replacement formula for the pediatric patient?

A: 20 cc/kg, if neonate < than 28-days old it is 10 cc/kg

250 Q: What is Waddells Triad in Pediatric trauma? A: Seen in pedestrian versus vehicle consists of femur fractures, intra-abdominal injuries and head injury 500 (Daily Double) Q What are the (3) physiological changes that occur as we age? A: Decreased cerebral blood flow, loss of pulmonary reserves, delayed reaction time, cardiovascular system not as responsive, medication side effects, brittle skeletal system 750 Q: What is the syndrome seen in pregnant patient that include hypotension, nausea, weakness?

A: Inferior Vena Cava Syndrome

1000 Q: Name (3) physiological changes seen in the pregnant patient? A: Increased HR, decreased BP early in pregnancy, anemia, hypercoagulability, GI motility decreased,