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7. In the US, people with albinism can live a healthy and full life.

However, in other countries the strong sun may lead to life threatening skin cancers. 8. Albinism cannot be cured, so treatment mainly focuses on relieving symptoms. For example, treatment of the eye conditions is as simple as glasses or contacts. However, some people receive eye muscle surgery which may help movement of the eyes, but not necessarily vision. It is also vital for people with albinism to wear sunscreen in order to prevent skin cancer. 9. Everyday life for people with albinism can be normal. The quality of life can also be fairly good. The generally average life of people with albinism is made possible because negative effects, such as bad vision, can easily be treated. However, the quality of life largely depends on the area where they live. In some areas people with albinism face ostracism and are isolated from society for their appearance. This kind of separation may affect quality of life. 10. Albinos have varying degrees of impaired vision. Some people may only need glasses to correct this, while others may need surgery. Albinos also need to wear sunglasses and hats to prevent glare, which their eyes are very sensitive to. Their skin is also sensitive to the sun, so they need to wear sunscreen. 11. NOAH is the national organization for albinism and hypopigmentation. They created the AWA, an international network of support groups for those with albinism. The Vision of Children Foundation helps improve the vision of albinos. 12. It is possible for a cure for Albinism to be found through gene therapy. Gene therapy is the manipulation of genes to correct genetic disorders. Albinism is caused by a recessive gene, which means a dominant gene would override it. Gene therapy could insert that dominant gene into the chromosome and therefore prevent albinism from being expressed.