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ITM 11 Diagnostic Exam Coverage (Microsoft 2007) MICROSOFT EXCEL 1. a. Formatting - cell - page - worksheet - printouts b.

Editing - copy paste - views 2. Use of formulas/Modeling - references ( cell, range, off-page references) - special functions (math, stat, logical, finance) 3. Data Management - sorting - pivot table 4. Special Tools - charts, illustrations - add-ins (solver) List of Functions Date and Time Functions Date Day Hour Minute Month Now Second Time Today Weekday Year Information Functions Isblank Iserr Iserror Iseven Islogical Isna Isnontext Isnumber Isodd Isref Istxt Fact Int Mod Rand Randbetween Round Rounddown Roundup Sumif Sumproduct

Statistical Functions Average Count CountA Countblank Countif Large Max Median Min Mode Rank Small Stdev

Logical Functions And False If Iferror Not Or True Lookup and Reference Functions Choose Column Hlookup Row Vlookup Math and Trigonometry Functions Abs Exp

Text Functions

Var Concatenate Find Left Len Lower Mid Proper Replace Right Search Substitute Trim