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This sadhana was compiled and translated from traditional sources by Lama
Kunga Thartse Rinpoche in 2001, formatted by \olfgang Saumweber in 2/2004.

In the most holy Guru who is the quintessence of the qualities and deeds of
the body, voice and mind of all the Tathagatas abiding in the ten directions
and three times, the source of the eighty-four thousand articles of the Doc-
trine and Master of the Noble Assemblies and all living beings, equal to the
bounds of space, from this time forth until the essence of Enlightenment is
reached steadfastly take refuge in that venerable Root Guru and in the Holy
Masters of the lineage; take refuge in the blessed Accomplished Buddhas;
take refuge in the Holy Teachings; take refuge in the Noble Assemblies.
(Thus recite as many times as possible and then with folded hands say.)
In the Guru and Three Precious Gems I bow down and take refuge; may you
bless me in all my lifetimes.
(Imagine that the objects of refuge dissolve into light which is absorbed into your-
For the sake of all living beings I must attain to the stage of a Perfectly
Enlightened One; for that purpose, I am practicing the Kurukulle Sadhana.
(Recite three times.)
I instantly manifest as Kuiukulle. In my heait fiom the lette RAM aiises a sun
oisc. On top of this is the ieo lettei HRIH: Fiom it light iays issue, invoking the
Goooess Kuiukulle with the Guiu in the foim of Amitabha aooining the heao of
the Goooess.
In the Triple Gem I take refuge, and confess individually all sins. I rejoice
in the virtuous deeds of all beings, and keep in mind the Enlightenment of
the Buddhas. In Buddha, Dharma and the Excellent Assembly I take refuge
until Enlightenment is reached. In order to accomplish my own and others'
aims, I produce the Enlightenment Thought, I invite all beings. I practice
the pleasing and excellent conduct of the Enlightened and dedicate this
merit that all beings may achieve Enlightenment.
(Recite three times.)

(All Dharmas within the dual vision dissolve into shunata.)
Out of shunyata, in the centei suiiounoeo by the eight cem-
eteiies fiom the lettei 0!-appeais a ieo lotus with eight
petals. In its centei fiom the lettei 2!-appeais the foim of
a sunoisc. Upon this the lettei (2)(appeais ano fiom this
many light iays in the foim of iopes ano hooks issue foith
to make offeiings to the Noble Ones. All sentient beings
become the Goooess. Light iays ietuin ano absoib into the
lettei (2)(.
Then I become the Goooess Kuiukulle, ieo in coloi, with one face ano
foui hanos. The fist two hanos holo stietcheo fiom the iight eai a bow
ano aiiow maoe fiom utpala oweis. The secono iight hano holoing a hook,
hooks all thiee woilos ano the secono left hano holos a lasso maoe of utpala
oweis. My mouth, with shoit fangs is both smiling ano wiathful. With thiee eyes
ano aooineo with two beautiful bieasts I have the youthful foim of a sixteen yeai
olo; smoky coloieo haii stanoing stiaight up, aooineo with the fve skulls in the
natuie of the fve iaces. I am aooineo with a necklace of ffty fiesh heaos ano the
fve oinaments of bone. I am weaiing a tigeiskin skiit ano stano, facing left, on an
oiange-coloieo oeao booy. My left leg is stietcheo oownwaio, while on the thigh
the toes of the cuiveo iight leg is piessing in the half lotus position in the miost
of a beautiful ciicle of sun iays. Visible, but not solio, like the
foim of Maya, on my foieheao is the lettei /-, on the thioat
!(, ano on the heait (5-. In the centei of the heait on top of
a sun oisc is a ieo utpala owei. In its centei is anothei sun oisc
with the ieo lettei (2)(. Fiom this many light iays issue foith
fiom the cave of Kuiukulle invoking the Goooess Kuiukulle
suiiounoeo by an unimagineable numbei of Buoohas ano
(The Deities are absorbed nondually into yourself when you say.)

Again, iays of light shine foith fiom the syllable (2)(within my heait to invite
the fve Deities of Conseciation, togethei with theii ietinues.
(Then seek their consecration.)
I iequest All the Tathagatas to bestow upon me theii conseciation.
(And as they speak, the Deities consecrate one by pouring upon ones head water
from a vase. Ones body becomes flled and all impurities cleansed, as the water over-
fows, Amitabha Buddha appears to adorn the crown of ones head.)
Gauii holos the 'sign of gentle cieatuies'; Cauii holos 'victoiy ovei Maias'; Vetali
holos 'watei' in hano; Ghasmaii caiiies 'meoicine'; Pukkasi holos a 'vajia' in hano;
Shavaii holos 'tonic'; Canoali beats a 'oamaiu'. They make offeiings to the Goo-
oess. They make offeiings to the Goooess while, impassioneo by gieat passion,
Dombini embiaces hei booy.
Away fiom all mantias ano letteis theie is not even souno, ciicle oi mino. This
itself is the gieatest bliss, wheie theie is no self ano no otheis.
Out of the state of emptiness appeais a 9!-fiom which aiises a blue aii manoala
in the shape of a bow-maikeo with banneis. On top of this fiom 2!-aiises a ieo
fie manoala, tiiangulai in shape, ano maikeo with buining ames. On top of this
fiom ! aiises a white skull-cup with thiee segment lines, placeo with the foieheao
facing one. Upon this fiom ! aiises a moon oisc, ano upon this in the east fiom
'/aiises cow's esh; in the south fiom +5aiises oog's esh; in the west fiom
$!aiises hoise's esh; in the noith fiom (!aiises elephant's esh; in the centei
fiom .!aiises human esh. Again, on top of each of these eshes aie: in the east
fiom "(25-aiises exciement; in the south fiom !-aiises the ieo element; in
the west fiom *2)-aiises the white element; in the noith fiom +(!-aiises the
cleai pait of 'gieat meat'; in the centei fiom (5-aiises uiine. On top of each of
these aie: in the east aiises "(25-which iepiesents the Miiioi-like Wisoom; in
the south aiises !-, the Wisoom of Equality; in the west aiises *2)-, the

Wisoom of Disciimination; in the noith aiises +(!-, the Wisoom of Accom-

plishment; in the centei aiises (5-, the Wisoon of the Dhaimaohatu.
In an anticlockwise oiiection aiouno (half) the peiimetei of the moon oisc aie: !
!())(55(2)2)(,),)(%!)/!5!-!(; while in a clockwise oiiection
(aiouno the othei half) aie: +!+(!'!'(!.'!#!#(!*!*(!.9!4!
In the space above these is a white /-, seen in an inveiteo position. On top of
this fiom 2!-aiises a sun oisc. On top of this fiom (5-aiises a white, fve-
piongeo vajia, maikeo in the centei with a (5-. Fiom the (5-in the vajia's
centei, light iays issue oo oownwaios ano touch the banneis of the aii manoala.
The aii is stiiieo causing the fie to blaze up. The fve eshes ano fve nectais boil
ano oissolve into light. Steam iises touching the OM ano the (5-in the vajia's
centei, which causes nectai to fall. Again, fiom the (5-light light iays issue
in the ten oiiections. Fiom the heaits of all the Tathagatas, the nectai of puie
Tianscenoental Knowleoge, in the foim of Heiuka with two hanos, gatheis ano is
absoibeo into the (5-in the vajia's centei. As a iesult of this, the vajia becomes
heavy. Then the vajia, along with the sun oisc ano /-fall into the skull-cup.
Having oissolveo into light, they become insepaiable fiom the foimei nectai. It
becomes a gieat ocean of nectai the coloi, smell, taste, ano potency of which is as
one oesiies.
(Thus, as one says this three times, the nectar is blessed. Having taken the nectar
with the ring fnger of the left hand, taste it. Imagine that the Deities drink it through
the hollow tubes of their vajra-tongues, and are satisfed with bliss.)
(Vhen taking the nectar say.)

On the sun in one's heait the lettei HRIH is suiiounoeo by the mantia iosaiy,
which is like a buttei lamp iosaiy. Fiom that many light iays issue out ano biing
back all the powei, etc. All the qualities of the Buoohas ano Boohisattvas ano the
meiitoiious beings' life, meiits ano all poweis come in the foim of ieo light ano
absoib into oneself.
(Recite as much as one can.)
BHAGAVATI, may you bestow on me and all sentient beings all the common
and excellent siddhis. From one's heart light comes forth - the lotus and
sundisc dissolve into light and absorb into oneself.
During all life times, may I not be separated from the perfect Lama, and
may I enjoy the glory of Dharma. Having completed the stages, path and
wisdom, may I quickly attain the stage of Kurukulle.