Project Name Package No. Scope of works Stone Works. Dear Mr.


: NDIA (New Doha International Airport) : Stone Package - Passenger Terminal Complex – Cp51 : Supply & Installation of Internal partition works required for Installing our

With reference to the meeting you had with us, we are kindly inviting you to provide us your best offer for the above mentioned works which will inclusive of: Supply & Installation of all interior partition works required for installing our internal stone works, all as per the specification, drawings, Bill of Qualities handed over to you. Your offer should be submitted in accordance with the following conditions: 1. You will be required to execute the works in coordination with Ascon and all the associated contractors. 2. Contract type for the said works shall be ‘Re-measurable on completion of works as per the rates fixed in the initial contract’ and your offer must be completely based on the issued Specification, Drawings and BOQ. 3. Your offer shall remain valid for 60 days from the date of submission of your offer. 4. Please include your price for all material, labour, supervision, tools and consumables etc. and any other associated costs required for the successful completion of the above mentioned works. 5. All details related to this enquiry are to be treated as private and confidential. We will provide the following attendances and facilities to you for carrying out the above said works: 1. Water & Electricity/ Power supply. 2. Storage space.

Your quotation should be returned to the below email address/fax no latest by __________


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