Name NIM Class Subject Assignment

: Yusuf Ismail : 0901065337 : 4-H : Paragraph Writing : 1 (one)

Most of us believe that love comes firstly from eyes. Below are the ways to express the love by using eyes. Firstly, you can express love by keeping your eyes contact to one you love. You have to keep looking at one’s eyes you love for a few seconds. While you are looking at her eyes, you can give her a little sweet smile as well. This way will surely give her impression at the first time. However, do not look at her eyes too much. Looking at her eyes too much might cause her get shy. If she gets shy and her face becomes a bit red, it might make her run away from you. On the other hand, your mission will be failed. Afterward, you also can express your love by winking your eyes. Winking means that you have to close one of your eyes for a short time. It is usually used by everyone who has been closing to one they love. Because of that, you are able to use this way when you have convinced that she loves you too. It seems that this way will lead you to make her be yours. Finally, you have successfully made her love you and your eyes are the heroes.

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