ORDER New Delhi, the 14th January,


G.S.R. 94. - In exercise of the powers conferred by section 3 of the Foreigners Act, 1946 (31 of 1946) read with the Foreigners Law

(Application and Amendment)

Act, 1962 (42 of 1962), the Central

Government hereby makes the following Order, namely: -


Short title and commencement:


This Order may be called the Foreigners Areas) Order, 1963.



It shall come into force at once.



In this Order, -


'Person either parents,

of Chinese of whose


means or any

a person of whose

who, or grants-


was at any time a Chinese national;


'Restricted Schedule I;

area' means

any of the areas

specified in

(c) 'Schedule'means a Schedule to the Order. and in relation to- (a) any person who. on foreigner shall enter restricted area except under accordance with a permit issued- (i) by the Central Government. remain in. any 1957. not being a person of Chinese origin. or (ii) by any officer of a State Government or Indian by diplomatic or consular authority abroad authorised the Central Government in this behalf. or (b) any other person who has been ordinarily resident in that restricted area for a period of not less than five years immediately preceding the . 3. or (iii) by the District Magistrate concerned or such other officer as may be authorized by him in this behalf: Provided that the provisions of this Order shall not apply to. is a subject of Bhutan. Restrictions on entry into restricted areas: Notwithstanding anything contained in the Foreigners into or and in (Exemption) Order.

1959: the 6th Provided also that a foreigner shall not be required to obtain a permit under this Order in respect of any area if the Indian place of area falling within the restricted visa granted to him in pursuance of the passport Rules. issued by the Press holding Information shall not be of the Government of India.. required to obtain permit under this order in respect of any place or area falling within the Restrictive Area in Punjab. 1. 1958 or has obtained the (Protected areas) necessary permission in writing as required by the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Home Affairs No. 1950. Provided also that accredition Bureau card any foreigner journalists.date of publication of this Order and who is not a Chinese national or a person of Chinese origin: Provided further that a foreigner shall not be required to obtain a permit under this Order in respect of any area falling within the restricted area for which he is either in possession of a valid permit issued under and in accordance with the provisions of the Foreigners Order. dated November. 6/131/ 59-F. is made specifically valid for any such place or area. .

and (d) the conditions subject to which the permit is granted. (b) the place of residence. Form of Permit: A Permit issued under paragraph II and 3 shall be in the form contain the following specified in Schedule particulars. in the said area.Provided also that any foreign journalists card issued by the Press Information Government accredition of the Bureau of India shall not be required to obtain permit under this order in respect of any place or area falling within the Restrictive Area in Assam. if any. (c) the period for which the permit shall be valid. . namely: - shall (a) the place of entry into the area specified in Schedule I. 4.

H. The State of Tripura.H. Mukerian and Pathankot and from Ambala to Kalka via Chandigarh). 6. Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. No. Jullundur-Jammu National Highway. National Highway passing through Pathankot. Jalpaiguri. The State of Punjab (excluding the portion in that State of the roads Ambala-Jullundur No. namely. Malda and West Dinaipur district of West Bengal. N. 3. Every district in the State of Meghalaya. Cooch Behar. namely. 5. .SCHEDULE I (See paragraph 2 & 3) RESTRICTED AREAS 1. 2.1. Darjeeling. 22) and (excluding the railway lines and the platforms on either side of such railway lines from Ambala to Jammu Tawi via Jalandhar. Every district in the State of Assam. 4. N.

/Mrs. holder of Passport is hereby permitted to area via and to reside in the said area for to . 6/178/62-F. Mr. to be specified by the Issuing authority.y Miss shall not remain unless in the said area after the he/she has obtained the prior permission of the authority of the who issued the permit. . 1963) 3 and 4 of the Foreigners (Restricted Areas) Mr.) FATEH SINGH Jt. if any. purposes at place [s] from 2. He/She shall.SCHEDULE II PERMIT (Under paragraphs order./Miss national. 3. comply with the *conditions specified below. Application for any extension permit must be made at least 7 days before its expiry.y Mrs. while residing in the said area. Sect. Place: Date: Signature of Issuing authority (Seal) *Conditions. No enter the restricted residing at dated a . (No.I.

..issued on ..SCHEDULE II A (For visit to Darjeelinq] [Under Paragraph 1963] 3 & 4 of the Foreigners (Restricted Areas) order... which shall not be extended in any circumstances. dated a national .y Miss shall not remain in Darjeeling after the expiry of the period allowed by this permit..is hereby permitted to enter Darjeeling for the purpose to/and ..y Mrs..... Mr.. who arrived in India at .. /Miss holder of Passport No at . . /Mrs.... Place: Date: Signature of Issuing authority (Seal) . of seven days from/between Mr.

S. 1963 AMENDMENTNOTIFICATIONS: F.1. 6/4/65-F.R.FOREINGERS (RESTRICTED AREA) ORDER. 640 (E) .1.1. 15011/2/74-F.R.1. 11013/1/84-F.1. 6/ 146/68-(ii) F. 6/4/65-F.S. 11013/4/72-F. 429 (E) G.S. 11013/9/71-F. 6/178/62-F.1.1. 807 (E) G.1.S.S. (ii) 11013/11/84-F. (FI) and (i) 15022/110/76-F. 11013/12/71-F.1.R.1. 817 G. 6/62/68-F.1.R.1. (ii) dated 10-5-1963 25-6-1963 10-9-1965 3-3-1966 19-11-1968 28-4-1970 21-10-1971 11-1-1972 11-1-1972 11-8-1972 10-10-1973 27-6-1973 G.6/178/62(i)-F.1. 286 (E) & 289 (E) 30-6-1976 G.1.1.R. 11013/4/72-F. 1216 2-6-1984 18-10-1985 8-8-1985 G. 11013/4/72-F. 15011/111/85-F.S.R. 1367 G.S.1.R.

S. 78 (E) G. 11013/1/84-F.S. 927 (E) G.S.1. 11013/1/84-F. 1325 (E) G. 11013/1/84-F.1.1.S.R.S.1.S.S. 11013/1/84-F.S.R.1. 11013/1/84-F.S. 339 (E) G.R. 585 (E) G. 817 (E) G.1.R.R. 1331 (E) .1.S.S. 693 (E) G. 11013/1/84-F. 879 (E) G.1. 643 (E) G.R. 79 (E) G.R. 801 (E) G.1. 11013/1/84-F.S. 1117 (E) G.1. 11013/1/84-F. 11013/1/84-F.S.11013/1/84-F. 11013/1/84-F. 513 (E) G.R. 11013/1/84-F.1.R. 558 (E) G.R.1.S. 11013/1/84-F. 9-8-1985 24-12-1986 1-8-1984 28-9-1984 1-12-1984 1-2-1985 2-4-1985 27-6-1985 29-10-1985 2-12-1985 31-1-1986 31-3-1986 2-7-1986 30-9-1986 26-12-1986 G. 11013/1/84-F.I 11013/1/84-F.R.S.R.1.R.1.R.R.

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