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For example. There was a lot of variety in the functions e. February skills.g.Celebration Winter In the winter celebration the children collected winter specialties and they enjoyed the winter and in the arts class made winter "motives". Cooking activity In this the children made cream pastry and . moral lessons which were enjoyed by the parents and it was a remarkable display by the children. dances. the use of excuse me and thank you was told and everyday manners were taught.January to May 2012 Events January Annual Gala celebration Children showed their talent. Mind your manners In this the children practically demonstrated what discipline is.


People who help us The aim was to make the children realize that how peons. Hero's day The children learned about the life of Abdul Sitar Edhi and were told about his social work and were told how to be of need to other people. Classes were decorated and songs were sung!  .March In this month the children prepared flower bouquets and kites according to spring and had learned different things and had celebrated a very colourful day. "ayaas" and watchmen help us and to guide as to how we should Birthday Bash! Several Children's Birthdays were celebrated.

W. was handed over to the They sure grow up fast :') . Fun day A puppet show and a magic show were arranged for the children which was performed in a lucky Iranian circus.April The third PTM was held for to notify the parents and give feedback to them regarding the child's progress and to cover their weaknesses.Parrot was brought into the class. The children enjoyed a lot throughout the show. Graduation ceremony and annual day Pre-nursery and nursery's annual day was held and their report card and H. Pizza day The children were given pizza and drinks by the school and alongside the fun they were told about the history of pizza. A live pet. This was an enjoyable experience for the May Parrot Day Children were taught to take care of pets responsibly.

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