Yorka Olavarria Universal Literature Andrea Lopez


A) What posible meaning might the Word “after” have in the title? It might represent the connection between how does the moon “slip” on stage, just like the author is just creating “after” Basho, as an inspiration B) What does the title tell the reader about the writer’s purpose? Probably it is a way to show humility, in order to try to recreate this way of writing, after a great poet, like basho C) What visual picture does the poem suggest? Maybe could be, how does the moon “sunrise”, unlike the sun, it just appears, at the beggining of evening, if you are not aware, you wouldn’t notice D) What mood does the poem central image create? Could be meditation and relaxing, probably summer, because on Winter, the moon appears without anticipation and very bright, on the other hand on summer, you can hardly notice it. Also, the mood could be a bit melancholic, if you are waiting for the moon in an evening

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