by Charlie Kaufman




INT. CADEN AND ADELE'S BEDROOM - FALL 2005 - MORNING Darkness. The sound of a radio and pots and pans clanging fades in. Caden, 40, opens his eyes in bed, and groggily looks at himself in the bureau mirror. The bedside clock reads 7:45.



INT. CADEN AND ADELE'S KITCHEN - FALL 2005 - SAME Adele, 40, in t-shirt and sweats, mixes a bowl of instant oatmeal, puts it in the microwave. RADIO VOICE ... a Labor Day luncheon today -Mommy! Okay! OLIVE (O.S.) Done! ADELE RADIO VOICE -- at Stuckey Hall -RADIO VOICE -- in downtown Schenectady --


Adele leaves the kitchen. Caden, also 40, enters as she's leaving. He's dressed in a ratty terrycloth robe. Morning. CADEN Morning. you. CADEN You didn't. ADELE Tried not to wake


I was just --

As Caden's voice goes under, we follow Adele into -2 INT. CADEN AND ADELE'S BATHROOM - FALL 2005 - CONTINUOUS Olive, 4, sits on the toilet. Adele enters, rips some toilet paper off the roll and proceeds to wipe Olive. The phone rings in the kitchen. ADELE Caden, could you get that? Ugh. CADEN (O.S.) It's Maria. I don't want to. 2

ADELE Caden! (looks at bright green smear on toilet paper) That's weird. The phone stops ringing. OLIVE Is something wrong with my poop?





CONTINUED: ADELE No, honey. It's just green. Maybe you ate something green. I didn't! MARIA'S VOICE Hi, it's me. Where are you? I'll try you on your cell.


OLIVE (CONT'D) What's wrong with me?!

A cellphone rings in the other room. ADELE Honey, I have to get this. going to be fine. OLIVE But, Mommy -Adele runs into -3 INT. CADEN AND ADELE'S KITCHEN - FALL 2005 - CONTINUOUS She rifles through her purse, grabs her cellphone, answers. Hey. ADELE You? He sips it and 3 You're

(laughing) Oh, wiping Olive's ass.

Caden is pouring himself a cup of coffee. stares out the window. It's raining. ADELE (CONT'D) You're kidding! Holy fuck!

Caden exits with his coffee, annoyed about the phone call. CADEN I don't feel well. 4 INT. CADEN AND ADELE'S BATHROOM - FALL 2005 - CONTINUOUS Caden passes the bathroom. Olive is staring into the toilet bowl. Adele can be heard chatting in the background. OLIVE Daddy, my poop is green. Caden enters the bathroom, looks into the bowl at the green feces and smeared toilet paper. He seems freaked out. OLIVE (CONT'D) Am I going to be okay? 4


October 14.SYN. he was CADEN Oh wait.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . He picks up the newspaper. honey. old.FALL 2005 . pulls the mail from the box.FALL 2005 . back in a minute. A diseased person on the cover. He won the Nobel Prize. 5 6 INT.MORNING Caden sits at the kitchen table with his coffee. reading the paper.MORNING Caden steps out the front door in his bare feet and hurries down the driveway in the rain. sweetie. ADELE All right.C.) (CONTINUED) . CADEN Of course not. As he heads back inside. 6 Adele clicks off her cellphone. honey. baby.JULY 30. You probably ate something -OLIVE Am I going to die? I didn't! green! I'll be OLIVE I didn't eat 4 CADEN It'll be fine. unseen. right? ADELE Well. dated Friday. he flips through the mail. OLIVE (O. CADEN AND ADELE'S KITCHEN . 2005.S. Good for him. 4 CONTINUED: CADEN Of course.) (calling) Is poop alive? 5 EXT. There's a magazine called Attending to your Illness addressed to Caden. CADEN AND ADELE'S HOUSE . NY . Mom! OLIVE (O. CADEN Harold Pinter died! Yeah? Huh. 2007 3. See you then. OLIVE Did you have green poop when you were little? CADEN I'm sure I did. Across the street a gaunt man watches Caden.

remember that production of The Dumbwaiter I did at Albanyfest? 6 ADELE No. (CONTINUED) . OLIVE I want peanut butter and jelly. You told me oatmeal.) What if it's alive? What if I kill it? It's green! Like plants! CADEN God. OLIVE (CONT'D) Sorry. c'mon. A cartoon cow talks to a cartoon sheep. honey. NY . OLIVE (CONT'D) Can I watch TV till school? Caden clicks the remote for Olive and goes back to his paper. Olive. ADELE I have your oatmeal. OLIVE (O.S. That's how you know.S. 6 CONTINUED: What?! ADELE OLIVE (O. Olive enters. ADELE It's not alive.) (CONT'D) Everything's alive. 2007 4. grabs the oatmeal. In the country Turkey not turkeys. honey.) Do you need to come look at my poop again?! Just OLIVE (O. flush. Adele growls. It's in chickens. ADELE Olive. Everything grows big. The toilet is flushed. Mommy! I'm sorry! CADEN (looking at paper) They found Avian flu in Turkey. OLIVE I don't want oatmeal.JULY 30. Adele is making a peanut butter sandwich for Olive.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .S. dumps it in the sink. it's fine.SYN. This isn't a restaurant.

8 7 (CONTINUED) . opens the milk carton to pour some in. then sniffs at the spout. the mess. OLIVE Adele stares out the window at the rain. Every breath counts off time. Caden pours himself some more coffee. spraying the mirror. 4. 2. The dentist. Off-screen. Man. 6 Caden goes back to his paper. He is sent staggering backwards with a yelp. 7 INT. Stroke. Rivulets of blood intermingle with it. growing like an invisible virus of thought. the blood. A faucet explodes and smacks him in the forehead. 2007 5. hurries in and takes in the scene: the wet. ADELE Now you better eat this. Vivian Malone Jones. Here. DENTIST'S OFFICE . Jesus.DAY Caden is in the dentist's chair. CADEN Milk's expired. Half of Caden's face is covered with shaving cream. I will. dressed in heavily paint-splattered clothes. who records them. 4. (to Caden) Family coming for Thanksgiving? 8 INT. NY . Water shoots out where the tap was. 3.FALL 2005 . 2. 1. his razor flying and blood pouring from a jagged cut above his right eyebrow. CADEN AND ADELE'S BATHROOM . 6 CONTINUED: (2) COW There is a secret. Adele puts a peanut butter sandwich in front of Olive. Only 63. which is spattered with blood.NIGHT Caden shaves. The sheep nods. into the far wall. in surgical mask. COW But you are being changed by it. probes his open mouth. DENTIST 2.SYN.WINTER 2005 . Second by second.JULY 30. something at play under the surface. a bloody bib around his neck. 3.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . calls out numbers to an assistant. It's October 20. Adele. we hear the pounding footsteps of someone running toward us. CADEN The first black graduate of the University of Alabama died. 4. He checks the date on the carton.

A doctor stitches Caden's forehead. old sponges. ADELE (CONT'D) Put pressure. toilet paper rolls and other junk to the shut-off valves.. her curled toes clenched. in a nightgown. Olive turns around. Whooo are ADELE I can't -. got it! Olive looks back into the room. Whooo. EXAMINATION ROOM .Oh wait. you? OWL Whooo. Adele squats. goes into a spasmodic coughing fit.?! 8 Olive.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . finishes. ADELE (CONT'D) (to Olive) Honey. OLIVE Mommy.WINTER 2005 . old toothbrushes. 9 (CONTINUED) . both! Caden sits on the toilet. don't look. Adele turns off the water. 9 INT. Press! CADEN Do I press above or below it? ADELE I don't know! Just. Daddy has blood. Caden tries to look up at his forehead. stands quietly in the doorway. 8 CONTINUED: Jesus! ADELE Caden! What the fuck -. Press. ADELE (CONT'D) I can't turn it! It's gonna flood! Olive hugs the owl tightly and it speaks.NIGHT Caden sits on a metal table. pushes her arm through bottles of cleaning products. CADEN I was shaving and -My God! head! ADELE Jesus! Look at your Dumbly.JULY 30.. She holds a large stuffed owl. NY . Um.SYN. presses a towel to his head. opens the cabinet under the sink. then squints nervously at himself in the mirror. 2007 6. The room has some meager Christmas ornaments.

finishes his work on Caden. He's in here every week. Caden sees a nurse shoving a tube far up into a man's nose. 9 CONTINUED: Caden squints into the bright light the doctor uses to see his work. What? CADEN The doctor feels Caden's pulse.. DOCTOR That fellow is annoying. In the background we hear another patient. CADEN Will there be a scar? DOCTOR Probably. It looks like a mudflap. The off-screen patient continues to whimper. 2007 7. turns off the bright lamp and looks again. There. PATIENT (O.SYN.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . DOCTOR Changes in bowel movements? CADEN A little more yellow than usual.. please. CADEN I prefer there not be a scar. He turns the lamp back on and looks once more. DOCTOR (CONT'D) I think that should -The doctor 9 He looks at Caden's eyes. then listens to his heart. CADEN A neurologist? (CONTINUED) .) (crying) Please. What? DOCTOR I'd like you to see an ophthalmologist.JULY 30. NY . Like clockwork. please. Another nurse wipes away the blood leaking out his nostril.S. He presses hard against the glands in Caden's neck.

But he doesn't know. 9 CONTINUED: (2) DOCTOR What? No. And the world is too big to understand and today is Tuesday and -(speaking) Mom.SYN. sings. is today Tuesday? ADELE No. an ophthalmologist. But -- (CONTINUED) .. honey. No. um. 2007 8.JULY 30. But maybe.NIGHT 10 Adele drives and coughs spasmodically. They blow noisemakers and yell "happy new year!" OLIVE (singing) It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining and yellow. CADEN I 9 The doctor stares blankly at Caden for a long moment.. The car swerves a bit. Olive's singing continues but goes under. in her car seat.. it's Friday. Caden sees revelers in winter coats and party hats outside a house. OLIVE (singing) And today is Friday and. ophthalmologist. Caden has a bandaged head and a prescription in his hand. He said he doesn't think so.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . ADELE The bump to the head? CADEN He doesn't know. not doing the opposite . Oh. CADEN Yes. 10 INT. Maybe. NY .. said. Olive. ADELE Constricting. then looks suspiciously in Caden's ears. CADEN AND ADELE'S CAR . ADELE So what exactly did he say? CADEN My pupils weren't properly dilating and.WINTER 2006 .

Sorry. (to Adele) It's the start of something awful.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Caden pulls out a cell phone and dials. CADEN Bad timing. Daddy? CADEN No. Of course not. ADELE OLIVE Did you tell him I have green poop? CADEN (realizing) I have rehearsal! Fuck! OLIVE How many years till I have to get more shots? ADELE (CONT'D) Remind me to call the plumber.JULY 30. would you? I need a to-do list. NY . Caden! Sorry. what's a plumber? (CONTINUED) . Woodman said after the last vaccination -CADEN He's the man who -OLIVE Dad. 10 CADEN I'm a little anxious. Sorry. OLIVE A million years? ADELE Remember Dr. OLIVE Did you have to get a shot. honey. (pause. ADELE I got it. Caden. honey. OLIVE Do I have to get a shot? CADEN What? No. CADEN ADELE (CONT'D) Not for a long time. Jesus. 10 CONTINUED: Okay. 2007 9. to Adele) This is really fucked timing.SYN.

(into phone) Just run lines. 2007 10. He's the man or woman who fixes sinks and toilets and. Olive is crying in earnest now. I know. OLIVE I don't want blood. ADELE What's wrong. OLIVE Like to smoke out of? CADEN Different kind of pipe. like. I'm sorry... 10 CADEN Right. They're.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . It's like in your body you have veins and . Jim. I'm okay.. No. They just carry water to and from sinks and bathtubs and toilets. CADEN And they're filled with blood. 'kay. I had an accident. ADELE Capillaries. I'll be there soon.. CADEN (into phone) Hey. tubes and they're behind walls and under the floor everywhere and -Olive begins to whimper in horror.SYN. Dad. um.. (hangs up) Houses have pipes. do you know what pipes are? OLIVE No. baby? OLIVE (hushed anxious whisper) Every-single-where? CADEN It's okay. I have blood? (CONTINUED) .. NY .JULY 30. 10 CONTINUED: (2) ADELE Or woman.

JULY 30. CADEN (holding head) I can't do this now. ADELE Well. you're fine.DAY An ophthalmologist examines Caden's eyes. I don't think you should tell her she doesn't have blood. but his pupils are pinpricks. OPHTHALMOLOGIST'S OFFICE . CADEN I'm trying to explain plumbing. honey. 11 INT. baby. Will it hurt? Will it hurt. ADELE You don't have to worry. ADELE Caden. OLIVE I don't want blood! I don't want blood! I don't want blood.. CADEN (CONT'D) Is it the bump to the head? 11 (CONTINUED) . Adele coughs. 2007 11. 10 CONTINUED: (3) ADELE (to Caden) What are you doing? 10 Jesus. stop it! Olive cries.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . OLIVE (weeping) I don't want blood.. You CADEN Well. Caden stares out the window. don't have blood. honey. An eyeglass calendar on the wall is open to March 2006.SYN. It's dark.WINTER 2006 . Daddy?! CADEN No. CADEN Thanks for getting me in right away. stop it. The doctor touches Caden's eye repeatedly with a small probe. NY . (to Olive) It's okay.

NY . OPHTHALMOLOGIST Fine. Accurate. 11 CONTINUED: No. The doctor writes in Caden's chart. then:) Could be. Why do I need to see a neurologist? OPHTHALMOLOGIST For a look-see.SYN. I guess.DAY Caden sits in the almost empty theater. Centerstage. I just thought from the way you asked -- CADEN I thought maybe you said urologist. CADEN That's not true. 12 INT. The eyes are part of the brain. Hmm.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . a brain expert. A few people with note-pads are scattered around. The car is surrounded by various rooms from that period: a kitchen. etc. is it? OPHTHALMOLOGIST Why would I say it if it weren't true? CADEN It just doesn't seem right. bedrooms.2006 . But I think we need to get you to a neurologist. Nothing urgent. 2007 12. 12 (CONTINUED) . OPHTHALMOLOGIST Interesting.JULY 30. after all. SCHENECTADY THEATER . CADEN A neurologist? OPHTHALMOLOGIST Yes. OPHTHALMOLOGIST Like morally correct? Or right as in accurate? CADEN I'm not sure. a 1948 Dodge Business Coupe. CADEN I know what a neurologist is. OPHTHALMOLOGIST 11 (writes in chart.

the actor playing Biff. creating havoc. (CONTINUED) .JULY 30. NY . A lamp post falls and hits Claire. stands center stage. Claire. sits in the set's bedroom. Willy? CLAIRE (AS LINDA) (CONT’D) Answer me!.. Davis. lies on the top bunk of a bunk bed upstage. lies on the bottom bunk. knocking her over. playing Happy.Willy! Tom starts the car and guns the engine. you coming up!!!! Sssssh!! Willy? TOM (AS WILLY) CLAIRE (AS LINDA) Tom climbs in the car. the actress playing Linda Loman.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . A fourth actor. the actor playing Willy Loman. 2007 12A. accompanied by crashing and screeching sound effects. CLAIRE (AS LINDA) Willy.. 12 CONTINUED: 12 Tom. No!!! Pop!! CLAIRE (AS LINDA) (CONT’D) DAVIS (AS BIFF) The wall continues to be pulled past the car crashing into the rest of the set. knocking walls over.SYN. A brick wall off stage speeds into the car.

will end up in this very place of desolation. TOM (taking this in) Okay.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Caden meets Tom at the foot of the stage. it was funny. DAVID I know. We'll get it. Claire primps in the bureau mirror. 12 David runs on stage to deal with the mess. are you okay? CADEN David. (CONTINUED) . I was crashing differently. It's no big deal. CADEN (CONT'D) Try to keep in mind that a young person playing Willy Loman thinks he's only pretending to be at the end of a life full of despair. 12 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN (running to stage) Oh crap. Caden. But the tragedy is that we know that you. I like it. I'm sorry. covered with stage blood. CADEN I saw that. Hold on. 2007 13.JULY 30. (to Claire) You're sure you're okay? CLAIRE God yes.SYN. Claire. CADEN (CONT’D) Please. DAVID (looking back from seat) Sorry. Behind them a group of technicians are lifting the wall and trying to reset it. CADEN It's too late in the game to be having these problems. Caden. (to Tom) That was good. the young actor. NY . TOM Yeah? I was trying something different. Ambivalently. what's happening here? CLAIRE Yeah yeah. Tom. I'm fine. David. Tom emerges from the car.

then heads to the back of the house.JULY 30. HAZEL (compassionately) Oh no. (CONTINUED) . CADEN Why don't you get cleaned up. Let's try it again. HAZEL I just heard the death of the salesman. sits inside.SYN.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . and waves.DAY 13 Caden passes the box office. He exits the theater. smiles warmly. Caden rubs his temples. David? DAVID I think fifteen. 12 Tom exits. SCHENECTADY THEATER LOBBY . (then:) CADEN (holding up cell phone) In search of elusive signal. 12 CONTINUED: (3) CADEN Great. Hazel. 13 INT. 2007 14. pulling out his cell phone. NY . (calling) How long. CADEN In more ways than one.2006 . and we'll go again. 35. reading a novel. She looks up. Tom.

GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Scariano. He's squinting in the bright sunlight. HAZEL I'm trying to better myself. HAZEL I keep reading the first line. CADEN Dr. pupils dilated. you must've read nearly a dozen books. 15 INT. 2007 15. The other volumes of In Search of Lost Time are stacked neatly nearby.SYN. HAZEL Cell phones. I think. Recommend me something. CADEN That is odd. The gaunt man watches him unseen. CADEN Exactly twelve. It's a good line. She looks up and sees Caden standing outside the box office window watching her. oddly.2006 .CONTINUOUS Hazel reads the first page of Swann's Way. Caden. Have you read Kafka? 15 (CONTINUED) .JULY 30.DAY 14 Caden has the phone to his ear. My pupils don't work. She pats her lap in a friendly manner. But I don't know much about literature. CADEN Maybe you should read the first line of another series of books. 13 14 EXT. I know! crazy! CADEN (chuckles) See you in a few. SCHENECTADY THEATER BOX OFFICE . Heshborg said I should see Dr. SCHENECTADY THEATER .2006 . 13 CONTINUED: HAZEL Signal's good here. You're a genius. they're HAZEL (back in her book) Yup. NY .

JULY 30. NY . swear! A lot! I 15 (CONTINUED) .GOLDENROD REVISIONS .SYN. I've read his name. 2007 15A. 15 CONTINUED: HAZEL Um.

half asleep.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .. His bowel movement is dark and loose. I'm so excited to see it. HAZEL If you say so. Hazel looks at her book. Caden exits. He finishes. 40's. 15 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN His whole name? HAZEL Okay.DAY Caden and Adele sit across from Madeline. Heinz? 15 CADEN (laughs) You should read The Trial. Caden steps out of the bathroom 17 16 CADEN I think I have blood in my stool. NY .SYN. MADELINE What was it like? 18 (CONTINUED) . They smile at each other. 16 INT. 17 INT. not his entire name. She trails off. Can't wait till Wednesday. looks in the bowl. their therapist. Then: ADELE When I was pregnant with Olive..NIGHT Adele lies in bed asleep. THERAPIST'S OFFICE . and climbs into bed. re-reads the first sentence. CADEN AND ADELE'S BATHROOM . Silence. you know.JULY 30. CADEN I hope you like it. I mean.2006 . 2007 16.2006 . maybe. Adele has a coughing fit.2006 .. shrugs.NIGHT Caden sits on the toilet. CADEN AND ADELE'S BEDROOM . Adele looks over. I will. ADELE That stool in your office? 18 INT.. HAZEL It's pretty impossible that I won't.

The gaunt man is behind the trash bin.. Like something was going to change. 18 CONTINUED: ADELE Um. drinks coffee. Hopeful or something.. big time. of course.2006 . I know it's terrible. I feel exhausted. SCHENECTADY THEATER .SYN.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . gets out of her car..DAY Caden sits sadly on the steps. CADEN I mean.JULY 30. Yeah? HAZEL So I'm reading The Trial. 19 EXT. Sorry.. not only. Can I say something awful? Yes. MADELINE There are no terrible things to say in here.. He watches as Hazel pulls into the parking lot. HAZEL The car crash? CADEN Well. ADELE I feel alone sometimes. I don't know. MADELINE Something did. Yes. Only true and false. Guilt free.. MADELINE Please do. She sits next to Caden. ADELE I've fantasized about Caden dying and being able to start again. 2007 17. 18 ADELE Maybe not as much as I had hoped. That's a terrible thing to say. CADEN It's a nightmare in there. no? ADELE Yes. NY . CADEN You like? 19 (CONTINUED) .

HAZEL (CONT'D) Oh my God! Jesus! They watch as the man falls behind a building. The plumber is working on the sink. Hazel. Pause. (conspiratorial whisper) It's famous. In the distance a man with an unopened parachute is plummeting.JULY 30. screech of brakes. I'm such an idiot for not knowing about this book. . 20 A scream. NY . Right? 20 INT. HAZEL Cause it's dirty. A Go ahead. Why? CADEN HAZEL (playing charmed) Oh.2006 .DAY Caden enters. you're very bright.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . And I love your eyes. PLUMBER I've seen boy parts.SYN. you're very bright. HAZEL (CONT'D) He's gotta be dead. 2007 18. CADEN Then what do I say? HAZEL I can't say what then you say. And I love your eyes. 19 CONTINUED: HAZEL Love. in fact. it turns out. CADEN You're not an idiot. A whistling noise turns their heads. HAZEL Then you say. CADEN In fact. am I? Oh. do you? darling! 19 Oh. Hazel. CADEN AND ADELE'S BATHROOM .

She paints with a single-hair brush while looking through a magnifying glass. ADELE It's what you do. CADEN It's gorgeous. Ad. in her paint-spattered clothing. (off his look) I'm sorry. Caden pokes his head in. CADEN Yeah.SYN. I'm sorry. ADELE Thanks. We have five hundred and sixty lighting cues. CADEN I have to get ready. I would (CONTINUED) . I think you'll be impressed. By tomorrow.JULY 30. ADELE Caden. yeah. through the magnifying glass at the painting. an inch square. I know it sucks. ADELE'S STUDIO . listen. go if I could. CADEN But it's opening night. we got through it. It's an amazingly detailed and angrily colored painting of a woman in a state of profound despair. CADEN Can I piss in your sink? ADELE Um. 2007 19. I guess. I've got to get two canvases ready to ship. screaming to the heavens. works on a tiny canvas. 21 INT. He finishes and peeks over Adele's shoulder. His urine is amber.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I'm really sorry. Anyway. just can't go tonight.2006 . while standing in a field of flames. NY . Adele. How was rehearsal? CADEN Awful. Caden pisses in the sink in the corner of the studio.DAY 21 The studio is a mess. I don't know why I made it so complicated. I ADELE I know. the floor covered with paint.

SYN.NIGHT The theater is full.JULY 30. Hazel looks back from her seat at Caden and mouths the word "yay. as Willy. SCHENECTADY THEATER . I stopped for a cup of coffee. 2007 20.. Caden stands nervously in the back. I couldn't make it. CLAIRE (AS LINDA) Why? What happened? (pause) Did something happen. maybe it was the coffee. did you? TOM (AS WILLY) I said nothing happened. (CONTINUED) . CLAIRE (AS LINDA) Where were you all day? You look terrible. I can't take a dump in your sink! What am I supposed to do? I have to get ready! 21 22 INT. TOM (AS WILLY) I got as far as a little above Yonkers. TOM (AS WILLY) Oh boy. I came back.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .2006 . Linda." He smiles. Didn't you hear me? CLAIRE (AS LINDA) Don't you feel well? TOM (AS WILLY) I'm tired to death. I just couldn't make it. nothing happened. NY . The curtain rises on a dark stage. Willy! CLAIRE (AS LINDA) 22 TOM (AS WILLY) It's all right. 21 CONTINUED: ADELE I'll go tomorrow! We'll make tomorrow like the premiere! CADEN I mean. Tom. CLAIRE (AS LINDA) You didn't smash the car.. oh boy. Willy? TOM (AS WILLY) No. gets out of the car parked center stage and walks into the kitchen. The lights dim.

SYN. I hated myself tonight. QUINCY'S. 2007 20A. 23 Caden relaxes. Lots of drinking. Plus (CONTINUED) . The car kept going off onto the shoulder.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . NY . y'know? The audience is rapt. The opening was a success.NIGHT The cast party is in full swing. Caden chats with Claire. Hazel watches from across the room.2006 . 22 CONTINUED: What? CLAIRE (AS LINDA) 22 TOM (AS WILLY) I suddenly couldn't drive any more. BACK ROOM . I'm so bloated and enormous. 23 INT. CLAIRE (scrunching her nose) Ugh.JULY 30.




CONTINUED: CADEN No. You looked great. You were great. I was very pleased. CLAIRE I thought Tom was amazing!


CADEN Yeah. Absolutely. (squints suddenly) Sorry. I have a bit of a headache. CLAIRE (kisses his forehead) I just want to thank you for everything. You've been absolutely brilliant and it's going to be miserable going ahead without you. CADEN I'll be around. I'll check in. She gets teary, gives him a kiss on the cheek. CLAIRE God, I'm such a baby. She just looks at him and smiles and nods. CLAIRE (CONT'D) I'm going to get drunk, that's what. CADEN Ok, Claire. She backs away and gets lost in the crowd. Caden massages his temples. Suddenly Hazel is next to him. HAZEL I figured I'd better get in fast. Hey! CADEN

HAZEL I loved it! And, by the way, Claire is trouble. And not terribly bright. Caden laughs. HAZEL (CONT'D) Just wanted you to know the word on the street.





CONTINUED: (2) CADEN So you liked it? HAZEL Are you kidding? I cried for like fifteen minutes after. I loved every minute of it. Except Claire. I thought she was weak. CADEN Easy on the eyes. HAZEL Oh, Caden, not you, too. What I want to know is why she started crying in her last monologue, right after she had the line, 'I can't cry for you Willy...'? CADEN (laughing) She felt very strongly that it was right. They sip their drinks. HAZEL Where's el wife-o? CADEN Had to work. Her Berlin show is in two weeks. We're going to spend like a month there. Ah. Ah. Ah. Choo! HAZEL CADEN HAZEL CADEN


HAZEL Hooray! We've still got it! (pause) I'll miss you. CADEN Yeah, me too.





CONTINUED: (3) HAZEL You're going to miss you? CADEN Yeah, that's it.


HAZEL (pause) Why do I like you so much?


. it really could.. 23 HAZEL You want to now? In my car. HAZEL Come on. Do you get high. With me. HAZEL What does something mean? CADEN I don't know. I like you. CADEN Sometimes. Could be dangerous. 2007 23. HAZEL And me with a station wagon and all. HAZEL What does bothered mean? Horny. 23 CONTINUED: (4) CADEN I couldn't begin to guess. bothered. it's a party.SYN. CADEN You know I wish I could.. my friend? Y'know. CADEN You're not staying for the reviews? (CONTINUED) . Bothered? CADEN Y'know. something when I'm stoned. HAZEL Jesus. CADEN I get kind of. I'm going. CADEN (laughing) Yeah. HAZEL You're absolutely zero fun. CADEN I don't know. It must be that you're married.JULY 30.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . HAZEL (sighing) Me neither. NY ..

2006 . sleepily drunk.ABOUT DAWN The party has thinned out. The run-over dog is sleeping in a box on the floor. HAZEL'S BATHROOM (APARTMENT) . I'm so lonely with none of those things.SYN.A FEW MOMENTS LATER Hazel studies the dog. 2007 24. 27 (CONTINUED) . glistening on the side of the road. squashed flat. There's a run-over dog. CLAIRE What are you going to do now? CADEN I'm going to Berlin for a month for my wife's show. A man walks in with a bunch of newspapers. Its head is lolling. crying. it's still alive.NIGHT Hazel drives down a dark street. Or was German even. next to Caden. Then I don't know. CLAIRE I wish I was your wife or a wife or had a wife. 26 27 INT. rests her head.NIGHT Hazel takes off her make-up. The remaining people are sitting around a table. I don't need some dope with elbow patches telling me. 25 26 INT. somewhat erased without eye make-up.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . HAZEL'S CAR . She bends down to pet it. HAZEL You're not going to make it. Claire. against his shoulder. hair back in a clip. RESIDENTIAL SCHENECTADY STREET . People watch her passing car from various windows. gutty mess. drinking. 23 CONTINUED: (5) HAZEL I know it's brilliant. She watches herself blankly in the mirror.2006 . and heads toward the door. baby. Against all odds. BACK ROOM . It's a bloody. Caden studies a series of lumps under the skin of his arm. QUINCY'S. 24 25 EXT. She smiles. 23 24 INT. NY . gives him a hug.JULY 30.2006 . lit by a streetlight.2006 .

Would you like to meet my son? Derek? (CONTINUED) . Faint swirls of smoke escape from the windows. The button is hot.2006 . twenty-two hundred square feet. But. Not including the partially-finished basement HAZEL I don't know. BURNING HOUSE . She rings the doorbell. But I'm really concerned about dying in the fire. y'know. Hazel 29 HAZEL I've always loved this house. I never thought I'd buy a house alone. 2007 25.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I do. I never really imagined I could afford it. NY . Yes. REALTOR It's a good size though. I'm thinking I should go. and I wonder what I'm really waiting for. The realtor coughs a little. REALTOR The sellers are very motivated now.SYN. how one prefers to die. REALTOR It's a perfect size for someone alone. Hazel pulls her finger away. HAZEL The truth is. REALTOR It's a big decision. REALTOR It's a wonderful place. HAZEL I like it. HAZEL It's a scary decision. 27 CONTINUED: CADEN Yay or nay? 27 28 EXT. I'm 36.DAY 28 Hazel gets out of her car and walks up to a neat little house on a street of neat little houses. surveys the scene. 29 INT.A FEW MOMENTS LATER The rooms are hazy. REALTOR Home-buying is always scary. HAZEL But I mean with the fire and all especially.2006 .JULY 30. BURNING HOUSE .

DAWN 30 Caden enters. ADELE AND CADEN'S LIVING ROOM . CADEN Are you stoned? ADELE Can we get a ticket for Maria? (CONTINUED) . it is late.2006 . Adele smiles. 2007 26. appears around a corner. How'd it go? CADEN We're a hit. 29 30 INT. Mom. But I got everything done here. 40. ADELE Maria came over to keep me company and we lost track. DEREK REALTOR Derek's living in the basement since his divorce. ADELE Hey.JULY 30. Caden! for you! Tonight! Good ADELE I'll see it tomorrow. MARIA How'd it go? CADEN Hi. Great. I'm sorry I missed the play. Hi. Adele sits at the table across from Maria. Adele and Maria laugh. CADEN It's late. 40 and scruffily handsome. If that's okay.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 29 CONTINUED: Derek. They are drunk and eating nachos. Reviews are great. Caden. NY . too.SYN. New York Times said it was brilliant to cast young actors as Willy and Linda. Hey. Early! I'd love to see it. ADELE MARIA That's great. Hey. MARIA Jesus.

Y'know? I mean. I don't know.SYN. 2007 26A.JULY 30. NY .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . are you happy with it? 30 (CONTINUED) . 30 CONTINUED: ADELE A little.

RESIDENTIAL SCHENECTADY STREET . OLIVE I don't know what that means. Caden holds a tax envelope. 30 ADELE It doesn't matter what I think. It's called sycosis.SYN. CADEN Well. 2007 27. La-ru.JULY 30. face has pustules on it. CADEN (CONTINUED) .lee. 30 CONTINUED: (2) Yeah. The gaunt man follows. but it sounds the same. P-s-y is like if you're crazy and s-y is like these things on my face.. MARIA Absolutely! It's all about your artistic satisfaction. Caden. I'm a girl fairy and my name is . Ok. 31 EXT. 31 His OLIVE Okay.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .. Daddy? CADEN It's pustules.. OLIVE What's wrong with your face. OLIVE You could have both though. Spelled differently than psychosis. there's two different kinds of psychosis. I could. CADEN OLIVE What's my name again? La-ru-lee. CADEN Love to know what you think.. They're spelled differently. CADEN But I don't.DAY Caden and Olive walk along. NY . And you're a boy fairy and your name is Teeteree.SPRING 2006 . pretend we're fairies.

. CADEN But I'll miss you. SCHENECTADY POST OFFICE . 2007 28. roaring noises. 32 Hit me.SYN. (CONTINUED) . I said . Okay.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . La-ru-la. OLIVE (CONT'D) Okay. (beat) Pretend you say you don't want me to die. OLIVE Pretend we fight each other. He stops.. but you're fibbing. And you say okay. OLIVE (compassionate whisper) But I have to. And you hit me again. NY . She stops. And I say stop hitting me or I'll die. CADEN OLIVE Let's go. CADEN OLIVE (CONT'D) Now I have to die.JULY 30. Okay. Okay.. She falls. 31 32 INT. Olive makes hissing and They pretend to hit each other.ay. CADEN I don't want you to die. OLIVE No! Pretend you're fibbing! Remember? He mock hits her again.CONTINUOUS Caden and Olive are at the back of the long line of people.SPRING 2006 . You have to stop hitting me now or I will die.. 31 CONTINUED: OLIVE No.

SCHENECTADY THEATER . 32 CONTINUED: OLIVE I have to. dear. Biff.JULY 30. And the box will have wings. CADEN Where will it take you? OLIVE (thinks) Home. and I can 't understand it. I made the last payment on the house today. OLIVE (CONT'D) And I'll be put in a box. It seems to me that you're just on another trip.SPRING 2006 . We're free and clear… We're free… We're free… We're free… 33 (CONTINUED) . CLAIRE (AS LINDA) I'll be with you in a minute. Today. NY . CLAIRE (AS LINDA) (CONT’D) (talking to the grave) I never had a chance to say goodbye. Go on. 32 33 INT. like an airplane.SYN. Caden tears up at this and tries to conceal it. Charley. The other characters exit the stage. and other characters stand around a gravesite. why did you do it? I search and search and I search. And you'll have to wait a million years to see me again. I want to. (begins to cry) I don't understand it. I can't cry. DAVIS (AS BIFF) Let's go. And lots of -. I keep expecting you. Willy. I can't cry. just a minute. He glances over at Adele's stony face. 2007 29.NIGHT Performance in progress. Caden sits in the audience between Adele and Maria and his parents. Mom.tiny pieces of pizza. Willy. Linda.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . And all I'll need is a tiny glass of water. dear. Forgive me. dear. Maria is drunk and blurry. And there'll be nobody home. There is now a cemetery on stage.

GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 33 CONTINUED: The stage lights go dark.NIGHT Caden.SPRING 2006 . NY .SYN.JULY 30. URBAN-ISH SCHENECTADY STREET . Maria. 2007 29A. 34 (CONTINUED) . and his parents walk along. 33 34 EXT. Adele.

I thought it was wonnnderful! CADEN'S FATHER Why were the old people so young? CADEN It was a choice. CADEN Because your opinion is -ADELE It was good.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . (to Adele) But? I'll ADELE Nothing. NY . CADEN’S MOTHER I liked that the old people were so young. (pause) I can't get excited about your restaging someone else's old play. 34 CONTINUED: I just -CADEN ADELE I don't know what it matters what I think. It was interesting.SYN. ADELE Do you really believe that tripe? Wow. Dad. 34 CADEN'S MOTHER I loved the story. saying their lives are changed and -- ADELE Great. But it's not you.JULY 30. MARIA Oh. But nothing. CADEN’S FATHER I mean. It's ADELE (CONT’D) Ok. CADEN People come out crying. successful. Jesus. So interesting. There's nothing personal in it.. explain later. CADEN I put my soul into that thing. 2007 30. That doesn’t make sense. It's not real. Be a fucking tool of suburban blue-hair regional theater subscribers. fine. CADEN It's not tripe. they were younger than their kids. (CONTINUED) . It was very . But what are you leaving behind? You act as if you have forever to figure it out. It was well done. not anyone..

JULY 30. 34 (CONTINUED) .SYN. 2007 30A. 34 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN Why are you being like this? Adele has a coughing fit. NY .GOLDENROD REVISIONS .

ADELE (CONT'D) All right. 34 CONTINUED: (3) ADELE I'm not being like anything.SPRING 2006 . sits down at the table.MORNING Adele sits at the kitchen table with Olive. Who was that? (CONTINUED) .SYN. Ok. I know. CADEN My joints are stiff. Exactly. Adele continues to talk on the phone. Caden picks up the newspaper. Caden pours a cup of coffee. 35 INT. ADELE Oh. you're fine. CADEN AND ADELE'S KITCHEN . ADELE No. 2007 31. CADEN I think I might have arthritis. CADEN Are you seeing someone else? 34 ADELE Is that your entire frame of reference for relationship problems? CADEN No. She drinks coffee and talks on the phone. Olive doesn't look away from her show. tiptoes past his parents. Olive eats cereal and watches a cartoon. Ok.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .MORNING Caden. 2006. I don't know. CADEN AND ADELE'S LIVING ROOM .SPRING 2006 . Caden enters. Our shows. 36 INT. looks at the paper. NY . He 36 35 The Adele hangs up the phone. bye. finds the obituaries and starts to read. The world is a timeless rock. It's dated May 25th. JACKAL When you are dead there is no time. flips through. It's a stressful time. whole health thing. sleeping on the fold-out couch. in shorts and t-shirt. A cartoon jackal talks to a man who looks like Caden.JULY 30. Yeah.

I don't know. Caden sits on the bed. Silence.SYN. Ad? She looks up at him. We'll talk when I get back.JULY 30. ADELE (CONT'D) I think it would be good for us. CADEN (to Adele) Christ. 37 CADEN Can I ask you a question. ADELE Caden. ADELE 36 CADEN Right. Caden's father appears in the doorway. I think I want to go to Berlin with just Olive. and exits. The more you know someone. ADELE Caden. (pause) I'm sorry. nods. Y'know? I don't know what I'm doing. Right? I don't know. kiddos. 2007 32. The whole romantic love thing is just projection. Everyone is disappointing. 36 CONTINUED: Maria. I don't know what I'm doing.SPRING 2006 .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN AND ADELE'S BEDROOM . Caden looks up. It's just a little time apart. NY . I love you. 37 INT. Caden's father smiles. Is this about last night? CADEN'S FATHER Morning. hugs him. CADEN (CONT'D) Have I disappointed you somehow? She starts to cry.NIGHT Adele packs. . (pause) We'll talk when I get back. It's been three hours since you spoke.

2006 . ANNOUNCER Flurostatin TR allows you to live life when it's your turn to face the challenges of chemotherapy. A shot of Caden among them. Cade. I do want to make you uncomfortable. I wish I could.SYN. ADELE'S STUDIO . SCHENECTADY THEATER BOX OFFICE . I like you. leans on the counter chatting with Hazel.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . watching sunsets. A commercial: diffused images of people flying kites. Be weird. I just thought it would be a fun diversion. He writes down Fluorostatin TR. 39 HAZEL I like weird. Okay. Haze. Caden is on his knees. Caden slumps against a wall and stares into space.2006 . scrubbing the last bit of dirt. He feels the bumps on his arm. No more paint anywhere. Later: The room is sparkling.DAY 38 Cobwebs. HAZEL You can. 39 INT.JULY 30. Later: Caden watches a paint-spattered TV. CADEN Be fun.DAY Caden. HAZEL We should get a drink. You can! (CONTINUED) . I don't want to make you uncomfortable. He starts to clean Adele's studio. which have grown. 38 INT. CADEN (laughs) Oh. Ask your doctor if it's right for you. The room is long abandoned. He starts to cry and can't stop. Her crushed dog sleeps on the floor in a box. NY . He is sweaty and focused. having picnics. See? HAZEL (CONT'D) Anyway. neatly groomed. He doesn't say anything. 2007 33.

4. MADELINE What would be real? CADEN I'm afraid I'm going to die. (CONTINUED) .DAY Caden sits across from Madeline. DENTIST 3. CADEN Yes. I'm hurt. I want to do something important. 3. 4.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . We'll see in three months. NY . 3. THERAPIST'S OFFICE . 3. 3. MADELINE Anything else? There are 41 Caden notices Madeline's feet in too-small shoes. 4. 3. 3. And? MADELINE CADEN I think Adele's right when she says I'm not doing anything real. 2007 34. (to Caden) Some fives this time. Jeez. 3. Not good. CADEN Yes. 40 INT.2006 . They don't know what's wrong with me. 3. HAZEL 39 CADEN What do you mean? HAZEL It's just a word. 3. DENTIST'S OFFICE . I'm lonely. 5. Don't get all bent out of shape. While I'm still here. Crease. 2. 40 CADEN Sorry.SYN. 39 CONTINUED: CADEN I have an appointment. Keep with the flossing.DAY The masked dentist probes Caden's mouth. visible blisters and band-aids on her feet. 41 INT.JULY 30. I won't. 4. 3. 5.

In a box at the bottom is a photo of a smiling Caden. The Hygienist writes the 43 DENTIST 5. Amazing graphics. Cats eat rats . Me who am as a raw nerve . Wow indeed. 5. (looking at titles) Wow. wow.. She is touted as one of the foremost psychologists in the world. I never knew that. 42 INT. 6. CADEN Oh. It's called Getting Better. Plumbing . 2007 35... catching words and snippets here and there: Clairaudience . 6. CADEN'S OFFICE . yes. MADELINE Yes. 4.NIGHT 42 Caden finds a website online for Madeline Gravis..... advisor to world leaders. 6. 5. (goes to full bookcase) All of these.DAY The dentist probes Caden's mouth. NY . vaginal juices. He flips through it..2006 . 41 CONTINUED: MADELINE That would be the time to do it.2006 .. 5. "It'll change my life!" 43 INT. Wow. Better? CADEN MADELINE Yes.JULY 30. I have a book that might help you get better. it reads: Theater Director Caden Cotard says. DENTIST'S OFFICE . Wow. Her book Getting Better has sold millions of copies and is translated into fifteen languages. She hands Caden the very thick book. a sought-after public speaker..SYN.. The echo began . 5. numbers. He'll probably recommend gum surgery. . Crease. 41 CADEN Who wrote it? MADELINE I did. MADELINE (CONT'D) That's forty-five dollars. (to Caden) I'm going to recommend a periodontist.GOLDENROD REVISIONS ..

. that’s just the beginning / Your mouth will be cursed. CADEN I'm looking for. I do my little job And live my little life I eat my little meals Miss my little kid and wife. there’s no hope of winning / Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis is next / Also called trench mouth. 2007 36. CADEN AND ADELE'S LIVING ROOM .2006 . His legs are elevated and his pant legs are rolled up.DAY Caden is on the phone. No. revealing swollen. 44 INT. I don't speak German. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SINGER (CONT’D) (throughout) I’m just a little person One person in a sea Of many little people Who are not aware of me. He seems unwell. then spit in the sink / Does it come out red? / Do they say your breath stinks? It’ll only get worse. discolored calves. Go ahead try this: / Brush your teeth. VOICE We must live in the present moment. / you’ll never get sex. I'm -- 44 45 INT. And somewhere Maybe someday Maybe somewhere Far away (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Later: Caden nurses a beer. I'm sorry. The now. NY . Caden tries to be in the present moment as a women sings about gingivitis on a small stage in the back. The now.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . The now. QUINCY'S . reading the self-help book..JULY 30.SYN.NIGHT 45 Caden sits by himself in a booth.2007 . SINGER How do you know if you’ve got gingivitis? / Here’s an experiment.

Hey! She has a smudge of soot CADEN Thanks for meeting me. He points to his nose. She wipes at the soot on hers. NY . right? CADEN I didn't want to be alone. HAZEL You want to tell me about it? CADEN I can't really. 45 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Hazel plops down across from him. You did ask.SYN. 2007 36A. 45 CONTINUED: SINGER (CONT’D) I’ll meet another little person Who will look at me and say I know you You’re the one I’ve waited for Let’s have some fun Life is precious Every minute And more precious With you in it. CADEN I'm going through some things.JULY 30. So let’s have some fun. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Thought you'd never ask.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . But I'm meditating and running and taking vitamins. HAZEL Who does? (pause) You don't look like you feel well. HAZEL God. I’m glad I found you Like hanging ‘round you You’re the one I like the best. on her nose. I'm delighted. Let’s take a road trip Way out west You’re the one I like the best.

45 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN (CONT'D) Cutting out sugar.JULY 30. NY .. It's ..GOLDENROD REVISIONS .SYN. 2007 36B. I can't really say any more. 45 (CONTINUED) .

NY . HAZEL It's cashmere. I suppose not. Cotard? Um . I've 45 CADEN You tell me something. So very soft.. CADEN HAZEL I'm won't let you off the hook by saying "never mind" this time. Hazel? HAZEL I don't know. CADEN What do we do with all this. I bought this really nifty sweater today. Caden touches it. You want to come over to my place. HAZEL Tell me something else. (CONTINUED) . Hazel holds her arm out. We fuck? We continue to sort of flirt? You divorce your wife and marry me and I make you happy for the very first time in your life and all your symptoms disappear? (beat) We call it a day? (beat) Don't choose the last one.. CADEN Do I have to choose at all? HAZEL No. On sale. You must feel it.SYN. cut out wheat. HAZEL Um. I just said that one for effect. CADEN Adele is only on vacation. 45 CONTINUED: (3) Ok.JULY 30.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Fifty dollars reduced from three hundred! CADEN It's beautiful. Oh. 2007 37. Choosing is not your strong suit.

45 CONTINUED: (4) HAZEL She hasn't called you since she left.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . NY . You've left countless messages. 45 (CONTINUED) . 2007 37A.SYN. It's been a year.JULY 30.

She hands Caden one. then:) I'm going to buy you a calendar. We see him in her rearview mirror.SYN.NIGHT Hazel fixes drinks. mixes them with her right index finger.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN I really can't drink very much because of my condition. have one sip. consider it done. She scoops up the torn napkin pieces and puts them in her purse. BURNING HOUSE . Well. Caden watches her ass as she turns to leave. 47 (CONTINUED) . NY . anyway. just for one drink. 45 CONTINUED: (5) CADEN It's been a week. HAZEL Scraps for my scrapbook. CADEN Okay. 47 INT. peering into her car.2007 . perhaps? CADEN Sure. HAZEL Caden's mysterious condition. Hazel smiles and stands.2007 . 45 46 INT. why not? HAZEL If that's what it takes. Caden rips a cocktail napkin into little pieces. HAZEL'S CAR . Hazel hikes her skirt and causally begins to play with herself with her right hand.NIGHT 46 Hazel drives.KITCHEN .JULY 30. 2007 38. CADEN Did you put something in it? HAZEL Would you like me to have? A little love potion. Poof! Love potion number 69. Caden follows in his car. HAZEL (stares at him.

SYN. let CADEN What? HAZEL I'd like you to beg me on your knees for a kiss. And I adore you. It's good. HAZEL You have me. Dumbly. me -HAZEL Beg a girl. Hazel. Um.JULY 30. Caden drinks some more of his. HAZEL On your knees. 47 CONTINUED: Caden laughs and takes a sip. HAZEL Tell me why? CADEN Um. NY . HAZEL Does it make you want to kiss me? Yeah. . CADEN Why am I doing this? HAZEL (smiling warmly) For fun. why dontcha. 2007 39. CADEN Please. baby. I feel a lot of longing. okay. CADEN 47 She takes a sip of her drink. Caden gets down on his knees. CADEN I have a wife. Just for fun. CADEN You'll help me forget my troubles? HAZEL Oh. CADEN Kind of. you don't even know.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . kiddo. Hmm.

JULY 30. Really. I'm really sick. I'm sorry. INTERCUT WITH: A50 INT. I'm sorry. CADEN (crying) I'm so glad I finally got you. 2007 40. Jesus.BEDROOM . BURNING HOUSE . I think you're a very nice person.2008 . ADELE'S BERLIN APARTMENT . CADEN I'm just so confused. Caden. CADEN (still crying) I had a good time.SYN. NY .2007 .SAME Hello? ADELE (PHONE VOICE) Hello? Who is this? A50 49 CADEN It's Caden! (CONTINUED) . CADEN It's terrible. I just thought this might change things. Ugh. CADEN AND ADELE'S LIVING ROOM . HAZEL Oh. I think I'm dying. 48 INT. They finish and lie there.NIGHT Caden is on the phone. I hoped. I have a kid.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . You should go. HAZEL That is just the wrong thing to say right now. fuck me. Caden starts to weep. I'm married.2008 . What? HAZEL What is it? What? HAZEL 48 CADEN I don't know. I HAZEL Yeah. I'm sorry. know. Oh.NIGHT Caden and Hazel have violent sex. Hazel watches Caden's contorted face. 49 INT.

Have fu -- The connection is lost. I'm sorry. 911. He manages to grab the phone. his hand flopping all over the dial. Ad. 50 OMITTED 50 . CADEN Great.. ma'am? CADEN I'm sick. 2007 41. Ok.SYN. ADELE (PHONE VOICE) What? Who is this? Oh.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . but we'll send a taxi. A50 CONTINUED: Ellen? ADELE (PHONE VOICE) A50 CADEN Caden! I can't wait to see you and Olive on the 12th. looks at the 2007 tax form in front of him. NY .JULY 30. OPERATOR (PHONE VOICE) We're out of ambulances. I'm famous! Oh. I went some place you couldn't come with me. miss. goes into convulsions. I have to go. um. OPERATOR (PHONE VOICE) What's the problem. There's a party. I went someplace without you tonight. Caden sits there. Please wait in front of your house. miss..

DOCTOR Mr.SYN. SMALL EXAMINING ROOM .GOLDENROD REVISIONS .JULY 30. Puddles of vomit on the floor. NY . her work. her flat. A51 51 OMITTED INT. who seems somewhat Nazi Youth-like now. HOSPITAL . Photos of her with two men. NURSE Mr. 2007 42. his beat-up suitcase at his feet. Cotard? He looks up. and also with Olive.CONTINUOUS The doctor never looks up from the files. There are photos of her in Berlin.2008 . He grabs his suitcase and follows the nurse down a dismal hallway: gurneys against dirty walls. She seems glamorous. He studies a file and doesn't look up. having forgotten where he was.NIGHT A51 51 Caden waits on a plastic chair in a dimly lit hallway. Nurses drinking coffee out of paper cups eye him. They arrive at the end of the hall. Skinny man takes a flash picture of Caden. 52 (CONTINUED) . He reads a very old Vogue and opens to a spread about his wife. empty wheelchairs. Cotard? 52 INT. A doctor pokes his head out of a room.2008 . She is the toast of the art world.

Fungal in origin.SYN. addressed to Olive in Germany.DAY Caden is having periodontal surgery. SCHENECTADY POST OFFICE ." The definition is "n. with swollen lower face and bleeding mouth. Maybe you can learn some sort of manual override. 55 56 OMITTED INT.WINTER 2008 . NY .WINTER 2008 . CADEN HAZEL Caden. a fold. approaches the box office with a gift-wrapped box. Squishy. 57 55 56 54 53 INT.WINTER 2008 .NIGHT Caden sits on the couch. 52 CADEN It's serious? DOCTOR We don't know but yes. holding a big wrapped box. Hazel looks up. HAZEL Be quiet. DOCTOR (CONT'D) We'll get you enrolled a biofeedback program. wheezing and reading a dictionary entry for the word "crease. They both sit there in silence for a long while. PERIODONTIST'S OFFICE . (CONTINUED) . Hi.NIGHT Caden. SCHENECTADY THEATER LOBBY . CADEN What does that mean? DOCTOR Seems to be some synaptic degradation.WINTER 2008 . CADEN AND ADELE'S LIVING ROOM . 2007 43. The damaged dog barks.JULY 30. Autonomic functions going haywire. I won't be yet another woman you feel guilty about. 53 INT. 52 CONTINUED: DOCTOR You've had a seizure of sorts. 57 It's bloody.DAY Caden waits in line.GOLDENROD REVISIONS ." He squirts artificial saliva in his mouth. 54 INT.

59 59 INT. it under her pillow by mistake. fuzzy as if there is some interference in the process. Now. NY . ADELE'S BERLIN APARTMENT .NIGHT Caden opens the front door.JULY 30.SYN. I got like five for Christmas. He studies it.2009 .2009 .SAME Adele feeds a piece of paper into a fax machine.SPRING 2009 . Goddamn Christmas. open to March. CADEN AND ADELE'S LIVING ROOM . VOICE Now! Caden reads Getting Be here now! INTERCUT WITH: A59 INT. 2007 44.2009 . A59 She left Hewz wec. puts it back. 61 A man hands him an envelope.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Better: Now.NIGHT Caden lifts the bed pillow and finds a kid's diary. 60 INT. She hands him a 2009 calendar. A fax starts to come in. CADEN'S OFFICE . OLIVE'S ROOM . There's a knock at the front door. Caden watches as the words appear. 57 HAZEL Here. Take this. Glglf n mesr-siy. 58 It features photos of Adele. 57 CONTINUED: Okay. THERAPIST'S OFFICE .NIGHT Adele calender on wall. 58 INT. Olive wanted me to ask you not to read her diary.2009 . 61 60 INT. (CONTINUED) .DAY Madeline's feet are swollen and bloody. CADEN Thank you anyway.

JULY 30. By Horace Azpiazu. how old are kids when they start to write? Varies. yeah. Caden! MADELINE 61 MADELINE Do you know what you're going to do with it? CADEN A theater piece. Really? CADEN MADELINE Little Winky. finally put my real self into something." And I want to earn it. CADEN A lot of money. MADELINE That's wonderful. MADELINE CADEN Could a four year old keep a diary? MADELINE Listen. MADELINE Oh. Yeah. I mean. Oh. do you think? CADEN I don't know yet. MADELINE Hardly. God bless! I guess you'll have to discover your real self.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I wanted to ask you. The MacArthur is called "the genius grant. CADEN Aww. 2007 45. 61 CONTINUED: CADEN So I just got this MacArthur Grant last night. Right? CADEN Yeah. Oh. Y'know. Little Winky is a virulent anti-Semite. Cute.SYN. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Caden! What is your real self. there's an absolutely brilliant novel written by a four year old. Something big and true and tough. NY .

. Jefferson.. Written by a four year old? 61 (CONTINUED) . Johnson. 61 CONTINUED: (2) MADELINE (CONT'D) The story follows his initiation into the Klan. 2007 45A. CADEN Wow..JULY 30.SYN. NY .GOLDENROD REVISIONS .. with whom he embarks on a brutal homosexual affair. his immersion in the pornographic snuff industry and his ultimate degradation at the hands of a black ex-convict named Eric Washington Jackson Jones.

61 CONTINUED: (3) MADELINE Azpiazu killed himself at five.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 62 CADEN I don't know. thirty. why did you? What? CADEN MADELINE I said. 62 INT. 2007 46.JULY determine what he would've written had he lived to ten.SYN. I am for yers old. Thank you for being my new best frend. CADEN Is that possible? MADELINE Which part? Any of it. etcetera.2009 . NY .my favorite color is pink.2009 . CADEN That's horrible. VOICE -. I like choclit and -- 63 INT. why would you? Oh. 63 (CONTINUED) . SCHENECTADY TOY STORE . My name is Olive Cotard. He reads: VOICE Deer Diry. MADELINE He would've written so much more had he lived.DAY Caden looks at the toys.NIGHT Caden paces nervously. OLIVE'S ROOM . He sits on Olive's bed and jimmies open her diary with a screwdriver. twenty. himself? CADEN Why did he kill 61 MADELINE I don't know.some software -. They developed a method -.

63 CONTINUED: CLERK Can I help you? CADEN I'm looking for a Christmas present for my daughter. soaking in our very menstrual blood and nocturnal emissions.. but it'll come. to soak in the communal bath of it. in all its messiness. Something pink. It'll reveal itself. Caden looks at his HAZEL (CONTINUED) . The truth not yet spoken. She seems somewhat distant. We’re all in the same water. This is what I want to try to give people. The food arrives. Huh. CADEN Here’s what I think theater is: it’s the beginning of thought. Pause. CLERK How about this? 63 The clerk holds up a pink box with a picture of a nose on it.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . as the Jews call it. after all. 64 65 CADEN The idea is to do a massive theater piece. The moment before death. NY . And I want your help. I don't know what it is yet or how to do it.2009 . the mikvah. Yes. players and audience alike.SYN.JULY 30.DAY Caden sits with Hazel. QUINCY'S . plate and concentrates. 2007 47.. 64 65 OMITTED INT. It’s what a man feels after he’s been clocked in the jaw. honest. Uncompromising. It’s love. And I want all of us. Hazel just stares. CADEN That's good. It’s a blackbird in winter. Hazel.

Caden. Caden clears his throat. 2007 48. HAZEL It's really disturbing. Hazel. He concentrates some more.DAY Caden. He swallows some food then concentrates. CADEN We'll start by talking honestly. Tom.2009 . I'll begin. HAZEL I'm not sure I can work with you. HAZEL In your box office? No. Huh. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 66 . 65 CONTINUED: HAZEL What are you doing? CADEN Salivating. CADEN I just want to normalize it. sits with a large group of actors. 66 INT.JULY 30. Claire. CRAMPED REHEARSAL HALL . She watches him. (pause) Biofeedback training. Finally. CADEN (CONT'D) I'm digesting. CADEN (CONT'D) I miss you. She stares at him. Out of that a piece of theater will evolve. CADEN Like as my assistant. NY . TINY. I'm kind of angry. and Davis from Salesman among them.SYN. HAZEL 65 CADEN So I was wondering if you'll help. No one speaks. I think we'd have fun together. (pause) I have to concentrate.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . beads of sweat on his forehead.

CADEN So will everyone here.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . VOICE Dear diary. Your dime. I will be dying. Nobody says anything for a long moment. 66 CONTINUED: CADEN (CONT'D) (long pause) I've been thinking a lot about dying lately. Caden grimaces in pain for a moment. NY . reading Olive's diary. 67 INT. Germany is wonderful! So many friends here. for the moment. Claire. Leave a message or don't.SYN. you are. CLAIRE You're going to be fine. He 67 HAZEL'S ANSWERING MACHINE It's Hazel. CLAIRE It's brilliant. (silence) Yet here we are. It's everything. CADEN I appreciate that. It's Karamazov. It's brilliant. My new dads are great and handsome. each of us secretly believing we won't.NIGHT Caden is in bed. alive. And I Caden! CLAIRE There is a long silence as everyone looks uncomfortable. want to explore that unflinchingly. dials the phone. CADEN (CONT'D) We are all hurtling toward death. CADEN AND ADELE'S BEDROOM . You poor thing. sweetie. His mouth bleeds. but -- 66 CLAIRE Well. (CONTINUED) .WINTER 2010 .JULY 30. CADEN regardless of how this particular thing works itself out. And brilliant directors of theater. So will you. Each of us knowing we will die. 2007 49.

well. Do you maybe want to get a drink or something? It's late so -Yeah! 68 CLAIRE Yeah yeah yeah! 68 INT. 67 CONTINUED: CADEN Hi. DEREK Obnoxiousity is not a word. it's Caden. embarrassed. He slinks back into the booth. (CONTINUED) . (giggly) Stop! HAZEL DEREK I'm just asking. but not Claire. then dials again. NY . Hazel! He giggles crazily. on my phone! CADEN Yeah. QUINCY'S . watching people walk in. After a bit. coughs. They sit at a table not far from Caden. Hazel enters with Derek from the burning house. you find it awfully charming. Claire. She's laughing and doesn't see Caden. Hello? CLAIRE (PHONE VOICE) CLAIRE (PHONE VOICE) Hi! I was just thinking about you! 67 CADEN Hi.2010 . grimaces once more. CADEN Yeah? Um. My obnoxiousity. then hangs up. who can hear their conversation. Hi. HAZEL Yeah. Hi! CLAIRE (PHONE VOICE) Here you are.JULY 30.SYN. I was calling to say hi. chat about today maybe. HAZEL You are so obnoxious! DEREK You're so obnoxious. I haven't heard from you so I thought I'd say hi.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .NIGHT Caden waits in a booth. nursing a martini. 2007 50.

NY .JULY 30. You know Mr. I was supposed to meet Caden here. She spots Hazel first." Yes. CLAIRE HAZEL CLAIRE Of course. 68 CONTINUED: HAZEL You don't want to cross me. Claire. DEREK 68 HAZEL Because you like me so much. You're delicious in your acquiescence. HAZEL (CONT'D) Hi. DEREK HAZEL Yes..! Hazel. HAZEL And my use of the word "obnoxiousity. looks for Caden. Cotard. HAZEL Yes. CLAIRE How are you? Wonderful! HAZEL You? CLAIRE Fine. I knew that! Duh! The box office.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Don't I? No. thanks. Hazel.SYN. DEREK I like your obnoxiousity.. right? (CONTINUED) . Hi. I'm the box office. True. Claire enters. 2007 51.

JULY 30. Derek. HAZEL This is Derek. Hi. CADEN Hi. Hazel looks around now. Both spot Caden at the same time.SYN. okay. CADEN How's everything. Caden. hey. Derek. Derek and I -CADEN No. Hi. I recall Mr. NY . ul? HAZEL Great. Hi. Haze. So -HAZEL HAZEL (CONT’D) CADEN We'll leave you be. (CONTINUED) . CADEN It's good to see you. HAZEL (CONT'D) DEREK CLAIRE Hi. HAZEL CADEN CLAIRE 68 Hi. He smiles and waves and approaches.. HAZEL Caden and Claire go to Caden's booth. of course. Hi. 2007 52. Hazel. Oh. En. Thanks. Claire.. Cotard. Take care. Cade. CLAIRE (awkwardly) Reunion night! How lovely! Yes. Good.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . too. 68 CONTINUED: (2) HAZEL Yes. It was nice seeing you. HAZEL (CONT'D) Yeah. Caden. CADEN (CONT'D) Hi. Derek.

CADEN Yeah. for Christ's sake! CADEN I don't know what I'm doing.SYN. NY . I guess. CLAIRE But that's what's so refreshing... brave. CLAIRE .. He hears occasional snippets. so excited about it.JULY 30... 2007 53. how much prepackaged .. CLAIRE So tell me what you want from me? Hmm? CADEN CLAIRE From my character.. I mean. Y'know? CADEN I don't know. Really? CADEN Why? I'm 68 CLAIRE I just think it's. throughout his conversation with Claire. (CONTINUED) . I keep thinking Artaud. Grotowski.... 68 CONTINUED: (3) CLAIRE That was awkward.. CLAIRE I'm proud of you. chatting animatedly..GOLDENROD REVISIONS . HAZEL Ptolemy was the first to divide the day into 24. Caden steals glances at Hazel. CLAIRE Let's talk about our project. cryptology. theater can we take as a country? Y'know? Knowing that you don't know is the first and most essential step to knowing. I feel like I'm going to be part of a revolution. I keep thinking Krapp's Last Tape. HAZEL .

. (pause) When I get tired I have to remember to breathe.SYN.. Probably not that interesting. we'll build it over time together. HAZEL . Did she want to be an actress but lacked confidence? You seem distracted. Sure. CADEN (CONT'D) CADEN (CONT'D) I'm sorry.JULY 30. As a model. yeah. We'll talk about it. CLAIRE Um. 68 HAZEL . It's a loop of hair. Although -CLAIRE Y'know. NY ..GOLDENROD REVISIONS . to model it after. we can talk more tomorrow maybe. It's a new thing.. CLAIRE Well. CLAIRE Poor darling.. No. and the jet. 68 CONTINUED: (4) CADEN Oh. maybe. 2007 54. CADEN I don't know. My autonomic functions are failing.. CADEN Um.. Well. CADEN Yeah. CADEN (CONT'D) I have these health issues. Could be. maybe. Something to think about. it exploded.hairstyle called a beaver tail. It's late. why is she still working in a box office at her age? CLAIRE There's got to be a story there. CLAIRE That Hazel girl is kind of interesting.. and she was sent plummeting. CLAIRE That sounds fun. Find a real person. It's fine. (CONTINUED) .

CADEN Oh. you doing out? What are CLAIRE Ugh. I see. heads close together..It's just that. In half? CADEN CLAIRE Yes. Did I say "meeting"? Ugh. NY . if I could ask? I mean. It actually split in half. HAZEL Whitrow says. this is me. CLAIRE My mother died last night. Hit her head. It's bitterly cold. Caden glances at their star-spangled bikini-bottomed crotches.NIGHT 69 Caden and Claire walk. Slipped in her bathroom. I'm so sorry." 69 EXT. Shh. deep in conversation. I'm sorry. God.WINTER 2010 . What happened to your mother.JULY 30. Shh.. Well. 68 Shh. No. She fell. It's like living in a Heironymous Bosch painting. "If a mind is regarded to be a memory-based process of integration. (CONTINUED) . 68 CONTINUED: (5) I'm just . it's okay. DOWNTOWN SCHENECTADY STREET . it was nice meeting you.. They stop at a small hatchback with a cow painted on it. CADEN My God. I couldn't deal with my sisters. um. Well. Claire leads Caden past Hazel and Derek. Shh. that's an awful thing to ask..GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I don't mean to -. I'm such an idiot. CADEN CLAIRE (grabbing his hand) Shh. The female mannequins are dressed as Lincoln and Washington. Horrible.SYN. 2007 55. They pass a store window advertising a Presidents Day sale. I'm -CLAIRE Oh.

NY . The minister's voice goes under. 2007 56..GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Caden awkwardly CADEN (CONT'D) Do you want me to drive you home? She shakes her head "no" over and over. I hate myself. In half? It's okay. CLAIRE It's life.. 69 CONTINUED: CADEN Slip of the tongue is all. It's -. paralyzed grimace. her reflection in the car window.SYN. married. Y'know. It's -- Claire's face contorts into a horrifying.2010 .DAY Caden sits with Claire and a large congregation. Everyone does there anything I can do? 70 EXT. MINISTER .JULY 30. I'm sorry about your mother. She rests 70 (CONTINUED) . I watch myself so I can remember how it looks for future roles. 69 CADEN I don't know how it's Freudian. with gaping mouth. It's horrible. Well. CLAIRE Freudian slip. and soon their first child. She remains stiff. her hand on Caden's. CLAIRE Like "meet"? To meet? CADEN Oh. embraces her. Claire was born. CADEN It's okay. They fell in love. Then she looks in at CLAIRE Sometimes when I cry. CEMETERY .there she met Ralph Keene. CADEN What is it? What? She weeps silently.

JULY 30.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 70 (CONTINUED) .SYN. NY . 2007 56A. 70 CONTINUED: CLAIRE (crying whisper to Caden) I used to be a baby.

CLAIRE (CONT'D) He said. I have to. I have in my satchel a ring. head lolling. You must never tell anyone what you promised me. "young lady.SYN. They fall back on the bed." CADEN (eyes blurring. who were jealous of my beauty. 70 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN I'm so sorry. the room glows with afternoon sunlight. Her voice becomes irresistibly melodious. you will die.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CLAIRE (spreading her legs) "You can have this ring if you promise me one thing.2010 . CLAIRE I was a baby girl with hair of spun gold. decided to steal me away. 70 71 72 OMITTED INT. Whomever possesses it will receive all the magic of the woodland sprites. Caden sits on the bed. brushing her teeth and talking. CLAIRE There was a knock at the door. He kisses her all over as she continues to tell the story. Caden can hold out no longer. Caden and Claire are having sex now." ." I whispered in his ear." "Anything. NY . 2007 57. breathing her in) I have to fuck you. "There is one more thing.) . One day the townsfolk. you're beautiful. If you do. CLAIRE'S BEDROOM (SCHENECTADY APT.DAY Curtains drawn. Claire enters naked from the bathroom.JULY 30. CADEN God. 71 72 CLAIRE (sits on bed next to him) It was a bearded old man. He kisses her. the prettiest baby anyone had ever seen. CLAIRE (CONT'D) He said to me.

2010 . CLAIRE (wiping) Really? Hazel? Oh. honey? CADEN I'm so in love with you. Horrible.DAY Caden and Claire get married. CADEN (CONT'D) I have problems. CLAIRE (CONT'D) Why are you crying. Claire. 2007 58. NY . CLAIRE It's okay. 73 Really? Our interesting. And I lived happily ever after. I have also -I have also -. I've gone somewhere without them. Caden cries and rests his head on her thigh. 74 CADEN There will be no other before you.JULY 30. CLAIRE So I used my new power to kill all the townsfolk. humiliating deaths. strokes his hair. I'm still attached to my wife. Caden is saying his vows.2010 .SYN. I'm guilty of so much. I was reunited with my family. Claire smiles.) . We'll be good. up Boy. Hazel? That's really I must've picked that unconsciously.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . PARK . 73 INT. CADEN I've left them behind. . Gosh.feelings for Hazel. We'll be fine. You're with me now.DAY Claire sits on the toilet and pees. doing only good with my new powers. Wow. 74 EXT. CLAIRE'S BATHROOM (SCHENECTADY APT.

CADEN Okay. CLAIRE'S KITCHEN (SCHENECTADY APT. DAVIS I'd like to buy a ticket.SYN. TINY. 77 INT.WINTER 2010 . 75 INT. I mean. There's a difference between favoring me and pretending we've never met. We're not really -I think we need to work on your characters individually.2011 . 2007 59. Claire sits at a makeshift "box-office. Caden feeds a baby.WINTER 2011 NIGHT Claire chops vegetables.DAY Actors piled in. Caden circles the action.DAY 75 Caden stands in line with a gift-wrapped box addressed to Olive. we had Ariel. 76 INT. I think people know we've fucked. Davis. Christmas CLAIRE Davis. decorations are up. Caden walks off with Davis. There are ponderous pauses. I'll start with you. CLAIRE Here's your ticket. hold it.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . NY . I'll start with you. DAVIS Forty dollars it is. 76 Okay. We need to investigate. to really discover the essence of each being. 77 Claire seethes.) ." Davis approaches. SCHENECTADY POST OFFICE . CLAIRE Okay. Okay. (CONTINUED) . That'll be forty dollars.JULY 30. The clerks at the counter wear Santa hats and beards. CRAMPED REHEARSAL HALL .

CLAIRE'S BEDROOM (SCHENECTADY APT. There's this single mother who lives downstairs. CLAIRE She's 36. I don't feel like there's enough there. CADEN She CLAIRE I'm 42. I have a small child and no husband. (CONTINUED) . She is limited. Other than Hazel. CLAIRE Sacred ground? CADEN No. She's old and ugly -CADEN I think you should pick another subject.). 77 CONTINUED: CADEN That's not the point. Tell me. I would've guessed you were sleeping with Davis. Sometimes I worry my child will not even recognize me when I come home -Claire cries like she did when her mother died.WINTER 2011 NIGHT Claire sits on the bed and seems almost in a trance. Claire thinks for a moment. Ariel cries. She is alone. Works in a theater box office. Okay. It's just. I just want to feel what we used to feel.JULY 30. Okay? 78 CLAIRE Maybe you are. 2007 60. I find her really deep and sad.SYN. She had acting aspirations but lacked the confidence to pursue them. Y'know? 78 INT.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I work long hours as a cashier at a mini-mart. CLAIRE I suppose not. CLAIRE Apparently not. Her life is passing by. NY . looks haggard and her cheeks are tear-stained. 77 CADEN We'll talk about your character after we get Ariel to bed.

NY .79 NIGHT Ariel sleeps in a crib in the corner of the living room. CLAIRE'S LIVING ROOM (SCHENECTADY APT.SYN. I'm arriving at something.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . sweetie.JULY 30.) .WINTER 2011 . Caden sits on a tiny chair. thumbing through a magazine. 2007 60A. (CONTINUED) . Please. 78 79 INT. 78 CONTINUED: CLAIRE (CONT'D) Check on her.

I've got to find her.. NY . PLANE . most people are sleeping. 2007 61. featuring a photo of a naked Olive. CADEN I'll be quick. " Caden stares in disbelief. I've made a breakthrough. Caden reads Getting Please. CLAIRE Everyone's tattooed. Better. Life moves to the south.NIGHT It's dark. smiling..GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I'll do it quick. CLAIRE Your daughter is right here. Claire pokes her head in. This woman is beautiful.SYN. There is only the now. I've got -CADEN I have to go find my daughter. 80 INT. CLAIRE Caden.JULY 30.2011 . CLAIRE Please don't do this to us. The article begins. CADEN My real daughter. CADEN She's tattooed! CLAIRE (revealing massive tattoo on back) Everyone's tattooed! CADEN I've never seen that before. CLAIRE You have responsibilities. "Ten year old Olive Wittgart of Berlin is the first child in human history with a full body tattoo. What? CLAIRE CADEN My first daughter. (CONTINUED) . Her eyes are red. Olive. her body covered from neck to ankle in tattoos of flowers. Caden sees an article entitled "Flower Girl". 79 CONTINUED: 79 Claire weeps off-screen. 80 VOICE Redundancy is fluid.

She is watching a movie. He enters. Blank. 82 INT. GERMAN WOMAN Yes. An art gallery. This book is over. NY . She is different. MADELINE But it's getting you. nervously grins. He reads: VOICE I offer my flower to you and you deny it. too! Yippee! CADEN I'm not sure I'm getting the book.DAY Caden wanders a dirty store-front street looking for an address. 81 The rest of the book is blank. 81 He EXT. 82 CADEN I'm looking for Adele Cotard. Mister? GERMAN WOMAN I may help you. sexier in make-up and a tight dress. 2007 62. CADEN I'm her husband.2011 . goes back to his book.DAY The walls are hung with hundreds of Adele's tiny paintings. which is named Gunther und Heinz. BERLIN STREET . You are not her husbands.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . So I'm traveling. MADELINE 80 He sees Madeline sitting across the aisle. Madeline spreads her legs a bit and smiles at Caden. MADELINE (CONT'D) When you cancelled. He looks over at Madeline. GERMAN WOMAN No. I was Yes yes.JULY 30. it freed me up. He finds it. 80 CONTINUED: Hi. CADEN I don't speak German. GALLERY . We must not give addresses or other personal informations. He turns the page.SYN. You're almost non-recognizable now.2011 . .




EXT. OUTDOOR CAFE - 2015 - DAY Caden sits nursing a coffee. CADEN You're here, too? MARIA I live with Adele and Olive and Gunther und Heinz and Uschi and Britt. I'm everyone's nanny. CADEN I want to see my daughter. CADEN They? And who the fuck are Uschi and Britt? MARIA They sent me.


Maria approaches and sits down.

MARIA They decided it's not time to see you yet.

CADEN Maria, I can't believe Adele got her tattooed like that. I mean -MARIA I did that. Olive's my project. CADEN She's a four year old! MARIA She's almost over eleven now. She's my muse. I love her. Caden stares at her for a moment, then lunges. He punches her repeatedly as she tries to get away. She throws a punch which connects with the side of his head and knocks him down. She hurries off. CADEN What'd you do to my family? you do to my daughter? What'd

MARIA (IN GERMAN) Screw you, Caden. Faggot! FAGGOT! She turns down an alley. Caden, a half-block behind, hurries to the alley. She's gone. He walks through, looking for her. It's dark. Trash cans and garbage. He spots an unopened box next to the trash. It's pink with a picture of a nose on it. Caden drops to his knees and weeps. No tears come out. His eyes are dry and red. He pulls a vial of artificial tears from his pockets and moistens his eyes. Suddenly his breathing becomes wildly erratic.




EXT. GERMAN HOSPITAL - 2015 - DAY Caden limps up to the hospital.





German words painted on the walls. Caden, in his underwear, lies on a metal table in a cold room, while an old man in white military jacket examines him, pressing on his body in various places. The man is silent except for slow, long inhalations and exhalations through his nose. When he is through he leaves the room without saying a word. Caden lies there, not sure what he’s supposed to do. After a while, he gets up and opens the door, looks both ways down the empty hall. He closes the door, sits in a plastic chair and waits. 85 INT. PLANE - 2015 - NIGHT 85

Caden sits. A tube runs from his nostril to a small whirring machine on his lap. A frail old man sits next to him. OLD MAN Death comes faster than you think. 86 EXT. NEW YORK CITY STREET - 2015 - DAY Caden, walking with a realtor, approaches a warehouse in a very old, decrepit, and abandoned-looking part of town. CADEN Yeah, I want to bring my production to New York. To get it seen. By people, you know, who matter. The sooner the better. REALTOR Well, this theater is centrally located. Heart of the theater district. So... great for plays. Yeah? 87 CADEN Yeah. REALTOR Very much so. 87 Caden inspects it while 86

INT. WAREHOUSE - 2015 - DAY It's massive, empty, old, and dirty. the agent watches from a distance.

REALTOR (echoey and far away) Lots of room for seats over here. 88 OMITTED 88





89 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's been scrubbed. There are small squared-off "apartment" areas, with actors in each, going about their days. A couple sleeps in a bed in one, in another there is a conversation between people over dinner, a man watches television alone in one, etc. There are at least fifteen configurations of people with a reel-to-reel tape recorders in each set-up. Caden walks from one to the other, eavesdropping, followed by an assistant, Michael. PATIENT (IN ONE "APARTMENT") (to doctor) And then he said he couldn't see me anymore. Just like that. I don't understand. I... I mean, he just told me two days before how much he loves me. Everything's spinning out of control. He stops at Claire's "apartment." She is ironing and watching a daytime soap, which is a closed-circuit TV. actors in the soap are across the warehouse in another apartment. JENNIFER (SOAP OPERA ACTRESS) Dr. Williams, that was your last patient for the day. DR. WILLIAMS (SOAP OPERA ACTRESS) Jennifer, let's stop this charade. JENNIFER I don't know what you're talking about, Doctor. DR. WILLIAMS The chemistry between us is palpable. You and I both know that. JENNIFER Dennis... I can't. DR. WILLIAMS Why not? It's the way God made us. JENNIFER I can't because Jerry came back last night. DR. WILLIAMS Jerry, but he's dead. I'm certain of that because...


CADEN Ok. right? Am I dying? Can you tell me that? 91 92 90 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . and he goes into convulsions. 91 92 OMITTED INT. Don't you think? TOM (AS CLERK) No. Tom and Davis rehearse their scene in another "apartment.NIGHT Caden sits in the fluorescent shelter. 90 EXT. BUS SHELTER (NEAR WAREHOUSE) . 89 CONTINUED: JENNIFER Because what? Because what. They're French. He had to find himself. 89 * * * * * * CLAIRE Daddy doesn't live with us anymore. It's right. This is how they're supposed to fit. She is about two and a half. EXAMINATION ROOM . Caden's leg starts to twitch. Daddy! ARIEL Daddy is mine! CADEN Daddy can't play now.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Dennis? DR. NY .SYN. DAVIS Oh. The movie is "Posthumously Written" by The Late Horace Azpiazu. DOCTOR I can't argue with further testing. 2007 65A. French.JULY 30.NIGHT An old doctor examines Caden's shaking leg.2016 . Ariel sits in a highchair and plays with a bowl of Cheerios. which features Caden in an embrace with a muscular skinhead. that's all. huh? Okay. baby. WILLIAMS Because I'm certain.2017 . you're a doctor. Claire shoots daggers at Caden and goes back to ironing. He looks at a poster for a movie called Little Winky and Caden. honey." DAVIS (AS CUSTOMER) I like it but it's a little tight in the toe. Nearby.

you can't tell me? (CONTINUED) .SYN. DOCTOR 92 CADEN No. 2007 65B. 92 CONTINUED: No. NY .GOLDENROD REVISIONS .JULY 30.

He spots Hazel looking in a store window. yeah. The boys? Yeah. He just watches her for a while. Oh.2017 . CADEN Congratulations. Mini-vacation! You know. CADEN HAZEL I thought you knew. HAZEL For a while now.SYN. HAZEL You. Ah. DOCTOR (CONT’D) You can't tell me if you can't tell me? No.. notices his shaking leg. I -You look CADEN 93 New haircut? Um. She sees him in the store window reflection. his leg shaking. DOCTOR (CONT’D) 92 93 EXT. HAZEL Caden! I was wondering if I was going to bump into you! She gives him a hug. Yeah. She turns. How old? CADEN (CONTINUED) . CADEN What are you doing in New York? HAZEL Oh. thanks. 2007 66.JULY 30. 92 CONTINUED: (2) DOCTOR I can't tell you. NYC STREET .GOLDENROD REVISIONS .DAY Caden walks along. I’m here with Derek and the boys. HAZEL Thanks. CADEN What are you doing here? great. NY ..

CADEN 93 HAZEL Nice to see you. I want to get some shopping in. Hazel. We have a daughter. CADEN Yes. Ah. I have a great job at Lens Shapers. Robert and Daniel and Allan. Then sushi! Okay. So I could shop. I was with Claire. We’re meeting back at the hotel at three. things? How are CADEN Y’know. Caden watches after her. I should run. HAZEL Oh. Caden. (pause) Nice names.JULY 30. How about with you? HAZEL Good. 2007 67. NY .SYN. 93 CONTINUED: HAZEL Five. Hazel smiles and waves and turns to head into the store.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Great. Derek took them to Natural History. CADEN You wear a lab coat? HAZEL It’s so good to see you. but we're separated now. Where are they? Ah. CADEN Good seeing you. The kids are wonderful. Twins. .

to the edge of the roof.) What. Ariel. with his drinking and unfortunate body odor and rotting teeth. NY . I could only loathe him and perhaps pity him. I want to take care of you and Olive.SYN.JULY 30.DAY 94 * A95 * * * * * * * Caden watches Hazel and her family. laughing and enjoying each other on the terrace. Yes? It's me. CLAIRE I just want you to love us. without hesitation. approaches an apartment door.2017 .NIGHT Caden pulls Olive's journal from under his pillow and reads from somewhere in the middle.FALL 2018 . Ariel hugs Caden's good leg.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . But Maria! Caden blots his sopping brow and gums.) Daddy.) .S.S. CADEN AND ADELE'S HOUSE . now walking with a cane.S. He knocks. 94 A95 OMITTED EXT. The gaunt man sits with them. 96 INT. Caden hugs her. When they head to the pool. sniffs under his arms. There's a sad pilgrim cut-out taped to it. HOTEL TERRACE . OLIVE'S VOICE (with German accent) How I love Maria! She is so much more of a father than Caden ever was. Caden? ARIEL (O. Daddy! CADEN (CONT'D) I want to come back.) CADEN CLAIRE (O.NIGHT 96 95 Caden. A passing lifeguard sees Caden. 2007 68. Claire is crying.2017 . HALLWAY (CLAIRE'S NYC APT. 95 INT. CLAIRE (O. Caden just continues. and begins to climb over. grabs him and wrestles him to the ground. (CONTINUED) . There's silence then the door opens.

2007 68A. Daddy? 96 97 INT. The gaunt man stands on the fire escape peering in.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .2018 . NY .NIGHT Caden and Claire in bed having sex. CLAIRE'S BEDROOM (NYC APARTMENT) . Ariel watches from the doorway.SYN. 97 (CONTINUED) .JULY 30. 96 CONTINUED: ARIEL Why does you have a canes.

It's 3:30. Let me make you feel better.SYN. . He didn't even know. Claire kisses Caden's neck. CADEN They said he suffered horribly.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN What's wrong? Okay. CLAIRE CADEN His body was riddled with cancer. Claire. Too many to recount. They said he said a lot of things. 97 Caden answers the phone. They said it was the longest and saddest deathbed speech any of them had ever heard. CLAIRE For crying out fuck. Oh.DAY 98 Caden. baby. Okay. CLAIRE It's okay. Hello? Caden hangs up. That he called out for me right before he died. Claire cranes her neck and looks at the clock. It's going to be okay. NY . They said he said he regretted his life. Claire begins kissing her way down Caden's chest.JULY 30. They had to fill the coffin with cotton balls to keep him from rattling around. 2007 69. CADEN (CONT'D) My father died. and Ariel stand with Caden's mother as a childsized coffin is lowered into the ground. The gaunt man and Ariel both step out of view. MOTHER There was so little left of him. 98 EXT. CEMETERY . 97 CONTINUED: The phone rings.2018 . He went in because his finger hurt. baby.

CADEN Excuse me. on the couch holding hands. chat with a fat lady.2018 . HAZEL Pause.SYN. I thought I should say something. HAZEL Oh. Caden? HAZEL (PHONE VOICE) A101 CADEN I had to talk to you. I got that. Hey. BURNING HOUSE . People chat and eat. died. 2007 70. I see. CADEN HAZEL What are you sorry about? CADEN I don't know. HAZEL Are you at your mom's? CADEN With Claire and Ariel. 99 INT.DAY Crowded with mourners. Thanks. CADEN INTERCUT WITH: 100 A101 INT.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN I know. NY . You got quiet. CADEN'S MOTHER'S HOUSE .SAME Hazel is on her phone. CADEN I'm back with Claire. Oh no. (CONTINUED) . Caden. I have to use the bathroom.JULY 30.2018 . Yeah. I'm sorry.A FEW MOMENTS LATER Caden dials his cell phone. My father I'm so sorry. 99 100 EXT. HAZEL Yes. CADEN'S MOTHER'S BACK DECK . Claire and Caden.2018 . Oh.

HAZEL I have to. A101 CONTINUED: HAZEL You thought you should say something. please. You have twins with Derek. what -- Yes. CADEN Of course. CADEN Hazel.SYN. HAZEL Yeah. CADEN HAZEL I'm asking you a question. Did you have sex with her now that you're back together? I mean. I can't bear it if you go. I'm going out. Hazel hangs up. It's confusing! HAZEL You're not supposed to do anything. You having sex with her? Hazel. That's awful news.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .JULY 30. I guess that's what happens when you have a kid with somebody else. I'm sorry about your dad. The obligation. CADEN What am I supposed to do. That's lovely. 101 102 . I A101 CADEN I really miss you. Take care. Everything's fine. HAZEL I have to go. Three twins. 2007 71. 101 102 OMITTED OMITTED Caden sits there. CADEN I need to use a cane now. That's what makes our relationship so special.. (pause) Okay.. Hazel? have a kid with her. I have to get ready. NY .






A rehearsal in progress. The shells of apartment buildings have been built. The actors, who previously had been spread out on the floor of the warehouse, are now perched on scaffolding in various apartment spaces. Caden, followed by Michael, surveys the scene by climbing up and down ladders. It's difficult to manage with his cane. 104 INT. CLAIRE KITCHEN (NYC APARTMENT) - 2021 - LATE NIGHT Caden reads Olive's diary. OLIVE'S GERMAN VOICE Today I felt a wetness between my legs. Maria explained to me now I am a woman. And being a woman is wonderful with Maria to guide me. 105 EXT. BERLIN STREET - 2022 - DAY Overcast. Caden wanders. Walls are plastered with posters of "Flower Girl." It's Olive, early 20's, very sexy and naked. There is an address and a date. Seems to be some sort of concert. 106 INT. LOBBY - 2022 - NIGHT Caden waits on a long line behind a bunch of men. 107 INT DARK SMALL ROOM - NIGHT Caden sits by himself in a cramped space. A light switches on behind scarred Plexiglas. Olive dances naked. Caden tries to get her attention by banging on the glass but she can't see him. A bouncer enters and beats Caden up. 108 INT. CLAIRE'S BEDROOM (NYC APARTMENT) - 2022 - MORNING Caden, bruised, lies in bed while Claire hurries past, getting dressed. CLAIRE Get out of bed. CADEN I'm depressed. 108 107 106 105 104

CLAIRE The cry of the North American Caden. CADEN I'd just like a little sympathy.





CONTINUED: CLAIRE I'll save my sympathy for the eighty million people with avian flu, the Tsunami victims in Puerto Rico, the countless millennia dead from... how fucked it all is. CADEN Millennia dead? What? And since when do you care about anything? CLAIRE I care every day about things! care about us! ... Y'know?! ARIEL Why do Daddy be sad now? I





The neighborhood seems abandoned and overgrown. Caden is parked down the block and watches Hazel's house. Soon Hazel and Derek walk by. Derek says something and Hazel laughs delightedly. Caden is in agony. He rolls down his window. Hazel! CADEN

Hazel and Derek turn. HAZEL Caden, what are you doing here? CADEN Sorry. Can I talk to you? Please?

Hazel kisses Derek, whispers something in his ear. They share a giggle. Derek waves at Caden and heads into the burning house. Hazel approaches Caden's car. CADEN (CONT'D) Tell me what to do. HAZEL Caden, everyone has to figure out their own life. Y'know? CADEN I want you to look at me like you used to.

HAZEL Oh, honey, I can't anymore. CADEN (crying) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I screwed everything up. I don't have any courage. I'm sorry.





CONTINUED: It's okay. HAZEL I'm okay.


CADEN I don't want you to be okay. I mean, I do but it rips my guts out. HAZEL I'll always be your friend. I'll help you through any way I can. CADEN I'll help you through, too. HAZEL Caden, I'm fine. I have Derek. 110 INT. WAREHOUSE - 2023 - DAY 110

Caden stands with his cane before the group of seated actors. The actors wait patiently as Caden finishes a coughing fit. CADEN I won't settle for anything less than the brutal truth. Brutal! Each day I'll hand you a scrap of paper. It'll tell you what happened to you that day. "You felt a lump in your breast. You looked at your wife and saw a stranger." Etcetera. TOM Caden, when are we going to get an audience in here? It's been seventeen years. CADEN And I'm not excusing myself from this either. I will have someone play me, to delve into the murky, cowardly depths of my lonely, fucked-up being. He'll get notes, too. And they will correspond to the "notes" I truly get each day from my God. She smiles 111

The actors glance uncomfortably at Claire. apologetically. 111 OMITTED

It's not cheap. 112 113 OMITTED INT. Little kids in costumes walk by. Y'know? Try to be a good person.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I'm sorry. Caden? (CONTINUED) . I don't believe in that shit.2024 .SAME Caden sits at his desk. Oh God.2024 . talking on his cell phone. Do you have anything for me. It's Derek's thing. That's all there is. I had pink eye hands! Pink hands! INTERCUT WITH: A114 INT.JULY 30. I caused an outbreak of conjunctivitis. 2007 75. HAZEL'S CAR . And this fucking private Christian school is killing us. CADEN A114 HAZEL I didn't wash my hands! I'm a stupid cow! I don't have anything to show for being on this planet.SYN.DAY 112 113 Hazel sits in her parked car and talks on her cellphone. WAREHOUSE . I'm talking too much. A little girl walks by in a "nude" body suit with Olive's tattoos all over it. I didn't wash my hands. HAZEL They fired me. NY .

I've never worked as an actor. I have an assistant. There's fear in (CONTINUED) . Caden is in the far corner of the space.2025 . SAMMY I don't have a resume or picture. Hazel leads him to Caden.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Hire me and you will see who you truly are. Caden stands. nods. Caden. at a little sectioned-off area. WAREHOUSE . 114 114 INT. Hazel. Good. Hazel steps around the partition.SYN. Caden stares at Sammy. HAZEL Sammy Barnathan? Sammy Barnathan stands. Because I follow you. Sammy transforms effortlessly into Caden.JULY 30. A114 CONTINUED: CADEN Um. HAZEL (CONT'D) This is Sammy Barnathan. SAMMY (CONT'D) Peek-a-boo. And there's no box office yet. What am I going to do? Nobody laughs at my jokes the way you did. SAMMY (CONT'D) I've learned everything about you by following you.AUDITION CORNER . Caden. I miss you. hiding is nervousness. They all resemble Caden.LATER The actors are in their apartments living their lives. except one very tall one. So I knew about this audition. Everything is falling apart. A114 HAZEL Please. Caden's eyes but he doesn't drop his gaze. There are a half-dozen actors sitting on folding chairs outside the partition. Sammy stares back. I'm fat. NY . CADEN Tell me why you're here. SAMMY I've been following you for twenty years. There are problems at home. 2007 76. I'm worthless. He is the gaunt man we've seen following Caden.

JULY 30.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I want to fuck you until we merge into a Chimera. I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. 2007 76A. 114 CONTINUED: SAMMY (CONT'D) Okay. This guy has me down. NY . I'm going to cast him right now. I don't think we need to talk to anyone else.SYN. Hazel. Why I cried. Then maybe you and I can get a drink and we can try to figure out this thing between us. (MORE) 114 (CONTINUED) .

A FEW MOMENTS LATER Caden limps with his cane and a backpack toward the men's room door. Sammy stands there. Yes.2025 . 116 INT. stalling. CADEN You've got the part. WAREHOUSE . 114 Sammy nods and exits. When he is done. looks at himself in the mirror. pulls down his pants. two pair of eyes that look only at each other. He wipes and flushes. he speaks. Caden.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN He Sammy jots a note. He strains. The urinals are covered with slime. He pushes open the door. He takes them. and sits. NY . SAMMY (CONT'D) You're missing your Fosonex. 2007 77. When it's over. Caden places his backpack on a sink. lips ever touching and one voice that whispers to itself. It's gray. SAMMY I've never seen your shit gray. CADEN Please don't fall in love with him.SYN. His eyes are rheumy. Flies buzz.MEN'S ROOM . 114 CONTINUED: (2) SAMMY (CONT'D) A mythical beast with penis and vagina eternally fused. one-by-one. Sammy watches and counts. dear. okay. pulls up his pants and exits the stall. Caden opens his pack and pulls out a baggie full of pills. 115 INT. WAREHOUSE .2025 .CONTINUOUS 116 115 The room is filthy. he looks at his stool. You don't need to hide from me. It's new. Caden enters a stall. HAZEL I only have eyes for you. SAMMY I know it's pill time.JULY 30. HAZEL He's good. (CONTINUED) . Hazel follows him with her eyes.

sweetie.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .2025 ." The guards wear surgical masks. It's important. here. 2007 78. It's bad out They move on. The pill It's got grime on it. CADEN SAMMY Check your bag. who is now five. 117 SAMMY (CONT'D) 117 EXT. Caden picks the pill up off the floor. falls out of the sweater onto the grimy floor. Go on. passing poor people waiting in line for food distributed from a military truck. (CONTINUED) .SYN. 2. 116 Caden pulls out books and notebooks and a sweater. NYC CITY STREET .EVENING Caden exits the warehouse with Claire and Ariel. There are sick people being herded into a scary bus marked "Fun Land. MAN We need to get in. NY . Caden looks at Sammy and swallows the pill. SAMMY (CONT'D) Fosonex.5 mg. ARIEL Can me have a nickel if I doesn't play with my pee-pee no more? A hovercraft glides down the street with searchlights. 116 CONTINUED: No. There is a long line of people waiting to find out about tickets for the show. SAMMY (CONT'D) Swallow it anyway. CADEN I was thinking of calling it Simulacrum. What do you think? CLAIRE I don't know what it means. Sammy walks alongside. MAN When is it opening? CADEN When it's ready.JULY 30. Good boy.

GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 2007 79. Christmas decorations in windows across the way.2025 . NY .NIGHT 118 Caden and Claire have sex. 119 EXT. we all have to be willing to adapt.WINTER 2025 LATER 119 Caden and Sammy watch the city: fires in the distance. CLAIRE'S BEDROOM (NYC APARTMENT) . I saw you in Bernarda Alba last year at The Roundabout. Sammy watches from a chair in the corner. Emotionally tough. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . You're an amazing actress. Claire pokes her head out. You guys need anything? No. CLAIRE It's just that I've made such enormous strides as Jocelyn and -- SAMMY It'd be my honor to play your husband. Caden -CLAIRE CADEN I want you to play yourself. CADEN Claire? I want you to drop your study of Mrs. but fucking fulfilling.JULY 30. They finish and Caden glances at Sammy. CADEN As the vision reveals itself. honey. CLAIRE I'm going to work in my journal. CADEN SAMMY No. 117 CONTINUED: CADEN How about The Flawed Light of Love and Grief? CLAIRE I'm not sure. thanks. 117 118 INT. Claire. CLAIRE Yeah? That was a fun play.SYN. Claire. Sammy's going to move into your apartment set as me. Occasional explosions. thanks. Sammy jots something in his book. Kranstein. Human wailing. Ariel sits on his lap. CLAIRE'S FIRE ESCAPE (NYC APARTMENT) .

SAMMY Start. Research.SYN. Except me. Caden? CADEN She left us. confused. He hands Caden a slip of paper. The best living artist. SAMMY (CONT'D) (beat) Why did we leave Adele. Lorca's a genius. I don't know where she is. 119 CONTINUED: CLAIRE (CONT'D) And I loved working with so many strong female actresses. Ugh. CADEN Anyway. 2007 80. huh? Caden chuckles. . A sweet pussy. SAMMY I read it. Partner. baby. For the part. I'm going to start thinking about myself. A strange dirigible flies very low overhead. 119 Claire exits. Okay. There's no one who stares the truth in the face like she does. You know that better than anyone. Maybe the Met's doing a retrospective. SAMMY Maybe she's got a sublet in New York.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . too. NY . SAMMY Amazing artist though. CADEN Why are you giving this to me? SAMMY I want to follow you there and see how you lose even more of yourself. Maybe.JULY 30. Caden looks at Sammy. CADEN How do you know that? Oh.

There's a piece of looseleaf paper with the handwritten note "Death in family. very dark building. NY . the elevator ascends. Caden heads down the long hall. The door buzzes. A kid walks by in a Hallowe'en costume.JULY 30. deserted part of town. He turns and heads back.NIGHT 120 Dark. The wind blows wet leaves. please. CADEN Have a good night. Caden looks behind him and smiles awkwardly. He approaches the tenant buzzers and buzzes 31Y. The old person walks behind him. very tall.FALL 2026 . He gets to the end and is only at 31J. 31ST FLOOR HALLWAY (31Y BUILDING) . it opens and a very old.MOMENTS LATER 121 122 It's small. 121 122 OMITTED INT. looking lost. The doors open on 17. Caden continues to walk down the hall. The doors open on 31 and Caden exits. 2007 81. trying to be casual about it. The name on the apartment is Capgras. Caden presses "31. swaying and creaking." taped to the front door. God relieve our grief.2026 . CITY STREET (NEAR 31Y BUILDING) . ELEVATOR (31Y BUILDING) . 120 EXT.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I pressed it.SYN. As they begin to close: Hold it. looking at apartment numbers. As he passes the elevator door.CONTINUOUS 123 Sound of the elevator descending. He picks up his pace. OLD PERSON You didn't press it. OLD PERSON I asked you to hold the door. The elevator is ascending again. Caden finds the address: an old. glances over and sees the old person knocking feebly on a door down the hall. The walls are panelled with ancient.2026 ." The doors close. The doors close and the elevator continues its shaky ascent. He arrives at 31Y. Caden reaches for the "door open" button but doesn't press it. (CONTINUED) . 123 INT. FAINT FARAWAY VOICE Hold it. feeble-looking man or woman steps out. scarred wood. CADEN I'm sorry. narrow. but I think it was too late. nobody gets on.

She said. Old Person #2 fishes a key out of the overcoat pocket. 123 CONTINUED: OLD PERSON Frances. He knocks again. 2007 82. Down the hall.JULY 30. CADEN Thank you. No answer.2026 . I'm Ellen. OLD PERSON #2 (CONT'D) Are you Ellen? Ellen?! What? CADEN OLD PERSON #2 (approaching) Are you Ellen Bascomb? I'm to give the key to 31Y to Ellen Bascomb.CONTINUOUS An expansive. 123 Caden knocks on 31Y. CADEN (beat) Yes. Ok. Someone was just here: there's a steaming cup of coffee on the kitchen table. Oh dear. 124 .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Something's terribly wrong with my nose. OLD PERSON #2 Caden enters the apartment. OLD PERSON #2 I see. Old Person #2 turns and heads back down the hall to Old Person #1. 124 INT. 31Y . This person examines the first old person's nose. don't forget to change the sheets. NY . Old Person #2 squints over at Caden. Oh yes. whose nose has started to bleed. I need to go to the clinic. well-decorated place. OLD PERSON #2 She said you should just go in and get started.SYN. the door opens and another old person steps out into the hall.

129 Claire is in her bathrobe.MOMENTS LATER Clothing strewn about. Like mold and . Kisses. 128 EXT.MORNING Caden is scrubbing himself raw in the shower.SYN. 130 . Your money is under the toaster.MORNING 128 Caden exits with bag of clothing.2026 . 126 127 INT. CLAIRE'S BATHROOM (NYC APARTMENT) . Several Latina and Eastern European cleaning ladies are exiting buildings also. CLAIRE All night? You smell weird. Be a doll and do the sheets and whatever is in the hamper.LATER Caden scrubs the filthy toilet bowl. Are CADEN I went for a walk. NY .2026 . 2007 83.JULY 30. ps. worried and angry. Take what you want.. 31Y BEDROOM . you wearing lipstick? CADEN No! What do I smell like? bad? Like an old person? Like CLAIRE I don't know. CLAIRE APARTMENT (NYC APARTMENT) .2026 . and some lingerie. There's a handwritten note on the night table. a red beret. I had to think.LATER Caden enters.2026 . 31Y BEDROOM . cleaning products? Like you're menstruating? I don't know! 130 INT.. He reads it: ADELE'S VOICE Hi Ellen. 31Y APARTMENT BUILDING . Like mold? I don't know.2026 . bag of stuff in bedroom closet for Goodwill. Adele.DAWN 127 Caden folds laundry and puts it away. He spots the bag of clothing and goes through it. There are several blouses and skirts. 125 126 INT.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 129 INT. 31Y BATHROOM .2026 . 125 INT.

2007 84.JULY 30. Claire turns to the real Caden and screams. He's feeling my ass during rehearsal. the best thing in the show.2026 .CITY SET . to you. Why? I CLAIRE I think you need to fire him. fuck you. SAMMY You don't like Sammy? think he's good. SAMMY I'm not firing him. then turns his attention to Sammy and Claire. SAMMY He's your husband. I don't want to do this shit anymore. WAREHOUSE . She's in her underwear and getting dressed.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CLAIRE (CONT'D) (reading. He's Next CLAIRE He's coming on to me. Caden hands her a scrap of paper. 131 INT. Sammy comes up behind her and rubs her ass. He hands scraps of paper to each actor he passes. Claire. (CONTINUED) .DAY 131 The actors are in their "apartments" and rehearsal is in progress. then to Caden) Oh. Caden walks along the scaffolding followed by Hazel. CLAIRE He's not my Godamn husband! You are! What is wrong with you? The actor underneath them pounds on his ceiling. NY . CLAIRE I don't like that guy you got to play you.SYN. I'm forty-five years old.

2026 . Sammy sits at the table and starts to write on scraps of paper. and storms out and down the stairs. We're getting at something real here. 131 Ugh! CLAIRE (CONT'D) I'm going to rehearsal. street corner. 132 (CONTINUED) . CADEN (CONT'D) Beautiful.SYN. Sammy. Hazel hovers behind him.NIGHT Caden rides up. Caden leaves the set and steps onto his platform. tosses the note into the trash. Claire walks off in a huff. Ellen. Claire watches Caden from the Caden looks over at Hazel.JULY 30. you guys. watching. NY . yeah. time out? What's up? CADEN SAMMY I feel we need a Hazel in here. Jimmy! CADEN SAMMY (to Claire) It's for the play. The elevator stops. ELEVATOR (31Y BUILDING) . CADEN I guess. CADEN That's great. HAZEL I get to be a character? Hooray! 132 INT. 131 CONTINUED: Good. There's a whole side of Caden I'm not able to explore without a Hazel.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . She grabs her coat. Old Person #1 gets on with a big bloody bandage covering his nose. SAMMY Caden. OLD PERSON Hello. 2007 85.

CLAIRE'S APARTMENT SET . A. Best -Caden hesitates for a moment. Long pause. Relined the cabinets. He sees a note on the night table: ADELE'S VOICE Hi Ellen.NIGHT 133 Caden looks at the unmade bed. 132 CONTINUED: Caden nods. For you. They continue the ride in silence. Caden smells the sheets. Crackerjack job last night! Would you do sheets again? We had quite a fuck last night and it's musky and gross.DAY 135 Caden and Hazel watch as Claire waits in her bathrobe in the kitchen and Sammy enters the "apartment. 132 133 INT. 2007 86. NY . strips the bed. (CONTINUED) . Just wanted to let you know I won a MacArthur Grant and I'm mounting a play.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .2026 . A134 134 He's writing a note: CADEN'S VOICE Hi Adele. He touches it. an imprint of a female form in the sheets.2026 . WAREHOUSE . what are you doing at night? I have a right to fucking know.2026 . Caden rubs his eyes. which I think is going to be pure and truthful. SAMMY I've been going to Adele's place. Kisses. And cleaning it. then signs it "Ellen. He gets a melancholy look on his face. 31Y KITCHEN . A134 134 OMITTED INT. 31Y BEDROOM ." 135 INT. He lies on his back in the form." CLAIRE Caden. For you.SYN.JULY 30.MORNING Caden sips coffee at the kitchen table. CLAIRE Do you know what I've given up for you? For this.

Please. CLAIRE Maybe you can clean her toilet. 135 CONTINUED: I'm sorry. There's a knock on the door. (CONTINUED) .SYN. CLAIRE That's all we need around here. no. y'know. Okay. CLAIRE I'm not talking to you. NY . Sammy opens it. CLAIRE (CONT'D) Get the door.. stands there. Oh. Claire turns to Caden. two Hazels. CLAIRE It's over. SAMMY Claire. Tammy. Just.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . But. SAMMY Maybe I will. This looks serious. TAMMY (CONT'D) I'll take that as my cue. playing Hazel. Tammy closes the door and leaves. 2007 87.. good. Am I TAMMY Uh-oh. SAMMY 135 CLAIRE I -. Caden.JULY 30. SAMMY That's good. I'm watching all the young girls crowding me out and it's -Sammy just stands there.I thought I wanted to be just a working stage actress. Hazel? TAMMY Just wanted to tell you the girl playing me is able to start today. interrupting? SAMMY What's going on.

2007 88. Claire heads down the stairs. You can keep this one. The real one.2026 . He did. Hazel watches Caden closely. it's all so fucked. CLAIRE But you thought it. sadly) Yeah. The paintings are microscopic." Biographical info is under. Claire packs up her stuff. pulls out a sponge. There's a silence. Would you really clean my bathroom? CADEN (beat. enters a crowded gallery of people wearing similar glasses. CLAIRE I got an offer to do Needleman in a Haystack and I'm going to take it. NY . Caden squeezes his way to the wall to look at paintings. I want you out of the apartment. (CONTINUED) .DAY 136 Caden digs in his bag. He sees one of an African female genital mutilation ceremony. Museum visitors use the special glasses to study the paintings. HAZEL God.JULY 30. wearing a pair of magnifying glasses that flip up and down. WAREHOUSE . CADEN Claire! Please! HAZEL Already put out a call for a Claire replacement. 135 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN I didn't say I was going to clean Hazel's toilet.BATHROOM . Caden. But I didn't say it.SYN. 135 CADEN I thought it.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .DAY 137 Caden. Jesus.2026 . gets on his hands and knees and scrubs the floor. 136 INT. 137 INT. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART . There's a wall inscribed "Small Miracles: The Paintings of Adele Lack.

ACTOR (AS NEEDLEMAN) Just like that? You don’t give a guy even a chance? CLAIRE (AS REBA) I’m not a chance-giving girl. 2007 89. Claire sits at the kitchen table with an actor. Ellen appears to be a chubby. They are rehearsing lines from Needleman in a Haystack." He steps back for a second. Remember? ACTOR (AS NEEDLEMAN) I try to be fun-loving. ACTOR (AS NEEDLEMAN) I hate your analyst.SYN. 40 year old white woman. CLAIRE (AS REBA) That’s before my analyst taught me that my enjoyment of them was a sign of my suppressed nonenjoymnent of them. She is naked and spreading her vulva for the viewer. Needleman. her mousy brown hair tied back in a kerchief. CLAIRE'S KITCHEN (NYC APARTMENT) . She has a kind face and what appears to be an appendectomy scar. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to move on. a portrait of Maria. a fun-loving girl." He sees a self-portrait of Adele. naked and covered in tattoos. 138 INT. CLAIRE (AS REBA) Oh. Reba doesn’t react. (CONTINUED) .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . you had such potential. I’m * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * CLAIRE (AS REBA) My analyst says you have complexes. a portrait of Olive. Finally he flips the glasses and studies the painting. He comes to a wall titled: "Women I Love.2026 . unable to look.DAY 138 Caden moves boxes. 137 CONTINUED: 137 a woman weeping over the grave of a child. NY .JULY 30. See? Needleman makes a funny face. ACTOR (AS NEEDLEMAN) Once you enjoyed Needleman’s complexes. a man raping a woman. Then he comes to a portrait entitled "Ellen Bascomb. The people behind him are impatient.

DAY 142 Caden sits with Hazel at a table facing the giant. 2007 89A.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . then nothing. CADEN'S APARTMENT BUILDING . Hazel selfconsciously glances over at Tammy. 138 CONTINUED: CLAIRE (AS REBA) She told me your hatred of her is a sign of your latent homosexuality. Tammy sits to the side of Hazel and studies her. 140 INT.) .2026 CONTINUOUS Caden enters the apartment next door and closes the door. crosses the street. 141 EXT. Bye. CADEN This is the end of my stuff. 139 INT.2026 . and looks up. trying to see in Claire's window. An actress plays Claire. open apartment building structure.2026 . 142 INT.JULY 30. ACTOR 138 * * * Caden heads out the apartment door. looking up. who does not avert her gaze. NY .2026 . They both hold scripts and read from Needleman in a Haystack. CLAIRE Bye.SYN. He sees her walk by.CONTINUOUS It's filled with boxes. CADEN'S APARTMENT . She sits at the kitchen table of her apartment with an actor playing the actor. (CONTINUED) .DAY 141 140 139 Caden exits. Sammy is in front of the building. Caden hears laughter coming from next door. APARTMENT HALLWAY (CLAIRE'S NYC APT. Caden looks troubled. WAREHOUSE . Every once in a while. He puts his ear against the wall to listen.

147 The Girly 146 145 144 143 .2029 .JULY 30. 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET . Just a thought.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .CONTINUOUS A143 Caden enters the office.2028 . CADEN'S APARTMENT . 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET .CITY SET . sit with their legs dangling off the edge of their apartments.NIGHT Caden sees an unmade cot in the corner and a few cardboard boxes marked "Stuff for Olive.2026 .NIGHT Caden. 143 INT. 145 INT. I fixed up the walk-in as a sort of bedroom if you want. 146 INT. gets dressed. WAREHOUSE . The actors stop what they're doing. CADEN Wall it up. 31Y BEDROOM .SYN.WILL'S OFFICE . the production designer. looks up from his drafting table.LATER The boxes are empty as Caden finishes making the bed. He looks up at Claire's lighted window. NY . He detaches his pumps. 142 A143 INT.DAY Sammy stands across the street from the walled-up apartment building.2029 . Caden watches. pleased. Girly prints on the walls. We'd love to have you and you wouldn't have to schlep all the way to Queens. hooked up to pumps. tries to sleep on the floor. lamps and furniture. surrounded by boxes. 144 INT. A.2029 . an exact replica of the real one.NIGHT Caden sits on the bed and reads a note from Adele: ADELE'S VOICE Good for you with your grant! Listen. room is decorated in a girly manner. 142 CONTINUED: CADEN This is a lie! Caden paces." 147 INT. He listens to Claire having sex next door." The "Olive" is crossed out and replaced with "Caden. 2007 90. Will. Pink bedspread. WAREHOUSE . wait for instructions. Kisses.2029 . Caden limps off to the set designer's office.

JULY 30. Okay. Caden and Hazel follow. 2007 91.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .SYN.DAY 148 Sammy.149 CONTINUOUS Inside it looks exactly like the warehouse. TAMMY How was your night? A149 SAMMY Yours? I was up She nods. Sammy hands little scraps of paper to people.2031 . He enters. (CONTINUED) . Caden. exits his apartment building set and walks down the street. 149 EXT. Hazel and Caden watch. Caden looks over at Hazel for confirmation. nods hello to some. 148 EXT. WAREHOUSE SET) . Everybody here? TAMMY (looking at clipboard) Sammy's not here.2031 CONTINUOUS Eventually Sammy arrives at a warehouse that looks exactly like the warehouse they are in. NY . SAMMY Morning. WAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE) . Philip was colicky. Haze. CITY SET (INT. including a duplicate city set. Jimmy called and said there's some subway problem. The set seems to go on forever. WAREHOUSE STREET (INT.2031 . then dumps his pack on the table where Tammy sits. slightly freaked out. walking with a cane. He stops at a newsstand and buys a paper. Sammy passes people. Sorry. all night. A149 EXT. Hi. WAREHOUSE SET) . CADEN SAMMY (to Tammy) Sorry. TAMMY Eh. CITY STREET (INT. Jimmy rushes into the warehouse.

CONTINUOUS Caden finds Will up on some scaffolding. rushes out the door of the warehouse set. (sweetly) Hi. Sammy. keep an eye on things? Yup. NY . Sorry. too. Yeah. Hazel. UNFINISHED BRICK BUILDING (BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK)(INT. Caden hands Will shots of the exterior and interiors of Adele's building and of apartment 31Y. CADEN Will. 150 A151 OMITTED 150 EXT. HAZEL June 9th? Caden nods.JULY 30. shit.SYN. Sammy pulls some Polaroids out of his backpack. She nods. sorry. . heads toward the set designer's office. I need to do that. CADEN Oh. TAMMY 149 SAMMY (to Tammy) Sammy likes you. Haze.2031 .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Caden looks at Hazel. 2007 92. I need you to build this. 149 CONTINUED: JIMMY Sorry. sorry. TAMMY We'll take it from June 9th? Sammy nods. A151 WAREHOUSE) . working on the set. could you get everyone situated? I need to speak to Will about some new sets. Hi. SAMMY (CONT'D) Hazel.

Millicent and Caden study each other.2031 . You'd play a cleaning lady.LATER 151 Caden sits at his desk. MILLICENT I played Egga the cleaning lady in Hedda Gabler at the Roundabout. CITY STREETS (INT. CADEN Hazel.SYN. 151 INT.2032 . 152 . NY . Dobson in Scrub-aDub at the Pantages. Hazel ushers one in. MILLICENT And Mrs. CADEN Good work. everyone. WAREHOUSE . what do you think of this title: Unknown. pedestrians. She's a ringer for the painting of Ellen. Great. and Lost? Eh. How CADEN Hi. MILLICENT Glad to be weirdly close. very good at it. Millicent. Unkissed. HAZEL Caden this is Millicent Weems. are you at cleaning? MILLICENT (sitting) I'm very. Have a seat. 152 EXT. a guy sweeping the street.JULY 30.DAY Caden heads to the warehouse set.AUDITION CORNER .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . There are several overweight women waiting on the other side of the partition. Nobody acknowledges him. CADEN You're weirdly close to what I've visualized for this character. He hands paper scraps to shopkeepers. 2007 93. CADEN Okay. CADEN Because this part requires a lot of it. WAREHOUSE SET) .

CADEN (CONT'D) Hey. HAZEL He reminds me of you.SYN. (CONTINUED) . TAMMY That's what I tried to tell him! Sammy squints over. If you want to like a Hazel. SAMMY Hi. HAZEL Aw. There's activity on the street and movement can be seen in various windows. CADEN I'm me. They are talking intimately. (loud) Ten minutes. lighting cigarettes and talking on cell phones. Sammy goes off. NY . 2007 94. do you? Kind of. Caden. You don't need someone to remind you of me. Actors pour from apartment buildings and shops.WAREHOUSE SET . no foul. I'm being you. like Hazel.JULY 30. Sammy. Tammy sits alone at the card table. Caden approaches. everybody! The actors playing the people on the street immediately stop what they're doing. like that one.2032 . no harm. A153 INT. CADEN What? HAZEL CADEN (CONT'D) You don't like him. You CADEN This Hazel doesn't exist for you.CONTINUOUS A153 Caden enters the warehouse set. It's Equity break anyway. CADEN Where're Sammy and Hazel? Tammy jerks her head to the left.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Hazel. Caden sees that Sammy has Hazel with her back against a wall. I like Hazel. what are you doing? Sammy and Hazel look over casually. Caden. Caden points indicates Tammy. WAREHOUSE .

VOICE I'm sorry to inform you. you're not. Caden stands with Tammy and his father as his mother's coffin is lowered into the ground. CEMETERY . NY .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I'm fun. CADE Anyway. CADEN'S MOTHER'S HOUSE .2032 . Caden sits on the couch with Tammy. 153 Yes? CADEN 153 EXT. I do. The coffin is banged up and crumbling.JULY 30. 2007 95. Sammy's just fun. (CONTINUED) . your mother has been the victim of a home invasion. I like you more. CADEN A little moustache? She shrugs.DAY Lots of mourners. sweetie. He's dead. TAMMY Probably wasn't him then. Caden's cell phone rings. I guess. A153 CONTINUED: HAZEL Don't worry.2032 . 154 CADEN Was my father standing with us? TAMMY I don't know what he looks like. No. Caden. CADEN CADEN He answers it. Thanks for coming with me. CADEN He looks dead.SYN. Yes? Yes. CADEN A153 HAZEL Oh.DAY A funeral is in progress. VOICE Is this Caden Cotard? VOICE This is Officer Mark Mellman of Schnectady P. 154 INT.D.

Yammy. CADEN What you up to? INTERCUT WITH: 155 . Caden takes the phone and limps off. TAMMY 154 CADEN I asked Hazel but she was busy tonight and you're the next best thing. it feels comforting. it isn't that you're the next best thing but because you play her. I need to use the bathroom. TAMMY He's supposed to like me. CADEN Thank you.SYN. Does that make sense? Although the thing is offstage you're nothing like her. Did Hazel mention what she was doing tonight because I called her house before we left and her husband said she wasn't going to be back till late and I thought that was weird because she told me Philip was sick.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .2032 . CADEN (calmly) That's interesting. CADEN'S MOTHER'S BACK DECK .DAY Caden talks on his cell. CADEN I'll have another talk with him. 154 CONTINUED: It's okay. NY . 2007 96. TAMMY She's going to dinner with Sammy. Caden gets up and turns to leave. Hey. 155 EXT. I mean. Can you excuse me. TAMMY Don't forget your phone. You play her very well though.JULY 30.

I'm there. CADEN It mostly makes me sad that it doesn't make you sad. 2007 97. sweetie. So don't worry. In my car. NY . CADEN I want you to be sad that we had something really special and it's going away! HAZEL It just happened. You were with Claire. CADEN He has stories about me! HAZEL Caden. I didn't plan it. A156 INT. Haze. I love you and I always will. HAZEL'S CAR .SAME Hazel's driving while talking on her cell. Caden. Hazel hangs up. He's got stories! It just seems fun. HAZEL You want me to be sad that someone's taking me out to dinner? I don't know how to do that.2032 . HAZEL'S VOICE It's just dinner. I gotta go. HAZEL'S VOICE Heading to dinner with A156 CADEN Why didn't you tell me that before? HAZEL Caden. Sammy.SYN.JULY 30. I know everything about you and it's all adorable.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . . Caden stands there for a minute. Oh. I don't want to say things that are going to make you sad. CADEN C'mon. This probably isn't going to go anywhere. I'm still your girl.

here. CADEN I thought someone would've cleaned it up. CADEN'S CHILDHOOD ROOM .JULY 30. Caden and Tammy straighten. You can sleep 158 CADEN This is my room.LATER Looks like there's been a horrible struggle. 156 INT.2032 . CADEN'S MOTHER'S BEDROOM . 157 TAMMY So I figure everyone does. 2007 98.2032 . CADEN Is that true? I did. Caden and Tammy stare at it.NIGHT The house has emptied out.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN'S MOTHER'S KITCHEN .2032 . The bed is covered with blood.LATER It's a kid's room. 158 INT.SYN. TAMMY Where will you sleep? CADEN The living room couch. TAMMY Don't you want to sleep with me? (CONTINUED) . NY . 156 CADEN Did you always want to be an actress? TAMMY Every girl wants to be an actress. Who? TAMMY CADEN I don't know! Someone. Caden and Tammy stand there. 157 INT.

158 Okay. I feel okay mostly. Take (CONTINUED) . fuck? I do. Maybe that makes it easier.SYN. Um. your clothes off. He just stands there uncomfortably. CADEN TAMMY It's just sex.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 2007 99. I mean. CADEN (CONT'D) How can you be like that? TAMMY I get undressed every day. NY . I just -I'm sorry. I'm sorry. CADEN I'm sorry. I don't mind. TAMMY I suppose it might. Fucking might help.. CADEN Yes. CADEN In front of someone is different. Tammy laughs. Can you understand? Do you understand loneliness? TAMMY Yeah. CADEN TAMMY It's okay. CADEN Maybe because you have a beautiful body. I don't know what's wrong.. TAMMY I don't see why. I'm very lonely. CADEN If you think it's okay. Caden starts to cry.JULY 30. matter-of-factly gets undressed in front of Caden. I don't know. Do you want to Do you? TAMMY It'd be fine. 158 CONTINUED: Um.

158 (CONTINUED) .SYN. 2007 99A.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . NY .JULY 30. 158 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN You're very pretty.






CADEN Sometimes I wish I were pretty like that. TAMMY You wish you were a chick? CADEN (long pause) Sometimes I think I might've been better at it. TAMMY Interesting. It's kind of a drag in a lot of ways. You like guys? CADEN No. No. I like women. like women. TAMMY Well, I'm getting cold. She climbs into bed. TAMMY (CONT'D) Take off your clothes. Caden does, awkwardly and shyly. Tammy smiles sweetly at him. He then stands there naked. I only

TAMMY (CONT'D) Pretty Caden. Thanks. CADEN Thank you for saying that.

TAMMY Come to bed, Pretty Caden. Caden turns off the lights and climbs into the twin bed with Tammy. She looks at his face, then kisses him. 159 INT. CADEN'S CAR - 2032 - MORNING A residential street in Schenectady. sits in the front passenger seat. 159 Caden drives and Tammy





CONTINUED: TAMMY What is attractive? How are attractive people treated, how do they feel? How do unattractive people feel, how are they treated? How do attractive people feel about unattractive people, how do unattractive people feel about attractive people? How do unattractive people feel about other unattractive people? How do attractive people feel about other attractive people? How do unattractive men feel about unattractive women? How do unattractive men feel about attractive women? How do attractive men feel about unattractive women? How do attractive women feel about unattractive men? How do old people feel about attractive people? How do attractive people feel about old people? This is my study. Caden slows down. CADEN That's Hazel's house.


Caden points to the house with smoke seeping out the windows. TAMMY Huh. Do you think we should have a Hazel's house on the set for me? Um... CADEN

TAMMY It would be verisimilitudinous. CADEN Yeah. I don't know. I have to speak to the fire marshal. TAMMY It would be very verisimilitudinous if you could.




EXT. HIGHWAY (INT. WAREHOUSE) - 2032 - DAY Hazel drives a golf cart along a fake highway. Caden and Tammy sit in back. Hazel eyes them in the rearview mirror. They seem cozy. Hazel scowls. Technicians are on the side of the road putting in plants and trees. CADEN I think both of you Hazels are going to like this. Turn off here. Hazel rolls her eyes, drives down an exit ramp.



EXT. BURNING HOUSE STREET (INT. WAREHOUSE SET) - 2032 - DAY 161 Hazel drives the golf cart down the street in a state of near completion. She stops in front of a replica of her house. Hank! CADEN Okay!

The house begins to smoke. My house! TAMMY

Tammy kisses Caden on the cheek and runs into the house. HAZEL Is there no end to your pussy kissing? CADEN It's verisimilitudinous. I'm thinking of that as a title. HAZEL Whatever. I've got work to do. Tell your girlfriend to get out here if she wants a ride back. CADEN She's not my girlfriend. HAZEL Give it a rest, Caden. her on your breath. I can smell

CADEN (beat) Tammy! We have to get back.

HAZEL But Hazel hasn't done it." I think then Hazel could have a good moment where she cries or gets angry. where Caden turns to me and says. like. Needs to be shorthand.SYN. They all continue down the hall. I'm not sure which yet. (CONTINUED) . Feels expository. HAZEL That didn't happen." Hazel writes that down. WAREHOUSE SET) . "Jeremy big. there would be a dramatic confrontation. but it feels dramatically sound. Hazel. Tammy. APARTMENT HALLWAY (INT. We'll hear what we hear. TAMMY I think Hazel would do that. 162 INT. He stops at various doorways and listens to conversations or other noises within the apartments. Tammy takes down the note. SAMMY Jeremy is playing to us.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .DAY 162 Sammy walks down the hall followed by Tammy. 2007 103. "It's obvious he's a substitute for me. CADEN Sammy's explaining too much. Caden? Sure. They are followed by Caden and Hazel. NY .2032 . Caden. Tell him he simply needs to talk to Donna.JULY 30. TAMMY Can we stop for a second? CADEN TAMMY If Hazel's in love with Sammy and Caden's in love with Hazel.

HAZEL He's nice. Caden turns back to the others. (CONTINUED) . Because of you! When? CADEN How come you never told me? HAZEL I don't know. he's available? Since when are you available? HAZEL Derek left. We're finally both free and there's all this fucking pressure.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . WAREHOUSE SET) . He's available. NY . of the play is going on around them.SYN. CADEN What do you mean. 163 EXT. Maybe it could happen at the director's table.DAY Caden and Hazel sit at the director's table. There's all this pressure on us. Caden. CITY STREET (INT. He 163 The street life CADEN That happened one time! You fucked him? HAZEL Yes! And you and I only fucked one time that's why you only cried one time! I give you endless opportunities. How come a lot of things? It's not like we can start fresh. 2007 104.2032 . CADEN Tammy was right. 162 They watch her go. like Sammy and I can. fucks me without crying. CADEN Let's try it. I'm going out for a smoke. HAZEL Fuck. 162 CONTINUED: Caden? Great! TAMMY What do you think? TAMMY CADEN I think we could try it.JULY 30. I don't understand why you're with Sammy.

What is his name? 163 (CONTINUED) .JULY 30. NY .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . I have to let the actor who plays Derek go.SYN. 163 CONTINUED: CADEN Fuck. 2007 104A.

Ugh. NY . Stop. 163 CONTINUED: (2) HAZEL That's such a romantic response. We have enormous budgetary concerns here.JULY 30. Abernathy? CADEN She looks like you. HAZEL Was it good? Yes.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . It just crossed my mind. HAZEL Forget it. 2007 105. Not earthshattering. Yeah. I'm touched.SYN. CADEN It's not my response. CADEN I don't know. CADEN Okay. How can you like her? Joe Abernathy. you've been part of me forever. okay. I (CONTINUED) . (looking in book) Derek is played by Joe -Ugh. HAZEL No she does not. HAZEL Did you cry? No! CADEN HAZEL You're making progress. CADEN Just stop.and she offered to have sex with me. CADEN I'm just trying to be honest. HAZEL It was nice. Don't you know that? breathe your name in every exhalation. 163 HAZEL I don't like Tammy and she's nothing like me. It was nice. I cried a little before. And -CADEN -. (long pause) Hazel.

CADEN (CONT'D) Crap. Instead of a motor.) Sorry.SAME Caden looks down the shaft. Oh.2032 . Caden glances at his watch. WAREHOUSE SET) . Maurice? MAURICE Sorry. 163 CONTINUED: (3) HAZEL (stops) Oh. The elevator continues its ascent to the sound of grunting men.2032 DAY 164 Millicent. fuck. ELEVATOR (31Y BUILDING) (INT. Okay. a rope and pulley system. We have a couple of new guys on and we're not in sync yet. Ellen's October 23rd scene! 164 INT. The elevator stops short and sways a little bit.SYN. Hazel. everybody! Caden pulls off a wall panel. 2007 106. and Caden wait in the elevator. WAREHOUSE SET) . . the sound of grunting men is heard. WORKER (O.B165 SAME Caden replaces the panel. The elevator begins to ascend. Yup.JULY 30. Sammy has been watching the whole thing from behind a pillar.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . NY . ELEVATOR SHAFT (31Y BUILDING) (INT. WAREHOUSE SET) 2032 . B165 CADEN Are we good to go? MAURICE INT.S. fuck are we doing? CADEN I don't know. ELEVATOR (31Y BUILDING) (INT. A165 Five guys hold the elevator with CADEN What's going on. 163 What the Hazel latches her pinky around Caden's. Caden. A165 INT. and sticks his head through.

Wrong key. WAREHOUSE SET) . MILLICENT Thank you. What? MILLICENT OLD PERSON #2 (CONTINUED) . OLD PERSON #2 Are you Ellen Bascomb? I'm to give the key to 31Y to Ellen Bascomb.CONTINUOUS The elevator doors close. don't forget to change the sheets. She said. OLD PERSON #2 (ACTOR) (to Millicent) Are you Ellen? Ellen?! Shit. and Hazel walk down the hall.2032 .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Old Person #2 fishes a key out of the overcoat pocket.SYN. which is opened by Old Person #2 (actor version). HAZEL MILLICENT What? “What?” Right. MILLICENT (beat) Yes. whose nose has started to bleed. Old Person. Old Person knocks on a door. OLD PERSON #2 She said you should just go in and get started. please. Old Person #2 looks back to Old Person #1. Millicent. NY . Oh dear. Caden. OLD PERSON #2 It doesn’t turn.JULY 30. C165 OMITTED C165 INT. 2007 107. MILLICENT Line. I'm Ellen. Ok. Millicent puts the key in the lock. 31ST FLOOR HALLWAY (31Y BUILDING) (INT.

MILLICENT Caden.SYN.JULY 30. would ya? CADEN (to Hazel) Did you hear that? What? HAZEL CADEN Did we hire an Adele? HAZEL I’m sure I would’ve remembered that. 2007 107A. Adele! CADEN Adele. It doesn’t turn. No. I'm here. NY . It isn’t. It won’t budge. Adele? CADEN HAZEL Caden. CONTINUED: MILLICENT It’s the wrong key. I get to open the door. OLD PERSON #2 (fishes in pockets) It’s the one they gave me. (CONTINUED) . you’re breaking the fourth wall. CADEN This is the wrong key. The shower turns on. Sandy. OLD PERSON #2 Caden bangs on the door. ADELE’S VOICE I’m jumping in the shower. He tries to turn the key in the lock. are you in there? OLD PERSON #1 Maybe it’s the wrong key. Make some coffee. You've got to let go of her. Caden grabs the key from Millicent. there's no one in there.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . She's not here anymore.

GOLDENROD REVISIONS .JULY 30.SYN. so we can do the scene? Please. 165 OMITTED 165 . Can we just get the right key. NY . okay. CONTINUED: (2) CADEN Yeah. 2007 107B. we'll get the right key. somebody? HAZEL Yeah.

Just stay right where you are! I'm coming up! * * * * * * * * * * * * * 167 CADEN No fair. CADEN Look familiar? HAZEL Oh my God! It's an exact replica of the Tethered Maiden Terrace! Derek and the kids and I had so much fun on that trip! CADEN Listen. Hazel weeps. SAMMY This is where we part ways. Hazel! This is not your fault! HAZEL (running off) Oh fuck! Sammy. (CONTINUED) . from face to face. 166 EXT. SAMMY There's nothing to talk about. An enormous crowd there: all the actors from the play. WAREHOUSE SET) . Sammy hits hard. Sammy leaps.DAY 166 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Caden and Hazel walk past the set of the hotel she had stayed at with her family. HOTEL STREET (INT. This is what real love looks like. Sammy! She wouldn't see you jump. This is what the real Caden would do. Caden.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .2032 . This is authentic.2032 . Caden looks at the assembled group. They look up. She never saw me! You're not being authentic. NYC CEMETERY .DAY Sammy is buried. Caden and Hazel in front. NY .SYN.JULY 30. 167 EXT. The actors below scatter. there's no one left to watch you. and is dead. breaks through the fake cement. Sammy stands on the ledge above them. I built this because I wanted to show you what happened -SAMMY (calling) After me. Blood everywhere. 2007 108.

Please? 169 170 HAZEL God.2035 . 167 CONTINUED: CADEN I know how to do it now.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Caden and Hazel watch from the director's table. BURNING HOUSE . Try to imagine that many people! None of those people is an extra. There's an enormous crowd.SYN. Hazel. walks around lighting candles. could get a loft. HAZEL Come over tonight? 169 170 OMITTED INT. (CONTINUED) . Caden unpacks his pumps and monitors and places them next to the bed. They're all the leads of their own stories. NY .NIGHT The smoke is thick and there are flames.BEDROOM . CADEN Do you see what I'm saying? Hazel has her head in her hands. 167 168 INT. Caden. I miss my daughter. WAREHOUSE . They have to be given their due. imploringly. HAZEL I'm a bad person. 2007 109. A stand-in for Sammy as Caden stands next to her. There are nearly thirteen million people in the world.DAY 168 The actor playing Sammy is in the coffin. We She looks over at Caden. that sounds nice. I miss Olive.CEMETERY SET .JULY 30. The retarded one. CADEN We could get a place together. And the other one. Maybe she could come live with us.2035 . Tammy plays Hazel and weeps. in a robe. CADEN Yeah.

GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN I'm aching for it being over. HAZEL I'm a mess. The end is built in to the beginning. then cranes her neck and kisses him on the lips.. 2007 110. They kiss. then Hazel climbs into bed. But we fit. HAZEL (CONT'D) Oh. (crying) What did we do? Caden kisses Hazel's forehead.. Caden. CADEN You can't cause someone to kill himself. 170 HAZEL I am.SYN.JULY 30. And all the years in between. He was troubled. so fast. HAZEL Yeah. I was just trying to get to you. (CONTINUED) . Because of the medication and everything. I wish we had this when we were young. CADEN It doesn't always happen for me now. NY . I'm a bad person. don't we. 170 CONTINUED: CADEN No you're not. HAZEL I'm so ashamed of myself. Caden walks over to her and touches her shoulder. I take a lot of pills. HAZEL We're here. It's okay. HAZEL I don't care. have gone out with Sammy. I'm here. CADEN You're just perfect. She coughs and smiles up at him. Caden. What can you do? God. CADEN My heart aches so much for you. I should never. So many years.

And it's not me. with the occasional cough from both of them.2041 . And I cried last time. A young girl with red hair is among them. It's open to a page with ripped-up napkin pieces glued to it. 170 They are tender and quiet and intensely focused.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . He passes a scrapbook on the table. swabs in her mouth and pulls out cotton black with soot. 2007 111. (CONTINUED) .BEDROOM . too. There's mumbling. When it's over. I never told you. 173 INT.JULY 30. It's different crying this time.DAY 173 172 Caden drives. MEDIC Might be smoke inhalation. CADEN I have a title.SYN. It's the medication. CADEN'S CAR .2035 . Caden just nods his head for a long time.MORNING 171 Caden agitatedly paces through the dense smoke. too. He's crying hard. The smoke in the room is dense. The Obscure Moon Lighting an Obscure World.CONTINUOUS Hazel lies in bed. 171 INT. He stops at a school crossing as a group of young children are led across the street in front of his car. A medic hovers over her. BURNING HOUSE . I just want you to know it's not you. HAZEL I think it might be too much. But I cried. Caden kisses her again.KITCHEN . I'm sorry. He walks into -172 INT. quiet conversation coming from somewhere. BURNING HOUSE . CADEN (CONT'D) HAZEL It's okay.2035 . NY . 170 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN (climbing into bed) I'm embarrassed. they lie there quietly. After you left. Caden cries quietly. I'm crying. I can tell.

then looks back out the windshield. thanks to you. Hello.SYN. MARIA Olive wants to see you. darling. Is that insane enough for you? CADEN You're insane. Olive. 40. CADEN I've missed you Hi. asshole. MARIA (CONT'D) Anyway. OLIVE (broken English) Forgive me but no longer remember English.DAY Maria leads Caden into the room. Suddenly the passenger door opens and Maria gets in the car. she wants to say goodbye to you. the way you abandoned her. Oh. CADEN MARIA She's had a fucked-up life with issues. MARIA This is him. 173 CONTINUED: 173 She looks at Caden and he is struck by her resemblance to young Olive. 2007 112. shut up.JULY 30. God knows why. MARIA In heaven. OLIVE 174 OLIVE Maria. Olive. my darling. NY .2041 . emaciated and pale. NYC HOSPITAL ROOM . 174 INT. Speak German? (CONTINUED) . lies in bed. MARIA She's dying. so much. God knows the fuck why. would you leave us? Maria kisses Olive again on the forehead. Maria exits. Maria and Olive speak only in German. OLIVE Hi. He glances over at her. MARIA Hello.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .

I tried for years to find you. I didn't leave you. aching sex. The flowers defined me. OLIVE You did something. CADEN She's lying to you.JULY 30. as I'm sure Maria told you. in an accented male voice. OLIVE (CONT'D) I want to talk to you about your homosexuality. She pantomimes putting it on. Olive points to a headset on her night table. 2007 113. The flower tattoos have become infected and they're dying. OLIVE (CONT'D) I'm dying. Weakly. 174 CONTINUED: No. 174 OLIVE I had hope you have learned. Olive puts on her own.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . CADEN It's Maria. She did this. OLIVE Maria gave me reason to live once you left. as well. of everything Olive says. CADEN I'm sorry. OLIVE I had the same struggle when I first fell in love with Maria and we began to have dirty. Caden is affected by this. It resonates. Olive pulls down her hospital gown a bit to show Caden the now sickly and decayed flower tattoos. What? CADEN I'm not a homosexual! OLIVE Maria said you would deny it. CADEN Your mother and Maria took you away.SYN. with a delay between what Caden says and Olive's response. NY . So I am. (CONTINUED) . Caden puts it on. This is life. as she listens in translation. There follows a slightly delayed and staticky translation.

SYN.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . 2007 114. but I can't forgive someone who has not asked for forgiveness. NY . 174 CONTINUED: (2) CADEN Maria is your lover? OLIVE Of course. CADEN You have no idea how evil she is. faggot." CADEN For abandoning you to be have anal sex with my homosexual lover Eric. Olive dies. Dead flower petals slip from her hospital gown. I -CADEN 174 OLIVE I have no time! I need you to ask for forgiveness! CADEN (long pause) Can you ever forgive me? For what? OLIVE CADEN For abandoning you. To my vagina and to hers. OLIVE (long hesitation) No. OLIVE I need to forgive you before I die. . MARIA I hope you're happy. I'm sorry. Caden gets up and leaves. OLIVE "For abandoning you to have anal sex with my homosexual lover Eric.JULY 30. Caden sits there. She introduced me to myself. No. Maria hurries rushes to Olive's side. I cannot.

2048 . He looks away. meanders over to the director's table. Various passersby on the street have hacking coughs. 175 EXT. Leave a message or don't. holding some dead flower petals. Caden sits on his stoop. People are sick. As he knocks Caden to the ground and wrestles with him. Some people wear gas masks. She casually pulls it off and tries it on.SYN. Your dime. I'll be able to relive it forever. watching the world pass by.2045 . the happiest day of my life. Caden sees the t-shirt has a little dot: a painting from Adele's show. but old now. it's unbearable. It'll take place over the course of one day.. CADEN I need a Caden for my Hazel. Caden watches. a street scene very much like the one Caden's in. I know how to do the play. neat and efficient-looking. A woman walks a naked man on a leash. Michael the pre-Hazel assistant is back. In the painting. 177 EXT. He defecates on the sidewalk.DAY Caden dials his cell phone. CADEN My love. NYC STREET . angry.SUMMER 2045 . Um. I'd very much like to play Caden. Government vehicles with strange symbols and gun turrets drive by. CADEN (CONTINUED) . People walk back and forth aimlessly. MILLICENT I. The flower petals blow away. WAREHOUSE SET) . Squishy. 176 EXT. NYC STREET .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . a man in a white tshirt and Santa hat beats up a man who looks like Caden. 2007 115.. NY .NIGHT 177 176 Caden weeps inconsolably at the director's table. CITY STREET (INT. She looks so much like Hazel now.JULY 30. Hazel's sweater is on Michael's chairback. HAZEL'S ANSWERING MACHINE It's Hazel.. Caden tries to limp after them. Millicent walks by carrying a mop and bucket. It's a moment in time. The scene in the play is dull. Tammy steps out of the bathroom.DAY 175 It's sweltering. Hazel's dog. The day will be the day before you died. A wildeyed man in a white t-shirt and Santa hat attacks Caden. sleeps on the floor..

177 (CONTINUED) . Millicent smiles at her. NY .SYN. 2007 115A. 177 CONTINUED: Tammy watches intently.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .JULY 30.

Up until recently he has strived valiantly to make sense of his situation. I think I understand Caden. 178 INT. maybe. CADEN Do you know someone named Eric? (CONTINUED) .SYN. Michael? MICHAEL Yes. MICHAEL 178 CADEN The title is about a lot of things. Infectious Diseases In Cattle. CADEN I don't understand him. I don't see what that has to do with anything. NYC WIG STORE .JULY 30. It's about a lot. MILLICENT Caden Cotard is a man already dead. 177 CONTINUED: (2) MILLICENT I know it would be non-traditional casting. Time is concentrated and chronology confused for him. Huh.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . living in a half-world between stasis and antistasis. 2007 116." MICHAEL Any thoughts for today's rehearsal? CADEN (beat) I have a new title. (pause) Are you gay. but now he has turned to stone. but I think I'm right for it. NY . CADEN That sounds good.DAY Caden and Michael look at a wig called "The Director. Okay. I saw it all as more hopeful. 177 MICHAEL She's right? I didn't see that at all.2050 . You'll see.

puts it on the chair back. 2007 117." and Michael watch Millicent. She looks over at Millicent. She whispers things to some actors. Millicent looks over at the funeral scene. TAMMY Please? MILLICENT Yes. sits next to her. TAMMY Come over tonight? MILLICENT I'd like that. They watch the "Sammy Funeral" scene replayed with actors playing Tammy playing Hazel and an actor playing the stand-in for Sammy playing Caden. WAREHOUSE .JULY 30. sitting at the director's table. Tammy takes off the sweater. take off the sweater.DAY 179 Caden. CADEN Smile shyly at each other. 179 INT. Tammy has her head in her hands. It lingers.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . This is nothing. has longer conversations with others. MILLICENT This is tedious. imploringly.CEMETERY SET .SYN. I'm hot. in "Director Wig. MICHAEL What's she doing? TAMMY He's directing. heads over to the funeral scene. CADEN Ok. 178 CONTINUED: MICHAEL (defensively) 178 No.2050 . Millicent touches Tammy's hand. Tammy. It's dull and static. dressed Caden-esque. They do. you are. NY . in Hazel's sweater. (CONTINUED) .

MINISTER Everything is more complicated than you think. 2007 118. you wait in vain. Something to make you feel connected. And so you spend your time in vague regret or vaguer hope for something good to come along. And you'll never ever trace it to its source. But maybe you won't know for twenty years. but there is: it's what you create. There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make. You only see a tenth of what is true.JULY 30. NY . Even though the world goes on for eons and eons. let's run it! 179 The scene comes alive with specific activity: weeping Hazel.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . for a phone call or a letter or a look from someone or something to make it all right. to make you feel whole. And it never comes or it seems to but doesn't really. You don't talk to people. wasting years. a little boy in the back playing with dirt clods. And you only get one chance to play it out. A minister addresses the mourners. Most of your time is spent being dead or not yet born. But while alive. You don't move around. an old woman with Parkinson's fiddling with Rosary beads. It's not -MILLICENT Okay. Caden. you can destroy your life every time you choose. a welldressed woman squatting and peeing near a gravesite. you are here for a fraction of a fraction of a second. a man and a woman eyeing each other flirtatiously from a distance.SYN. 179 CONTINUED: MICHAEL She's not getting the feel of you. And they say there is no fate. Just try and figure out your own divorce. folks. (MORE) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . to make you feel loved.

milling. 180 EXT. looks sideways at Michael. and their own is too overwhelming to allow them to listen to or care about mine. MICHAEL It really was! Delightful! Thanks. Well. just for.. WAREHOUSE SET) . and the truth is I've been so fucking hurt for so fucking long and for just as long have been pretending I'm ok. maybe because no one wants to hear about my misery... People pull out umbrellas. MILLICENT CADEN I'm out of ideas. surprised that such a system is rigged here.. as you. heads up the walk to the Hazel's house set. Caden looks up. CADEN (CONT'D) That was . NY . Yes! Yes! MICHAEL Caden. Thunder rumbles. Amen. 179 CONTINUED: (2) MINISTER (CONT'D) And the truth is I'm so angry and the truth is I'm so fucking sad. spectacular. for a bit. MILLICENT Oh. 2007 118A.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . BURNING HOUSE STREET (INT.2050 NIGHT Caden sits with Michael at the director's table and stares into space. I.. (CONTINUED) . She turns. CADEN Tammy sits on the stoop. could take over. I don't know why.. 179 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 180 Soon it starts to rain. remains silent.SYN. He waves her over. Millicent. fuck everybody.JULY 30. because they have their own. I'm dead. holding hands with Tammy. Until you feel refreshed. just to get along. Millicent... walking to and fro. The actors are doing what they've always done.

CADEN (CONT'D) (beat) I do like to clean. (CONTINUED) . 182 INT. Ellen? Yes? OLD PERSON #2 (ACTOR) Is your name Ellen? CADEN 182 OLD PERSON #2 (ACTOR) Caden asked me to give you this. Olive has died. 180 CONTINUED: MILLICENT I think you're tired. I think you just need some time.NIGHT Caden walks down the hall carrying a bag of garbage to the incinerator chute.2050 . 2007 119. 181 INT. Just until you're refreshed. 31Y HALLWAY (INT. Filled? Her role.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . WAREHOUSE SET) .? MICHAEL It's a choice role.. Caden. A tiny plane flies by. You're to keep it in all the time. Ellen needs to be filled.NIGHT 181 Caden sits on the unmade bed and reads the note: ADELE'S VOICE Ellen. NY . I haven't been able to get out of bed. To regroup. Caden crosses to the window and looks up at the night sky. MILLICENT Just for a bit. 180 CADEN I need to keep my hand in. A. CADEN You mean. Much affection. All these years of creative work.JULY 30. Old Person #2 (actor version) is standing there. It's a time of overwhelming grief so please forgive my mess.SYN. MICHAEL Yes. WAREHOUSE SET) . and turns back to apartment 31Y. 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET (INT. even though it's clearly the ceiling of the warehouse.2050 . MILLICENT Well. Until today.. dumps it in.

MILLICENT'S VOICE . Why did he have to get bored with me? Everyone gets bored with me. miss him. I've got a job and place to stay. Caden sticks it in his ear.SYN. 183 INT. OLD PERSON #2 (ACTOR) (pause. 182 CONTINUED: Old Person #2 (actor) hands Caden a small black button. So close to death. Reminds me of granny. MILLICENT'S VOICE . I wish I'd gone to college. I'm not very bright. Caden examines it. Say thank you to Adele's neighbor... NY . CADEN Have a very good day.. And since I put on that weight. It's not that bad. attached to his pumps. young lady. And so smart and talented.2050 . We didn't talk at all near the end. Adele is nice to me. listens. too.JULY 30. Remember how Granny Bascomb bounced me on her knee pretending to be a horsie.. WAREHOUSE SET) .NIGHT 183 It's dark. I should really call her. I don't get the looks I used to. listens. touched by the sadness of Adele's neighbor. 2007 120. in which he wears one. I don't understand her artwork. MILLICENT'S VOICE Now say. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Caden lies in bed.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . have a very good day. but that's just me. 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET (INT. Thank you. I loved that so much. then:) I will indeed. CADEN 182 OLD PERSON #2 (ACTOR) (pause. Old Person #2 (actor) points to his own ear. I feel stupid around educated people like Adele. Eric was too smart for me. then:) You're very welcome. Lots of people have it worse.

FIELD . mama. 184 INT. She begins to weep. ELLEN'S KITCHEN . Ellen. 2007 121. Toast pops from the toaster and Ellen crosses to get it.DAY 186 It's spring and a ten year old girl watches her mother as she lays out a picnic on a blanket on the ground. MOTHER Baby. why do you look so serious? ELLEN I'm going to remember this moment for the rest of my life. Eric? ERIC Everything's everything. in a terrycloth robe. that's the loveliest thing I've ever heard. come here with my daughter and have exactly the same picnic. NY . I guess -- 183 Caden drifts off to sleep.MORNING 185 Ellen sits on the bed with a cup of coffee and stares out the window. He doesn't acknowledge her. is at the stove making scrambled eggs. ELLEN'S BEDROOM . There's a city park across the street and she watches kids play basketball.(2050) . I kind of felt sorry for him.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .(2050) . MOTHER Ellen.JULY 30. 185 INT. 183 CONTINUED: MILLICENT'S VOICE (CONT'D) I'd try to tell him about my day and he'd get this far away look in his eyes. She passes a mirror. . He's an unhealthily thin middle-aged man. pushes a wisp of hair behind her ear and continues to the toaster.SYN. (beat) Is everything okay. And in exactly twenty years. seems momentarily surprised. Eric enters. ELLEN I'm making eggs.(2050) . he seemed so miserable with me.MORNING 184 A tenement apartment. glances at herself. He pours himself coffee. nor she him. 186 EXT.

I have disappointed him and he hates me. I will never stop crying. He hates me. WAREHOUSE SET) .JULY 30. I can feel them in my chest now. 189 INT.MORNING Caden sits on the toilet and pees.MORNING Caden vacuums the hall.NIGHT 191 Caden lies in bed reading a Judith Krantz novel. I wonder what's going on. And it is so tempting to let go. the next time maybe. Children. I wish it would come.2050 . but I am afraid. ELLEN'S BEDROOM . I miss my husband even though he is lying here. Caden looks over. 189 190 INT. The one person who should be able to see me and he won't look. at least. 31Y BATHROOM (INT. MILLICENT'S VOICE My period is late this month. never more than a tiny shove from tears. APARTMENT 31Y (INT. Meaning. No note from Adele. A love. A child. 187 188 INT. 187 INT. ELLEN There was supposed to be something else. I was to have something. 2007 122. 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET (INT. I am always on the verge.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . WAREHOUSE SET) .(2050) .2051 . He gets out of bed. 190 191 INT. He will never look again. glances in the mirror. NY . seems surprised by his reflection.2050 MORNING Caden lies on his back. He wipes himself. (CONTINUED) . 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET (INT. I'm bloated. and opens his eyes. Children.2051 . CADEN (quietly. WAREHOUSE SET) .NIGHT Ellen lies in bed watching Eric sleep next to her. mournfully) Eric. That squeezing pressure. Oh God. 188 His pumps drone. A calm.SYN. WAREHOUSE SET) .

I'm getting old. turns off the light.JULY 30. I'm lonely here. 2007 122A.SYN. anyway. God. I'm so tired tonight. 191 He sticks a bookmark in the book. and lies on his back with his eyes open. A192 OMITTED A192 . MILLICENT'S VOICE (CONT'D) Maybe I can ask Adele for a raise. puts it on the night table. I do a good job. 191 CONTINUED: MILLICENT'S VOICE I can't believe she said that to him! She's a slut. It's been three years.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . NY .

192 A193 B193 193 (CONTINUED) .JULY 30. WAREHOUSE SET) . 192 A193 B193 193 OMITTED OMITTED OMITTED INT. 2007 123. He switches off his pumps.SYN.2051 MORNING Caden awakens. 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET (INT. NY .GOLDENROD REVISIONS .

195 Caden sits on the bed. You may stay on if you like. Caden stops. 196 INT. note: MALE VOICE Adele died of lung cancer last night.JULY 30. Caden looks shocked. Old person #2 (actor) stands in the hallway and faces away. 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET (INT. 31Y WALK-IN CLOSET (INT. shakes it. He waits.2055 . unmoving. Look at the night table for a note from Adele. sleeping. He taps his ear. then weeps. Caden gets up and glances at the night table. 195 INT. He takes out the earpiece and looks at it. still waiting. 31Y HALLWAY (INT. Distant explosions wake him. WAREHOUSE SET) . 194 INT. 2007 124.NIGHT 194 The lights are out.SYN. He opens his eyes and sits up straight.2053 . then slips it back in his ear. Nothing.2055 .NIGHT 196 The hall is very dark. In the distance he hears wailing and gun shots. Caden walks past and nods.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . and waits. (CONTINUED) . He waits. MILLICENT'S VOICE (CONT'D) Go into the kitchen and -- 193 A type-written The voice stops. his head slumped against the headboard.DAY Caden sits on the bed. Caden exits apartment 31Y. Caden presses the elevator button. WAREHOUSE SET) . NY . Weep. Nothing. 193 CONTINUED: MILLICENT'S VOICE Get up. MILLICENT'S VOICE Look shocked. WAREHOUSE SET) . Old person #2 does not respond.

CITY STREET (INT. A200 199 A199 The same occasional fires.2055 . NY . Caden panics.2055 . Caden walks down endless plywood stairs. bodies. He enters. burnt to the ground. 196 197 INT. WAREHOUSE SET) .2055 . CITY STREET (INT. WAREHOUSE STREET (INT.MORNING Caden walks. WAREHOUSE SET) . . 2007 125. The unfinished.CONTINUOUS 197 Dark. WAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE-WITHINWAREHOUSE SET) . shakes it. He walks. floods.JULY 30. He pulls out his earpiece. and puts it back.MORNINGB199 He arrives at the warehouse set and enters. back-of-a-facade of the set is apparent. from which cardboard has fallen. Behind a fence are piles of bodies. A201 EXT. 198 EXT. soon arriving at the warehouse set within the warehouse set. Caden looks at Old Person #2 and nods.2055 . The streets are flooded with sewer water. WAREHOUSE . WAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSEWITHIN-WAREHOUSE SET) .SYN.GOLDENROD REVISIONS .MORNING Deserted here too. Buildings are draped with massive tarps. Fires smolder in buildings. more bodies. Caden passes the occasional body on the street. A199 EXT. WAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE SET) 2055 . dead EXT. B199 EXT. WAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE SET)A200 .2055 . deserted street.MORNING He passes the Hazel's House set.2055 . He enters. 199 EXT.MORNING 198 No lights. 200 EXT. The bowels of the building: fake water pipes. 196 CONTINUED: OLD PERSON #2 (ACTOR) There's nobody running it anymore. WAREHOUSE STREET (INT. CITY STREET (INT. abandoned. WAREHOUSE STREET (INT. fires.2055 A201 He arrives at the warehouse within the warehouse within the warehouse. BURNING HOUSE (INT.31Y BUILDING STAIRWELL . Vague daylight drifts in from high warehouse windows. electrical cords. WAREHOUSE SET) . Deadly quiet. flooding.MORNING 200 Another dark.

He's silent. 201 202 EXT. WOMAN (chuckling) That dream was quite a while ago. CITY STREET (INT. CADEN Yes! That's it. Perhaps from there. You seem a bit older than I remember. WOMAN I was the mother in Ellen's dream. He hurries as much as he can with his limp. face radiating kindness. CADEN Would you sit with me for a moment? I'm very tired.CONTINUOUS 202 Caden reaches the beach set. He sees footprints. The woman smiles at Caden. The woman touches his hand. Hello. WAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE-WITHINWAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE SET) . Caden walks. spots a woman ahead walking with a suitcase. He gets out and follows them. CADEN I didn't mean to say you look old. to catch up with her. 2007 126. (CONTINUED) .GOLDENROD REVISIONS . Some have left.DAY Deserted. Yes. his weakness. NY . 201 EXT.2055 .JULY 30. And lonely. his ancient body. He gets in a golf cart and drives through the deserted street sets. and drives the cart on the sand.SYN. CADEN (CONT'D) I feel like I know you.2055 . WAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE-WITHINWAREHOUSE-WITHIN-WAREHOUSE SET) . The woman turns. CADEN She's middle-aged. BEACH (INT. CADEN (CONT'D) Where is everybody? WOMAN Mostly dead. They sit on a log.

(CONTINUED) . No. His rheumy eyes light up. WOMAN I am so proud of you. gently takes off his wig.JULY 30. Strings of snot pour from his nose. Caden starts to weep so hard he chokes. I think -The screen goes black fast. I feel I've disappointed you terribly. someone to look at me with kindness. She's looking into his eyes directly. I know. 2007 127. Caden starts to tear up. CADEN All I want is someone to see me. For me to be the most special person in the world to just one person. WOMAN I know. WOMAN 202 CADEN Everyone's dreams in all those apartments. I have an idea.all the thoughts nobody will ever know. WOMAN CADEN I'm sorry the experiment didn't work. It's true. He looks at her tentatively. I wanted it to with all my heart. The woman holds him. 202 CONTINUED: I know. That's the truth of it -. He looks out over her shoulder at the dark empty city at the far end of the warehouse. All those secrets we'll never know. No.SYN. CADEN I know what to do with this play now.GOLDENROD REVISIONS . kindly. NY . clearly. She smiles. I wanted to do that picnic with my daughter. baby. WOMAN (CONT'D) You're going to be fine. and strokes his sparse hair.


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