Heroines – Steven Zapata Antigone and Medea both approach their conflict differently.

Antigone the play was accepted in society because Antigone was a lot easier to side with. Antigone doest not kill anyone and instead fights heroically for the proper respect of her brother. Antigone is also similar to Madea because both women were in important in society because of their connections to kings and gods. Madea on the other hand takes matters into her own hands and seeks to get revenge, Madea takes an aggressive approach her method of revenge and the plain fact that she attacked and killed royalty was extremely controversial for its time. Sophocles objective was to show the audience that society’s rules could be questioned. Sophocles intended Antigone to be a female character that was easily approvable and also able to relate, Antigone is a high class women so that made their stand against society more impact, but Antigone was also very controversial. She went to places where women did not belong in Greek times; she questioned the king who in Greek traditions is like a god. Euripides objective was to leave the audience asking questions about society and the role of women. Euripides character Madea is shown as a strong mother and as a strong woman. Euripides paints her as an ambitious person, it’s almost like she does what people would want to do ion their darkness desires. Euripides show’s her true actions without holding her back. The playwrights had similar objectives, they shared the objectives of making the Greek audience think and question their society. They also show feminism in both their plays, both women show a non traditional role of in Greek society. Antigone however is more passive because she takes s a stand and dies in the process; Madera on the other hand is much more aggressive.

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