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Topic: Health education about breast cancer.

Purpose: To increase women's knowledge about breast cancer, risk factors, early detection, signs and symptoms and prevention. Goal: In a 20 - 30 minutes session, the participants should be able to understand the probability and risk of having breast cancer. Venue: Participants: Adolescents; Age 18 and above at least 10 individuals Objectives Content Outline Method of Instruction Time Allotted (In min.) Resources Method of Evaluation

Following a 20 30 minute teaching session, the students will able to: - Identify the basic breast Basic anatomical parts of the Picture anatomy. (Cognitive) breast. Presentation - Understand what breast Defining breast cancer and its Lecture cancer is and what its risk risk factors factors are. (Cognitive and Affective) - Distinguish the signs and Enumerate the signs and Lecture, group symptoms of breast cancer. symptoms of breast cancer. discussion (Cognitive and Affective) Perform examination (Psychomotor) breast self Demonstrate the proper way Demonstration (BSE). of breast self examination and Return demonstration 3 Anatomical chart or picture Handouts, man power Post-testing.

Encourage questions regarding what has been discussed. Verify if the lecture has been understood Observation and return demonstration


Handouts, man power


Video presentation

- Acquire knowledge in the Discuss the treatments for Lecture procedures in treating breast breast cancer and its cancer. (Cognitive) complications after treatment.

5 Handouts, man power

Question and answer, open forum