Points noted during DRM’s inspection of DLS/Raipur on 04.05.

1. There is lot of vegetation within the compound of DLS. Cleaning of DLS has been outsourced by Sr.DME/DLS. Cleaning of vegetation within the campus should also be included in the scope from the next contract. 2. The administrative building has been colored washed recently, patch painting is required and the name of building should be painted properly. 3. The entire A/C sheet roof of the shed was replaced with galvalume sheet in the year 2010-11. There is complaint of minor leakages at one or two places. This should be attended. 4. 06 nos. turbine air ventilator has been provided in the roof of Diesel Shed which is not sufficient as fumes were visible within the shed. Additional 12 Nos. turbine air ventilators should be provided. 5. Rain water harvesting can be planned by diverting the roof top water to a nearby pit. 6. A new changing room has been constructed but is yet to be put under use. Patch painting etc should be completed so that it is commissioned on 14.05.12. 7. Near the new entry gate of DLS, there is no shed in the parking area for two wheelers. Shed can be provided using released materials. Similar action to be taken for the water booth near the staff canteen.

(Sanjeev Kumar) Sr.DEN/Co-ord/R

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