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Whitepaper Back Money 2012

Whitepaper Back Money 2012

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4.2.18Egmont group is a group of FIUs for international cooperation and free exchange of information.
FIU-IND was admitted as a member of the group in May 2007 and since then India has been playing an
important role in facilitating cooperation amongst FIUs through this Group. At the Group's plenary meeting
in June 2010, India was elected co-chair of the Asia group which has given Indian representatives an
opportunity to participate in the meetings and deliberations of the Egmont Committee which is the policy-
making body of the Group.

4.2.19The foregoing discussion demonstrates that India has been in the forefront of the global crusade
against black money by effectively raising the issues of transparency in global forums, has joined various
international conventions, and is promoting full flow of information amongst jurisdictions.

Tackling the Menace of Black Money : The Framework

White Paper on Black Money



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