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MML Turning Passion Into Products eBook

MML Turning Passion Into Products eBook

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Published by: Toyin Omotoso on May 21, 2012
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Tur ning Passion into Products


Copyright © 2012 Product Solutions Group, LLC. All rights reserved. DO NOT DUPLICATE OR DISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PERMISSION. This action book and associated presentation contain proprietary content and must not be duplicated or distributed without written permission. No portion of this material may be shared or reproduced in any manner under any circumstance whatsoever without advanced written permission from Product Solutions Group, LLC. No portion of this material is intended to offer legal, medical, personal or financial advice. We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent these strategies and their potential to help you grow your business. However, we do not purport this as a “get rich scheme” and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the content, strategies or techniques displayed here. Nothing in this presentation is a promise or guarantee of earnings. Your level of success in attaining similar results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, connections, dedication, business savvy, business focus, business goals, and financial situation. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success, income level, or ability to earn revenue. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business, and by your use of these materials, you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for any of your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. The information contained herein cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, financial or legal matters. Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, will Pam Hendrickson, Mike Koenigs, Chris Hendrickson, Product Solutions Group, LLC, or any of its representatives or contractors be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials, information, or success strategies communicated through these materials, or any services following these materials, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group, LLC. All rights reserved.


” Passion will keep you going during the hard times and the uncertain times. LLC. If you do it right. Some lucky people are born knowing what their passion is. All rights reserved. The following pages will guide you down the path of uncovering what it is that truly gets you going—and set you on the path of using that energy to shape an idea into a world-class. the product of your work will likely be something that you’ll want to wake up to day in and day out. to create a product that’s more than just “good. And behind the best products in the world. Passion is an essential component in a world-class product. even when the future is uncertain. Reasons. We can’t tell you why you haven’t yet found your passion. the things that drive you and your innate skills and talents. You’ll just end up with the same old story that you started with. you must be willing to do the following things that may have kept you from finding your passion in the past: 1 You must be willing to get honest with yourself. If you choose something that excites you. If you cheat yourself out of the real truth—and refuse to let yourself go deep enough to find it—you won’t excavate any truths that have been hidden inside you. Step One: Set the Stage for Discovery There are many reasons—some very personal—that keep people from finding their passion in life. false stories and “could’ve/would’ve/should’ve’s have no place in this process. the things you create will stick with you for a long time. Passion will drive you to absolute excellence. but we can tell you what will keep you from discovering it. best-selling product. Others of us have to discover our passion. Any project that’s backed by a whirlwind of energy and devotion can overcome fear and doubt—and keep you forging ahead. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. 3 . For these exercises to be truly revealing.Turning Passion inTo ProducTs Creating a best-selling product all begins with an idea. Passion also ensures a happy long-term relationship with your product. The next few exercises will lead you through a process of excavating the things that are really important to you. you’ll find not just an idea but also a passion driving it.

“This will never work for me.By consciously agreeing to be honest with yourself during this process. “Hooey!” then see #3 below. (And if you find yourself saying.) 2 You must be willing to try something different. If you haven’t found your passion yet on your own. you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got. critical left brain who analyzes. It’s important to pay special attention to anything that creates an extreme reaction in you. There’s a lot of truth in the old phrase. to surface and bring fresh ideas into your life. then it’s probably time to let some new opinions into your life. If you find your temperature rising. even if your left brain might think it’s dumb or immature or ridiculous.” Some of these exercises may seem silly. It’s just a matter of clarifying it and allowing it to grow. For this initial process. pulling things out of their usual drawers and tossing them willy-nilly. “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done. Passion is a two-headed coin—and anger is much better than indifference. judges and puts things in order and the creative. Allow yourself to live in your right brain. to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. then know that you’re making progress. We’ll give you some tips on maximizing your right brain activity in the instructions that follow. to look foolish. you need to give yourself permission to be entirely right-brained. you’ll allow new thoughts. For those of you who are already worried. however unexpected. You may glance at them and think. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group.” All we ask is that you try everything we throw at you. Don’t be afraid to be silly. embrace it. That doesn’t mean that your own emotions don’t have a place in this process. 3 You must be willing to abandon the critical part of your brain. free-associating right brain who rearranges. In fact. The product creation process ultimately requires BOTH sides of your brain: the logical. 4 . All rights reserved. let us reassure you: we all have a passion. LLC. either positive or negative. or even possibly painful.

” Some of these are limiting beliefs. The time for analysis will come. children—any of these things will create a level of noise that will keep you from hearing that little voice of intuition who’s going to guide your way. spouses.” “If I haven’t found my passion by now.” “No one will pay me for that. I just have to stumble on it. .” “No one else can help me find my passion. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. how many of these have popped up in your mind? Have you said to yourself . distraction-free time to complete these exercises.” Or. As you’re working. even if it sounds silly or dumb. Just let everything come out until you’ve emptied your mind. Close a door. “It’s too late. 4 You must carve out some quiet. “I can’t do that for a living. Don’t cut yourself off. All rights reserved. Everyone will think I’m _________. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. maybe your demons sound more like . Yes. like pouring out an entire pitcher of water without stopping to check the levels. You don’t need an hour. As you’ve been reading. . Agreed? Let’s start excavating. we promise. Television. you need to be able to create a space of absolute silence. I’ll never find it. 5 minutes there. walk around the block. A space in which you can listen to your inner voice. it’s difficult—but it’s also necessary. which will point you in the right direction. consciously set those activities aside for later. Steal 15 minutes here. It will have a profound effect. . do these exercises and listen. In order for you to excavate what’s hidden inside of you. If you feel yourself judging or criticizing. Others are just examples of critical internal dialogue—a biological defense mechanism to keep you from looking silly. let your ideas flow. if you’ve already toyed with some ideas for your niche. sit in your car. music. LLC.Test yourself right now. . 5 .

either positive or negative. This section is all about collecting information. how would you spend it? Reach for the stars on this one. include sitting on the beach. Ask yourself the following questions: 1. Self Q&A Make a date to sit down and interview yourself. For now. what would you do? (If you don’t have much leisure time. We’re not interested in what you think you “should” say or what your spouse. talents and energies line up to create the right field for you. don’t worry about where it’s leading.Step Two: Focus on You This is the fun part. How often do you get to do something that’s all about you?!? In this section. Don’t let your left brain censor yourself. even if you live thousands of miles from the nearest stretch of sand. mother. All rights reserved. What’s your favorite way to spend your leisure time? If you had three hours to do absolutely anything you wanted. If you love to sit on the beach. We want your honest response. Approach these questions like a brainstorm: write down whatever comes to mind until you’ve exhausted your thought process. brother or friend thinks you would say. What you’re looking for as you go through these questions is your “gut” reaction—the first thing that comes to your mind and everything else that tumbles out afterward. A silent environment can often bring these answers more easily to the surface by freeing you up to “hear” the response. Write everything down. You’re NOT looking for the “should” answer. we’ll lead you through a series of prompts to uncover clues as to where your skills.) TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. 6 . LLC. Just free associate and keep your eyes open for powerful reactions from yourself.

3. LLC. Why does each one bring you such joy? TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. All rights reserved. especially if you’ve spent money on it. Name 5 things that make you really happy—and get specific. 7 . wine corks. Speaking of money. scrapbooking—write down anything you consciously collect. Do you have a collection that you keep? Anything counts! Postcards. buttons. Pinterest boards.2. what would you buy? 4. what are your favorite things to splurge on when you’ve got a little extra cash? If we gave you $300.

Write down your discoveries below. Let go of where you are now and spend 5 minutes thinking about what it would be life to live the perfect version of your life.5. Name 5 things that really piss you off. 6. Again. and see if you can record exactly what it is that fires you up. All rights reserved. When was the last time you stayed up until 1am? 3am? What were you doing? 7. 8 . Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming? What do you think about? (If you don’t daydream. LLC. be specific.) TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. imagine the perfect life.

It can be a workplace skill. What is your single strongest skill . Just pick one . When people asked you. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” what would you say? 10. LLC. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. You can be or do anything you want in those 9 lives. 9 .no matter how niche or bizarre it is.e. what would it be? This can be a life skill.i. 9. Who or what would you be? A professional scuba diver? An Amazonian jungle guide? A high-powered CEO? List them below. Imagine that you have 9 lives. Think back to your childhood. if I were known for one thing and one thing only.8. All rights reserved. like a cat.

What’s the quirkiest thing you’ve ever done? 13. 10 .11. All rights reserved. What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of? 12. Name one no-fail way to bring a smile to your face. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. LLC.

. especially when you don’t answer the way you thought you might. . 2. completing a sentence can kickstart an idea. . 11 . . The second thing I’d do is . TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. All rights reserved. the first thing I’d do is . LLC. These sentence completions may spark something new for you: 1. If I won the lottery. . .Try the following prompts. I could never . Sometimes.

LLC. . . . . . . . and end with . 3. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. .A typical day in my life would start with . . it would be . 12 . Because . If I could switch places with anyone in the world. . . All rights reserved.

. . take a look over your answers. If things had been different for me. Once you’re done. Look for things that surprise you or stir up any kind of emotion. LLC. Mark them with a star and continue on to the next section without too much analysis. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. If I knew with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t fail. . 5. Don’t make too many judgments at this point.4. I would have been a . All rights reserved. 13 . . I would . We’ll tackle that later.

LLC. You might find inspiration in their answers and some hints of your own.Step Three: Get Some Perspective It’s one of life’s great ironies that we’re often not the best judge of ourselves. 1 Turn the Q&A on Other People As you go on this journey to discover your true passion and decide what you want to do with it. 14 . embrace it. Do they love it? Do they have a passion? What would they do if they won the lottery? Even people who you think you know well might share some unexpected thoughts. One of the best ways to do this is to ask questions of other people. Sometimes a shift in point of view is all that you need to answer a question in an entirely different light. When you find yourself mulling over your answers at unexpected times. Don’t be shy to look to the experts. bringing it into other aspects of your life will only serve you. All rights reserved. we’ll look to some outside sources to get a different perspective on you. whether you know them personally or not. keep these exercises and answers in the back of your mind. Do you have any personal heroes? Mentors who have guided your way? Who are 5 people you admire? What is their passion? How do they use this passion in their businesses? How did they discover it? TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. You never know where you will find the answers you’re looking for. When you meet someone new—or even when you’re sitting with old friends—ask people what they do. Even more importantly. In this next exercise.

write a few of them and see what kind of response you get. An outsider’s perspective can sometimes prove invaluable. Ask others who may have access to some of the people who interest you. What do I get really excited about (and maybe talk your ear off about)? TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. Pick 3-4 people whose opinion you trust and ask them to spend a few minutes answer the following questions with you. You may not like 100% of the answers (and maybe you will!). Why not apply it to your search for your passion? 2 Ask Other People About YOu You may get some surprising information if you ask a colleague.” or “It’s been too long since we’ve talked. boss or family member to sit down and have a talk about you. Ask your trusted source: 1. You might be surprised—and you might miss out on a key interaction that will shed some light on your situation. If you’re feeling bold. Google around to see if you can find the answers. this won’t be a productive exercise. LLC. Modeling—using techniques that are already proven to work— can be an extremely powerful way of short-cutting your business success.If you don’t know these people personally. Make sure you pick people whose opinion you trust and who are supportive of you! Otherwise. so encourage them to be frank. 15 .” try breaking out of that mind set. If you’re thinking. All rights reserved. Either way. friend. Remember that this process is about honesty. asking for an outside opinion from someone you trust will help you get closer to the truth. “They’ll never write back.

All rights reserved. What do you think is most important to me? 3.2. What’s my worst quality? TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. What’s my best quality? 4. 16 . LLC.

Just ask!) TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. LLC. What do you value most about our relationship? 7.5. All rights reserved. What’s your favorite thing about me? (Don’t cringe. 17 . In the course of our relationship. have I taught you anything? 6.

record the answers without judgments. that’s something to take note of. LLC. Sometimes the relationships will be obvious. it’s time to let in your left brain. One trick that might work for you is to write down all of your nuggets on individual index cards. All rights reserved. if you professed a love of splurging on a bottle of expensive Scotch and a friend mentions the martini you made for him last week. Step Four: Look for Patterns Now that you’ve done your research and given your right brain full permission to free associate. which might turn into creating a web-based software platform to capture family history and genealogy. what would you suggest? As with the other exercises. For example.8. Other times. Do a brief search for commonalities or anything that stirs up particular emotions. but don’t overanalyze. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. If I could improve ONE thing about myself. repetition and relationships among your sources. it may be more challenging to make the connection between your love for collecting old photographs and your enthusiasm for technology. 18 . We’re going to take all of the data you’ve collected and look for patterns. Mix the cards up and group them together as you discover relationships. Your first task is to look for similarities.

or color-code differently. You might think about showing people how to make their own wine. keep a couple of things in mind: 1 Give yourself permission to channel the philosophy of Apple and “think different. LLC.) TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. either. Come up with as many as you can. Then rearrange the cards again to see if you can come up with different connections. Capture whatever connections you come up with. If you’re visual. As you’re doing this. The index cards game is a kinesthetic one. What’s your verb? Also consider using different modes to explore the research you’ve created. you might consider showing people how easy it is to grow their own organic mini-garden. All rights reserved. three days on this process. either from a kit that contains everything they need—or by showing them how to grow their own grapes. His happens to be “problem solving. put those cards together. explore these exercises by drawing pictures or creating collages.” which he puts into play by creating hardware solutions to solve business problems.If you have “Love to dig in the garden” on one card and “Susan says I won’t shut up about the benefits of organic produce” on another. You might also consider spending 10 minutes each day for. even though most people think of passions as a noun like “wine” or “tennis. Put those two cards together.” Writer David Turnbull suggests that. It might help to set yourself a 15-minute timer and come up with as many connections as you can in that time. For example. either out loud to yourself or to a friend. Write this down on a new index card that you either keep in a separate pile. then think about what the synergy of those two ideas might create. but you may prefer verbalizing your findings. (Keeping the passion of someone like Steve Jobs in mind isn’t a bad idea. Or maybe you have “I would buy a piece of land in Napa and grow grapes” on one card and “Feel most relaxed when I’m trying new recipes in the kitchen” on another.” your passion may be a verb. 19 . Experimenting with new media will help you make new connections in the style of your choice. say.

create a complete no-nonsense newbie’s guide to Italian operas. After you’ve put in the time. Why not learn your favorite topic—soup to nuts—by helping a scholar or an expert turn your mutual passion into a product? It’s a win-win situation for both of you: you get paid to study your favorite topic and your expert gets a product that he or she can use. 4 Give yourself some time. the oneeyed man is king. Take periodic breaks from what you’re doing. Inspiration isn’t the kind of thing that strikes you out of the blue. Even if you feel like you’re starting from Square One. Remember: people aren’t paying you for what you know. Look for alternate solutions. “I could NEVER (for example) know enough about Italian opera to share with anyone. or you can be the reporter. Even experts on the topic may appreciate your fresh approach. For example. Make your biggest “disadvantage” into your greatest asset. LLC. Walk around the block. remember the old saying. All rights reserved. And… 3 Remember that you can be the expert. there are people at Square Zero. Inspiration strikes after you’ve done the work. 20 . let it percolate and allowed your brain to make the unconscious connections it needs to. A lot of people look at what their discovery has excavated and think. Also. There are plenty of people out there with needed expertise—but with zero desire to put it into a product that they can sell. “In the land of the blind.” You don’t need to be the top scholar on your issue. People get their degree in that topic!” Dismiss nothing. Your passion—and your perspective— count for a lot. Take two days off. you’ll find that inspiration will strike you in the most unlikely places—if you give it time to hit. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. They’re paying you to sift through what’s out there and give them the good stuff.2 Dismiss NOTHING.

What if you have a couple of ideas that you want to explore? We applaud your enthusiasm. that’s where you’ll hit pay dirt.5 Keep your eyes out for opportunities along the way. Call it coincidence. call it serendipity. call it destiny. As you look at your final ideas. Remember that you’re ultimately out to solve a problem—or improve someone else’s life. 21 . this is going to be something that will stick with you for a long time (if you do it right!). Maybe one of the people you interview about yourself turns out to be a JV partner in a new deal. LLC. but very often when you’re on a quest such as this. For now. Take all of the connections you’ve made and start winnowing them down to things you’re really excited about. We’ll start taking it through the next process: the viability test. you’re going to have to make a final decision: choose whatever it is you want to work on and stick with it for the time being. Remember. what you ultimately find isn’t what you were looking for. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. ask yourself: what is the pain that’s out there? How am I going to solve it? When you can make the connection between a topic you love and a way to solve a problem or improve someone’s life. All rights reserved. but an opportunity you stumbled on along the way. Or maybe you see an ad for a product—and you just know you could do something way better. Don’t ignore these opportunities! It’s all part of the process. The degree to which you can impact someone else’s life for the better is directly related to your success. pick one to stick with. Go with your gut instinct. That’s what creating a product is all about: solving a pain in the marketplace. so it should be something you love. Get rid of the things that only halfway interest you and start narrowing your focus. Decision Time At some point.

22 . All rights reserved. Keyword research will give you an idea of the strength of that market. more importantly. it’s a good idea to do some initial research to see whether there’s a market for it. In Make. Don’t be afraid of competition! You want to be in a market where other people are already selling. Once you’ve picked an idea that you want to move forward with.Step Five: Will It Float? Testing the Market for Your Idea We promised you that you would get to use your left brain. if people are spending money to advertise in that field—that means there’s a viable market. Try sites like KeywordSpy. so here’s your chance. Both charge a small monthly fee. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they start out is that they’re afraid to enter a market with competition. Market. TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group.com. there are a few simple things you can do to figure out quickly whether your idea has bestselling potential. LLC. but it’s well worth it for the data. 1 Do Your Keyword Research There are a couple of great internet-based tools out there that will give you reliable data on 1) what keywords people are searching for and 2) how much people are spending to advertise on those keywords. Launch IT. we run our clients through an extremely rigorous research and beta testing process. Before you even get to that phase. Why is this important? If people are researching your topic—and.com and SpyFu. It means that there are people out there with enough interest in that topic to spend money.

You might also consider… 4 Investigate Lists Available for Purchase If an organic joint venture isn’t possible. it’s the opportunities along the way that count. in exchange for an affiliate commission.e. 3 Keep an Eye out for Potential Joint Ventures Especially if you’re starting out without a list of your own. Don’t overlook potential places where you could fit in to existing businesses. These kinds of brokerages can also give you a sense for the size of the available market. Search on your topic and browse the top five best-selling books in the field.nextmark. a healthy market is the one you want to get into. You may find someone who’s willing to mail to their list on your behalf. if you’re passionate about chemical-free housecleaning solutions. brokers like lists.com your next stop. For example. Take a look at the Table of Contents for each.2 Check up on Your Competitors Once you determine that there is a market for your idea. use this competitive research to see if you might be able to offer a new service to an existing market. As we said earlier. Or you may find a new business partner for a new project. Remember. – the opportunities)? What could you do better? What could you do differently? Don’t forget to Google the topic as well and see who else is out there in your field. . think about reaching out to a new mothers group. 23 . It’s also a great chance to . TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. as keyword research does. Knowing your competition will give you a good lay of the land. All rights reserved. . LLC. make Amazon. com can help you buy a list of people with interests that align with your products. What content are they covering? Where are the overlaps between books? Where are the gaps (i. who would really appreciate creating a healthy environment for their children.

(Available at Amazon. marketing and launching your product. (Available at Amazon. it takes a little coaxing to get a new idea off the ground. All rights reserved. We want to leave you with one final thought. visit MakeMarketLaunch. stick with your idea. For additional guidance on the next steps to making.com) TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. Once you start.Step Six: Put Your Stake in the Ground and GO! Once you have a viable product idea that you’re excited about. 24 .” Sometimes.com. Additional Resources If you want to further explore uncovering your passion and direction in life. Don’t be impatient—and don’t get distracted by another shiny object that comes along. a Course in Recovering and Discovering Your Creative Self.com) The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction or Success. Give it time to mature and develop. LLC. Give your new idea the benefit of your full attention and focus to help it reach its full potential. there’s nothing left to do but take action! Create a timeline for yourself and make sure you do at least one item on that timeline within the next 15 minutes to seal in your intention to create your product. A lot of people expect initial wild success when they stumble upon what they are sure is their “passion. Patience and focus are two qualities that will always pay off in the long run. a book by Nicholas Lore. See where it takes you. a book by Julia Cameron. we recommend the following additional resources: The Artist’s Way.

NOTES TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. All rights reserved. 25 . LLC.

LLC.NOTES TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. 26 . All rights reserved.

LLC.NOTES TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. All rights reserved. 27 .

28 .NOTES TuRNING PASSION INTO PRODuCTS ©2011 Product Solutions Group. All rights reserved. LLC.

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