Transcription - The Jabberwocky

A Technical Paper exploring the modelling of the Jabberwocky By Michael Holman


Stage 1
I created a set of turnarounds of the character based on previous concept work. These were full body sketches and drawn in the front view and left side view. It was useful to have both drawings match up as accurately as possible to ensure and easier time modelling.


Stage 2 Set the turnarounds up in Autodesk Maya by importing them as image planes and setting the base of the turnarounds to be level with the ground plane. Again the more accurate these can be matched up the easier the modelling process.

Stage 3 Once the turnarounds are imported in Maya and set up, we can begin modelling. Start my modelling one part of the body at a time. This way it is easier to keep track of what you have done and need to do.

When modelling, only model have the design and mirror the geometry once in a while to keep the shape of the design. This also helps to prevent having to work both sides of the model at the same time. Also as this is a games model be checking the poly count can help prevent using too much geometry.


Stage 4 When all components of the model are completed join them up by merging the vertices together.

Stage 5 With the model now assembled the UV maps can be laid out to help texture the model.



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