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Principles 101

Principles 101

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Published by Kispeter Istvan

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Published by: Kispeter Istvan on May 21, 2012
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[I arrive at a bar with a friend. We sit down at the bar, next to 2 girls.
My back is to them. I start talking to my buddy. I feel someone put
their hands on my back almost immediately. I turn around.]

Cunty Cunterson: You
need to move.

Mike: [There’s no
assigned seating at a
bar, stupid bitch]. Don’t
touch me. [I punish her
by disagreement. I also
punish her by ignoring
her and turning back to
talk to my friend.]

Mike: [She tries to
shove me. I knock her
hands off. My voice
becomes very stern.
I speak slowly and
deliberately with hard eye contact.] Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Me.
Again. [I punish her by scolding, rejection and slapping her hands

Cunty Cunterson: Move! **@#$@!!#@!!@%$& Move!
**@#$@!!#@!!@%$& [
She starts speaking rapidfre nonsense and
her friend joins in.]

Mike: [I completely ignore what they’re saying and repeat calmly:]

Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Me. Again.

Gigantic Guy: [The cunt then does what every girl is trained to do—
she fnds an emasculated male to run and tell. She brings over a very
LARGE emasculated male. He immediately gets in my face.] That’s my
sister. She told you to move. You need to move. [He punishes me with
disagreement and rejection.]

Mike: [I punish him by ignoring his expectation. I instead tell him to
inform his sister that she is not to put her hands on me because she
doesn’t know me. I am now justifying my expectation.]


me with rejection and scolding. He’s also yelling now.]

Mike: [I continue to punish him by ignoring what he says and continue
to inform him of MY EXPECTATION that she should not touch me. He
works himself up into a frenzy and starts yelling about wanting to
“step outside.” He accuses
me of being gay to try pissing
me off. Since this requires
my response, I know my
punishment will be very
effective. I look at him with a
WTF expression on my face
like I have no idea what he’s
saying because he’s an
insane homeless man
shouting nonsense.] What?

Mike: [The girls are still speaking 100 mph. I ignore the guy and turn
to address them. I calmly but sternly repeat MY EXPECTATIONS to the
cunt.] Don’t put your hands on me, especially since you don’t know
me. [Still punishing with scolding and rejection. But I am justifying my
expectation for the beneft of the guy who is listening, not the girl who
is just yapping nonsense.]

Gigantic Guy: [The guy is yelling to try to get my attention. He
realizes I’m ignoring him, so he walks all the way around to the other
side of the girls to try to get my attention.] Don’t talk to them. I’m
talking to you. [He punishes me with disagreement and scolding.]

Mike: [I continue to punish him by ignoring him and calmly repeat


myself to the cunt. Eventually the guy realizes I’m not paying attention
to him and walks back around and stands in front of me again. I keep
punishing him by not paying attention to what he says. I literally start
tuning him out. Because of the way I’m enforcing my expectations,
the cunt’s friend starts to submit to my authority. I tell her that she
can ASK me to move, but not to put her hands on me. She accepts my
expectation and begins to submit by making an apology. I then turn
back to the guy. He says something stupid. I punish him by ignoring it
and repeating what I told the other girl.]

Gigantic Guy: [He looks at me with intense eyes] Ok cool.... but you
know what... the [baseball team on my cap] sucks! [He meets my
expectation and offers his hand for me to shake. He then smiles and
tries to make a joke about my baseball team cap I’m wearing to try
and diffuse the tension in the air. I laugh and push his chest away
from me like I’m saying “get the fuck out of here” in a playful way, but
I’m really rewarding him with affection by touching him.

The cunt is still
complaining and
repeating her nonsense.
But her brother tells her
to “shut up.” He tries to
explain things and calm
her down. Two seconds
ago he wanted to tear my
head off. But because I
enforced my
expectations, he’s now on
my side. This is hilarious
to watch.]

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